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I created and posted a book trailer for Dead Things...well, almost.

What started off as a book trailer--an A to Z guide to the zpoc--quickly took on a life of its own. With each letter and overly simplistic graphic, the vision changed, leaving me with a warped little read-a-long called "A is for Apocalypse."

You can watch it (viewed best in 720p) on youtube here.

Although the images are, admittedly, simplistic, I think they lend a nice children's book vibe. The graphics and the rhymes really made this little video a lot of fun to create. I decided against using a music tract so as not to interupt the reader's rhythm.

Can you find the references to some of the genre greats, including authors David Moody, Joe McKinney, and Iain McKinnon? Watch for a nod to George Romero as well!

Lessons learned:
- Prezi is great presentation tool for projects like this. It, and a number of screen capture tools, are free and easy to use.
- You don't have to spend a lot--or any--money to do something like this. And even if "A is for Apocalypse," ultimately, looks a bit cheap, I had a lot of fun doing it.

I hope you read and, should you enjoy, feel free to share. Thank you!
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