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Want to know how I began writing? Check out a short excerpt from Starting Small at Women, Words, and Wisdom! :)

To balance out this happy event of blogging was a horrible event: my husband Eric lost his wallet bag getting gas this afternoon. We cancelled the one credit card/ATM card and checks, but can't replace the wallet I made for him, the pictures in it, or a small notebook given to him by his now deceased father. We asked at the nearby shops, but no one had turned anything in. We also both drove the route he took home, and even went up on the highway to see if anyone had dumped the bag after pocketing the cards, but found nothing. If you believe in a deity, please say a few prayers that the wallet bag will be found. Thank you.
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Published on March 10, 2012 15:15 • 270 views • Tags: starting-small, tara-fox-hall, tara-fox-hall-s-blog