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Precognition. ESP. Clairvoyance. Prescience. Call it what you like, but the ability to see the future has long been a dream of mankind. Unfortunately it's only the stuff of fantasy and fiction.

Or is it?

From time to time, despite resistance from the established scientific community, people actually do research on this issue. Though the article below is not exactly conclusive, it does indicate that that some sort of phenomenon exists upon which our ideas of premonition is based.

As our scientific understanding of the world expands, we realize that our relationship with time is more complex. According to Quantum theory, our mere observation of events helps determine the outcome. We do not yet know how this happens. Perhaps our minds have some receptive quantum mechanism, or perhaps our consciousness has the ability to express itself as a force outside our own own skulls?

One interesting aspect of Dr. Bem's research (see link) was that risk takers were more likely to anticipate the correct image. That suggests that there may be some biological or genetic component to it.

Perhaps there is some mechanism within our brains which, however crude, can sense those looming quantum possibilities just as they begin to take shape, that can tune in on some level to the immediate future and trigger us. I could very well be a simple pavlovian sort of trigger, stimulating us towards positive probabilities that are emerging just beyond our sphere of consciousness.

This is the basis upon which I built the concept of Prescience in WETWIRE — that a particular genetic trait could be identified in the expression of these abilities and, through genetic modification and cloning, enhanced. What would it mean to us, as individuals as well as a society, if we could begin to harness such an ability?

It is for now, less the stuff of science and more the stuff of fiction. But perhaps there is an element of prescience to us all. Our fiction is where we as a culture collectively imagine the future, glimpse it, and help bring it closer to reality.

Maybe our dreams have an element of precognition after all.

Wetwire Part One- The Human Technology (Wetwire visionaries) by Erik Rodgers

Wetwire: Part One- The Human Technology
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