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March 8, 2012

(I've nicked this straight from my own website, but hey, this place gets a lot more views, so it makes sense!)

Z14 has been out for a month now, and I’m pleased with how things are going, but have worn out the F5 key on my laptop.

I’ve spent far too long mindlessly refreshing one of a whole gamut of websites that I’m keeping a beady eye on, looking out for mentions of Z14. I’ve been doing it with the same manic fervour that I displayed in the first week, as I hung on, waiting to see if I got just one more sale, before I went to bed (usually not disappointed, though!). No sign of Refresh Fever abating, either. I’m addicted to watching the slow, stealthy progress my daft little “baby” is making.

Reception of my book has been like throwing stones into a lake at a popular picnic spot. Some people hear the splash, or see the ripples and wonder what’s going on, but usually just for a split-second before tucking back into their pork pies and fizzy pop. But sometimes, someone sees what you’re doing from a way off and comes over to get a better look, or even join in. But, every now and then, someone b*llocks you for chucking rocks in their lake!

I’ve definitely made ripples, not waves, but it’s early days yet for sure, and I’ve had some really nice feedback. A Goodreads group have put me forward as one of their March group-reads, and I’m upto 89, or 90 sales now. I’ve started to lose track, and hey, that might be a good thing! maybe that’s progress, not being able to pinpoint what it was that you just did that brought in a sale. Hah, saying that though, I’ve just discovered http://bit.ly where you can not only shorten links, but track how often they’re clicked, or even mentioned on Twitter/Facebook. Pretty impressive, but it’s just another stop-off on my Page Refresh World Tour!

I’m on Smashwords now, too, with release through them to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony and a bunch of other places just a week or so away, as Z14 trickles and slides through their system.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s downloaded the book so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’m really interested in your feedback, love it or hate it. Send me an email, yell at me on Facebook or yodel at me on Twitter.

Oh and come on people, draw me a Manoogla! Even if it looks more like a stick-lizard. The worse the better, probably!

I’ll be back during March to tell how my book finally set the world on fire…when someone printed out a few chapters to symbolically burn them and it all got a bit out of hand.

Okay, just a few more refreshes before bed…
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February 13, 2012

The past week has been a blur. Not a blur of activity, nor from a week-long drunken binge, but a blur of sustained excitement, anxiety and also self-inflicted boredom.

The bordeom comes from a needy compulsion to repeatedly refresh certain webpages, looking for feedback. Biting my nails. Hoping that "they" liked it.

So far, "they" have, and "they" have been lovely. I've had encouraging feedback, and have seen people I don't know, who have paid for my work go out and recommend it to others (and only with the slightest of begging from me for them to do so! Hah!). It's a bit surreal, really.

Also, blogging isn't for me. I'm having to talk about myself a lot to sell my book, but I don't want to (talk, that is, not *not* sell my book. Eeek!). I'm boring, but I've written a funny story. Read that, not me! :-P

But what next? Some more Twitter followers would be nice. But that's a chicken and egg thing...I'm not tweeting due to lack of followers, and maybe they're not following due to a lack of tweets. Feels stupid to tweet to an empty room, but I guess I'll have to do so. I think the Twitter account will work better if there end up being a pile of people out there waiting for a second novel. Another surreal thought.

Time to investigate other outlets besides Amazon, I think. And to walk the edge of the blade that is forum self-promotion. People trying to sell you things. Yep, it makes my top ten pet hates, so Im sorry, but, would you buy my book? ;)
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February 6, 2012

Well, today has been a very exciting one.

I published my first book, "Z14", on Amazon, for Kindle. And then I spent the rest of the day realising I had no clue what I was doing, and getting the book "out there" at all had been a heck of an achievement for me.

So, although I was at work, I spent most of the rest of the day clicking "refresh" on my Amazon sales report page.

Slow progress. Five sales (thanks friends and family!). And yet, five sales is enough to get you to number #83 in Amazon.co.uk's Fiction > Humour category.

That's either bizarre or encouraging - I'm not sure which, yet.

Maybe tomorrow I can get over the shock of beating my mental inertia and actually getting my book released, and focus on marketing the hell out of the thing.

Hey, buy my book, it's fun! (Hah, I know, I know, I've got to try harder than that!)

Z14 by Jim Chaseley
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Published on February 06, 2012 16:01 • 85 views • Tags: amazon, first-time, humor, humour, kindle, published, sci-fi, science-fiction, z14

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