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Heart Warriors comes out in a month plus a few days. I'm so excited to see what happens, where the book goes, what people think about it.

Writing a book is nothing like I thought it would be, and finding a publisher was another thing altogether. I started Heart Warriors under the title Informed Consent in January, 2010. I finished it in August of the same year. Then I spent months with fifty beta readers (I have really good friends) and dozens of revisions.

I started querying agents in December of 2010, and while I had about 18 express some sort of interest, by March I had about five or six still considering it. Then an agent who previously rejected me came back with a deal. It wasn't a good deal, and with advice from some writer's advocates I turned it down.

In the process of sorting out the questionable agent's questionable deal, I ended up connecting with my current publisher. One of the five agents who was still reading was very helpful and when I asked her if she wanted to rep my book she declined because I had actually secured my own deal with the publisher.

So, I've no agent, but I have a publisher with solid distribution, a good platform, and a definite market of four million American moms and dads whose kids have Congenital heart disease along with those grown up kids who might want to know more about how things were for their parents when they were growing up. Then there are eight million grandparents and several million aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings . . . CHD is the most common birth defect.

I invite you to read Heart Warriors to learn about America's other 1%, one percent of all babies are born with a heart defect. Yet, we're living some beautifully rich lives.

If you'd like to review Heart Warriors, contact me. I have a few ARCs left and can get some from my publisher. I'd love to know what you think.
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