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My imagination is busy today, I can't stop it! I am in the middle of my third novel in "The Paranormal Adventures Of John Hazard" series, and now have been literally hit in the head with a killer idea for a collection of short stories based around a concept wrapper.

What is a concept wrapper?

In my book, The Spirit Box, the book was edited and ready to go, when I began to eye the Prologue as if something were missing. What troubled me was a Prologue that occurred more than 1500 years in the past. It was followed by a story that takes place in present day.

It felt like too much of a jump, so to smooth the time transition, I wrote a concept wrapper.

This took the original material and wrapped a story around it that occurred in a more recent past. It was a kind of a stepping stone to the present.

After I had finished, I felt better about the transition from Prologue to Chapter One. My editor objected to the task of reworking it, but I held to my guns and am pleased with the result.

So now it looks like I am going to have to write two books at once. Take this idea and dance with it. Let's hope I can multitask with my writing, like I do with my reading. A brain cell for everything and everything in it's brain cell.

Keep reading, and I'll catch you later.
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You have an imagination. We all do to some degree. We feed it daily, and it can be a beast that screams for MORE! So, as an author, why would I not want to feed your imagination? Set up a banquet for it. Let it gorge itself, that's what I think.

Nowadays, people want to tell you what to do, what to think. I think I should let you think for yourself, let you use your imagination.

That is why in my books, I leave holes for you to stuff your imagination into the story. They aren't big holes. Just little holes, pockets if you will, where you can imagine other things about what you are reading. Colors, smells, feelings, what's in the room, are you in danger? Am I?

I want you to be a part of the story, be in there with me, watching my back. I want you to really FEEL what you are reading.

In my first novel, The Spirit Box, readers are getting that from the story. I hope you get a chance to experience it for yourself, because the sequel is almost ready and you'll need to read The Spirit Box first to enjoy it even more.

So I will leave you with a comment from a reader here on GoodReads, who is getting ready to write her review. She says "Most unique story I've ever read." and there is a reason for that. It's a story you will experience as much as you will be reading it.

It will scare you, make you laugh, and give you at least a few incidents where you too will agree that perhaps you have never read anything like it!

Keep reading and I'll catch you later!
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Prissy, the young maid in Gone with the Wind, uttered the famous words: "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies!" and I have to echo that sentiment. I don't either, although I just delivered my second.

If you have ever written a book, you know it is a lot like having a child, but more from the woman's perspective than the man's. I mean, really, let me tell you in child bearing terms what I mean.

Use my latest book, "NorthWest", released today, as an example. This one took me about 9 months to write. Contrast that with my first book, "The Spirit Box", which took nearly 18 months. It was a long and difficult pregnancy to say the least. It's like they say, though, the first one is the most difficult one.

Like all good ideas, and with proper planning, it starts with the conception. The spark of an idea in the author's eye pushes them beyond all reasonable limits. The seed for the story mingles with imagination, and the embryo of the story is created.

Anyway, the author now impregnated with an idea for a story that they cannot in good conscience abort (I am pro-story life), has entered into a phase where they must carry it to term.

Some authors have no problem with this. People like Stephen King sometimes seem like a baby machine, cranking out so many stories and books that it reminds me of the scene in Monty Python's movie, "The Meaning of Life". In that hilarious scene, the wife is standing doing dishes at the sink while a baby drops to the floor from her womb and fifty of her other children of varying ages sing "Every Sperm is Sacred" in the background.

But I digress… In the gestation period of my second story, I began bragging and showing photos of my first book while carefully watching what I read and taking vitamins to keep up my strength. After all, I am busy keeping up with the firstborn who is growing in popularity out in the community.

I showed my first book to others and hoped they'd see it in the same loving way that I do. A lot of people thought my book was wonderful and gave it 5 stars. If they'd say 3 stars, I'd try to hide my feelings of rejection and say things like, "Well maybe you prefer your story with curly hair," or "My character may look wrinkled now, but the sequel will explain his background." After all, that's my baby you're talking about! It's easy to be sensitive to less than glowing comments.

So as the time of delivery neared, I made the preparations in anticipation. I remodeled and painted the cover with images that I felt might be conducive to growth and character. I made arrangements with friends who were supportive and made sure they knew the time was near.

Then suddenly, the big day arrived. In the case of my first book, when I held that baby in my hands after Dr. UPS delivered it, I swear, I cried. And with much fanfare, the announcements went out, champagne flowed, and well wishes came in from all quarters. Some even said that the picture on the cover looked just like me. (It is me.)

So today, I didn't get the proof copies of my second book yet, but I did bring it into the world as an ebook on Kindle. For the next couple of months, I hope you will bear with me as I show it around and ask people if they like it. It's the kind of thing proud parents do, and I think most authors would agree.

In a couple of days, the hard copy baby will be taken from the incubator, and Dr. UPS will again hand the child to me. I don't know if I will cry this time, but it will be a very happy day.

Oh, one more thing. Don't tell anyone, but I am pregnant again and am expecting my next baby around May. Tentatively, I'm naming it "Send No Angel", and the doctor says we are healthy and doing just fine. We'll see.
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