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In general, I have one day off a week from my OTHER job. Wednesday. This day. That's the time I schedule all my doctor and dentist appointments, take the cat to the vet, grocery shop, return phone calls, and watch any TV shows I TIVO'd during the past week.

Today? No appointments. Don't care if I buy any groceries. Nothing to watch, and the cat keeps staring at me as if to say, "If you take me to the vet I will chew off your feet."

Since I am attached to my feet, in a literal and emotional way, I shall abide by her wishes.

So I will write today. I generally write every day anyway, but today I shall do nothing but write.

Currently trying to finish the sequel to Blade of Lightning. I've reached a point where everything has to happen, it has to happen now, and it has to happen fast. I spent last night making an outline of who was where, where they had to be by morning (story morning!) and, of course the most important list: who lives and who dies.

Now, to start writing it!
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Published on March 14, 2012 06:01 • 79 views • Tags: blade-of-lightning, day-off, writing