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November 22, 2013

REBELNEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Elle Casey, brings you … REBEL … Book 1 of a 3-Book new adult romance series. No cliffhanger!

**CONTENT WARNING** Contains sexy adult situations, creative foul language, and some mild violence. May not be appropriate for younger readers.**Teagan Cross, college senior, rebel, and wiseass extraordinaire, goes from princess to pauper in a single phone call. Overnight, her life of privilege becomes one of survival, and no matter where she turns, it seems like the world is out to get her. She’s not going to fall apart, though. She’s a rebel and she’s strong … determined to live life on her own terms … and nothing’s going to stop her from getting things done and making things right. But when a twist of fate brings her to the doorstep of a different kind of Rebel, she’s forced to figure out when something’s worth fighting for and when something’s worth letting go.Purchase Links (Amazon): US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

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Published on November 22, 2013 23:52 • 57 views

REBELNEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Elle Casey, brings you … REBEL … Book 1 of a 3-Book new adult romance series. No cliffhanger!

**CONTENT WARNING** Contains sexy adult situations, creative foul language, and some mild violence. May not be appropriate for younger readers.**Teagan Cross, college senior, rebel, and wiseass extraordinaire, goes from princess to pauper in a single phone call. Overnight, her life of privilege becomes one of survival, and no matter where she turns, it seems like the world is out to get her. She’s not going to fall apart, though. She’s a rebel and she’s strong … determined to live life on her own terms … and nothing’s going to stop her from getting things done and making things right. But when a twist of fate brings her to the doorstep of a different kind of Rebel, she’s forced to figure out when something’s worth fighting for and when something’s worth letting go.

Purchase Links (Amazon): US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

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Published on November 22, 2013 23:52 • 134 views

I hardly ever buy paperbacks anymore.  But when I read the reviews for this series by SELINA FENECH, I just had to.  They just arrived in the mail, and I was not disappointed.

Wow, this author not only can write a heck of a story (or so the reviews claim and sample shows), she can also draw like nobody’s business.  BONUS!

I did read the sample on Amazon before I bought the books, and I was so impressed I just bought the series without thinking twice.  I’m going to read these with my daughters, and I cannot wait for all the fun we’re going to have getting lost in the story, the world, and the anticipation.  Books. Are. Awesome.

Here’s a link to book 1 if you’re interested: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005502KA8/?tag=ellcas-20



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Published on November 22, 2013 03:33 • 74 views

November 1, 2013


RebelbannerI have lots going on!

First, REBEL is published, the first in a 3-book new adult romance series.  No cliffhanger, but all 3 books are connected.  Here are some links for ya!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/HqMoJc

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1gdoU8W

Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/19csETJ

Amazon DE: http://amzn.to/1drabnd

Amazon FR: http://amzn.to/1f4OV7m

Amazon IT: http://amzn.to/1f4OVEk

Amazon ES: http://amzn.to/16NIBvI

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/HswtKp

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1hyE7Re


51BjvVHou3L._SL300_WRECKED has been made into an audiobook!  So exciting!  The narrator is amazing.  I really love her voice.  Here’s a link for that beauty:  http://bit.ly/16RHJGs




SupernaturalSixBlitzBanner1I’ve joined up with some other fantasy/paranormal authors to bring you a 99¢ super-deal.  You’ll find DUALITY I in there with 5 other full-length novels.  Grab a copy while it’s such a good price!  And please share the news with your reader-friends and family.  Here are your buy links:   AMAZONB&N



I have my publishing schedule up for 2014.  It’s tentative for the most part, things could change, but I wanted to at least have an idea of what I have in store for my awesome readers.  Here’s a link.
Amazon is at it again and not in a good way.  Some [insert derogatory word] working in Amazon customer service has deleted all of my comments and all of my readers’ comments too from all my book product pages.  I have contacted the powers-that-be over there and hopefully this will be resolved like it was the last time this happened.  I have to say, I find it very difficult to write anything at all when this happens.  It’s so depressing to have many hours of work deleted with the touch of a button by some idget who does not understand perfectly readable English in a terms of service document.  Argh.  I was told by someone very high up at Amazon when this happened before that the offending party would get additional training.  I assumed that meant everyone would get it, but I guess not.  Argh again.  *breathe deeply*  More on this later as I learn more.
After finishing up my 3 summer novels, I decided to take a little break.  For the first time in almost 2 years, I used 2 months to write a book instead of one.  How did I fare?  Well, okay, I guess.  The book is great, or so I’ve heard (Rebel).  And I was able to really focus a lot of time on goofing around and doing some personal things I’ve put off.  But the downside is that I felt disconnected from my readers!  And that just won’t do.  So my plan going forward is to continue my book-a-month schedule while also doing it more efficiently.  No more hanging out on the computer for twelve hours a day!  I’ll be writing in the morning until lunch, eating lunch with my husband or a friend, and then doing personal things until evening.  I’ll use late evening before bed to respond to reader inquiries and do promotional things on FB and Twitter and different forums.  Hopefully that’ll be a win-win all the way around!
Last bit of news: I’m doing a couple book signings in Florida in December!!  More this later, but for now, they are both planned for Palm Beach County, Florida.  I might be able to work one in up near Orlando too.


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Published on November 01, 2013 03:48 • 268 views

October 10, 2013

I wrote this post yesterday that sparked a lot of comments here and online, and it morphed into a conversation about book covers as advertisements for the stories inside.  I just wanted to expand on that concept, so here I am once again, avoiding my work in progress to bring you my pontifications.

Sometime I stumble into one of those lightbulb moments without meaning to.  I’ll bumble around in the dark for a while, trying this and trying that until something just works.  One of these sudden insights occurred when I launched my first romance novel, Shine Not Burn which features an MC who’s a cowboy out in Oregon.

I made the cover long before I even had a story to tell.  It fit the new adult romance genre in every way.  The story I eventually came up with really didn’t match the cover very well, but I left it as is.  As it turns out, the cover did the work of getting people to read the blurb and the sample and/or reviews and then the buys came.  That’s the book that landed me on all the bestseller lists.

You’ll see people in the reviews for Shine Not Burn saying the cover doesn’t match the story very well, but I’ll bet you a box of doughnuts that if I’d put a cowboy on the cover, I wouldn’t have even come close to selling the numbers I did. Several reviewers mentioned they never, ever read books with cowboys in them as a rule, but after reading SNB, they’ve started buying them.  I managed to find a lot of new fans for cowboy romances, I guess.

Thank goodness I was too lazy to make a new cover!  I followed my rule, which is make a cover with similar elements to those on the bestseller list in the genre you’re writing in, and it paid off big time.  If I had gone with the “make the cover like the story” rule, I’m quite sure it would not have worked out so well. This is not to say you can put up any old cover that misleads a reader into the wrong genre or anything like that.  If the cover says new adult romance, there’d better be a new adult romance inside those pages.  But in my case, the male on the cover didn’t have a cowboy hat on, and the MC always did.

That ^^ is my strongest argument for covers being advertisements, designed to lure/guide readers through the process of getting to the blurb and sample or reviews (and of course finally to the one-click buy.)  If your cover is poo, you’ve lost your chance.

Let’s look at TV ads for a minute or two…

Another strong argument bolstering my theory comes from another industry … TV advertisements.  They used to be ho-hum. They had pretty people, the product front and center with everyone smiling and miracles happening (Oxyclean! Wow!)  Then they brought humor in, the first examples I remember seeing were the Superbowl commercials.

Ever notice how these Superbowl commercials are the ones people actually want to see?  People will watch them for months after.  They have millions of hits on Youtube.  The Budweiser ones never failed to make me cry.  Every damn year, I’m crying over horses and beer and I don’t even like beer much.  I have this great impression of Budweiser as a company because of those ads.  These companies are paying premium bucks to show ads during the SB and they have the captive attention of millions of consumers, so they make every second count.

Now let’s look at Youtube ads for a minute or two…

We’re seeing the same thing with Youtube ads in the past couple years or so.  Advertisements on Youtube come in 3 flavors: (1) the pop-up box, which is cheap to make and has very low click-through rates; (2) the ad that runs for 15 seconds and you can’t click it off; and (3) an ad that has a 5-second period within which to capture your attention before you can click to skip the ad.

Notice something about those 3 ads:

Ad #1 is boring with zero creativity and zero attention-grabbing stuff going on.  They’re cheap to place and get very poor results.  Annoying, aren’t they?  I always click those suckers off without even reading them.
Ad #2 forces people to watch for 15 seconds, and they tend to be like regular TV commercials – boring.  The costs are higher than Ad#1 having to pay for filming and talent and so on.  I hate these ads the most.
But Ad #3 … a different animal altogether, much like the Superbowl ads.  Sometimes they’re so awesome in the first 5 seconds, I don’t skip them!  I want to actually watch them because I find them entertaining.  I’ll watch the full ad more than once.  Ad companies put a ton of creative energy into these ads because they know they only have 5 seconds to keep you there and get you hooked.  I would guess with the computer graphics and stuff I see that they are more expensive than Ad #2.  Is it worth the extra cost?  Hell, yes.  You want people to watch the whole ad.  Getting people to voluntarily choose to watch your whole ad is golden.  That’s how you lure the consumer into buying the product.  It’s also how you build goodwill into your brand by making it easily identifiable (because people bother to look at your logo and stuff in the ad) and by giving it this image of being “cool” and “creative” and respectful of a consumer’s time.

The psychology behind these ads applies to book covers as ads…

Something else is going on there psychologically – as a consumer, I appreciate a company that will entertain me while also trying to woo me into investing in their products.  Annoying or boring commercials I’m forced to watch p*ss me off and cause me to develop a prejudice against the company and its products.

I really despise those 15-second forced watching ads because they are always boring.  Ugh.  The companies know you’re their captive, so they don’t put the effort or money into making them creative or interesting.  So guess what I do … I turn off my sound and open up a new tab on my browser and surf for 15 seconds rather than watch.

Think about that … wow.  Talk about a waste of time and money for that company. I’d rather read 15 seconds of a Yahoo news bite about Miley Cyrus than watch their ad.   When sledgehammer licking and twerking is more interesting than your product, you are in deep doo doo.  They would have been better off putting more creative energy into their work and giving me something decent to look at.

My point is (I think), that’s how we as indie authors/publishers have to look at book covers.  You have seconds to capture a reader’s interest and establish your brand and image.  Maybe just 2 seconds.  If you want them to not click away, you need to trigger something in their heads that makes them want to wait a few more seconds and see more. This leads back into my post about what readers are looking for in their next book, which is to re-create their last awesome reading experience.  And like the TV ads, you want to give them a quality cover that makes them want to invest their money in your product.

A great cover makes them feel as though they’re buying a great product (aka, a great story).  Respect your readers’ time, respect your readers’ right to choose to stay or go, and respect your readers’ book budget.  Make your cover like those 5-second click off ads on Youtube – interesting, captivating, high quality, and communicative about what’s inside the pages.

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Published on October 10, 2013 03:15 • 95 views

October 9, 2013

There are a lot of threads on KB and other groups I’m a part of posted by authors asking why they aren’t selling more books, or by authors considering giving up on their dreams of being writers because they aren’t seeing the sales or accolades they were hoping for.

I’ve critiqued many titles to examine why they might not be selling more (at their authors’ requests) and have come up with some things that are almost always the reasons why *I think* they’re not having the success they want.  I usually share feedback with authors privately, so no one big group sees my standard feedback.  I’ve decided some people might find it valuable, so here I am.  I plan to link back to it any time an author asks me why his or her book is not selling because it seems to be the stuff I’m always giving out as advice.

Before I go into this in more detail, let me just reiterate that little bit I highlighted up there.  This is just what I think.  I have one opinion: mine.  Others’ opinions will probably differ. All I can say for my opinion and anyone else’s is this: consider the source.  If the source is someone you trust, give her a listening ear.  If it’s not, then just ignore her.  I hope someone out there finds this post helpful.

I also want to put the disclaimer out there that I’m not perfect. I try to follow my own advice, but sometimes I miss the mark too. The important thing to keep in mind is that this industry is changing, and it’s necessary to examine things that aren’t working for you and make changes until you find that sweet spot balancing your abilities, time available, and reader reaction.  I’ve changed covers, blurbs, published new editions of a couple books, re-uploaded when readers have sent typo finds to me via email … the list goes on and on.  I’ll always be in search of perfection and not quite getting there.  That’s the nature of this beast – independent writing and publishing.

Now on to the advice…

The trifecta of awesome: Cover, Blurb, Sample

COVER: Every single time, without exception, that someone asks “why aren’t my books selling?” the cover is a problem.

As indies, we often have these personalities that cause us to want to go our own way, to be original, to not follow the trends. That’s good in some ways, but not good for covers.  Why?  Because readers who loved a book, when searching for their next purchase, go in search of another book that will re-create that experience they just had.  They want the same breathless anticipation, the same emotional roller coaster, the same laugh-out-loud moments, or whatever it was they loved.

How do they find that next read?  They search thumbnails (tiny cover images) in also-boughts or on book blogs or on Amazon category lists.  Since covers are the first thing they see, they search for one that looks like the last one they read.  If the last awesome book they read had a couple kissing on the cover with a foggy background, and there’s another book in their search that has the same kind of vibe and feel, they’ll be tempted to at least check out the blurb.  That’s what you want, to move them through the process of evaluating and then selecting your book.

Likewise, if they see a book with a black background and a canary, they’re going to assume it’s nothing like the last book they loved and they’ll pass on it, never giving the blurb a chance. That’s another lost sale.

When you’re putting together the cover concepts for your book, the first thing you should do before you shop for the photographs or artwork is go to the bestseller lists and search covers in your genre.  See what people are buying. Look in the bestseller also-boughts (you’ll find many covers that all look similar.)  Use these as guides for your stock-art purchases, your effects, and your font choices.  I’d even go so far as to say you should use this list of books to guide your choice of book title.

As an indie not selling over 50,000 books a month you need to come face front with this fact: You are not in a position to be a trend-setter.  You need to be a trend-follower until you have a fanbase of your own so big and so loyal that you can support yourself with these people buying your books. Look at a trend as a wave.  You need to ride that wave all the way into the shore, otherwise, you’re going to be lost at sea (Boom! Goes the metaphor!)

Another reason some indies miss the mark with their covers is they’re on a really tight, really small budget. They either try to do the work themselves (using GIMP or Photoshop or some similar program) or they pay someone not qualified to do the work.  If an author can’t come up with artistic concepts on her own or do a good job of getting inspiration from other bestselling covers out there in your genre, it’s short-sighted of her to settle for a cover that doesn’t do its job to attract readers to her blurb.

Authors in this position say “I can’t afford a good cover,” thinking that once they have sales, they’ll update the cover to something better.  But without the good cover in place from the get-go, they won’t get the sales, and a million readers in the meantime will see their title and their name and those readers will already be programmed to pass on the buy-button. First impressions count.  Invest in a good cover so you can get readers to give your blurb a chance.

Graphic artists go to school to enhance the creative skills they were born with.  If you aren’t artistic, you probably can’t make your own bestselling covers unless you just copy someone else’s.  When I say do what others are doing, I don’t mean to copy them.  Get inspiration from other covers, but don’t copy them.  If people who know art and who know the industry tell you your book cover is amateurish, listen to them.  Get professional help.  You can buy pre-made covers for pretty much any genre out there for $15-$60 on many different websites.  I’m not saying non-graphic-artist-trained people can’t make good covers.  I’m saying most can’t.  Remember also that font work is as important or maybe even more important than the stock art chosen and the effects.

BLURB:  Be detailed enough to lure people into wanting to know more and vague enough not to give the whole plot away.  Look at the blurbs used by the bestsellers in your genre.  Break them down into parts and do your blurb using the same parts.  I’ll also add they should match the tone of the book.  If your book has a lot of humor, so should the blurb.  A great example is the blurb for Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.  If you have a killer cover and a ho-hum blurb, probably half the readers who get that far will abandon your page.  The other half will bother to read reviews – mostly the poor reviews, not the 5-star reviews – to see if your book is worth taking a risk on.

SAMPLE:  In books experiencing problems with sales, assuming the writing skill/storytelling is good, I almost always see grammatical errors or punctuation problems in the free sample provided by Amazon (click on the book cover and you can read a sample of pretty much any book on there).  All books will have errors; even trad-pubbed books. What you don’t want is an error in the sample. Readers will assume they are rampant throughout the book if they see one in the sample.

If the sample shows lack of writing or storytelling skill, the book will never sell any appreciable numbers. There are too many good books out there to choose from these days to settle on a poorly-written or poorly-edited one.  None of the above advice will help you if you cannot write well or tell a story well.  You might get some early readers who are captivated by the trifecta, but once the disappointed reviews start rolling in, the sales will plummet and your reputation will be set until people forget who you were.  Here’s a perfect example of that phenomenon.  The book linked to is no longer available on Amazon, but you can read the train wreck on Goodreads.

The market matters.

I always shake my head a little at people who complain that they don’t sell many books, but when I look at the book, it’s written for one of the smallest niches there is.

The vast majority of writers in any genre only get a very small percentage of a market to buy their books (we will ignore the outliers like JK Rowling and her ilk.) So, for example, if the romance reader market has 5,000,000 people in it, and I get a very small percentage of that market to buy my book, I’ll sell a lot of books.  If the steampunk reader market has 300,000 people in it, and you get a small percentage of that market to buy your book, you’re going to sell a hell of a lot fewer books than the romance writer will.

So what do you do if you want to write for a niche market?  Well, either plan on making less money or write a lot more books. If you can get a small percentage of a market to buy all your books, and you have a lot of them, you’ll meet your goals.

It’s a numbers game, plain and simple.  Do the math.  If you need X amount of money in a year to support your family, and your market has Y number of people in it, and you can nab Z percent of those readers at A price … well, you know the deal.  I suck at math, but this is basic algebra.  Find a teen to help you put it all together if you’re like me and left Algebra behind in high school.

A willingness to promote the work

I’ve seen people posting that they’re too shy to talk about their books or they don’t like being used car salesmen-like, and yet they moan about no sales.  They equate promotion of their work with something akin to torture.

Some well-meaning authors advise them to just write another book.  I guess it’s the Field of Dreams phenomenon: write it and they will come.  The problem with this advice is that I don’t know any successful authors who sell a lot of books without doing some form of promotion.  Even when they claim not to, I can point out several avenues of promotion they’re using that they don’t realize are promotional.

Here is the cold, hard fact you need to just face up to and internalize: If you don’t let the world know about your book, the world will not know about your book.

What is promotion? It’s not something painful, it’s not something that should take a huge amount of time out of your day, and it’s not something that should make you feel creepy (in fact, if it makes you feel creepy, you’re doing it wrong.)

Here are some types: (1) posting an occasional blurb, sneak peek, photograph, or thought on Facebook or Twitter; (2) joining in a group giveaway of books using rafflecopter or something similar; (3) giving away gift cards or free books in exchange for sharing your promotion that gains you Facebook likes or email list sign-ups; (4) KDP giveaways or perma-free, giving away book 1 in a series to get follow-on purchases of the rest of the books in the series; (5) blog tours; (6) being active on Goodreads or book blogs; (7) having a fellow author introduce her readers to your book; etc.

There are so many forms of promotion that will help sell books, there’s no excuse for not doing one or more of them, if your goal is to support yourself with your writing.  The list is pretty much endless since new avenues are opening up all the time.  If you look at my list above, you’ll see very few of them actually require that you hawk your wares or talk about your book.

Bottom line: if you don’t believe in your work enough to try and promote it, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you or to go out of their way to find it.  You are not going to win the lottery.  You will not sell a lot of your books if you aren’t willing to promote them somehow.

The psychology of success

I have a friend who has at her fingertips the means to have a financially successful life, but she always fails to do the things she knows will bring her this security.  I call that fear of success.

People like this think if they never try and fail, well, they can sleep well knowing “if” they had tried, things might be better and they can choose to do this at any time.  It’s like a savings account of sorts.  But if they try and fail, their safety net goes away.  They must face the fact that it was just an illusion all along and they have nothing “in the bank”.

To someone like me who is a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns kind of person, that ^^  sounds insane, but after knowing her for a long time, this is my analysis of her behavior and I know she’s not nuts.  She’s just afraid, and it’s easier for her to live this way.

I wonder how many writers have dreamed of hitting it big as an author for many years and yet are afraid to completely pull that trigger to find out if they really can support themselves with their writing.  They keep the dream alive in their heads by failing to give it their all, so they always have an excuse for never reaching the dream.  For some, I think that’s easier than outright failing.

For me, failure is just getting me closer to my eventual success.  I’ve failed enough for twenty people, but I’ve accomplished a lot of goals too.

For anyone out there who this might strike a chord with, I’m here to tell you that you can do this – you can be a professional writer.  If you invest enough of yourself in the business of publishing and the artistry of writing, you can succeed. The important thing is to be open to the advice of other people you admire, who have attained the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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Published on October 09, 2013 13:14 • 143 views

October 4, 2013

I get messages once in a while from soon-to-be self-published authors soliciting advice about writing and publishing.  I recently answered a question of one of these folks and thought I’d share my answer with anyone reading my blog.  I should be writing a book right now, but I often indulge in other activities to avoid my work so that I can make my life more stressful and therefore interesting.

The issue this person wrote me about centered around feedback from early readers.  When you write a book, you get people to read it first before you release it to the general public and make it for sale.  Usually first-time writers look to friends and family for that service.  I’m here to tell you why that’s a mistake.  I’m also here to tell you how to avoid what I think is one of the most common mistakes first-time writers make.  There’s actually a list of those most-common mistakes, and I’m going to do some other blog posts on each one in turn.  For now, here’s the first one on my list:

The importance of ACTION in a story…

I think one of the biggest complaints people have about first-time writers is that the story drags, that there are unnecessary scenes in the book that do nothing to drive the story forward.  If you ever read a book and get to a part that you just skim, take a moment to see exactly what it is you’re doing.  From my examination, and from the feedback I see in reader reviews (not of my books of course, ha ha), readers start skimming when the action stops and stop skimming when they see action starting again.

Authors, every single chapter, every single scene you have, should be moving the story strongly forward and should have a purpose leading to the final resolution of the story.  That’s what I call action. If you could cut a particular scene out and the story would still make complete sense, it doesn’t belong in there at all. Even in a romance novel, every single scene should have action compelling the story and characters forward. In a simple sense, we can say that something important should always be happening in the story, even if it’s just a character finally becoming self-aware through introspection.

Would-be authors, keep in mind that you will improve as a writer with every book. Like anything worth doing, practice makes perfect.  Your first book will not be awesome.  Mine sure wasn’t. (Some would argue that none of mine are, the bastards.)  I had to go back to my first book and make some big changes after getting reader feedback about POV issues, telling not showing, etc. It’s all a part of the process of becoming a better writer, something that should never stop happening for any of us.

Beta readers who make sense…

The most important thing when you’ve finished your manuscript (the first draft) is to have readers who do not know you, who don’t care about you as a person, and who read in the genre you’re writing in be your beta readers. They are the only ones who will and can give you the feedback you need to improve the story and make it the best it can be.  How many do you need?  I’d say no more than three really good ones.  Too many opinions just makes it harder to decide what to do.  With three, you can have a simple majority.

Friends and family are the worst people to get technical feedback from. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do it if it makes you happy.  My husband and mother are my first readers of every book I write, because I know they’ll be positive, kind, and motivating.  I’m very sensitive about my writing, and I need that support.  But for the real scoop on how ugly my baby is?  I need a “real reader” or two or three.

Family members are too connected to you, so they hold back, and if they do have negative feedback, their words hurt more than those of a stranger would.  And even more importantly, they are likely not your market, so the feedback they give you might not even be valid.  Someone who reads literary fiction all day long is not going to be able to tell you if you’ve gotten the story right for a zombie romance.  They won’t connect with the themes like a true zombie romance junkie would.  You are a dealer.  Readers are junkies.  Give the junkies the drugs they want and need. (Wow, that was a kind of horrible analogy, but I’m keeping it anyway because it totally fits.)

I have about fifty or so friends and family who are close to me.  I can count on one hand those who have voluntarily purchased and read one of my 20+ novels, and most of them only did it after I hit the New York Times bestseller list.  It’s not that they don’t love me; it’s just that they’re too close to me personally (and probably worry that the books will suck and then they’ll have to tell me or hide from me for the rest of our lives) and I don’t write books they’d normally read.  It was hurtful to me at first until I figured out what was going on.

I have a bunch of writer friends and I have only read a few of their books.  Why? I don’t have time to read, for one, and I’m also too close.  I don’t like giving feedback to friends, because anything negative can hurt the friendship and not giving all the feedback makes me feel like I’m not doing them any good or actually hurting them in another way.  So it’s better to just avoid it altogether, at least in my world.

I have a whole other blog post set for the future about beta reading and how to take the comments given and use them in a constructive way, and another about how to be a good beta reader.  But those are for another day when I need to procrastinate on my work in progress.  For now, I think I’ve done enough of that for one day.  :)

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September 22, 2013

Wool by Hugh HoweyMany of you know of Hugh Howey.  He’s a spectacularly successful indie author of the movie-optioned, dystopian series WOOL.  He’s also quite a trailblazer for indies, getting traditional deals with big publishers most people said would never happen.Hugh Howey the awesome

Unfortunately, because he’s also an incredibly nice person who’s very connected with his readers, he has had to deal with quite a bit of internet bullying.

I find it disgusting how he’s been treated by complete strangers, and I can tell you, I know exactly how he feels.  I’ve also been attacked by trolls who down-star my reviews, leave fake 1- or 2-star reviews, and who talk bad about me online, just because I have the audacity to thank people for taking the time to review my books on Amazon.

Here’s Hugh coming out against the haters who’ve accused him of buying reviews (which he’s never done, nor have I.)  He was bullied as a child and has decided he won’t take bullying as an adult lying down.  Instead of ignoring the haters, he’s meeting them head-on, and I for one am fully behind him in that fight against lies, hate, and unfounded accusations designed to ruin careers.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read it.  http://www.hughhowey.com/very-small-rocks/

I’m also going to make the same Declaration that he did for my family, friends, and fans.

I, Elle Casey, have never paid and will never pay for a review.  EVER.  I swear this on my own life and on the love I have for my dear baby Monie.  Here she is.  And may the accusers and accused alike find peace in their hearts.



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September 18, 2013

I have been so busy writing books and having fun with my family, trying to soak up the last rays of summer, that I’ve completely stopped blogging.  Something had to give, and it’s better that than my book writing.

I just published DON’T MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL, a romantic suspense novel that’s getting a lot of positive attention.  One of the biggest and most popular romance bloggers of all time, Aestas Book Blog gave it a resounding 5-star review.  She said it was one of the best books she’s read all year.  And it’s SEPTEMBER, people.  September.  That’s a lot of books.

I also made a video for any author wanting to format her or his book for paperback using Scrivener software.  It’s pretty crappy in quality, but the stuff in the video is pure gold.  Here’s a linky poo.

I’m working on REBEL right now, a light-hearted New Adult Romance.  It’ll be nice to read this one after the heavy stuff in DON’T MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL.  So far it’s been fun writing it.  The characters are great and I can’t wait to see what the main character Tegan says next. She is so sassy.  My favorite kind of girl. :)

That’s all for now.  Hopefully by October I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming.  Until then, happy reading, y’all!

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September 1, 2013

I banded together with a few other authors to offer FREE stuff to our readers.  A Kindle Fire … what?!  Yeah.  That’s right.  Enter to win today!


How would you like to WIN A KINDLE FIRE?

Summer is just about over but the heat is just beginning for NA Romance fans – Enter the Kindle Fire giveaway celebrating eight of the hottest titles in NA Romance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The book links below go to Amazon if a title is currently available and GoodReads if it is a coming release.




By New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling New Adult author H.M. Ward.

The V Card. Virgin. Most of us want to punch that sucker ASAP, and hide the fact until then, but not Cassie Hale. Three years ago she frickin’ covered hers in glitter and laminated the thing, proudly telling me that she’s waiting for the perfect guy.
So when I see her half naked, tangled together, rolling around on the floor with another stripper, I’m kind of shocked. Okay, that’s an understatement. I’m enthralled. I have to know what cracked her picture perfect world and landed her here, and I hope it’s something horrible-an event that broke her the way she broke me. Because, that’s who Cassie Hale is–the woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand.

Fearless final cover


I am strong, because I’ve been weak. I’m fearless, because I’ve been afraid. I’m wise, because I’ve been foolish.

Life is looking up for Jesse. With expert help from Chase, his injuries are healing and he makes preparations to enter the Pro motocross circuit again. A decision that could force Niki to make a difficult choice.

Kenny starts chemotherapy treatments but his bar, Rookies, is hurting from the lack of attention and lack of customers. As Jesse and Niki work to find a way to keep the bar from going under, life throws other obstacles in their way. From a manipulative dad and flirtatious step mom, to news from home about Jesse’s mother, that lands them in New York state in search of answers from the past. Dark secrets that were never meant to be revealed.

Fearless will be published on September 1st. Check out Breathless, Jesse #1.



This prequel to The Last Boyfriend will be released on September 9th, 2013.








Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]

STARLIGHT by MIMI STRONG (Peaches Monroe #2)


So, I fly my rockin’ curves off to LA for the big Peaches Monroe (that’s me) underwear shoot.

I’m nursing a broken heart from you-know-who, when along comes Keith Raven. Sexy, tanned, and nearly naked. He’s my new co-model, and let me tell you, Keith is the full package with a big package (wink, wink).

My new bestie Mitchell warns me that all male models are walking disasters, but I think Keith’s different. He meditates, for example. And, unlike some people, he doesn’t toy with my affection.

Staying at Keith’s apartment in LA and swimming in his pool is heavenly, not to mention the more intimate details of our Rebound Arrangement. What’s a Rebound Arrangement, you ask? It’s a fixed-length romance and a great way to turn your world upside-down.

Meanwhile, Dalton Deangelo is trying to redeem himself and win me back. He sucks at redemption, but he is charming.

Something tells me that before I leave LA, I’ll be forced to make a tough decision.




I can’t be held responsible. Things that happen there are supposed to stay there, right? Right? Yeeeah. Not so much.

Andie’s just days away from tying the knot, but there’s just ooooone little glitch. Apparently, she’s already married. Or someone with her name is married to a guy out in Oregon of all places, and the courthouse won’t issue her a marriage license until it’s all cleared up. Tripping her way through cow pies and country songs to meet up with a man who gets around places on horseback is her very last idea of how to have a good time, but if she’s going to get married, make partner at the firm, and have two point five kids before she’s thirty-five, she needs to get to the bottom of this snafu and fix it quick … before her fiance finds out and everything she’s been working toward goes up in flames.



What happens when the dream is over and reality sets in?

When Emma Anderson meets and falls in love with the man from her dreams–the deep-dimpled and incredibly gorgeous Brandon Fisher–she wasn’t expecting her heart to be broken by him and his complicated life. But despite Brandon’s baggage, the inextricable pull Emma and Brandon feel for one another seems strong enough to keep them together.

Just when Emma thinks she can have a happily-ever-after with Brandon, a dark secret from her past threatens Emma’s chances at true happiness with Brandon–a secret so dark and hidden that even her best friends don’t know about it.

Will Emma and Brandon’s love be strong enough to withstand the external factors that seem to pull them apart, or will Emma’s dream man be nothing but just that–a dream?



Tess used to spend more hours than she’d care to admit playing her favorite computer game, using the nickname Angel. She could pretend her life was different, and she could pretend Arion was just a friend. But a girl needs more to keep her warm at night than pixels and she traded her virtual heaven for a real life hell. Now she’s on the run from a past she won’t talk about, and the only place she has to go is the doorstep of the friend she’s never actually met.

When Angel disappeared from their nightly games, it nearly destroyed Arion. He threw himself into work and women, but he can’t help knowing the one night stands will never compare to the angel who haunts his dreams. At first, when she shows up soaking wet and scared-shitless on his doorstep, he thinks his prayers have been answered.

But the more Arion tries to keep Angel close, the more her fear drives her away. If they are ever going to have a chance for a future, they’ll first have to deal with the past that hasn’t forgotten her any more than she’s forgotten it, and Arion will have to learn how to let her go.

No One’s Angel is a New Adult(NA) Contemporary Romance about a girl learning to fight back, and a boy learning how to let go.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-love-man-comforting-sadness-image2502621FOREVER INNOCENT by DEANNA ROY

“Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again.”

Corabelle doesn’t feel like any of the other college girls. On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, she and her boyfriend Gavin watched a nurse disconnect the ventilator from their seven-day-old son. During the funeral two days later, Gavin walked out and never returned.

Since then, her life has been a spiral of disasters. The only thing that has helped is her ability to black out whenever the pain gets too hard to bear, a habit that has become an addiction.

When Gavin shows up in her astronomy class four years later, he is hell-bent on getting her back, insisting she forgive him. Corabelle knows she can’t resist the touch that fills the empty ache that has haunted her since he left. But if he learns what she has done, if he follows the trail back through her past, her secrets will destroy their love completely. And once again, she’ll lose the only person who always believed she was innocent.

Forever Innocent will be released October 1st, 2013 by Casey Shay Press.


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