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Ok everyone, you can now follow me and the happenings of Reahket on Facebook and Twitter! Got to be honest, that was a nerve wracking experience! I am by nature a little long winded! took me about 40 minutes just too set up the author profile! geez! But it is done so I am firmly rooted in today's social networking system:) So proud of me! Anyway, stay tuned....on face book I plan to start a visual tour of Kepi's and Asher's hometown...or Kincaid Texas! Well, actually Keller Texas which Kincaid was loosely based. No no real or live businesses were actually used!Ok?! Just basically, the landscape, the area and such. So will be adding some pics showing the areas that inspired Kincaid! Anyway, keep an eye out:)
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Published on November 04, 2011 10:49 • 140 views • Tags: fantasy, science-fiction, teens, young-adult
Hello Book Fam,I would like to just post a request, asking any young writers out there, if you have a story, poem, song, rap or what not that you would like to share. I would love for you to submit them to tweenscribe. This is a writing forum for tweens/teens alike. I started three years ago, for my daughter and have since opened it up to other young writers. No there is no charge nor do I receive any type of monetary benefit. I simply started the program to offer a chance for young people to have a safe place to share. This was BEFORE I knew anything about Goodreads!:) Goodreads is awesome, so I do encourage you to share YOUR writings as well here, but also consider tweenscribe. There is also a place for you to upload your own music creations, and videos! (Appropriate material only(You know I had to say it!:)(and parental permission for those under 18 years old for videos:)Also, this is a place to share your favorite fan music and videos also. This is NOT an advertisement,(well, I truly am trying NOT to make it that:) I simply wanted to invite any of you who has always wanted to write,(quick note:) If you write and no one has seen your stuff, you are still a writer! See that and believe in yourself!:)Anyway, If you have written and just needed a platform, I wanted to make you aware that tweenscribe is here for you:) The site is being updated, but you are welcome to check it out, and please even if you do not wish to submit a story, suggestions on music and videos would be helpful:) Because my taste may not be so popular:) LOL...anyway, Guys, here's the link: www.tweenscribe.com stop by:) If you would like to submit, contact me here on Goodreads, or submit the story to tweenscribebooks@gmail.com. I just wanted to reach and ask for those hidden stars to come out and shine:) Was that corny?:) Forgive me, it's early while I am penning this:)

Thanks guys for your time:)

Happy reand AND writing all!:)
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Published on December 21, 2011 06:14 • 60 views • Tags: fantasy, science-fiction, teens, young-adult
Hello Fam:)

I hope you had an awesome weekend, and now are ready for this wonderful upcoming week:) My fabulous guest today at Indiewritersreview... are sure to help you get started on the right foot!

Music Monday Feature: Artist Kidd Russell and his new song “Pulaski Day” the first single off Bananabeat Records/ The Orchard Deal. Come by and check out the cool, Pulaski video!

Quick note: I just wanted to mention that the fabu Jaime B. Musings of the awesome blospot CULTURE SHOCK!http://jbcultureshock.wordpress.com/2...

Jaime will come on board to do a few guest co-host spots on Indiewritersreview’s radios segment….IndieReview Behind The Scenes during this summer!!!! Woo Hoo! I appreciate Jaime’s particpation and we’re looking forward to a rockin summer!

So come by and check out Music artist Kidd Russell and his Pulaski Days!


Happy Monday!
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Published on May 21, 2012 03:32 • 128 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, science, teenagers, teens, young-adult, youth
Hello, Hello Family! Back again!

Just wanted to fill you in that today I have an awesome Bewitching Book Tour presentation at Indiewritersreview! The fabulous Author Kinley Baker's coveal reveal of book#2 in her Shadowed Love series Denied!

Kinley Baker

Also, Ms. Baker is giving tour wide a $10.00 Amazon GC... Just come by and leave your email address and your best comment to enter! The winner is chosen by Random Sequence...

So show some love and check out this awesome new cover! Trust...you will not be disappointed:)


Happy Monday!
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Published on May 21, 2012 03:42 • 198 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, teen, teens, young-adult, youth
Hello everyone:) Today, joining me at Indiewritersreview, is Author Donna Grant who is now on tour with Midnight’s Master, presented by Innovative Online Book Tours…

Ms. Grant is my guest poster today as we celebrate her whirlwind tour! So check it out:)

Midnight's Master (Dark Warriors, #1) by Donna Grant Donna Grant

Ms. Grant is also giving a free autographed copy of her Darkest Highlander...to one lucky commenter today! So come by check it all out and leave your best comment to win!

Darkest Highlander (Dark Sword, #6) by Donna Grant


Happy Thursday all:)
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Published on May 24, 2012 04:09 • 126 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, science, teens, young-adult
Hello Hello guys:) Hope you’re having a pretty awesome holiday! Today, I believe I have a feature that will just rock out your Memorial Day even more! I am a tourhost with Supa Gurl Tours; so today, I am hosting a great guest post from author Rae Hachton of Pretty In Black, (on tour now); and today’s new release Black Satin! The Black Satin Tour will kick off June 01st!

Black Satin (Pretty in Black, #2) by Rae Hachton

Rae Hachton


Enter to win some fantastic prizes:

A poster for Pretty in Black

A poster for Black Satin

Assortment of PIB bookmarks, magnets, and stickers

A signed Deluxe Edition of Pretty in Black which will include books one and two under one binding.

It is a tourwide giveaway and winners are chosen by Rafflecopter…click link to find out more details and how to enter!

Enter at Supa Gurl Tours and check out also the other tour stops!


Come by Indiewritersreview and check it all out:)


Happy reading all:)
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Published on May 27, 2012 21:13 • 137 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, teens, young-adult
Hello Fam:) Please stop at Author Lisa's Nowak's blogspot where she speaks on a fab idea of paying it forward....an Indie authors event coming in July!


Check it out and get involved!

Lisa Nowak


Happy Monday!
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Published on June 11, 2012 09:05 • 180 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, sci-fi, science, teenager, teens, young-adult
Hello everyone!
Quick just letting you know there is a giveaway happening over at Marilyn Almodóvar's blog for Night School:Vampire Hunter!

Night School Vampire Hunter,Bk.1(Angel) by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

I am offering a e-book of Night School:Vampire Hunter and 1 set of mini-customized Night School Vampire Hunter bookmarks! See link below!

Winner's choice of Night School's Angel bookmarks

or Rafael's

So go by Marilyn's blogspot and leave a comment and email to enter!


Easy peasy:)

Thanks so much in advance:)
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Published on June 11, 2012 10:55 • 148 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, sci-fi, science, teenagers, teens, urban, young-adult
Hello everyone! I thought today to celebrate my tour with Night School Vampire Hunter; that I would also share my upcoming project that is to be released in 2013. It is the first in my Mystic Legend series. Chrysalis,(Shadow of the Thunderbird)….now, the books in my Legend series, will be stand alones…not a continuing trilogy or saga…what they will have in common is that they all will be based on a legend from folklore, fiction,mythology etc…

Chrysalis is based on the Native American legends of the great Thunderbird.



Cover and excerpt below:)

Chrysalis (Shadow Of The Thunderbird) by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan


Eagle Landing lies nestled in the midst shrouded valley of Eagle Ridge Mountains. There, 17year old Ayida Blackhawk finds her new home. Ayida, who was sent to live with her stoic Paternal Grandfather after her beloved Grandmother Mabel Simon dies; is forced to find her own rhythm and flow in the small township. She enters Eagle Ridge High School, and there she settles in and with new friends, begins to enjoy her new life. But the forest is where she feels most comfortable, and this is where Ayida meets and falls in love with a strange and beautiful boy, who has many secrets and isn’t what he appears to be; and later, Ayida learns that true evil exist and walks Eagle Ridge High School every day.

Soon, Ayida must battle to save her family, town and the greatest love she will ever know and through this, Ayida’s perception of reality changes forever…


I dreamed of flying again, sailing high above the clouds. The wind was gently stroking my feathers, as I dipped and sailed high above the world and the world’s problems. I was free. I was no longer Ayida Blackhawk, Mabel Simon’s half breed granddaughter, or the weird girl in the back row of Ms Wilson’s fifth period English class at school; the one which was always searching the sky, for what, she did not know. No, I was part of those that raced the wind, they who were among us; superior to we earth dwellers. I was the Hawk, fierce, strong and beautiful. But then the change would happen. My dream was always the same, my flying high and then it will switch and I would be the earth dweller searching the sky once again for them, mostly for him.

I never recognized the boy in my dream, I only saw him from behind. He was tall, lean with sinewy muscles that lined his arms and back. He wore only jeans, he stood barefoot with no shirt and his skin was lighter than mine, a golden toasted color, he had hair the color of a Raven’s feather, which hung to his shoulders. In the dream, the boy always had his back to me, I never saw his face. Although, facing away from me, as he always did, I had a clear, unobstructed view of his back and ….wings.

Without fail, I would feel the initial shock of seeing his wings; they terrified me and thrilled me; those lovely appendages were not white and downy as Angel wings, but were the color of night and storms and fire; with silver and gold strands through the deceptively delicate looking fissures of his powerful wings.

The expanse of his wings were immense, greater than any bird that I have ever seen, seeming to stretch forever when fully opened. There were others like him, all had their backs to me, but they were all partially clad, boys in jeans and no shoes, girls in tank tops or cami’s with jeans or shorts, no shoes.

All seemingly so normal like any other kid at my school, except for the alluring, iridescent beauty of the appendages from their backs. But his, the boy who haunted my dreams stood taller, in the center of them all more lovely than them all. Then with no warning, the boy and the others would transform into birds I had never seen before, they would flap their immense wings and would fly away. At that point, when seeing them leave, when seeing him leave, it felt as if my heart suddenly becomes disconnected from my body, and flies away with him.

In my dream, I stand staring up at the sky, searching for some sign of return that never happens.
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Published on June 14, 2012 08:25 • 182 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, sci-fi, science, teenagers, teens, young-adult
Happy Monday! Well, guys it’s Monday again, time to kick the week off to a fabulous start! The best way to do so is with great books and great music! So today is the day at Indiewritersreview where we celebrate the Indie musicians and throw the spotlight on their work:)

So let’s get started and see what came in my Music mailbox this past week!

Artist Charlie Burgess
Singer,rapper,song writer,and performer...

So come by Indiewritersreview and check out more about Charlie,his next performances and music!


Happy Monday all:)
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Published on June 18, 2012 06:40 • 139 views • Tags: fantasy, paranormal, romance, sci-fi, science, teenagers, teens, urban, young-adult