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5.0 out of 5 stars Must read!!!, December 4, 2011
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This review is from: Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy (Perfect Paperback)
Anyone who has doubted divine spiritual guidance needs to read this book. Joan was a simple French girl that was able to change the course of history! (without a blue dress and a cigar).....The power of maintaining one's quiet inner life is self evident in this book. Joan took time for prayer and in doing so heard her call to destiny. Marcia Quinn Noren does a wonderful job of setting the stage to bring the real story to light. This book should be a text for all world history classes. It demonstrates the corrupt powers of the political sycophants and church hierarchy in a culture that had become morally depraved yet taught morality. This book is a mirror for all of humanity to gaze upon and ask the questions: 1. Am I taking time in my life, despite the chaos that wants to envelop me, to quiet my brain so that I can hear my inner voice-that voice of the divine within me? 2. Am I expanding my consciousness to accept my fellow human beings no matter what culture and country they happen to have been born in?.....It could have just as well been you that had been born there....Thank you Marcia for a wonderful book.
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I am pleased to recommend this beautifully-told story!

I would not have read this biography in the first place, my reading tastes tending more towards novels and investigations into current events. I have little interest, usually, in stories with known, or even predictable, outcomes.

This book, which was recommended by a friend, has proven to me that history viewed from a different perspective, with emphasis on an overarching aspect of the subject, can be provocative to the point of inspiring the reader to further study. It prompts one to delve deeper into Joan’s amazing exploits and compelling personality.

I especially enjoyed the author’s introductory discussion of shamanism and sorcery. It was a fitting way to focus the lens through which the rest of the story is told. Then the saga is laid out with lush imagery and Joan’s actual quotes taken directly from the records of her trials. As the story progresses, the reader can easily imagine hearing Joan’s voice while visualizing scenes made even more vivid with numerous photos of the region in which she lived.

The author’s extensive research and travels to France have benefited the reader with a vivid picture of Joan and the age in which she lived. Ms. Noren has produced a wonderful work which anyone of any age can enjoy, about one of history’s most intriguing people.
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Zarkozy is going to Domremy to honor Joan's birthplace and to reclaim her image (which has been hijacked by the extreme right wing for far too long.)

The Google translation of the French article is not good, but discusses some important facts. Most importantly; "How can we not see how Jeanne is foreign to any idea of contempt or hatred? Jeanne embodies the values of justice, love, freedom and peace." She was born to end the 100 Years War, and gave the English plenty of time to go back to their island, but did they listen? (We know the answer to that question.)
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Medieval News: Nicolas Sarkozy, far-right leader Marine Le Pen in tug-of-love over Joan of Arc
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Azra (unregistered) wrote:

I was captivated and mesmerized by this book! The story of Joan was truly moving and transformative. Marcia Quinn Noren has written a sensitive account of "The Maid's" amazing gifts and remarkable courage. The story flows easily and it becomes quite evident that this female champion was in touch with the highest and deepest divine guidance in her visionary mission. I will continue to be inspired by this young women so very connected to her full feminine power.
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“Joan doesn’t belong to any party, any faction, any clan. May we continue to think of her as the symbol of our unity and not leave her in the hands of those who would use her to divide. To divide in the name of Joan of Arc is to betray Joan of Arc’s memory."
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This silent film, "The Passion of Jeanne d'Arc", by Danish film maker Carl Dreyer, was thought to have been lost forever.

When reels containing the last copy of the film were found in an abandoned theater, viewing these scenes inspired contemporary composer Richard Einhorn to research her life and create his magnificent oratorio, "Voices of Light" (which is available on CD and also accompanies the DVD of this film.)

Dreyer focuses only upon Joan's trial and death. This brief clip provides a preview of the film's intensity.
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From today's CSM article:

"Starting as a nobody, she broke nearly every 15th-century gender barrier. In 2012 she’s a Christian heroine in a secular state: For the right, a holy warrior of the sacred soil; on the left, a brave iconoclast fighting corrupt elites."

Find out what you know about the geography of France when you read this article.
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From The Guardian (by Agnes Poirier)

“The extremist-right National Front emerged on the French political scene, highjacking the lovely and audacious girl as their effigy. She suddenly became a political enemy; from hero, she became foe. For my generation, traumatised by the rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s party, she suddenly represented chauvinism in its nastiest form. From a freedom fighter, she became a hater of foreigners. She could have no place in our hearts.

We were fools. The left should have fought hard to reclaim Jeanne. She is not, as the extreme right historiography would have us believe, a royalist Catholic die-hard. She is a people’s girl, betrayed by the king and burned by the church. In other words, she’s a feisty little punk who paid for her audacity with her life. Let’s say it loud and clear today, Jeanne is one of us!"
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"This year it is six hundred years since a young peasant girl, the last or second last child in a family of 5, was born in the little village of Domremy, in the Champagne area and duchy of Lorraine. From this tiny, anodyne and banal event, unnoticed by many history sources, was born one of the biggest and more fascinating sagas of the French Middle Ages, if not the history of all of France."
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