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I just created a facebook accout. I'm just now learning all the social media stuff. What do I know? I still do all my writing with a pen & paper. Yes, it's true I write best when pen hits paper, maybe it's because I'm not a good enough typer, or maybe it's because I'm not used to typing, who knows. All I know is that trying to type a rough draft really kills the flow. When I'm using my pen, the creativity can just flow (I may not be able to read my own writing though)but when typing I have to think too much & my thoughts are interrupted. Well, anyway if you want to check out & "like" my new facebook page, feel free to stop by.!/
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Published on February 18, 2012 13:25 • 78 views • Tags: childrens-book, kidlit, lionel, magic
Just received Book 2 of Lionel's Grand Adventure back from my editor. Book is titled "Lionel Turns the Other Cheek". I have to go through it a little bit yet, but I will probably post a preview here on my blog shortly.
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Published on March 03, 2012 14:48 • 96 views • Tags: childrens-book, kidlit, lionel, paulrhewlett
Lionel Turns the Other Cheek is back from my editor & I wanted to post an excerpt. Lionel has been wanting to go to summer camp this year during his summer vacation, but will his mean old Mom let him go? Read on and find out!

Chapter 1

The school bell blared indicating the end of the 1967-68 school year. Lionel Snodgrass found himself getting smashed amongst the herds of kids streaming down the halls to the front doors and the freedom of summer.
“Ouch!” yelped Lionel as an elbow landed in his padded ribs.
He pushed his glasses up and struggled to keep his footing. He tried to keep a direct line towards the doors while receiving pushes and shoves from all directions. Finally, after banging knees with another student and wincing in pain, he allowed himself to be taken with the stream of students. After what felt like hours, the front doors appeared and a blast of fresh air hit him full in the face.
“Summer vacation!” proclaimed Lionel. “Whoa----”
Lionel almost missed the first step after the distraction of finally reaching the front doors. Tumbling down the stairs to a possible broken arm or loosing a few teeth would be no way to begin the summer! He regained his balance and carefully took the stairs one at a time until he was at the “T” in the sidewalk at the base of the stairs.
Now a teenager at thirteen years old, Lionel had sandy brown hair and pink cheeks. He wore glasses that were constantly sliding down his nose causing him to continuously push them back up, usually without even thinking about it. He was a little chubby and slow, and always wore his older brother’s hand-me-down clothes. He hiked up his oversized trousers and smiled to himself while wiping the sweat from his pink forehead. He then started off to his right towards the Post Office. As he thought of what might await him there, his smile turned into a full fledged grin.
He had been anxious for the last week, not only because school was almost over, but also (and most importantly) because he was awaiting correspondence from Camp Bonine. Several weeks earlier, he was finally able to convince his Mom, Bertha Snodgrass, to sign off on him attending summer camp. The effort and expense were immediate turn offs for his Mom. She loathed anything that required effort, hard work, or that offered some type of reward. She was more inclined to encourage him to play cards or watch television while she devoured chocolate after chocolate. After weeks of ridicule and denials, such as, “Why would anyone want to pay good money to have to walk in the woods?” he was finally able to break through. The key moment came when he brought to her attention that sending him to camp would mean most of the summer without him at home. This seemed to appeal to his Mom, as she pictured her days with half the laundry to do. There was still Lionel’s big brother Feeney at home after all. There would be fewer lunches to make, and she would be without the general annoyance of putting up with him. Unbelievably to her, he wanted to be involved in sports, play with friends, and go to the library. She relished the idea of ridding herself of him for the summer. She had finally relented and signed off on summer camp. Since then he had been eagerly awaiting word from Camp Bonine on his room assignment and reporting date.
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Published on March 04, 2012 07:41 • 91 views • Tags: childrensbook, kidlit, lionel, paulrhewlett
Book 2 of Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel Turns the Other Cheek, is now out! Check it out on Goodreads or Amazon! Lionel finds himself on another "Grand" adventure thanks to the Three-Toed-Pot-Bellied Walbaun foot! As he heads off to summer camp, join Lionel to see what adventure it takes him on & what valuable lesson it teaches him this time. I had a lot of fun writing this book and hope that you have just as much fun reading it!

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Published on March 13, 2012 10:38 • 93 views • Tags: childrensbook, kidlit, lionel, paulrhewlett, summer-camp
*Spoiler alert*
If you haven't read Lionel's Grand Adventure:Lionel and the Golden Rule, and are planning to, this may give a little bit away. If you are fine with that, by all means, read on.

Trick or Treating had ended and Lionel was (almost) sorry that he had eaten so much candy. It had been a fantastic night in Panabscott! Lionel's Mom had taken him Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. He had been dressed up as a cowboy, with real toy guns in his holster! Normally his Mom wasn't too interested in doing anything physical, but tonight had been different. It had been perfect! She had walked him up and down the street from house to house. He had filled his bag with candy, more candy than he had ever dreamed of, and finally returned home. Mom let him eat five pieces of candy, before making him brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Feeney, Lionel's big brother, had gone Trick or Treating with his friends and had warned Lionel that there were monsters out on Halloween night. Feeling a little scared, he had stayed close to his Mom but the night passed without any monsters appearing to take him away. Now, Lionel lay in his bed, snuggled tight under his covers replaying the nights events. Suddenly he sat up! He must have fallen asleep, but something had awoken him.
"What was that?" thought Loinel.
He heard it again, it was a whisper and scratching coming from...
"The closet?" he thought.
Frightened, he pulled the covers up tighter, hoping that by hiding the sound would go away. A moment later, he heard it again. Now trembling, he decided to see what it was. He grabbed his glasses off of the night stand and pushed them up on his face. He threw the covers back and tip-toed out of bed over to the closet. Slowly he reached out to the door knob, grabbing it and turning it ever so slowly, afraid of what might be in there. The door cracked open just a bit and Lionel tried to peek inside and--
Out jumped a ghoul, slightly taller than Lionel, waving it's arms wildly in the air. Lionel couldn't move. His mouth was open in a circle ready to scream, but no sound would come out. His heart stopped beating and he couldn't move. Then he let out a scream and spun around to run away, scared out of his wits. His heart was pounding so hard now that it felt as though it would burst from his chest. He was running, his feet were moving anyway, but he was stuck in place. The ghoul had a hold of his pajamas! Just when Lionel thought that he might die of fright, he heard laughing. He turned around towards the sound of the laughter and saw Feeney, holding the ghoul mask and laughing hysterically.
"HA, HA. You should have seen your face! Told you there were monsters on Halloween night! HA, HA!"

Thay my friends is why Lionel was giving his new room, the closet in particular, a thorough going over. Even though he knew it was Feeney playing a joke on him, he still had a tremendous fear of the boogie man. To this day, the last thing that he does before going to sleep is to check the closet. I hope you enjoyed this little story about Lionel and I invite you to read about him in the Lionel's Grand Adventure Series.
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Published on April 01, 2012 08:18 • 107 views • Tags: childrens-book, ebook, golden-rule, kidlit, kidstuff, lionel, paul-r-hewlett