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Ais was first influenced by fantasy themes (who didn't want to be a dragon or mermaid when they grew up? Come on) and eventually came to write whatever meets her fancy. She's best known as the co-author of the post-apocalyptic m/m slash drama In the Company of Shadows. Her next projects are anyone's guess, but she's considering branching into f/f. Other future projects include returning to her roots of fantasy. (Because she secretly still loves dragons and mermaids)

She loves talking to people so if you're debating whether or not you should say something to her, the answer is: Yes. Yes, you should.

To ask Ais questions, please sign up.

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Ais I tend to flit around on stories so there are several stories I'm working on at the moment. Almost all of the stories below will or do include LGBT…moreI tend to flit around on stories so there are several stories I'm working on at the moment. Almost all of the stories below will or do include LGBT themes. I've included excerpts of each so a person can get a feel for the story. It makes this post much longer but is also probably more useful.

In no particular order:

DEAD RAIN: This has been my NaNo project 2012 and 2013, and I hope to finish it NaNo 2014. Summary: Magic can change a person, twisting them into something they weren't before. Some kill for this, some try to slow it down, but there is no cure. Not one that's known, anyway.


"Luck is a curse and a pleasure."

Era could hear the blitheness in Shine's voice, and sighed as she straightened. "We're going to have to look into this eventually."

"Oh, come on. It'll wear off. It always does."

"Not all enhancements are the same. Come here."

Shine scrunched her face but complied. She stopped by the chair, holding out her hand so Era could move it this way and that. On the back of Shine's wrist, a design glowed red. It moved up her forearm, around her wrist, and down her hand with strong, straight lines that were beginning to strike out like tree branches or capillaries.

Era pressed down on the main line at the point of infection; a circular scar as small and unassuming as a freckle. Her gloved thumb continued to glow even after she pulled her hand away; a pale crimson that pulsed for a full second before it faded into nonexistence. All that was left was a brush of ash.

Era frowned.

Shine's carefree smile had fallen away sometime during the inspection. "It'll be fine. I've dealt with worse."

"It's growing."

Shine disentangled her arm from Era's hold and pulled her sleeve over it once again. "Like I said: I've dealt with worse."

JULIAN FILES: a story set in In the Company of Shadows' past; Julian Jones, a private investigator, is pulled into a world he knew nothing about when his friend Cedrick Beaulieu starts acting strange.


Cedrick chuckled and leaned forward, gently smoothing Boyd's hair back down. He rested his fingers on Boyd's chin and turned his face toward him. Boyd let his head move but his eyes remained on Julian until the last second when they flicked over to his dad.

Like Julian always said. Fucking creepy.

"Why don't you go play with the others, Boyd? We came here so you could have some fun."

Boyd's pouty little lips turned down even further. Jesus. He had the same disapproving stare as his mother. If he didn't turn out to be a serial killer, he'd become something equally terrifying. Julian was sure of it.

"They won't approve of me."

Seriously, what five-year-old talked like that?

"Yes, they will." The fatherly smile of Cedrick's was all manner of affection with a little bit of mischief tossed in for spice. "And if they don't, forget them. They aren't good enough for you. You can have fun on your own."

Boyd looked over his shoulder at the playset, looked back at his dad, and hesitated. There was something vulnerable in the slight quaking of his shoulders; the way his eyebrows drew in and his feet seemed poised between flight and folding. Those little fingers of his twitched at his sides.

"I don't want you to leave me. What if I go and when I come back you're gone?"

It was said in such a small voice, made all the smaller for coming from a young kid like that. A pang pulled at Julian and he had to look away.

DOMINO: Vivienne Beaulieu's story from In the Company of Shadows; showing glimpses of her childhood through 1/27: the anthology. Answering the question: how did she become the way she is? Very little of this is written so far, so I have only a small piece to show. (Mireille is her grandmother; the woman who raised her)


"Because if you do not fool people ahead of time, they will see what you truly are. Unlovable."

Vivienne wheeled back, breaking Mireille's hold on her. "What?"

Mireille stared at her flatly. "Come now. You know this is why all this has happened. Your parents saw it in you and they left."

"But--they were killed."

"Yes," Mireille ground out, her expression hardening. "At the fault of your worthless mother. Do you want to become like her? Destroying everyone around you for your selfish needs?"

"But that doesn't make me unlovable."

Pity deepened the lines of Mireille's face. She approached, and placed her hand briefly on Vivienne's head. "Oh, child. Yes. You are. No one could ever love you. There is an emptiness inside you that everyone feels. They all say it to me after you have left the room. 'What is wrong with that child?' they ask me. I have no answer, because it is simply *you* that is wrong."

DELIVERANCE: m/m story; Luke, a US agent, is on assignment in Fiji to stop a terrorist attack before it begins. But the ghosts of his past are resurfacing at the same time he learns that he has a lot less time to find the terrorists than he thought.


"Stop being so goddamned hooked on the alias! You just don't want to believe it's him so you're coming up with excuses ahead of time."

"And you *do* want to believe it's him," Reese snapped back. "If you'd get his dick out of your head for one minute you could think clearly about all this."

"Ha," Luke said harshly. "If you'd get *mine* out of your head you wouldn't be so fucking biased."

The ringing silence that met that statement caused even Luke to stop and realize what he'd just said. Before he could say anything else, the phone abruptly went dead. Luke looked down at the blank screen and swore aloud.

So much for never bringing that up.

FANTASY SERIES: I've been working on this since I was 13. I have a complex magic system and fairly fleshed out world/history ready. This is a top priority for me to finish sometime in my life, hopefully soon. Includes f/f and possibly m/m.



It was the point where it all started. The moment when the town went from full of life to destroyed in nearly an instant.

Vikenti peered at the charred circle burned into the ground, then shifted and looked around himself. There were patterns of shock waves carved into the dirt-- hard to see, but visible when a person knew what to look for. This explosion had triggered another, and another. Magic spells had cascaded off each other, one after another, until all organic material had been leveled on the spot. Except the trees, which still creaked quietly in the breeze, shifting leaf-laden branches to siphon out the sun. Lacy shadows moved across the dirt, highlighting points of other explosions as if by aid of the earth spirits.

"What do you see?" Keiran asked.

Vikenti peered up at red hair backlit by the sun, and narrowed green eyes aimed down at him. He didn’t answer, so she pointed.

"The ground. What do you see?"

"A spell gone horribly wrong."

Keiran rolled her eyes. "Real helpful."

LGBT POLICE PROCEDURAL: Unnamed, will have f/f and m/m.


Raindrops blurred the glass. Lights rolled in a circuit; whiteblue, whiteblue, whiteblue, and red on the other side. The vehicle rocked as someone got into the driver's seat in front. Light flashed in the car briefly, but she hardly saw it.

Her eyes were drawn again to the raindrops, distorting the rush of people outside, and the faded white of the news vans.

The view out the back window. Where the criminals sat.(less)
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I heard about inktober and thought it sounded fun. But then, being me, I complicated things. I thought it would be fun to draw a picture for inktober, and then write a story inspired by/about it, using The Writer's Toolbox to give myself random prompts I would have to incorporate. This is what I did for my first story/inktober combination. I listed the prompts (and the rules I created for this... Read more of this blog post »
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Published on October 05, 2015 21:53 • 88 views • Tags: inktober, stories

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The Edge of Reason (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
1 chapters   —   updated Oct 18, 2014 06:04PM
Description: I found this story on my hard drive and have no idea what inspired me, but perhaps it was Olympus by Aki. I think I wrote this 6/17/2013.
the Julian Files (Drama)
2 chapters   —   updated Mar 28, 2014 01:55PM
Description: A series set in the past from In the Company of Shadows. Julian 'JJ' Jones was a private investigator and a good friend of Cedrick Beaulieu. He had his finger on the pulse in Lexington, PA, but didn't realize just how involved he would become. This series is set in the past and features cameos from Cedrick, Vivienne, and even little 5-year-old Boyd Beaulieu, along with other ICoS characters. IMPORTANT: Contains spoilers for ICoS, do not read until you've finished Fade!
writing group (Select)
4 chapters   —   updated Sep 21, 2013 07:39AM
Description: These are a series of short, unconnected oneshots, drabbles, and possibly assorted unfinished shorts from writing group. I'm sharing them mostly so they don't die a sad, lonely death on my hard drive, and secondarily so there is more reading material on the internet for the terminally bored.
unconnected shorts (Select)
1 chapters   —   updated Apr 30, 2013 10:17PM
Description: These are a series of unconnected works in progress I started and might continue in the future. Shared here for similar reasons as the writing group shorts, and in case anyone wants more of something they see.
Never Odd or Even (Gay & Lesbian)
1 chapters   —   updated Apr 07, 2013 01:51PM
Description: a palindrome story
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“If there was a hell beyond what he knew, he would welcome it. He had no reason not to.

After all, a life without living was simply a death without dying. What more was there to fear or hate but life, endless life, with no respite?”
Ais, Evenfall

“So, I'm just going to tell you how it is for me,' Boyd continued frankly. His gaze was intense and sincere as he didn't look away from Sin's eyes. 'I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. I think about you all the time. It's been hell trying to keep myself away - every time you're close I just want to touch you. I would do anything for you. And if I could have anything in the world right now, I would be in a relationship with you.”
Ais, The Interludes
tags: boyd, hsin

“A life without living was simply a death without dying.”
Ais, Evenfall

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“Even so you have managed to live that love in the only way possible for you. Losing it before it happened.”
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“Reader's Bill of Rights

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10. The right to not defend your tastes”
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Standing back and staring blankly at the glass, he realized he had no idea what it meant to preheat. Obviously he heated it prior to something, but to what?
Ais, Evenfall

“There are thirty-two ways to write a story, and I’ve used every one, but there is only one plot – things are not as they seem.”
Jim Thompson

“There's a time and place for everything, and I believe it’s called 'fan fiction'.”
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message 37: by Fenriz

Fenriz Angelo Ais wrote: "Fenriz wrote: "I'm flattered to receive your request and I'm very much glad to accept it. It's really nice to find others Aces around. :)!"

Ohh is that a term for us? I love it! I want to call mys..."

Haha yeah that's our term! It's so rad right? I think i found the term for the first time on Tumblr. It reminds me of the Ace fighter pilots and since I love aircrafts, i like it more.

message 36: by Ais

Ais Fenriz wrote: "I'm flattered to receive your request and I'm very much glad to accept it. It's really nice to find others Aces around. :)!"

Ohh is that a term for us? I love it! I want to call myself an Ace now lol It reminds me of One Piece (which is awesome since it's my favorite and I freaking LOVED Ace) and since my name is said like Ace anyway I can be Ais the Ace haha

message 35: by Fenriz

Fenriz Angelo I'm flattered to receive your request and I'm very much glad to accept it. It's really nice to find others Aces around. :)!

message 34: by Ais

>.< you´re so nice!....i´m really enjoying your work :)"

Aww, thank you! I'm glad to hear that! :D

Bucletina Ais wrote: "Bucletina wrote: "Thanks for accepting :)"

Thank you for your interest! <3"

>.< you´re so nice!....i´m really enjoying your work :)

message 32: by Ais

Ais Bucletina wrote: "Thanks for accepting :)"

Thank you for your interest! <3

Bucletina Thanks for accepting :)

message 30: by Ais

Ais Hayatunnufus wrote: "Thanks for the approve! And umm, if you have any questions related to Indonesia for your stories, I'm available here :)"

Thank you! I'm sure I will when I write that story :) I want it to be as realistic as I can make it.

message 29: by Hytnnfs

Hytnnfs Thanks for the approve! And umm, if you have any questions related to Indonesia for your stories, I'm available here :)

DayDreamer Hi Ais! Thanks for adding me :)

message 27: by Em

Em Anthony :)

message 26: by Santino

Santino Hassell go

message 25: by Lenore

Lenore What the ... Why wasn't I your fan? It should have happened ages ago. I just rectified it.

message 24: by Ais

Ais Ornella wrote: "Hey Ais! Thanks for accepting my request! :)"

Hi Ornella! Thank you for the friends request and being interested :)

Ornella (Nyx) Hey Ais! Thanks for accepting my request! :)

message 22: by Ais

Ais lee wrote: "Hello Ais. So Sonny mention at some point you may write an f/f story. I for one would love to read it. I was telling him a couple of my GR friends and I are on the look out for a good f/f story and..."

Lee! I'm so sorry! Somehow I didn't see this until now.

I AM thinking of writing a f/f story... I haven't figured out exactly what I want to write yet. I have a few ideas I've been kicking around. I guess it will amount to whatever ends up sounding most interesting to me.

message 21: by Ais

Ais Janice wrote: "Thank you for accepting Ais. And thank you for Boyd & Hsin."

Whoa, I'm so sorry! I didn't see this until now! Thank YOU for wanting to by my friend and also for reading our story :)

message 20: by Ais

Ais Clarissa wrote: "Yay! Thanks for accepting Ais!"

No problem! Thanks for wanting to be my friend :D

Clarissa Yay! Thanks for accepting Ais!

message 18: by Janice

Janice Thank you for accepting Ais. And thank you for Boyd & Hsin.

message 17: by Ais

Ais Aure `Reading With The Dark` wrote: "Thank you for accepting me! Another huge, growing bigger as I type, fan over here! :)))"

Hi Aure! Thank you for wanting to me by friend! You're awesome <3 Oh and of course, thank you for reading our story! :D

PS: if you get a notification twice it's because I suck at GR and I first just posted my reply, then wasn't sure if you'd see said reply, and deleted that so I could reply off your comment in the hopes it would be more likely it might make its way back to you. I'm making it so complicated over here! haha

Aure   `Reading With The Dark` Thank you for accepting me! Another huge, growing bigger as I type, fan over here! :)))

message 15: by Ais

Ais Marwa wrote: "Hi Ais, thanks for accepting my friend request.
I love your writing, I'm still reading book 1 of Company of Shadows but I already love the series :)"

Thank you, Marwa! I hope you continue to enjoy the series as you read :) Have a great day! :)

message 14: by Marwa

Marwa A. Hi Ais, thanks for accepting my friend request.
I love your writing, I'm still reading book 1 of Company of Shadows but I already love the series :)

message 13: by Ais

Ais Julio wrote: "Thanks, Ais. Nice to meet you."

Nice to meet you too :)

message 12: by julio

julio Thanks, Ais. Nice to meet you.

message 11: by Ais

Ais Lovely Marie wrote: "Hi! :)

Just wanna know when will Fade be updated again. Wanna know what will happen next. This series is so amazing. Can't wait."

Hi! Thank you for being awesome and reading our story!

I'm not sure when it will next update yet -- what we've been doing is writing the chapters and editing them between updates so a lot of it depends on how often our schedules intersect and how fast we can write :) But we're trying to make it so there aren't super long waits in between updates.

You should probably expect a couple of weeks at least though, to be honest, based on how things have been going lately.

message 10: by Lovely

Lovely Hi! :)

Just wanna know when will Fade be updated again. Wanna know what will happen next. This series is so amazing. Can't wait.

message 9: by Ais

Ais Kate wrote: "Thanks Ais :)

..........although I dunno. Surrounding myself with TW fans doesn't sound like great survival strategy. Any chance you could shake off the Sterek disease? LOL."

lol I'm a failure to the cause. I just finished the first season of TW and am starting to see the ways of Sterek. But I can still remain on your side because I resisted TW so strongly for so long!

message 8: by Ais

Ais Marleen wrote: "FYI: The meeting with Ann in Chap 30 is in there twice. You may want to fix that."

Thank you! It should be fixed. For some bizarre reason it got copied twice in the original document even though it hadn't been that way when we'd read it before... noooo idea how that happened. gdocs just wanted to make sure everyone was paying attention, apparently ^_~

LenaLena FYI: The meeting with Ann in Chap 30 is in there twice. You may want to fix that.

message 6: by Queen

Queen Thx for the invite. Your answer made me laugh first thing in the morning ^^

message 5: by Ais

Ais Sonny wrote: "You could at least add some books, scrub"

What books would I even add?

Santino Hassell You could at least add some books, scrub

message 3: by Ais

Ais Thank you, Lori! And no problem, Aiko :)

message 2: by Aiko

Aiko *wave* Thanks for accepting :)

Lori K Hi, I've been reading all for comments in the group. I really enjoy your characters.

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