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Well, a lot happening these last few days in the way of MANHATTAN AFFAIR. Today I did my 17th radio interview on WYYZ in Atlanta, Ga with Matt Youngblood. The radio interviews have been quite something, I must say. Surprisingly most hosts have read large chunks of the book, if not all of it, and the questions have reflected that. I had two one hour long interviews and they were really fun in that it was more of a conversation, like one you would have with some friends in a bar or coffee shop. The kind of conversation free of a short time constraint (as opposed to a ten minute piece) allowing it to meander and follow free thought instead of a focused direction. Main points of interest have been the story, the characters, New York City (the setting), and the time (1990's).

There is another MANHATTAN AFFAIR Giveaway starting today on Goodreads; it ends on the 15th of May. The last one had nearly 670 requests and the current one had 130 as of a few moments ago and it hasn't even been up for 24 hours yet!

I left NYC Sunday to go to my little place on another island to work on my second book. This island could not be more different than Manhattan Island. There are no traffic lights, no jack-hammers, no horns blaring. It is off-season so a lot of stuff is still closed (although last weekend was the annual 'Daffodil Festival' which sort of signals a spring awakening), but I have friends here so I will not be a complete hermit (maybe). Today is a typical day in New England though; it is damp, cold, rainy, very gray, and whistles of wind can be heard throughout my 200 year old house. A good place to write. And read. And now, as a piece of the sun suddenly slips through a broken cloud and just as sudden the flash of bright light quickly gives way back to dark clouds I am reminded of something Mark Twain once said: "If you don't like the weather in New England just wait a minute."
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Published on May 01, 2012 11:56 • 135 views • Tags: jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, mystery, nantucket-island, new-york-city, suspense, thriller
So, the second Manhattan Affair Giveaway has just ended and, again, there were over 600 entries. To the lucky 5; books will be going out this week so you should have them by next week. The interesting thing is that, as in the first Giveaway, the winners are all women. No men. How is that? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read and don;t be shy about posting a review or comment. Thanks to all who entered.
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Published on May 17, 2012 04:54 • 105 views • Tags: giveaway, jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, murder, mystery, new-york-city, thriller
Added a few more independent bookstores in NYC that are carrying "Manhattan Affair."

New York Area
- The Mysterious Bookshop on Warren Street in Tribeca: http://ow.ly/a99Em
* Crawford Doyle Books, 1082 Madison Avenue @ 82nd Street, NYC
* Book Culture, 536 West 112th Street @ Broadway, NYC: http://ow.ly/bnDtZ
* The Corner Bookstore, 1313 Madison Avenue @ 92nd Street
- Nantucket Bookworks / Mitchell's Book Store : http://ow.ly/a99IU
- Book Hampton in East Hampton, NY.

*New Location
Thank you - our list keeps growing!
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Published on June 05, 2012 13:00 • 96 views • Tags: jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, new-york-city
This review for MANHATTAN AFFAIR appeared in the Online Book Club's newsletter:


They gave it 3 out of 4 stars. Thanks OBC!
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Published on September 10, 2012 11:24 • 142 views • Tags: jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, mystery, new-york-city, online-book-club, thriller
Well, I guess you could call it a milestone of sorts; Manhattan Affair's facebook page has gone north of 5000 'likes' - roughly matching the book's sales, which is amazing. The page is essentially New York City - centric but is also linked to a personal page of the novel's protoaganist - Jed Chase. His page is an ecclectic mix of literature, life, humor, and just plain old interesting stuff from NYC and around the world. I strongly suggest you visit both for a fun browse. If you 'friend' Jed Chase I am sure he will 'friend' you back.


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Published on September 16, 2012 08:17 • 167 views • Tags: jack-sussek, jed-chase, manhattan-affair, mystery, new-york-city, thriller
Wow, two months since the last post; 'time,geography' as Jack Reacher would say. Stats: Facebook 'likes' for MANHATTAN AFFAIR - well north of 6000; MANHATTAN AFFAIR book (print and eBook) sales very close behind, sales for my two other works, TWO STORIES and MAN READING A NEWSPAPER(short pieces,) are moderate to good and I am pleased with that; they have not been advertised or marketed in any way so I have to believe their sales are attributable to those who have read MANHATTAN AFFAIR. There is a slight (very slight) buzz in Hollywood/NYC film cirlcle(s) about a possible MANHATTAN AFFAIR film...we shall see - I've heard untold numbers of heart wrenching tales when it comes to Hollywood so I am not even paying attention yet. As they say, 'when the money is in the bank...'
So, where am I? In the middle of my next novel as of now UNTITLED, a thriller certainly, a little different than my last book but centered on two of the characters from it. This is, bluntly, a spy thriller - based on stories and experiences I've had in the last ten years or so and the people, places, and hands on experiences I have had in places like Afghanistan, the UAE, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon,Europe, and, of course, the United States and New York City. It is going well, about halfway there and hope to have it released mid - 2013. To be frank, I am very excited about it, it is a good story and will keep you at the edge from the first page. These are the kind of books I like, not just fiction, but well written biographies, histories, science (fiction and non), basically anything. That's what makes a good story. Keeping you there. Forcing you to go to the next page. Until next time -
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Published on November 30, 2012 16:37 • 132 views • Tags: jack-sussek, manhattan-affair, mystery, new-york-city, novels, spy, thriller