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January 28, 2015

TDMThe Demon Mistress is FREE on Amazon until the 29th. If you haven’t read the first book in The Eva Prim Series, now is your chance to painlessly get it. Here’s chapter one to get you in the mood for Eva.

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~Eva Prim Writes~

A Blog of Vampire Thoughts.

October 24th


I consider you all my friends, well, not all of you. Not you, Studmufflicker69. You are definitely not my friend. In fact, you’re banned from this blog. Do not ever comment again. Yesterday’s comment about bondage was completely inappropriate. No one wants to hear about your deviant sex life.

Everyone else, you are all my friends. I don’t know where you are or what you look like, but over the past three weeks I feel like we’ve come to know each other. And I like you. Especially you, PenPro58. You’ve been very kind and have truly made my blogging experience a pleasure. Without friends, life can be so lonely. You’ve all made me feel loved.

Good friends are so hard to find. Thank you all.


Ooh! Time to go. I await your comments. Eva.

“Chryssie, darling, what are you doing?”

I close my laptop and shove it into the drawer just as the door opens and Stefan steps in, looking utterly dashing.

“Blogging.” I pause to enjoy the sight of him as he walks toward me. The muscles in broad shoulders fill out his suit jacket quite nicely. “Why are you dressed like that?” I drag his desktop back into place, returning the keyboard to its rightful spot.

He pulls me up from the chair and presses a soft kiss to my lips. “I’ll never understand what you find so entertaining about those foolish conversations.”

“It’s just fun to talk with people who…” I glance toward the computer.

“They don’t know who you are. They’re not your real friends, my flower.” His fingers skim along my chin.

“I know. But I like them anyway.” I sit on the desk as he takes the seat I just vacated. “What’s with the suit?”

“You don’t like it? I thought for sure you’d like this suit,” he answers, clicking away at the keyboard.

“It’s nice.” It’s very nice. Navy blue, cashmere blend with a crisp white shirt accented by gold cuff links and a periwinkle blue silk tie. The ensemble plays up his deep ebony eyes. His long black hair is tied back at the nape of his neck, and his face is shaved, baby-smooth, revealing the cleft centered in his perfectly chiseled chin.

“It’s unusual for you to dress so formally when you’re simply going to the office.” I run my hand down his ponytail allowing the thick hair to slide through my fingers, fanning his cologne into the air.

He smells heavenly. Eternity cologne, my favorite, blends with his scent, a manly, woodsy, sort of campfire-ish aroma with a sweet tang. It makes my mouth water.

“I have a meeting that requires more formal attire.”

The V Mail System opens on the screen. The nightly news flash features a very angry looking Cletus Shiftbottom snarling as he’s dragged away in chains.

“They finally caught him. I knew it wouldn’t take long,” I say.

“That is a picture from three days ago. He’s escaped again,” Stefan comments as he navigates to his personal vmail.

“They should have known he’d escape. Why didn’t they just kill him when they caught him?”

As he stares at the picture on the screen his left nostril twitches, and I know he’s thinking about his honor. “I will deal with Cletus myself.”

I purse my lips. A good master is honor-bound, which is just a nice way of saying, you made it, you deal with it. I’ve seen Stefan deal with the whole honor-bound issue a lot. It’s never pretty.

“Well, let me know if you want some help. I’ll be happy to stake him myself after what he’s done. You know he’s making you look like an idiot, right? Everyone is talking about how he’s gone bonkers, terrorizing other vampires, scaring humans, even giving shit to the wolves.” A chip in the nail polish on my pinky finger stands out in stark contrast to sparkly dark pink paint. “Damn it. I just painted these.”

“I am well aware of what’s being discussed and why, darling. I do not need you to remind me.” His tone is less than grateful.

“You don’t have to get snippy.”

“Cletus overpowered the four guards assigned him. He’s much more powerful than anyone realized.” He opens a message titled Blue Moon.

“Like I said, let me know if I can—”

“No. You can’t help.” He clicks on the attachment in the email, and the financials for one of his subsidiary companies opens. As he stares at the information in front of him his cheek pulses.

My shoulders sag. “It’s always the same answer.” I glance at the screen. “Is there supposed to be so much red?”

He inhales sharply as he clicks the keys on his computer. “No.” The pages scroll down moving like a slot machine reel. He nods and closes the application.

“I will be very late tonight, possibly not returning until just about dawn.” He stands and kisses my forehead. “I would appreciate you staying home.”

“That’s fine. I have some…” I smile. “Some reading to catch up on.”

His gaze wanders over me, a heated brush of his presence.

I feel my cheeks flush.

His left eyebrow rises. “What are you reading?”

I squeeze his hands and avoid his eyes. “Oh, a little something.”

I turn away to lead him toward the door.

“Chryssie, what book?” He’s right behind me, close enough that it’s not his presence I feel, but his body molded to mine. His arms clamp around my waist and he pulls me back against him. “What book?”

“Nothing to worry about.” I try to wiggle loose, but he only holds me tighter.

“You haven’t been down in my personal library again, have you?” He breathes the words against my hair, and my legs go all rubbery.

I giggle, sliding my hand between his lips and my ear. “Stop that. You told me not to read any of those books, so I’m not.”

“You’re sure?”

“Positive. The last time I read one I didn’t really enjoy the ending.” How was I supposed to know? When you read some book of odd scripture and end up releasing forty demons, you don’t enjoy the ending. Trust me. I learned my lesson.

“The story hasn’t quite ended. Cheng and Martin are still working on apprehending the fugitives,” he says, sweeping my hair back from my neck and kissing me.

Cheng and Martin work for Stefan. They’re wonderful. Two of the most talented, strongest, fastest, deadliest—but in a nice way—vampires I’ve ever met.

“How many more?” I rest my head back against his chest.

“They’ve managed to send twenty-eight back. They’ll be busy for a while.” He kisses my cheek. “I love you, darling. Promise me you will stay home tonight.” He steps in front of me, straightening his jacket and reaching for the doorknob. “The wolves are on duty this evening. You shouldn’t have any problems.”

“I promise.” I spin around and head back toward the desk.

Before I’ve taken a full step, he appears in front of me. “You’re up to something.”

“What do you mean?” My voice is perfectly even, not a single note raised.

I have perfected Poker Face. Most vampires are good at it. I am not good at it. I am exceptional.

There’s just one little problem.

“Look at me, Chryssie.” And there it is.

You see, to look at him gives him an opportunity to study me, my emotions, my thoughts. I’ve been working on blocking him and on occasion I am able to do it. That is, I am able to do it if he’s not completely focused on me and if there’s a lot of distance between us. But when he’s standing two inches from me, it’s a whole other story.

I blink up at him, slowly, my brown eyes widening. Poker Face melts away and is replaced by another very familiar face. Her name is Crybaby.

My lips pucker to a very slight pout. Then, I glance down, just for a second to allow my hair to fall forward, hoping to gain some composure. A blanket of copper waves falls over my face. I push the left side behind my ear and look up, blinking slowly, the pout making my lips tremble. Tears form in my eyes.

“You don’t trust me,” I croak, and my bottom lip quivers as I fight to hold back the rush of tears. “I’ve been so good for so long. The demon thing was an accident. I didn’t know. I thought you were hiding dirty books. How was I to know you had that down there? And what are you doing with them anyway? You still haven’t explained.” I can’t stop the waterworks and tears rush down my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, my flower. You have to understand, it’s awfully odd how you simply agreed to stay home tonight. You never just agree. It’s always an argument or a fight to get you to do what’s best for you. I wasn’t prepared.”

He hugs me against his chest, and I cry all over his beautiful new suit.

“I just like my new computer.” I hiccup. “And I’m learning how to use it.” I sniffle. “And I like talking to my new blog friends.” I wipe my nose on his lapel. “That’s all.”

“I’m glad you like it. I wasn’t sure if it was the best birthday gift, but you seem quite happy.” He rubs my back. “I do need to leave, Chryssie. I’m sorry I upset you.”

He pushes me away from him and stoops to look at me.

I glance up, absolutely certain my mascara is running down my face and my lipstick is smudged along my cheek. The evidence is smeared across his chest.

He pulls out a handkerchief and wipes my cheeks. “I’ll make this up to you. I promise.”

“Your suit is ruined.” I use his handkerchief to dab at the red stain on his shirt.

“Don’t fuss about it. I’ll change. You know I have others.” He kisses my cheek before heading for the door.

I nod. “I won’t leave the house. There won’t be any trouble tonight. I swear.”

Get The Demon Mistress FREE on Amazon NOW!

The Demon Mistress is FREE! originally appeared on Eva Prim on January 28, 2015.

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September 10, 2014


Jordan’s participating in the Booklover Halloween Contest Event through Night Owl Reviews October 1-31. Entry form here.


Chat with Jordan on October 27th in the Night Owl Reviews Chat Room at 8 PM. We’ll talk about books, men and snacks! Check out the schedule HERE.


Come see Jordan in Augusta, Georgia on November 8th for a Readers Luncheon and Book Signing. You can make reservations HERE.

Join Jordan for a fabulous weekend in Daytona Beach February 5-8, 2015 at the Coastal Magic Convention. Register HERE.

Jordan’s Upcoming Events originally appeared on Eva Prim on September 11, 2014.

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September 3, 2014

I’m so happy to announce that Prim & Proper is a finalist in the I Heart Indie Contest with the Las Vegas Romance Writers of America.


Winners will be announced Oct. 18, 2014 at the Vegas Valley Book Festival.

Prim & Proper is a contest finalist! originally appeared on Eva Prim on September 4, 2014.

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August 20, 2014

Laura 2Tonight we spend some time with Laura, art historian, fried cheese-curd eater and soon to be New Mexican.

What’s your blood type?

AB negative. So not quite good enough to be the universal leech or recipient (That’s AB positive). It might also be laced with espresso.

My, my, my. There really is no universal flavor for vampires. We notice the nuances, but we aren’t so picky as to reject any type, though, if we’re being honest, which we should be since we’re friends and that’s what friends do, coffee is not one of my favorite flavors. However, I bet if you were dipped in chocolate and espresso flavored you probably be pretty darn good.

Wait, did I go too far on that? Never mind. Don’t even think about what I just said. Let’s just move on.

Where do you live? Why are you looking at me like that? What? Oh…oh, wait, wait. I wasn’t asking so that I’d come over. I’m just getting to know you better. I swear. I’m just…

LauraAs of today, I live in Nashville, TN. Tomorrow I will be embarking on a 1300 mile road trip to Albuquerque, NM.

New Mexico? Hmm. That’s really far from Rhode Island and as you may or may not know I’m not able to travel on my own. So–

That shall be my new home for at least the next 6 or 7 years.

Okay. I really freaked you at with that chocolate dipping bit, didn’t I?

I’m entering the University of New Mexico’s doctoral program in Art History.

Listen, I was just being honest, but I don’t bite my friends. It’s not nice to do without permission and I’m not even going to try to ask you for permission just to prove it’s not something I plan to do. See? So stop worrying.

Or I’ll be there that long if a rogue cactus or tumbleweed don’t get me first. I hear they’re pretty sketchy characters.

Yeah. I’ve heard that, too. Wait, that was a joke. I haven’t heard that but I’m trying to agree to make you comfortable so you don’t end our friendship and now I’m all confused about what I should or shouldn’t say. Let’s just move on. Let’s lighten the mood.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy picnics at the Cheekwood botanical garden. I spend a lot of time wondering around local nature areas making photographs with my vintage film cameras.


My favorite is a Hasselblad from the 1960s.

I love antiques. Stefan has one of those old cameras on a tripod that you had to put a blanket over your head to use. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s somewhere in the house as a decoration. I just use the camera on my phone. I’m not a great photographer at all.

And you can’t forget Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-art school.

Well, aren’t you warming up? Fantastic. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-art School is quite interesting. Again, unfortunately, my artistic talents are sorely lacking. Though, I notice there’s a branch in Boston. I might try it out.

What was the last movie you saw and did you like it?

Last Saturday I went to see How to Train your Dragon 2 and Boyhood. Boyhood was a late showing so it’s technically the last movie I saw. It was really good but weirdly intimate. The director filmed it in 3 or 4 day increments to follow the entirety of the main character’s childhood from about age 8 to 18. You get to see a variety of topics film viewers don’t normally see from the perspective of a child. It’s pretty enlightening.

I have to wait for How to Train Your Dragon 2 to come out on DVD. I find the chattering kids and their parents annoying and apparently it’s not very nice to help people be quiet in movies, though I don’t see why. On the Boyhood front, Stefan actually wants to see this movie. You have no idea the challenge I have getting him to agree to see any movie. You’d think I was demanding he allow me to pull his nails out. But, for whatever reason, this one he wants to see. Go figure.

Are you married/in a relationship? If so, for how long? How’d you meet?

I’m recently single :(. He’s still my best friend and the best movie watching companion in the whole very wide world, but we decided that long distance would be silly and far too stressful.

Well, I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m sure New Mexico has plenty of men who will be happy to go to the movies with you. Just stay away from the tumbleweeds and the cactus. They make terrible boyfriends.

Do you have pets? What kind?

When my schedule is less insane, I would like to get a pet. I think corgis are some of the most adorable domesticated animals ever. If I could kidnap a kangaroo from the interactive exhibit at the Nashville zoo, I would probably do that as well. I’ve seen the zookeepers lure them away with slices of raw sweet potato.

So, basically, if the sweet potatoes are sold out from your local grocery store, the zoo should lock up the kangaroos. Got it. If you really want something exciting and you seem to like dogs, I know of a rather small werewolf I’d be happy to send your way.

What’s your take on white chocolate- real or impostor?

It’s totally an imposter. It’s ingredients have more in common with body butter than other varieties of chocolate, and it tends to hurt my teeth when I eat it. So I tend to steer clear of it.

I love body butter, especially the edible kind.

What’s your favorite chocolate- dark, milk or white?


Perfect! Not that you should worry but I like anything dipped in dark chocolate, or anyone. Just saying.

What’s your favorite snack?Laura snack

Olive and Sinclair’s chocolate with cocoa nibs. It’s so delicious that my Terry, my desk dinosaur tries to steal it.

I would kill that dinosaur.

I can often be found with fresh or deep fried cheese curds in hand as well. We’ve finally gotten a Culver’s here, but usually I have to go procure fresh curd from some nearby Amish farm. The farmer’s market in Madison, WI, is really the best place to get them though. It’s sadly 500 miles away though.

Laura snack 2Never had a cheese curd. I’m adding that to the list of new things I can’t wait to try.

Also, for the record I am not giving away a small werewolf. It was a joke. You people need to lighten up! Big babies!

Laura- an AB negative I won’t bite because friends don’t bite friends. originally appeared on Eva Prim on August 21, 2014.

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August 13, 2014

Tonight I’m introducing my animal loving friend, Dawn. Werewolves, pay attention. You might need her at some point.

What’s your blood type?

Type O Negative. ^V^

There’s nothing negative about a negative. That’s a double negative which makes you positive. See?

What do you do for work? Do you like it?

I’m a stay at home animal wrangler, animal rescuer. I love it!! Especially since I worked in a hot factory for 16yrs prior.

Excellent. I love to hear from people who love their jobs. I’ve had several and really liked most of them, though for some reason many of them didn’t feel the same way about me. I find that quite insulting, but since this interview is about you we’ll just discuss that story some other time.

What types of animals do you wrangle and how many?

I have 4 cats and 1 chinchilla but I help rescue cats, dogs, and horses. My main focus is educating people on saving horses from slaughter, the BLM wild mustangs, and wolves.

Here are a few pics (below) to add some info :)
 Lotto was a Belgian Draft that was saved from heading to slaughter. A cast off work horse. His hip tag was #739. He was eventually pts due to severe canker in his hooves. Here is a pic of the day he was saved and one about 9 months later. I have a tattoo of him for a few reasons. 1. Every horse deserves a chance, not to be just a slaughter number. 2. I fell in love with him. What he endured, how hard he fought, and what a loving soul he had even after being in so much pain.   Dawn 1Dawn 2Dawn 3Love the tattoo. I don’t have any ink. Sort of pointless since it will just be gone by the next night. No sense in going through that much pain for something that’s not permanent.

I even volunteered at a wolf sanctuary.

Hmm. A wolf sanctuary. What kind of wolves? Like only wolf-wolves or do you mean Were-Wolves? I can only imagine what that would be like. A bunch of pain in the ass furballs, whining about who knows what- the full moon, fleas, lint brushes that don’t pick up enough fur. You must have the patience of a saint.

Did you go to college?

Sadly no, I could never figure out a life path.

A life path? I never thought about a life path. Maybe I should have one. What type of things did you consider when you couldn’t figure one out?

Professional Musician, Funeral Director, or a Vet Assistant. I like variety…..

I like variety too, though I’ve been told my musical talents are quite limited so that path is pretty much a dead end. How funny would it be for me to head down the Funeral Director Path? Ha!

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled?

Since my travel has been limited I would have to say Ohiopyle Pennsylvania. Anywhere in the Laurel Highlands.

I have not only never been to Ohiopyle, I had to google it to see if it was a real place. And it is! Who knew?

Tell me about your craziest date.

Me and my husband’s first date.

Yes, well, aren’t they all?

He drove 566 miles to see me… long story. lol.

Long drive, long story. Stefan has driven more miles than that to see me and there have been times even after driving that distance he hasn’t seen me. Sometimes a girl just wants to be alone. And sometimes, she’s hiding because it’s best if she does. You know what I mean.

What’s your favorite time of year and why?

Summer because I am always cold. lol.

Summer is my least favorite. You understand, I’m sure. The longer days. The hot, sweaty, stinky humans. I’m looking forward to winter. I’m really never cold, but I do pretend to be, just to fit in, though on occasion I have had the chills. Weird.

Do you have any vacation plans for the summer?

Going to Tennessee to the Smokies :)

That is a place I’ve never been. I don’t really know anything about them, but I picture plumes of smoke in the mountains. Maybe I have it all wrong.

What’s your take on white chocolate- real or impostor?

It’s vile!

Exactly! What’s your favorite chocolate- dark, milk or white?


Mine, too! What’s your favorite snack?
dawn snack

Reese Cups and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

That’s a strange combination. I’ll try it tonight, though I think I’m guessing correctly that it’s going to be an odd one.

For those of you looking for some info on rescues here’s some info from Dawn:

Always do your research when donating to any sort of rescue…..
Lotto was a Rock Star of the rescue world BUT the rescue he was at is now under investigation. 
When I donated for Lotto I called the vet clinic directly and I also lived a few minutes away at the time so I actually saw what was going on with him. So Please do your homework!!
I can provide anyone info on a few good rescues out there. I can be reached at

Meet Dawn – animal rescuer, (and I’m fairly certain that includes werewolves) originally appeared on Eva Prim on August 14, 2014.

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August 6, 2014

JulieSchmidtTonight I’m introducing another of my friends from Texas, Julie. She’s a nurse with the right attitude about white chocolate and a sparkly friend, well, another sparkly friend because we all know I’m pretty damn shiny myself.

So Julie, what’s your blood type?


Nothing wrong with the positive side of life.

What do you do for work?

I was a Nurse (L.V.N.).

Is that some sort of vampire nurse? Do they have that job? I could do that? What does it take? I’d go back to night school for that job. I’d be great at it.

Licensed Vocational Nurse. I think only Texas calls us that. In the rest of the states it’s called Licensed Practical Nurse. We work under Registered Nurses to help ease the workload and the pocketbook since they can pay us less. ;)

Oh, well, wait a minute. I don’t want to be paid less than anyone. Never mind.

I worked mostly in a Nursing Home with the elderly.

Hmm. No. I don’t think I’d want to work in a nursing home. It’s probably a terrible idea for me to work in a nursing home. All those nearly dying people. I hate so see people suffer. I’d take matters into my own hands and that just wouldn’t be right. Forget it. I’m not meant to be a nurse.

I did four years at Texas Women’s Hospital in Houston in the Day Surgery department.

Are you suggesting I consider being a surgical nurse? Do you really think that’s the best idea? Let’s face it. Although I do have pretty good self-control, I’m not Ghandi.

Let’s move on this. This whole career conversation is making me a little depressed, not to mention hungry. Where did you grow up and do you still live there?

Texas. Yes I do, although I think of moving every August when it gets to 100+ degrees during the day.

Can’t say I blame you there. I’m not a huge fan of sweaty people either.

What’s your favorite drink?


Guess what mine is? Ha, ha. Just kidding. Let’s not worry about that, though you did start it with the whole nursing thing.

Do you have a best friend and if so, what’s his/her name? How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Yes, her name is Christl.

Christl? That is the coolest name. I bet she’s sparkly and cute, too.

We have known each other 15 years. We used to work together and were pregnant with our daughters at the same time. They are also best friends still.

That’s very sweet.

What do you like to do to relax? Hobbies?

I love to read. I read any chance I get, I also sew, attempt to quilt. I enjoy anything my kids are doing, although now that they are teenagers, they do more on their own so I get to read more!

Sewing is a very handy hobby. I don’t sew, but it’s a good one. I actually have blankets sewn by my move from the 1800’s. Really, the best quality stuff was made a couple centuries back.

Do you have any vacation plans for the summer?

Actually no, I sent the kids to summer camp and I get to have a “staycation.”

I guess if the kids aren’t around, that’s a vacation all unto itself. I should look into demon summer camp. Devil knows I could use a break.

Do you like going to the beach?

I do, but it’s been way too long since I went.

As you probably know I only ever swim at night, but I love it. The beach is so relaxing.

What’s your take on white chocolate- real deal or impostor?

You know when you want chocolate, it has to be brown, but white will do in a pinch.

Yes, I suppose you’re right, though, I think I’d go with any other candy than white chocolate, if I could.

Which do you prefer white, milk or dark?



What’s your JulieSchmidtSnackfavorite snack?

Mint Oreos for sweet, and for salty- Potato chips and dip.

I love the chocolate covered Oreo. That’s one of my favorite treats.

Julie- L.V.N.- no, that doesn’t mean Licensed Vampire Nurse, though, it does have a nice ring originally appeared on Eva Prim on August 7, 2014.

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July 30, 2014

Stop by Vamptique,

my new zazzle store!

Vamptique3 Find great Eva Prim Products.

Shirts, handbags, buttons and more.

There’s a little something for everyone.

bracelet   shirt2   case   bag3   shirt3   clutch

New Zazzle Store! originally appeared on Eva Prim on July 31, 2014.

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July 23, 2014

paul2Tonight we’re spending some time with Paula, a Southern Lady and a newlywed (in my estimation).

Hi Paula. Thanks so much for being a Snack of the Week!

It is my pleasure Eva.

Let’s start with an easy question. What’s your blood type?

O+ that’s not your favorite is it Eva?

Well, it’s not my favorite, but that’s not to say I dislike it in any way. Let’s face it. It’s hard not to like something that keeps you alive. I will never tell my least favorite blood type, but know this—O+ is not it.

Where do you live?

I live in a small town in Alabama about 40 miles outside of Birmingham.

Hmm. I’m beginning to have a lot of friends from the south, which is wonderful except for the limitations on my ability to visit. As you probably know I’m fairly limited when it comes to entering certain territories. In general that whole region is on the “NO TRESPASSING” list. And believe it or not the list is typed in caps. Very annoying.

What do you do for fun in that area?

Well in the summer we BBQ, swim in the pool or go to the Coosa River for boating.

Coosa? Coosa? I love that name. I’m going to have to use it for something. Maybe I can get a pet and name it Coosa.

The river is only about 4-5 miles from my house.

It might be worth breaking the pact to go see it. Coosa. Coooooosa. Love it.

What was the last movie you saw and did you like it?

Magic Mike!!!! And oh yeah I liked it!

I can understand why. What’s not to like about a movie with mostly naked hot guys? Nothing.

Who’s your favorite actor?

I absolutely lust after ALEXANDER SKARSGAR and CHANNING TARUM!!

I love the caps. Now those are the kind of words I like to see in big, bold letters. :)

What’s your favorite time of year and why?

I love spring and summer!

Summer is not my favorite. The nights are too short and humans tend to smell a bit stinkier in the hot weather. Maybe that’s too much info, but it the truth.

I love seeing hummingbirds at the feeder on our back deck and flowers (even though I have the black thumb of death when it comes to flowers).

I miss hummingbirds. I haven’t seen since the change (not menopause. You know the whole becoming a vampire thing.) The little buggers don’t fly at night. I love them, too. However, on the flower front I’m not such a big fan so I can definitely live without most- especially Lilies, Ivy, Camelia, and Dahlias. Those flowers tend to be black thumbs of death all unto themselves. Though I do love Poppies and Roses and a few others, though not that many.

My daughter Nicole helps me out with that lol. I absolutely hate winter so good thing I live in Alabama as we actually had a bad one this year.

I can see how a human might hate winter. But vampires prefer longer nights and shorter days. We’re far more productive and we don’t mind the cold.

Do you have any vacation plans for the summer? If so, what will you be doing?

Well, my daughter Nicole is getting married in Oct, so my vacation will be a trip a Nashville with her and her bridesmaids in September probably.

Oh, lovely! I love weddings.

Hubby and I may rent a chalet at Lake Guntersville in August for a long weekend. It will be our 25th wedding anniversary!

How nice. You’re like newlyweds to me, but I love that you’re celebrating the milestone in such a romantic way.

What’s your take on white chocolate- real or impostor?

It’s an imposter! Totally doesn’t look like or taste like chocolate!

Right? Exactly! Really, it should be called white non-chocolate.

What’s your favorite chocolate- dark, milk or white?

I have to go with dark chocolate!!!

Me too. Love the stuff.

paul1What’s your favorite snack?

Oreo Balls (Smashed Oreos and cream cheese dipped in chocolate of course!) Just made some with mint Oreo cookies and make some Nutter Butter ones (taste like Reese Cups).

Those sound awesome! If you send me the measurements I’ll post the recipe. I’d, of course, make them with chocolate filled Oreos for myself because those are my favorites and then I’d use the mint ones for other vampire friends because anything to help the breath issue is worth a try.

Oh for devil’s sake I don’t hate all flowers and those four aren’t the worst in the world. So everyone should just settle down. Pains in the ass.

Paula – all around girl of summer originally appeared on Eva Prim on July 24, 2014.

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July 16, 2014

Tonight I’m introducing my friend Andrea, homemaker and submissive slave. Interesting!

What’s your blood type?

My blood type is A+.

Tasty! Mmm.

Where do you live? Did you grow up in that area or have you moved around?

I live in Oak Ridge, Tenn. I grew up in North Georgia, near Chattanooga. Then I moved around after I got married, but always in the Southeast.

A Southeastern girl. I’m a Northeastern girl whose access to the south is somewhat limited, though if I’m able, I’ll pop by to visit.

What do you do for work?

I used to be a Special Ed Teaching Assistant, but now I am a homemaker, writer of romance, and submissive slave.

Hmm. Okay. Well. Hmm. Maybe that’s TMI, but I’ll just say that must give you quite a bit to write about.

What’s your husband’s name? How long have you been married?

My husband is wonderful, darling, excellent oh you mean his name. His name is Bill. We will have been married 29 years this June the 8th.

How did you meet?

As they say in the movies, it happened at band camp.

Ah, band camp. I’ve heard of band camp. Never went myself, but have heard that lots of things happen there.

What do you like to do for fun?

There is my husband, of course.

Oh, my, well you do like to share. What else do you like to do?

We like to swim and play cards, and then there’s my husband, of course.

I got that.

Do you have any vacation plans for the summer other than doing your husband? If so, what will you be doing?

Hope to spend a lot of time with my husband, researching my writing.

Okay. Right.

And we may do some things outside as well.

Hopefully, you mean in a remote area.

What’s your take on white chocolate – real or impostor?

White chocolate is pretty. It’s okay with strawberries, but it’s a mere pretender. Real chocolate is dark.

I couldn’t agree more.

What’s your favorite chocolate- dark, milk or white?

My favorites, yes, in that order.

Me too.andrea

What’s your favorite snack?

I thought I just answered that. And of course there is my husband.




Andrea – who clearly loves her husband. originally appeared on Eva Prim on July 17, 2014.

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July 9, 2014

kevin2Tonight I’m introducing Kevin, grim reaper lover. Yeah, he’s weird, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good friend to have. I mean, it seems safe to say that if the grim reaper showed up, I could hand Kevin over without having to be concerned that I was causing my friend any ill-will. Right? Absolutely, because he would want an opportunity to meet the grim reaper and I’d be providing it. That’s what good vampire friends do for each other.

What’s your blood type?

A hearty O+.

Well, I’d say savory, but you can go with hearty, if you like.

Where do you live?

Houston, Texas.

The Lone Star state. This is a state I’ve only visited a couple times. Mostly desert area, which seems to be where the two masters who run that state like to conduct business. It’s an odd sort of thing. There are no buildings. No people. Nothing to do. No one to talk with. Nothing ever happens. It’s boring as shit. But that’s what they like. And they’re fast, really fast. Very direct, no small talk, not that vampires are known for their small talk, but you’d think that maybe they’d be interested in what we were up to, but they don’t have any interest. They’re sort of rude and dull, but Stefan plays it off as they’re very professional and don’t like to waste any time. I’m beginning to think they don’t like us.

I don’t recommend visiting them, not that I could tell you where you’d find them as I don’t believe they just hang around the desert every night.

Anyway, how long have you been married and how’d you meet your wife?

Almost two years. We met over our mutual love of the grim reaper.

Interesting. Most people aren’t loving that guy.

She wrote a book about him and I dress up like him as a film critic. It was a match made in the afterlife!

Ah, well, let me know, if you’d like to really meet him. Kidding. Just kidding. Though, you know I could help in that area.

I’ve included one of the “after wedding pictures” for you. ;)kevin3

What is the one thing you do that you know drives her nuts?

She hates whenever I play “devil’s advocate,” taking an opposing point of view even though she knows full well I may not believe it.

That must be a husband trait. I find it very annoying when Stefan does that, too. I’m on her side of this.

I consider it an attempt to consider another point of view, but it mostly just ticks her off.

Yes, well, it’s very annoying. Trust me. I’m assuming you have some much better qualities that she loves outside of the fact that you’re savory, which might only be a positive trait to me and other vampires, but not so much to her.

What hobbies do you have?

I like to create with my hands. I have constructed a microset of “Grim’s” crypt in my garage workshop for video work.

That sounds very cool, though you might want to do less to invite the reaper over. Just saying.

I also critique films and write horror novels.

I love movies! I think I’d be pretty good at critiquing. I would us a crap or not crap system. I like to ensure there’s no ambiguity.

I am partially keen on vampire fiction.

I can appreciate that.

I know you have a cat, but is that your only pet? How long have you had her?

Her name is Cinders, and she’s about nine years old. We also have another cat and two yippy Pomeranians.

Hmm. Lots of animals. That’s sort of good as they tend to be very aware of when the Grim Reaper is around, though I’m not sure having four animals freaking out ever feels good. Just keep your eyes open so you know whether you should run or pray or beg, whatever feels best.

What’s your take on white chocolate- real or impostor?

Imposter! Usurper! Most unclean!

Exactly! I bet the grim reaper keeps it in his pockets.

What’s your favorite chocolate- dark, milk or white?

Dark…always dark.

See, I knew you had some really good qualities.

What’s your favorite snack?

I am addicted to Sixlets. People think kevin1they’re just like M&Ms, but the shell and chocolate are much sweeter. They are best eaten in small handfuls at a time.

Oh, Sixlets. Hmm. I’ll need to do a taste testing of these and M&M’s and probably several other chocolates. I mean, why stop at two?



Kevin – Grim Reaper Lover originally appeared on Eva Prim on July 10, 2014.

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