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October 1, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is opposed, under any circumstances, to the use of weapons of mass destruction.  He is opposed to weapons whose use is inherently genocidal.  There is no circumstance under which it is conceivable that the military use of nuclear weapons would be anything short of insane, and Corbyn is opposed to that.  He would not push the button.  And our political and media class finds this to be outrageous.

The pundits are noisy and truculent.  But behind their nois...
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September 30, 2015

This is a party political broadcast for the Scottish Labour Party broadcast today.
The children in the advertisement are not just annoyingly obsequious in the questions they are given to ask: they are all white, and code as middle class in how they are dressed,  how they are groomed and in how they deliver their lines. That reeks of 'aspiration'. So, I would suggest that the pitch is not to the working class voters who have gone over to the SNP as an alternative party of reform, but to mi...
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September 19, 2015

You don't see the consensus in all of its suffocating conformity until someone challenges it.

If you want to know what the consensus is made of, just look at what the media considers a gaffe.  Corbyn, a republican, doesn't sing the royalist national anthem.  Gaffe.  Corbyn, a socialist, appointed a hard-left socialist as shadow chancellor.  Gaffe.  Corbyn refused to answer journalists' questions.  Ultra-gaffe.  That's just rude.  From the Guardian to the...
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September 18, 2015

Copyleft of Lenin's Tomb
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September 15, 2015

Salvage statement on the Corbyn bombshell:

Salvage cleaves to the necessity of a pessimism that is not a nostrum but a result of analysis, and urges others on the left to approach this battle with the same sober caution. Aspiring to such rigour is not merely a responsibility in these circumstances, it is energising. Salvage counsels a pessimism that has the humility to be surprised, to celebrate the shocks of our victories without surrendering the caution we – all – need. A...
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September 14, 2015

James Randi invented the term "unsinkable rubber ducks" to refer to beliefs held by the superstitious and religious, which they were unable and unwilling to give up no matter the evidence.  No matter how many times you try to sink them, they keep bobbing back up to the surface.
It's a felicitous turn of phrase, given the relationship between ducks, canards and decoys.  And I like to think it could refer just as well to elements of spin and propaganda which, no matter how obviously f...
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September 12, 2015

I think we all need time to digest this.

The Labour Party has, for the first time ever [or, okay, since George Lansbury], a leader who is both a socialist and, critically, an activist.  I don't think this can be said of any other Labour leader [since 1935], not even the overrated Michael Foot.  (You will never see Corbyn draping himself in the Union Jack and cheerleading war in the way that Foot did.)  Not only that, but he won by 59.5% in the first round.  The ultra-Blair...
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September 8, 2015

I. This weekend, tens of thousands of people are scheduled to march in central London to support refugees rights.  
Football supporters groups across the UK are planning to show support for refugees.
In Frankfurt and other German cities, leftists and antifascists have organised moving rallies to welcome refugees to Germany.*  Hopefully, we will see the same in London too.

II. Don't underestimate the significance of this.  Throughout the entirety of my adult political life, all tre...
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September 3, 2015

My social media feeds are filled with dead children.  Small bodies, washing up on the shores of a Mediterranean beach.  

Why are they washing up on the shores?  European governments want us to blame traffickers.  The advantage of blaming traffickers is that it actually licenses those governments to implement even more repressive measures.  But traffickers are only out to make a quick buck off the system that European governments have created. 

It is incredibly diff...
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August 15, 2015

Hey whitey Most of the readers of this blog are based in North America, Europe, or Australia.  I would imagine that the majority of those are white.  So let me ask you, white readers, a question.  What makes you white?  That blotchy skin you're wearing?  Those grey eyes which you call 'blue'?  Hardly.  
The 'privilege' you have, or think you have, or deny you have at all costs?  Maybe.  But at what level do you really believe in this privilege? &nbsp...
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