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Hello all readers and writers. I'm Laura Wright LaRoche, author of Black Woods. I am writing or reading any chance I get.

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Book one, The Journey, in the Legend of Manfin series is due to release soon. I wanted to share this exciting news.
Legend of Manfin Series

Manfin Synopsis

After being pushed from the mainland where humans now rule, the first known intelligent species is struggling to keep their kind alive while fearfully live in hiding. As time passes, humans no longer believe this breed ever existed and they have placed them into human mythology, teaching their children that manfin are only fantasy tales created by drunken sailors.

Zabara and Vaelyn, the Master and Mistress of manfin, must guide the clan by old laws inscribed within the Book of Records. These laws are older than mankind and Master Zabara decides to rewrite the most controversial law, which forbids interaction with humans.

At first, this new law is largely accepted among the clan, especially after they learn one of their kind is actually half human. They feel this maybe the key to repopulating their breed, but there may be a heavy price to pay in doing so.

Will the clan stand beside the Master's new law or will they plot their revenge after a monumental event changes all they were hoping for?

Manfin back page blurb

Almost every human knows manfin are a myth, fanciful tales created by drunken sailors. But for one human named Ashaw, a childhood encounter with the fairytale creature feeds a lifelong quest to locate the elusive being. After his grandfather's passing, he has the means to hire a crew and set off on his journey.

Along the way, they meet up with a man named Ferrell, who has his own mysterious history with manfin. Together, they search the sea, unknowingly followed by a ruthless crew.

Hidden away in fear of discovery and on the brink of extinction, the manfin struggle to adapt, rewriting their oldest laws. In the midst of argument and uprising, a long-ago human encounter spurs a discovery.

If the manfin can overcome their negative perceptions of humankind, they may have the key to repopulating their breed. But will the key be a new beginning or the ending of who they are?
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