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August 2, 2012

This is not a side of me you will normally see. I just want to clarify this now. Usually, I’m laid back and quiet, and I keep my opinions--especially controversial ones as this--to myself because I don’t like conflict. Simple as that. But the past couple of weeks have been weighing on my mind and I just have to get all this off my chest before I explode. I may lose followers because of my own beliefs and due to this rant, but if I do, then I do, and I’m sorry ahead of time. Not for my honesty, but for the fact that you can’t open your eyes to the world of how love is love. It shouldn’t be judged. It should be equal for everyone, and I’m saddened that religion has to take such a strong part in politics it seems almost all the time. Religion really has no place in politics, and I’m getting sick of this debate.

Let me start with a mini history lesson.

The United States was not founded on Christianity. If one more person tries to argue this point with me, I’m going to scream. Look, we’re all free to believe what we want. I’m all for this. I have no problems with it at all. I never judge someone on their religion or beliefs. I grew up in the church. I’ve read the bible several times. I’ve researched several other religions. I practiced Wicca and Paganism for almost ten years as well. It’s about the person. I respect the person always as long as I’m respected in return. It’s not my place to judge. Many of my closest friends are Christian, Atheists, and Agnostic. And they are highly respected by me.
But once again, I’m going to stress. This nation was not founded on Christianity. I’ve had many people try to stress this argument with but I've learned a lot from history, because, well, I'm a dork. Of course, people continue to not believe this, and that's okay. I do after all the reading I've done on the guys.

Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams were Deists. Our Founding Fathers. They weren’t Christian. And believed in freedom of religion, or freedom from religion if people choose to do so. I thought we went through this? Why are people still fighting about how they’re right and why others are wrong? How if someone doesn’t believe in what they believe in, they’re in the wrong. And whyyyy are people still, even in 2012, fighting for equality? It’s ridiculous.

Here’s the thing: You can think that being gay is wrong and that it’s against your religion if that’s how you interpret it from your system. That’s your right. Your freedom to believe that. You can say it’s not your belief. You can teach it in your churches and groups and say it out loud as it being what you believe on a personal level. But it’s not right to take that belief, try to push it, promote hate, and create a world where rights aren’t equal all because of those beliefs. THEY’RE HUMAN TOO. What if that was your daughter, son, brother, sister…you get the idea? If one of your family members came out to you, would you suddenly treat them like an animal just because they were gay/no longer considered “equal”? This is how the LGBT community is feeling when they’re denied the rights they deserve. They need all the help and support they can get in this time, too.

Chick-Fil-A announcing their Christian stance was not a shock to me. I’ve known for years about them being a Christian-based business, of course, and not just because they’re closed on Sunday. I want to get it straight that was not the reason that myself and many people are mad at the business either. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion. Even if it had been a simple “No, I don’t believe in gay marriage personally because I’m Christian, but I don’t instill that into my business affairs,” I don’t think I would have had that much of a problem with that either (I still wouldn't eat there as my own personal choice but that would be my decision). It would have been Dan Cathy’s belief in his religion and he would have left it at that. But then it got out of hand. There was an open confession to donations (and may I add that it’s donations from profits made from the business, customers!) of anti-gay organizations that promote hate and to push legislature to ban gay marriage/to stop the proposal of bills for gay marriage. THIS is where the line is drawn. THIS IS WHERE IT BECOMES HATE. This is wrong .

I believe in the biblical definition of marriage.

Okay. Hmm. I get what’s trying to be said. I think it should be worded different if you’re going to be all mighty about it and try to spout off your definition of “marriage.” If it’s put that way, you’re saying this:

I believe in polygamy and adultery (concubines).
I believe in beating my wife.
I have the right to kill my wife if she isn’t a virgin on my wedding night.

(Hey, and a sidenote here: Jackson Pearce, the awesomely awesome YA author, recently made a couple of videos regarding all this as well. You should go watch.)

But all this is okay as long as the LGBT community can’t have equal rights, huh? When are people going to learn?

I read something interesting recently. It said “If gays were allowed to get married, what will happen? They’ll get married.” That’s right, folks. Plagues and famine will not crash down on us. The Zombie Apocalypse will not strike (though I’m still prepared for it on a completely unrelated circumstance). Simply enough: there will be more marriages. And what’s with the argument “divorce rate is already high enough,” anyway? That’s a lame-ass excuse.

What brought all this on for me today? Sigh.
I had to go out. I was stuck in an office for almost an hour, listening to the news when I’d rather have been home watching my favorite tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic , win his match at the Olympics today. I was stuck listening to people gripe in a waiting room while they listened to the news broadcast more about Chick-Fil-A and about people like me who support the LGBT community and equal rights. The most annoying part of all? A woman sat next to me holding a bible, all the while talking to her friend about which other friend slept with who over the last week…gave me a dirty look because I replied to her question honestly when she turned to me. She asked if I was going to eat at the local Chick-Fil-A later. I’d said no, I was never eating there again. She clutched her book, turned her nose up, and said, “Oh, you’re one of those.” Before I knew it, the entire waiting room was buzzing in the conversation and I’d walked out and decided to wait outside in the hundred degree weather because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wasn’t getting into it and I was sick of hearing the hate spewing from mouths of people that needed to learn a little love. Especially the woman who had a bible in her hands. Just because she carried the book, it didn’t mean anything to me. As I said before, I judge the person based on the person . Not the religion they practice.

I’m feeling better now.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone really. I just had a lot to get off my chest after the day I’ve had. Like I said, posts like this are very rare from me. But this IS me even if you don’t see it much. I love people. We should all be equal in this day and age. It’s not rocket science. Love is Love.

Stop the hate and spread the love.

All of my love to you,
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July 31, 2012

There was an interesting question raised on Twitter today by someone I follow.
It went something like this:

“If you’re a writer, and still review books, do you leave negative reviews?”

Well, I sat there for a good minute and thought this through. It affects me in some ways because I’m both an author and a reviewer. When I was about to publish a few months ago, I had a few people approach me and ask something similar, except it was in a more condescending way. This Tweeter was just curious about how authors/writers go about reviewing, if at all. When I was approached in a different manner about this, I was told it would be wrong of me to continue my blog as an author or aspiring writer. I was told I should shut it down and that if I ever left any kind of reviews again, no matter what I thought, they should be positive.

Absolutely not.

But, Pixie, aren’t you worried that if you leave negative reviews, it’s going to backfire on your own work?

I responded to the above Tweeter’s question earlier. My first response had been a simple: No, I’m not worried at all. Before I published, I was a blogger/reviewer. I will happily continue doing what I do. Then tweeter asked if I thought it would impact my own reviews. I knew they were curious, and it was quite the interesting conversation. Enough so, that it’s made me create an entire post around it.

When they responded with that question, I had to stop and think again. Am I worried about a backfire? Will some fanatic of another author that I negatively review get mad at me and then go negatively review my work as payback? Or will a publisher look at me and think “unprofessional”?

Here’s my response:

If they do, then they do. It doesn’t bother me. Because guess what? Negative reviews don’t bother me. I won’t turn into a raving lunatic. I won’t attack you. You don’t have to wait around and see if you can get me to snap and see if I’ll be like some of those “others”, if you know what I’m saying. I’m just an honest person. If I don’t like what I read, I’m going to say I didn’t enjoy it. I’m going to say why. And that’s that. Why should I sugar-coat my ratings and reviews to please everyone? Why should I give up reviewing at all if it’s something I love doing?

So what do you think?

Do you think it’s okay to be an author and a reviewer?

With Love,
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June 7, 2012

Years ago I was asked a peculiar question from a friend that was looking for a book recommendation.

"What's one of the scariest books you've read?"

I didn't have to think much. By that point, I'd alread a lot of greats ranging from Stephen King to Anne Rice to Bram Stoker to Edgar Allan Poe. I'd read some great classics like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, was becoming a fan of Harry Potter, and others. I really had quite the eclectic taste, I guess you could say. My natural love was the darker side of fiction though as mentioned above with Stephen King and other horror-genre authors.

This particular question stuck out to me. My friend was looking for something specific--and something that had scared me to a certain point.
Shortly before, I'd read this one book for a class and it did. I hadn't forgotten it. The words and idea followed me everywhere. There was something underlying in its message that was truly frightening. Not in the ways of monsters, serial killers, or ghoulish creatures (this includes creepy ass clowns, too, Mr. King--thanks a bunch for that), but in an entire different form of scary.

My answer: Fahrenheit 451.

I was first introduced to this story when I was sixteen. I couldn't read it again for a long time, to be honest, because the thought of this world made me cry. It still makes me cry. Bradbury inspired me in ways beyond just as a writer, but as a reader. His books and quotes taught me a lot, and tragically, much of Fahrenheit 451 is a smack in the face of today's reality. Technology does overrun our lives. Censorship does try to control everything (Seriously? Still banning books? Come on!). And last but certainly not least, many people just don't read BOOKS the way they used to anymore (why do you think I joined the awesome book blogging community? I needed to find that connection with people who were like me because it's so hard to find it around me!)

I awoke late Wednesday morning to hear the sad news of Bradbury's passing. Though I know there's been many, many posts, tweets, FB messages and yada yada yada in regards to this, I only felt it necessary to make my own. We have lost a great in our community this week. It breaks my heart.
This was a man who crafted worlds and characters of depth. This was a man who was ahead of his time, inspired many of my own favorite authors, was an inspiration to me as well, and made a bleak world seem bright. I am proud to display this author's books on my shelf. I have always been proud.

Neil Gaiman couldn't have said it better on his journal today either:

I can imagine all kinds of worlds and places, but I cannot imagine a world without Bradbury. Not Ray Bradbury the man (I have met him. Each time I have spent any time with him I have been left the happier for it) but Bradbury the builder of dreams. That Bradbury. The man who took an idea of the American Midwest and made it magical and tangible, who took his own childhood and all the people and things in it and used it to shape the world. The man who gave us a future to fear, one without stories, without books. --Neil Gaiman (blogged at his journal)
 I'll close with these final words:

Thank you, Ray Bradbury. Thank you.

"There must be something in books, things we can't imagine." --Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451
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June 4, 2012

At least not this one. So let's kick this book tour off with a bang!

Today, I'm featured on the fabulous Marta Acosta's author blog, Vampire Wire ! Did I also mention there is a contest there as well? Whoops, I guess those are the magic words, huh? :P
Be sure to stop by and read the great interview. There's also some (very yummy, I might add) Supernatural videos to add for eye candy.

I want to thank Ms. Acosta for the feature and interview. It was a blast answering all the questions!

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June 1, 2012

Darkness Comes This Way is touring! Well, virtually. So get ready for some fun-tastic times the month of June! :)

Want to be a part of the tour as a host? Don't hesitate to contact me. There are spots available still as this is a month long tour. Just go to my contact page and email me, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

At the end of the month, be sure to drop back by this blog and get in on the grand prize giveaway! Signed swag, signed book, and a $25 B&N giftcard. Plus, a bonus: The first chapter of book two, printed, and signed for you. If you want everything personalized, you must tell me after I contact you! :)  *you will need to see contest rules at end of month for further details*

Back to business. Here are the lovely list of bloggers who are part of the tour this month. Be sure to visit them and find out what's up that day!

Taylor @ Thoughts of an Endless Dreamer  (June 12)Kismet Kayla (June 15)Sharon @ Obsession With Books (June 18)The Book Barbies (June 18)Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead (June 20)Sisters Unedited (June 25)Book Review Club (June 26)
I also created this same posting for a page at the top here on the blog so that you all can go back and reference it whenever you may need/want to throughout the month. :)

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May 19, 2012

The Writer in You Blog Hop!
The “Writer in You” Hop is hosted by Katie at The Fiction Diaries. This is a fantastic hop for writers meet other writers, share tips, experiences, etc., all while gaining new followers! To learn more about this hop, just click here to visit, and join in on the weekly fun.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your current WIP?

I have a few in the works right now. My muse is always running top speed it seems (not that I’m complaining). I’m currently working on the second installment of my Guardians of the Night trilogy, and it’s running smoothly. My favorite thing? How much the characters are growing and the outrageous twists that my readers are going to be in for in this one. It’s been a blast to write.

And though it’s definitely the WIP I should be focusing on as the most important one, I’m finding that the most recent novel I’ve started has taken a front seat to everything lately. It’s completely outside of my normal writing genre and style, yet the story is just flowing insanely well. I never thought in a million years I could sit down and write a YA Contemporary Romance (I highly enjoy reading them though!), but it’s working out much better than I expected. It’s sad that I use some of my own real life experiences to build my characters’ lives and events here, but at the same time, it’s crafting one of my favorite writing projects so far.

Happy writing!


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Published on May 19, 2012 14:36 • 49 views

May 15, 2012

I have an exciting announcement to share. Today the paperback of Darkness Comes This Way released (earlier than expected haha because I had everything ready) so now you can not only get the Kindle copy, but the paperback copy as well!

The links are up on the right side to my E-store where you can get the paperback copy, or you can order it from Amazon as well if you'd rather.

Also, if you didn't know, there's a wonderful giveaway going on over at Thoughts of an Endless Dreamer where I was interviewed for the first time, and you have chance to win a signed copy (U.S. residents) or an e-book (for international). Go check it out and enter. :)

I also guestposted recently at Book Review Club where I talked about my silly love of these blood-suckers.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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Published on May 15, 2012 16:07 • 85 views

May 9, 2012

This is just a quick note to make the exciting (and extremely nervous) announcement to all of my followers that as of now, you can get Darkness Comes This Way on Amazon for your Kindle/Kindle products. For a limited time, it's priced at $1.99.

Print editions are being released early, too. They'll be on sale on May 22nd.

Wheeeee! *spins around in chair*

Hope you all enjoy, and once again, thank you so much to everyone for the greatest support. <3
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Published on May 09, 2012 20:40 • 57 views

May 5, 2012

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for authors to take the self-publishing route, to go “indie” and do everything themselves. This is not what I’d planned a couple years ago when I started seeking out agents and publishers to be entirely honest. I fully support the Indie Author and anyone who self-publishes, but until the last few months, I had no idea that I was going to take this route myself.

So, why did I decide to self-publish?

It’s a tough industry out there really. I’m not saying to other aspiring authors not to try, because I would never try to deter another writer from their dreams of getting into a major publishing deal if that’s what they were seeking. I decided to self-publish after months of getting rejections from agents and publishers due to my novel being “too risky” (yes, I was told that on a few occasions). I had no idea what that meant until I searched around and realized the exact definition. We all know vampires are common in literature right now, and due to this, publishers and professionals are wary about picking up new authors who’ve never been published before--especially writing in this genre. With all respect, it’s nothing against us at all. I completely get that. Sometimes they’re simply seeking already established authors they can trust that they know will sell for sure. Another understanding point. Picking up a new author in general is risky. A traditional publisher puts a lot of money out, and if an author doesn’t sell…well then it’s quite a loss for them.

After going through a lot of thought, I made the final decision at the end of the year to self-publish and began the process. I figured it was best for me, for my book, and in the long run, it’d be best if I did decide to try again with publishing professionals on later works. It will (hopefully) build a readership and prove that I can market my own. I also want to show my complete support for the indies that I’ve showed through reading the last few years by actually publishing as one.

It wasn’t a hard decision after all, and I’m glad I made it. All I’ve wanted was to put my work out, whether it gets glowing reviews or not I don’t care, and just write. That’s just me. :)


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Published on May 05, 2012 10:08 • 29 views

May 3, 2012

If you didn't know, there's a lovely little Goodreads giveaway going on right now until May 16th where you can enter to win a signed ARC of Darkness Comes This Way! Almost 300 people have entered in less than 48 hours already. So surreal. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

Speaking of giveaways, I think I'll have one for this blog soon as well. So be on the look out. Swag perhaps with a final copy? Launch date is soon and I'm looking to party! :P

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Published on May 03, 2012 10:54 • 139 views