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June 1, 2014

Okay, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty! Do I have a publication date? No! I don’t.

Am I close to providing one? Yes! Yes I am. I imagine I’ll know once I hire an editor after my alphas have read it in the next 4-16 weeks (no I can’t be more precise +P).

If you’re still reading, I’m going to go into more depth with all the speculation. If you’re pissed and ready to stab me with your stylus, well, aim away from the eyes as I’m learning to paint and I already suck with both intact.


On Tuesday, I’ve promised to send–I’m gonna call her Alpha One–the third or fourth to last chapter of the book. The next three/four chapters will be sent as they’re completed to Alpha One.  This process could be anywhere from 4-16 weeks. Send good vibes my way for four. If you’re wondering how many words or chapters, read the next paragraph. If not, skip!

Technically, by Tuesday, Alpha One will receive chapter 16. But I am probably going to split up chapters when I revise the entire book. Atm, there’s 19 or 20 chapters. I expect that to expand. It’s already contracted too much heh (from 31 to 20). I don’t know how many words because I’ve stopped using Scrivener (a writing program) and started to use word 2013 (Do not buy this. It’s the worst ever and I”m sorry I paid for it! >8(). I’ll guesstimate the wordcount at 90,000 total (depending on how much I cut). So, four more chapters. The last two chapters have taken 3 weeks and 4 weeks/ each, respectively. But, final two chapters (which is final chapter + epilogue) are mapped out pretty well in my head!

That’s where we are with NSI.

What else am I doing? I have another story-fantasy–that I’ve also started with a character named Tom(I don’t have much done on that). Shatterproof has about 5k words written for it and on my downtime.

Well, that’s another issue of Updates from Dani. You can leave the comments down below and, as always, tomatoes thrown will be made into soup–possibly a bisque if I’m feeling fancy and haven’t burned the kitchen down with my other attempts at cooking–and any and all complaints are registered and promptly forgotten.

PS: I dunno if you know this, but I’m always open to questions.


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May 1, 2014

It’s May 1st and there’s snow outside.


Nuff said.


Onto what you’re really wanting to know!

How’s NSI going. Kinda awesomely! I’m working on the last few chapters which had to be extensively rewritten and a few extra scenes my beta recommended. So we’re in the home stretch. No dates yet, sorry, I won’t know that until I have two more beta reads after this one. The last part of the book is going to take longer because I hadn’t touched it since I started treatment. oO The one chapter with which I’ve been working recently has taken nearly 3 weeks. I’m hoping the rest will be easier.

So that’s where we’re at. Meantime, on the sidebar, if you want to see how things are going, I have a wordcount of what I’ve edited and approved so far. (there’s lots that’s not approved, so don’t let the wordcount fool you).

I’m going to make big announcements when I have a date of publication, so subscribe or fb like me or check my twitter or Goodreads or booklikes or, heck, even on my pinterest page, I’ll probably update that too. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

I’m also going to answer any questions you have below(just leave a comment). Feel free to ask me anything–though I won’t give spoilers, so heh, it’ll be generic answers if I feel anything else would reveal too much!

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April 4, 2014

It’s been *checks other post* about a month since my last update and I figured that’s about right for a new one. I might do more updates sooner, but I’ll try not to make them longer. I do have news and it’s good, better and meh, depending on your outlook =D To those who loved Shattered Glass, it’s probably rainbows and kittens and glittery fountains of man-sugar falling from the sky and landing naked and tied up on your soft bed…I forgot where I was going with this sentence. Unimportant, because now you’re thinking of naked men falling from the sky and I have you singing It’s Raining Men for the rest of the day.

Mission Accomplished!

And THAT is how it’s done, George.

Now that I made you read that, there’s a tl;dr at the bottom =p

I’ll do Shattered Glass news first. The audiobook for Shattered Glass has been completed and hopefully will be available on audible/itunes/amazon any day now. When it hits, I’m going to be giving away a few copies. Stay tuned.

Speaking of giveaways, I’ve offered signed or unsigned paperbacks or ebooks (unsigned ofc, unless you want to send me your kindles and I’ll draw penises…er, a signature on them.) there’s also 2 vouchers you could win for a copy of NSI. So go comment on the blog if you’re interested: Rainbow Gold Reviews.

Onto the important stuff that I know you’re waiting for: NSI.

How’s that going? Well, actually really well. My main beta reader has had the first 13 chapters and one she has mentioned needing no work! =D A lot of them need a lot of work and the rest need a medium amount of work. I’ve promised her at least a chapter a week…or, um, maybe a week and half, two weeks….two weeks max *cough*. Regular chapters! I’ve promised her regular chapters. So far, I’ve lived up to that! So that’s where we are in the editing/beta process. How it goes from here is this:

She finishes beta’ing the rest of NSI, then I make the changes and then she and another beta get that revised copy. Then I edit those changes. Then my third beta reader gets it–this is my grammar nazi. I edit her changes and then it’s to my hired professional editor and copy editors(the same guy who did SG).

That sounds like an awful lot, but understand that when I decided to self-publish, I wanted my best work out there. When you get NSI, you’ll know that you’re getting something I took pride in creating.

So that’s where we are. I’m going to go hide in the bathroom with my tablet while you throw tomatoes at me for taking so long.


giveaway for SG here: http://rainbowgoldreviews.wordpress.com/
NSI months away
SG audibook out soon
Dani hiding while pitchforks are assembled
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March 3, 2014

This is the update post, because…stuff and dates.

It’s Monday and my brain’s been on vacation for two days while I updated the site and created a new logo and basically gave my manuscript the finger because it’s being an ass. 

That sounds like bad news, but it’s not (I explain why later) =D. Well, it’s bad news for my beta, because I was supposed to send her stuff to read, but then I started editing and, yeah, SHE GOT NOTHING. I wrote a fuckton last week. But, it’s still frustrating to rewrite, so I took the weekend off.

You’ll have to let me know how you like the site. I’m guessing a whole lot less knowing it cost me a weekend of writing =D.

How many of you are flipping me off right now? >.>

This is all really good news. Here’s why:

I was writing so much last week, I needed to take a break!
I really worried the manuscript was shit but rereading it and editing again made me a lot more comfortable.

But, it’s Monday now and I have to suffer work.

I still don’t have a publication date, but, then again, I’ve only been back on  my feet (mentally) for about six weeks. Don’t panic. I’ll keep updating you guys when I feel like there’s news, and not ‘oh I wrote 1k words today’ news, but actual news. Today that news is: I’ve reached a halfway point on editing and rewriting in just six weeks. This is also my last rewrite/edit before I send it out the first half to beta one! I’m actually forcing myself not to edit yet again and to wait for her notes lol. Why the first half? Because just after I finished the second half (and before I went through plot hole revisions), I got the Stuff I’m Over Talking About But Is Good Reasons For Stuff.

So other things:

I want to write some more posts for y’all. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget that my blog is open to anyone as long as the subject has to do with LGBTQ issues or anything to do with books/writing/publishing. I’ve had guest posters before and the posts have been a big hit. The only thing I’m going to say no about is specific book reviews. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to write something.

My final bit of news (and a surprise at the end of the post) is exciting. I’m having an audiobook made of Shattered Glass. The narrator is fantastic. It’s on a deadline to be finished before summer, but I’ve already listened to up to chapter 19. It’s so good. More news on that when it’s ready.

The last surprise is a small excerpt (very small) from NSI. It’s also subject to editing. (I even had to edit it for the fifth sixth time before I put it up here lol).

Not So Innocent excerpt

Riley went through a series of expressions. Wide eyes, then furrowed brows, then a tentative smile with a curious squint. “Nikolaj?”

Cai couldn’t stop chewing the inside of his mouth and he’d picked the skin around his nails bloody. He hoped his nervousness was mitigating enough that Riley could overlook the stalking. “You said if I needed to talk?”

“That’s why I gave you a phone number. I don’t remember giving out my address,” Riley gently chided with that same relaxed smile he always wore. He leaned against his door jamb and wiped blackened fingers on a dirty oil rag. The smell of diesel snuck outside and got carried off quickly by the wind.

“Later? Um. You can yell? I hope.” Deep breaths. “I was hoping later you could be angry. I…um…I really need to talk to someone who treats me like an adult.”

After a few seconds of silence, Riley moved aside in invitation. “I’m working on a car. It’ll have to be while I do that.”

“I like working on cars. It’s cathartic.”

“You know about cars?”

Why was everyone so surprised when he told them that? Did he look like someone who couldn’t know about cars? Briefly, he checked a small mirror on Riley’s unpainted walls. Lots of paint he’d missed in the shower. Scraggly random facial hair he’d forgotten to shave. That seemed like every mechanic he’d worked with. Maybe he should have worn one of Austin’s baseball caps? “I worked at…at Iss’s autobody last summer and a little during the winter break.”

The oil rag hit his chest. He grappled and caught it, blinking furiously.

“The stalking conversation is on hold, not dead. You understand?”

“Um…yes?” He bounced up on his toes and tried to hide his grin by staring at the floor.


Riley’s living room disappeared, leaving him scrambling. Julian tapped his knee.“Cai! Earth to Cai!”

“Sorry. What?”

“I asked why you’re into this bloke? Seems a right cunt.”

Julian earned a slap from Rachel for that. “A cunt is not a bad word, you panty stain.”

“Twat? Don’t hit me again!” Julian dodged another blow. “Nob, okay? Why are you into this nob?”

“Nikolaj, it’s important you understand we can be friends. Nothing else.”

“And he’s gone again.”

“I’m here.” Cai traced the path of a falling drop of water. “I know him, inside and out. He wasn’t himself tonight. It’s hard to believe now, but once upon a time, he became my best friend. ”

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February 9, 2014

Angry Sex! Or Any Tuesday with Peter and AustinThe wad of nerves in my stomach propagated to the other parts of my body. My cock flagged against my balls, sweat burst out of every pore and my mouth went Saharan. Terrific combinations for sex.

Go me with my perfect timing.

After setting the bottle of lube on the nightstand, I sat at the edge of the bed, dried my clammy hands on my chinos and waited.

It didn’t take long.

Peter blew into the room, toeing off his shoes at the door and pulling his shirt over his head. “Hey. It’s nearly seventy out.” The jeans slid down his legs and landed somewhere to my right with a thud. “I’ve got ninety minutes until my next class.”

As he snatched a pair of track pants, I grinned and jerked my head while attempting what I thought was a sexy lean, but what was, in reality, The Most Awkward Pose in the Known Universe.

His eyes jumped from me to the direction I indicated, then he pulled the pants on, his long fingers pausing briefly while tying the waist. They’d been inside me last night, slowly rubbing, pressing, and expertly making me come without touching my cock. My dick made a half-hearted revival.

“Not interested,” he said, tugging on a shoe.

My bruised ego crawled into a crevice and died.

Not interested? I walked over and snatched a shirt out of the dresser. The cotton bunched in my fist as I turned around, tips of my fingers probably burrowing holes in the fabric. “Not interested?”

“Even you’re not interested. You look sick!”

“Well, now my ego and my balls have shriveled up.”

“How do you want me to react to this seduction?” He swiped both hands over his face. “Oh baby, it’s so hot when you bend over the toilet while I fuck you? Those contractions as you puke really do it fo–”

“I get it,” I said, eyes rolling up to the ceiling and a reluctant smile popping through my irritation. My voice softened as I added, “It’s never going to get easy for me.”

“So we may as well do it? You don’t get a gold star for having dick up your ass.” He strode to me, hands sliding down my bare sides and gripping my cheeks. “Give me a good reason.” His mouth pressed against my ear as he pulled our hips together. “Tell me you want my come inside you. Get hard at the thought of my cock buried deep in your ass.” We both looked down as my dick answered his demands.

“One day, I will not respond to your orders.”

“Yeah?” he murmured, returning to my ear and sucking the lobe between his teeth. He now had my dick’s complete attention.

Okay, we’d established that day wasn’t today.

I pulled his head back with both hands and kissed his warm lips, then attempted to walk forward in order to force him toward the bed, and maybe gain a little control back. Instead, he flipped me around. I stumbled forward, planting my hands on the dresser, the edge biting into my hips.

“Fucker.” I felt his smile against my shoulder, mouth leaving tingling, wet skin on his way down my back. My head slowly fell forward on a sigh and then snapped back up. “Ow.” I tilted to see him on his knees behind me. “What the fuck?”

He slapped my ass cheek, right where his teeth had just been. “Why are you so tense?”

My face grew hot and I turned to the mirror again. “I—“

He yanked down my chinos. The button popped free, bounced off the mirror and rolled onto the floor. I concentrated on the noise to avoid the embarrassing thought of our current positions. “One pair of pants left with a button and you fuck that up.”

The air brushed cold against my bared skin as he pulled away. “You…prepared.”

After a year together, I still wasn’t used to being examined like a solo porn film.  My blushing perturbed me and I snapped at him because of it. “Yes, thank you, Super Observant Man. Your powers of observance are amazing.”

He laughed and swatted me again. “Lemme in.”

“Oh for—“ My irritation peaked with my humiliation. If he wasn’t going to take this seriously, I was going take my balls and go play somewhere else. I grabbed my pants in order to pull them up. When I bent, he stuck his tongue in my ass.

Shock froze me. My dignity abandoned me in a gasp. I might as well have clutched pearls and screamed “dear God, yes!” Then I bypassed any and all possible humiliation when his tongue drew a circle around my sensitive skin. My hands shot out to brace once more, shirt still clenched in my fist. But even that flash of pleasure couldn’t stymie a stream of panicked thoughts.

Had three showers been enough? Did the enema have chemicals that might hurt him? Did cherry lube taste—

Oh, fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck.

I groaned, concerns skittering away as his tongue entered me.  My fingertips dug into cotton and wood. I breathed out, eyes closing, tongue pressed up against my teeth. More embarrassing sounds spilled out of me. Reaching back, I combed through his hair and then let my palm rest there, feeling the motion of his head, the dampness of his scalp. “Peter.” I was supposed to say something, tell him something. Distantly, I heard my grunts–guttural, heavy—expelling with each flick of his tongue. I went to relieve the ache intensifying in my cock and balls. That was when the asshole stopped, slapped my cheek and squeezed it before moving away.

Panting, I twisted to confront him as he rose. He angled forward. I jerked back, sticking my finger into his forehead. “Whoa, sport. Whatchya doin there?” Kissing? “Aannd, that’s not happening.”

Both his eyebrows popped up. “You’re really not going to kiss me?”

“That saying about things tasting like ass? Yeah, that’s not code for ‘bon appetite’.”

“I did enjoy my meal, though.” The sides of his mouth twitched and his chest shook. He licked his wet lips. “You tasted like cherries.”

Which meant he now tasted of cherries. And smelled, as always, like cinnamon.

I was dating a Hostess pie.

Rimming had been off the table the first time I’d read about it. At least my doing it to him. Now? What would he sound like if it were my tongue? Would he arch his back? Would he whimper? Clench the sheets? I knew at this point, I wanted to find out. Eventually.

I lowered my guard, body remaining stiff until his mouth covered mine. The effect of his warmth was instant. I relaxed, opened for him, let him lead. Cherry flavored but with a mild chemical aftertaste. Had I subconsciously chosen a flavored lube for butt sex? I splayed my hands against his jaw and neck, pressed close to him, hips touching, chests bumping, trying to feel as much of him as possible while we moved to the bed. My world was all him. It was always that way when we fucked. No matter how we fucked.

“I’m not saying all that other shit,” I mumbled between our mouths bumping while stepping—or tripping–out of my pants. “But the…your…inside me…come…whatever. Let’s fuck.”

“Poetic,” he said, pushing me with one hand onto the bed and grabbing the lube with the other.

I lay back, cock in hand, ready to enjoy the show of him undressing. He tossed the bottle next to my head and climbed, knees-first, between my legs and then lifted my ankles in the air. His pants were still on. The fucker.

I knew what he wanted. Why he wasn’t undressing. What he waited for.

Picking up the lube, I clamped my hand around it, hoping to warm the liquid while I considered Peter.

A few months after the hospital, I’d had another epiphany about him. Maybe it had taken so long because things were so slow at first–me afraid of the myriad of scars on his body, afraid of hurting him, and him, sore, tired and high from pain pills much of the time. Or maybe I hadn’t come to the realization because of what it meant—what it could mean for our future.

Peter was a voyeur. Not just a voyeur, but watching turned him on at levels my mouth or hands or toys couldn’t reach.

Was he uninterested in fucking because he’d rather watch?

I flicked open the lid with one thumb and poured the warmed liquid over my cock. It trickled down the length and into the crease. I jacked a few times, making a show of it for him. . Peter expelled a choppy, rapid breath through his nose. He moved only to place my hand lower and push our fingers, together, inside me. I hissed and closed my eyes.

“Hey,” he prompted, voice low and as uneven as his breathing.

I knew the rules.

The bed next to my ear dipped with the weight of his arm, bringing him close enough to feel the heat of every exhale. My eyes opened and our gazes connected. . Deep blue eyes, slowly filling with black. Eyes to drown in. I pulled him into a kiss, tongue colliding with his at the same tempo of our fingers thrusting in and out. My balls tightened.

“Stop,” I panted, pulling out and trying to concentrate on something else.

Our breaths and chests heaved like we’d sprinted a marathon, precum darkening his clothing and the head of my cock, and I needed to come so bad I was going to splatter the ceiling at any second.

Focus on something else.

Why had he been so reluctant? He’d been more than willing to fuck me a year ago that day on the sofa before Dave walked in on us.

This was such a bad time to ask about it.

So of course I did.

“Is it that you don’t want to fuck?”

“You have fantastic timing,” he muttered, propping my ankles over his shoulders. “Do I feel like I don’t want to fuck you?” He grabbed my hips and pushed forward, poking my ass through the fabric of his pants.

Well, this wasn’t an awkward position at all to have a chat.

Undeterred, I continued my inquisition. No one knew how to cockblock me better than me. I was an expert. “Do you want me to bring back someone so you can watch them fuck me?”

The blue of his eyes nearly disappeared. His throat muscles tightened and his tongue went white between his teeth. He sat back on his heels and my legs slowly lowered to his waist. “Yes, maybe one day, but that’s not why I’m hesitating. This is going to hurt, Austin.”

“I know it is.” Had we just blown by that ‘yes’? I stored it for later. My cock threatened mutiny if I didn’t finish this discussion soon.

“I don’t mean it’s going to sting for a second or just at first. It’s going to hurt all the way through. Especially for you, because you overthink everything. You’re going to concentrate on the pain and you won’t relax. It’ll hurt and you’ll be done.” He slashed a hand through his hair, the red strands parting and presenting me with the scar underneath, then he gave me wide ‘c’mon!’ eyes.

My voice got lost in the pang of memory. It happened every time I saw his scars, though I tried to hide my reaction in silence. Not a good idea when he was angry.

“Actually, forget this whole thing.” He started to leave. I put my hand on his arm. “Austin, look at you. We’re two seconds from fucking and you want to have a conversation. It’s insane. And I’m insane for letting you do your Barrel Through The Fear thing about this.”

“Are you done?” I asked, forcing mildness into my voice.

“This is done. Yeah.”

“Hold on! I didn’t stop you because I’m skittering away like a virgin on his wedding night. I stopped you because I was two strokes from shooting through the roof and making our neighbors think we were having a snowstorm in June.”

His brows crinkled in doubt. “How is that even possible? We just started!”

“No, you just started. I’ve been…prepping,” I finally spat out, “most of the morning.”

Peter stared a full thirty seconds, blinking like an owl faced caught in sudden porch light. “Okay.” He remained kneeling, not staring at me but not looking away either. A sudden smirk turned up the left side of his mouth.

Well, that wasn’t hard to read. Especially when he rubbed his dick.

Wait. Had I just won an argument? Reaching up to him again, I snarled my fingers in his hair and yanked him down. “We’re fucking now.”

“Okay.” His smile pressed up against my lips.

We both clawed at his waistband, so worked up that the pants never made it the whole way off. I grabbed an ass cheek as he descended on my mouth and kept my other hand locked on the back of his head, pulling him as tight as possible against me.

“Where..are…the…condoms?” He asked between each kiss. My lips started to bruise.

“Now who’s cockblocking?” His armpit opened up over my mouth as he reached for the nightstand, the rash of freckles enticing me. I craned my neck to lick him then stopped. “What if we went bare?”

The drawer slammed shut. Peter slowly moved until we were eye-to-eye. “We bareback and we’re monogamous. Period.”

“I’m okay with that. You?”

I blind-searched for the lube while keeping our gazes locked. When my hand found it, his palm covered mine. He nodded slowly and grazed my mouth with his. The lid clicked and my heart leapt into my throat.

Everything I felt for Peter—love, tenderness, hope, friendship—it all stripped away my anxiety and replaced it with need. Emotions came pouring into my body. Heat coiled at my groin. Anticipation rushed blood through my veins. My pulse raced.

“Hey,” I said, mimicking him from earlier, though my voice barely rose above a whisper. I love you. Dammit.

“Okay.” He leaned into my ear, heating the skin with his breath as he guided his cock into me. “Me too,” he whispered.


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February 5, 2014

Which Scene Am I Writing   Poll Closed   poll 7771714    Polldaddy.com


See you Sunday! (or sooner!)
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February 4, 2014


(When I get this poll thing working!)

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February 3, 2014

Mondays are the worst, aren’t they? Well, I dunno if this will make yours better.

Monday Danibbles (see below for a definition). (maybe we can get other authors involved too?)

First, let’s start with a definition of ‘drabble’.

“A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title.[4] The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.”

And then we’re going to realize that Dani (that’s me) is not good with restrictions, so we’re going to make a new word called ‘Danibble‘. (And we’re gonna pretend that’s not as cutesy as it sounds)

“A Danibble is: and extremely short work of fiction of exactly 100 words or any number of words I feel like, but probably not long because I’m trying to write a book here.”

Here’s how it works:

Monday: In the comment section below , y’all tell me give me a short scene idea to write. It can be anything–a conversation, a kiss, a meet cute whatever (just be aware that I don’t do ‘cute’ well). A

Tuesday everyone votes on which one gets written.

Between Friday and Sunday, I’ll post the drabble.

Rules: (erg rules =( yuck)  No sex between Cai & Darryl or Cai & Peter or Cai &Austin. (Yes, yes I’m into brocest. I read it, but I just can’t with Cai. He’d run away!) My only other restrictions will probably come on a case by case basis (I don’t want to infringe on copyright etc!). And my rules are subject to change! Cuz, reasons (maybe one day I will be able to write a scene with peter and Cai or something).

If other authors get involved, I’d love to know! I’ll start putting the links to their stuff in the post as well!

Q: Why are you doing this Dani, instead of working on NSI?

A: I’m rusty with writing! I’m hoping this will spark my creativity.

Q:  When on what days does stuff end?

A: Starts when I wake up on Monday (around 2am PST) and the vote goes up when i wake up Tuesday (I usually wake up around 2am  PST) and runs until 10pm PST.

Let’s see if there’s interest!

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December 3, 2013



(or in computer parlance) DO NOT REBOOT YOUR PC … 



To celebrate the release of Kick Start, Book 5 in the Dangerous Ground series by Josh Lanyon, the Fanyons have taken to the interwebz and commandeered various blog sites – have YOU read this series? Here, to tempt and tease, is Dianne – and she will tell you a little bit about the very first book in this wonderful series :

Why this reader believes you should delve into Josh Lanyon’s “Dangerous Ground”

Extolling the high regard I have for one of my favorite Josh Lanyon books? Definitely not dangerous ground! (Hey, I never claimed to be a writer!)The following thoughts sum up my gut feelings about this book, one which just so happens to be the launching point of an incredibly captivating and fun series.

The blurb about this book certainly provides the gist of the storyline: two men work through differing feelings about their interpersonal relationship, while fighting for their lives in the midst of solving a crime in the wilderness. I’m here to tell you, Mr. Lanyon takes those bare bones and fleshes them out like no other! He starts by giving us vivid portrayals of Will and Taylor, the two distinctive and dauntless men at the center of Dangerous Ground. These two men are partners working for a government security agency. Each has his own unique redeeming charms, and his “I’d like to throttle you” qualities. They are hot, they are bad ass, and they always perform their job in total sync with each other. I love this.

Like all good things, their harmonious relationship is about to have a wrench thrown into it. In a nutshell, Taylor realizes he is in love with Will. Will won’t allow his self to consider this possibility, at least not consciously. Sound cliché? Not in the gifted hands of Mr. Lanyon! Both men are brought to life brilliantly as Mr. Lanyon leads the reader into their minds, and – although it takes knocking down some walls – into their hearts. The complexity of Will and Taylor’s differing personalities and emotions play out against what was designed to be a peaceful backdrop, but turns into anything but. Dangerous ground is indeed a metaphor for Will and Taylor’s state of mind as well as the mountain setting the story takes place in. The rugged wilderness backdrop of the story is effectively brought to life and becomes a character in its own right. We have a front row seat into Will and Taylor’s thoughts as life threatening circumstances force them to re-examine and confront their feelings – and actually talk to each other about them! The witty dialogue is brilliant, raw, often times fun, and divulges much about each man’s disposition. I love this.

Both men arrive at realizations which attach new stakes to their actions. Will and Taylor need to utilize all of their combined skills in besting the criminals if they hope to make it out alive and explore the new course of their relationship This makes for some awesome, nail biting, edge of your seat style page turning action. When reading this book I’m right there alongside the guys, feeling what they are feeling – their confusion, their despair, their pain, their anger, their hopelessness, their hopefulness, their passion. I love this.

With this story, Josh Lanyon demonstrates mastery at exploring and exposing the human condition through complex and flawed characters. Once laid bare, he also leaves them in each other’s tender care. I love this.

So, I invite you to settle in and enjoy this explosive first in a series of marvelously written stories. Follow Will and Taylor as they discover just what it means to love and be loved, while juggling everything else that their hazardous profession, and life in general, throws at them. Their turbulent journey is definitely fertile ground for the reader. Hallowed ground for this one.

* * * * *

About the Book :

Series : Dangerous Ground, Book 5

Author : Josh Lanyon

Publisher : Just Joshin

Release Date : December 1 , 2013

Pages : 128 pages (e-book)

Blurb :  Will is finally braced to bring Taylor home to meet the folks. Unfortunately, not every member of the Brandt clan loves Taylor the way Will does. Then again, not everyone loves the Brandts. In fact, someone has a score to settle — and too bad for any former DS agents who get in the way when the bullets start to fly.

* * * * *

About the Author

josh lanyonA distinct voice in gay fiction, multi-award-winning author Josh Lanyon has been writing gay mystery and romance for over a decade. In addition to numerous short stories, novellas, and novels, Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction and a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Gay Mystery. Josh is also the author of the definitive M/M writing guide Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h.

But, really…do you care? Probably not. More to the point, Josh writes gay or M/M romance — usually within the context of a mystery / romantic-suspense or action – adventure. Lanyon’s particular brand of erotic romance features sexy cops and smartass writers, tough Navy SEALs and sensitive artists, hard as nail special agents and…other hard as nails special agents. Josh is an EPPIE Award winner and a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his Significant Other. You can find out more at the Just Joshin blog on Livejournal/Blogspot or through Josh’s mailing list.

You can also find Josh at :


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November 12, 2013

Today I get to report the fun stuff! \o/


Let’s start with this:



Sara Alva is giving away free stuff! Paperbacks and AND this amazing finger painted picture off an incredible artist in LA AND postcards. Go check that out at this link.



My update for you all:




I may be sitting in a hotel(I have to travel to the big city for medical tests =D), but i have all the important stuff: google nexus tablet, logitech bluetooth keyboard, my copy of NSI, my notebook and pen and all the time in teh world to edit and write tonight! But, most importantly, MY BRAIN is here =P

I hope to keep you guys more updated and more in touch. I have a few posts coming up that I think are exciting. One is hopefully a podcast type interview

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