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Since the name of the game seems to be excess right now I thought I'd share that I bought 40 votive candles today at Yankee Candle for .50 cents each. Yankee Candle has a hold on me partially because I love descriptive words and they excel at naming/marketing candles. I shall pull five at random so you get the idea:

1. Sparkling Cinnamon. (They seem to use "sparkling" a lot. it is must be a Yankee Candle power word.) It's red with a picture of sugar dusted cinnamon sticks tied with a ribbon possibly laying atop snow. Very Christmassy. It smells a lot like Red Hots cinnamon candies which rates it an A in my book.

2. Merry Berry. This one is also red and has a picture of what looks like two Cosmos with fancy twists of lime. It clearly says, "Drink Up, Ladies!". Yankee Candle seems to have it's finger on the pulse of it's customers. An uncertain scent makes me give it a B even though it has cocktails on it's label. (This is from the Simply Home collection.)

3. Summer Scoop. This one is a murky pink and it's picture is strawberry ice cream with a sprinkling of mixed berries. I'm beginning to wonder what percentage of Yankee Candle customers are overweight and if I myself was drawn here by all the delightful food images? This has a strong berry-ish scent which I already know will make my head pound. Must burn outside. D.

4. Ginger. Kind of a coral color with a non-food botanical type drawing of what I guess a ginger plant looks like. My ginger comes in a half-jar with a shaker top so I don't know if the drawing is accurate or not. Whatever. Ginger bores me although I kind of like the scent. Ginger gets a C. (This is from the Relaxing Rituals line.)

5. Whoopie Pie. This is poo-colored with a slightly menacing looking Whoopie Pie as a picture. According to this pic a Whoopie Pie is two charcoal briquettes with a generous layer of caulking in between them. It smells like nothing I've smelled before and certainly not chocolate or even like a foodstuff. Solid F.

In conclusion, I will put the bag of candles in the garage now because they stink and are giving me a tremendous headache.
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