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This adventure has been many months in the making. The writing process has been an exhaustive effort and very satisfying at the same time. The learning experience throughout has also been very rewarding. I look forward to growing as a writer and welcome feedback from all.First Contact, The Terran ChroniclesJames Jackson
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Published on January 14, 2012 06:19 • 171 views • Tags: chronicles, contact, first, jackson, james, terran
Back in 2010 I started the long process of writing this series.
Jan 2nd 2012 saw the release of Book one, 'First Contact'. This book went through a re-edit process that took quite a few months.
The first short story to the series, 'Johnny's Jaunt', was release in September.
November saw the second book to the series, 'Discovery', launch along with the second short story, 'Pythos'.
A lot of planning and preparation went into getting these works out this year.
I can't thank my editors, test readers or my web developer enough. They all work very hard to helping turn the 'Terran Chronicles Universe' into a reality.
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Published on November 28, 2012 11:56 • 82 views • Tags: chronicles, jackson, james, terran