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During a telephone seminar recently I heard Paul McKenna say "stress is a choice" and it made me realise that he was correct once I had time to absorb the concept!

Work/life balance is a concept I have regularly taught other people over the years. Now I decided to look at my own activities and make change.

Simplicity! That was my guiding thought - make life simple. We can all do that by deciding what is truly important to each of us. It will be different for each person.

No one else can tell you what you need in your life apart from food, shelter, water, air (preferably fresh air). I would choose love (not just sex, but that is important too as long as it is healthy). The older I get the more I appreciate how short life is and how we each need to make the most of every day.

What choices are you going to make? Do you really need x or is it just a 'want'?
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Published on November 13, 2013 05:58 • 1,840 views • Tags: paul-mckenna, stress, work-life-balance
Emotional Health For Emotional Wealth The View From A Therapist's Office by Susan Jane SmithEmotional Health For Emotional Wealth: The View From A Therapist's Office

Serenity is peace within. Being at peace with yourself and feeling ok about your life.

I recommend The Serenity Prayer:-

God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

If you use these words (with or without the 'God'bit) then you will release your need for control. The reality is that for every person alive there are numerous things that we cannot control. Being willing to let go is what will bring you peace.

I find it scary to not be in charge of my life so I do use this prayer and affirmations (see previous blog). Why not try these two ways of creating a different life and feeling less stress?

"Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth is now also back in paperback so do see Amazon bookshop!
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Published on January 17, 2014 04:27 • 2,125 views • Tags: inspiration, motivation, peace, self-help, serenity, stress
Pre-Marital MOT A Relationship Inspection by Susan Jane Smith

Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth by Susan Jane Smith

I was a Psychotherapist for over twenty years and a Divorce Mediator for five years. I am Author of twenty self help e-books which may be of use to you or to counsellors and their clients. Please do take a look at my Amazon Author Bio. You can also find me as “Ask Susan” on

Here is information about two of my books - they are based on my training and experience:

"Pre-Marital MOT: A Relationship Inspection"

Relationships are not problems to be solved, nor contracts to be won. They are like plants – to be grown. This book helps couples talk to each other and create the foundations for their marriage.

"Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth"

Child abuse, bullying, rape, domestic violence, alcoholism and depression are forms of emotional pain that need to be healed before a person can have emotional health. There are also chapters on love, parenting through divorce, anxiety, stress, and bereavement. My experience led me to identify the changes people can make to move themselves from pain to health and on to emotional wealth. That wealth not only creates happier people and healthier finances – it increases people’s integrity, compassion, respect and serenity which is something the author believes the world needs.
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