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Timely, sensitive story April 18, 2012
By Shootingstar
In many ways, this beautiful first novel hits the mark: we are being told of the "distance" many American families have from their military counterparts (and this is the story of a young girl from a military family, albeit in 1957.) It also has echoes of the background of the Civil Rights struggle of the time, which is pertinent now, in the era of young Trayvon Martin. . .

Set on a Marine Air Base in the late fifties, the isolated 12-year-old heroine uses a beautiful tidal river and an unlikely friendship to find her way through what seem to be a very difficult set of emotional and familial obstacles.

I found this wise book (written for the Young Adult set and therefore great for many family talks, especially given today's news) particularly interesting. I lived in that area during those times and circumstances, and I find myself thinking over and over many issues from the author's intelligent perspective.
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