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When I self-published Made Up, back in September 2011, I had already completed the first draft of the second in the series with a preliminary title of The Dividing Line. My plan was to leave it for a few months - just as all the books about creative writing advise you to - before going back to revise it and send it off to my editor. The timeline I had in mind meant that I should have been on schedule to publish it in autumn this year.

Even though I only started doing my revision of Made Up in spring last year, I don't think I'm on track to meet my self-imposed deadline - mainly because I'm expecting my first child in June and I honestly have no clue about how much time that is going to leave me to dedicate to reading, let alone writing.

So, why don't I get on with doing the revision before the baby arrives? Good question. I could say that I'm majorly distracted by all the preparation required for the imminent arrival of the little one, as well as tired out from my day to day job. The trouble is, it's not like I've not been thinking about doing the revision - I've got a notebook full of changes I know I want to make. Big, significant, plot changes and actually, I think that may be more the issue. It seems like such a big task and what with everything else going on in my life, perhaps it's just overwhelming me. What I'm wondering is: Is that writers block or am I just being lazy?

Should I push myself through it, try out writing exercises or just wait until I'm ready to pick it up again? If anyone has any thoughts or tips, they'd be greatly appreciated.
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