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January 19, 2013

By popular demand! This story is a standalone follow-up to the Amazon Top 5 bestseller and #1 Hot New Release in Gay & Lesbian Erotica, Bound by the Enemy. (Yes, they finally came to their senses and let it through!)

Months after being released from captivity, secret agent Randal Blake is still reeling from the heights of pleasure and pain that the mysterious Sarceda introduced him to. Unsure that he is fit for active duty, Blake's boss sends him to do some training on a military base - but his convoy is ambushed, and Blake is once again taken captive. And who should pull the bag off his head, but Sarceda himself? He is full of devilish ideas for how to show Blake just how much he missed him, and the spy is like putty in Sarceda's hands. At times, Sarceda's cruel façade begins to crack, and Blake wonders if deeper feelings are developing.

Sarceda, however, has more sinister plans for Blake's future, involving the ruthless head of Colombia's biggest cartel, a renowned sadist. But as Blake begins to understand Sarceda's motivations and the terrible tragedy that has sent him on a lifelong quest for revenge, Blake realizes he must see it through - even if it means enduring greater pain and humiliation than he thought he could withstand. And rumors of betrayal by the very agency that is supposed to protect him leave Blake reeling. By the time Sarceda gives him his freedom, Blake is no longer sure where his loyalties lie...

Warning! This 14,000+ word story contains kidnapping, D/s elements, reluctant consent, bondage, knifeplay, whipping, and a slightly twisted happy-for-now ending! Adults only!

- Excerpt -

"Hello, pet. Did you miss me?"

His whole body shuddered at the sound. He opened his eyes, slowly.

Sarceda was smiling.

"Like a hole in the head," said Blake, softly, his voice cracking from disuse.

Sarceda dropped to his knees, bringing himself eye to eye with Blake. He searched Blake's face, like he was trying to read all of the secrets of the past few months.

"I'm sorry," he said, at last. "I had to let them take you."

"Of course you did," said Blake.

"Don't worry." Sarceda's fingers stroked his cheek, gently. "I'm not letting you out of my sight again."

He stood abruptly, sliding two fingers between the collar and Blake's neck, tugging lightly, as if testing to see if it needed to be tightened. After a moment, he made a satisfied noise and stepped back. He dug into his pocket, eventually producing a small key.

"Stand up," he said. "Turn around."

Blake obeyed, and he heard the scrape of the key sliding into the lock of his handcuffs. He kept his head slightly bowed as Sarceda walked around to face him again; when Sarceda brought his hand under Blake's chin and began to lift his head, Blake lashed out and grabbed his other arm, twisting it as far and as quickly as he could.

Sarceda reacted immediately, throwing the weight of his body to counter the move and trapping Blake's arm against his side. He aimed a jab at Blake's stomach but the spy evaded, just barely, slipping free of Sarceda's grasp and kicking him squarely in the shin.

Sarceda didn't react, grabbing Blake around the throat and slamming him up against the wall. He tried to kick out, to connect with any part of Sarceda's body that might actually slow him down, but his body was too engrossed in the struggle to breathe. He could feel his face grow hot, his eyes widening as Sarceda choked him.

Finally, with a burst of desperate strength, he was able to get a jab in to Sarceda's stomach. The drug lord stumbled back, his balance thrown off just enough for Blake to use the weight of his own body to push him all the way over, onto the floor. He lay on top of Sarceda, pinning his arms down with every bit of strength he had in him.

Sarceda was laughing. "Pet," he panted. "I already said I was sorry. What more do you want?"

Read the rest now!
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December 19, 2012

Want a taste of the book that's been deemed TOO HOT FOR AMAZON? It's only $.99 for a limited time only, available in every format you could possibly want!

Grab a copy today, while you still can. :D
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December 15, 2012

It's here! It's finally here! Treacherous Curves: Bound to the Billionaire
is now available exclusively on Kindle!

In this standalone follow up to Treacherous Curves: Blackmailing the Billionaire, curvy bookkeeper Annie is exploring the possibility of a relationship with James, her billionaire boss. Sure, the sex is hot - unbelievably hot, in fact - but in order to feel right about their relationship, she would have to quit her job. James is offering to support her while she pursues her art, but Annie isn't sure that she is ready for that level of commitment. And the more she learns about him, the more secretive and mysterious he seems. In spite of everything, will James and his silver tongue be able to convince her to follow her dreams and place all her reliance on him?

Even steamier than part one, this 17,500 word story contains spanking, light bondage, reluctant exhibitionism, and a boss anyone would be willing to put in overtime for. Adults only!

- Excerpt -

He sat down and sprawled, one leg slung over the arm of the chair, giving me a look that I could only describe as smoldering. He was the very picture of lazy seduction, everything in his pose saying that he knew this was all he had to do to get what he wanted.

I sketched furiously, trying to keep myself removed from the situation, the way an artist ought to. But it was hard to concentrate, knowing that he was sitting just a few feet away, actively, no, aggressively trying to throw me off my game. Knowing how badly I wanted him. Knowing that I was here, not for a love of art, but because I couldn't say no to him.

I spent a long time perfecting the lines and creases at his groin, the way the fabric stretched around the bulge underneath. I could have sworn I saw it stir a little, but if it did, the rest of him remained completely still.

"Thank you," I said, softly, when I was finished. "That'll do."

He stood up slowly, stretching a little, then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans and pulled them all the way off.

I stifled a noise, somewhere in the back of my throat. I let my eyes dart up and down his body just a few times before I turned back to my notebook, but it was enough. The image was burned into my retinas. Every angle and contour of his body was perfect, like he'd been sculpted by someone trying to demonstrate the ideal shape for a man's body. He stood in front of me, completely shameless, and I couldn't help but feel like this was all wrong. He was naked. Vulnerable. I ought to have been in complete control of this situation. But despite the fact that he was posing nude for me, ostensibly doing exactly what I wanted him to do, even if I hadn't wanted to admit it, I still felt utterly helpless. Just his presence in a room was enough to inspire that feeling - that prickling in the back of my neck, that nervous, strangely exhilarating realization that I was no longer in control of my own destiny. That, in some way I still didn't fully understand, I belonged to him.

I had to calm down. I was being ridiculous. But I couldn't stop these strange flights of fancy that my brain took whenever I was around him, any more than I could help my body's instinctive reaction to his.

I began at his head, then his shoulders, drawing carefully, not allowing my eyes to dip below his waist until they absolutely had to. As my pencil zigzagged the trail of hair that led from his navel down to the dark thatch between his legs, I swallowed - absurdly loudly, I thought, in this eerily silent room - and let myself look.

Read the rest now!
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November 30, 2012

Two important bulletins this weekend, folks! Treacherous Curves for Kindle is FREE this weekend:

AND, you can still enter to win a print copy, but only until Monday! Do it now:

Happy reading! And for those who were wondering, yes, I am writing sequels to both Learning Curves and Treacherous Curves. Watch this space! :)
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November 26, 2012

Can you tell I'm excited? My proof copies of Treacherous Curves: Blackmailing the Billionaire came today, and I am ready to sign some and given them away! All you have to do is sign up for my email newsletter between now and December 3rd.

Go here to learn more and sign up to win!
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