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June 20, 2014

Get Sometimes I Think of You, a na romance free this weekend from the kindle store
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June 6, 2014

I wrote absolutely nothing tonight and now I'm gonna have to double my word count tomorrow (which is a Saturday)... but I did finish reading City of Heavenly Fire. Totally. Worth. It.
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August 26, 2012

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August 20, 2012

The promised extended epilogue to the best selling Her Best Friend's Brother can be found here:

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August 15, 2012

Come on out and join the new Elfkin (whispers in the woods) goodreads group.

We are going to be doing weekly polls as you, the readers, create a new character for Whispers in the Dark--- expected later this year!!!!

Elfkin Group
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October 25, 2011

Going forward Tuesdays will be dedicated to discussing books on my to-read list. Stop by next week for:

James Fryar's Patrick Patterson and the World of Others


"A match was struck in the distance, bringing light to what was otherwise darkness. "

And so begins the tale of Patrick Patterson. For almost thirteen years, he's lived a quiet, simple life in the tiny town at the edge of Texas, called Farwell, but he is suddenly whisked away by a rag tag group of warriors and others across the United States to discover his true identity and a destiny clouded in mystery.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he'd walk through an underground city filled with citizens from across the universe, contend with powerful enemies from the edge of the galaxy, or travel to the Arctic Circle on a high speed train.

Now, he must decide what he truly desires and whether he even wants to take up the mantle of hero...or alien.


Today was a little thin, so I would like to leave you with a knock-knock joke:

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Cash who?
No thanks, but I’d like some peanuts!

and... cue the laugh track!
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October 24, 2011

Hi there! My name is TJ Dell and I am very excited to have recently published my second Kindle Title on amazon.

Now that I am spending more time in the online book lovers community I find I have more to say. And I talk kind of a lot, so I probably had plenty to say to begin with.

I am going to use the blog to talk about and feature books and authors that I enjoy. Also I will, of course, be shamelessly plugging my own work and begging for (good) reviews both here and on amazon.

Right, onto the shameless plugging!
currently my second title Saving Face is bouncing in and out of amazon's top 100 for girls and women. If you are either, or a dude with a soft spot for high school romances please check it out:

Saving Face

Alyssa is all set for the perfect senior year. She's head cheerleader, she's dating the captain of the football team, and every girl in school wishes they were her. That is until she catches her boyfriend with another girl-- in front of the whole school.

Convincing her best friend Brent to play her new boyfriend seems like the perfect solution. Except, is saving her reputation worth jeopardizing the perfect friendship?
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Published on October 24, 2011 13:45 • 163 views • Tags: author, independent, independent-author, indie, indie-author, kindle, reviews, ya, young-adult