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July 13, 2014

Pizzica – Italian word meaning to bite, pinch or sting.
I received this beautifully illustrated book from the author – Hayley Egan.  In simple, yet bold colours and pictures, the story enfolds in both English and Italian.  Based on a fable from Italy’s southern region of Apulia, Pizzica Pizzica is a dance ritual providing an antidote to the venom of the Tarantula spider.
What I loved about this story was its connection to my own southern Italian heritage of Calabria.  We know the dance as the Tarantella.  I also loved reading the story in Italian as well as English.  I hope to share the story with my grandson as he gets older.

Hayley Egan is an artist, musician, author and mother of two. She is the author of bilingual children’s book ‘Pizzica Pizzica’, and is currently in the initial stages of her second project.Her journey with bilingualism commenced in 2003 with travel to Siena, Italy, the beginning of a long and complex relationship with the Italian culture that would involve a degree in Italian studies, raising two bilingual children, and an obsession with food that is probably difficult for some to understand.In 2008 she moved to Valladolid, Spain where she lived with her partner musician and ethnomusicologist Salvatore Rossano, who founded the international world music/jazz ensemble AzzBand. Both Hayley and Salvatore performed with this group during the 5 years they lived in Spain.During this time, Hayley also worked as a freelance artist, taught English, studied art history at the University of Salamanca, developed a series of bilingual art workshops for children, and became a mother to Coco, who was born at home in Valladolid.In 2013 the family moved across the world to Melbourne Australia, where they welcomed Ravi, also born peacefully at home. They now live in a country town outside Melbourne.Hayley currently dedicates her time to painting, music, picture book making, and her family.
Hayley's Website
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July 4, 2014

4 Stars

An enjoyable read. All tales were interesting and unique with engaging situations and characters. The shorter stories had me wanting more, a testament to the good writing.

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June 17, 2014

After releasing my first two novels, I learned a valuable lesson.  The reader wants to see the 'hero'. Luckily for me, I have a type, and that type is Jimmy Thomas.  I also used Jimmy on my novel, Candy's Man.  I must say, he is a talking point.  What do you think?

The complete cover of my WIP for print.  To be released soon.Thank you to Dawn from Dark Dawn Creations

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June 9, 2014

Sharing this great poem.

What Lies Beneath

Stop what you’re doing and listen.
Put it down, all of it.
The laundry basket full
of other peoples things.
Their thoughts, and your old stories
Of who you should be
tangled up with mismatched socks
and worn-out layers
Now Shhh, don’t move, don’t talk.
It’s simple, and just about impossible
Be still, silent.
Just listen.
She will creep out from under the pile
if you let her.
She’s been hoping and waiting
for you to notice
She may whimper at first
or bound out boldly
after too many years
being trapped underneath.
Sheis the deep down inside you.
Perhaps the hidden, unknown, forgotten
Your voice,
The one you may have lost
When you became another.
A mother.
She may need to travel or sing
Paint, write or draw.
She could learn to dance, or run.
She could play soccer, and wants to fly
Step aside
and trust
for she knows just what to do.
When all is quiet, listen.
Believe her when she speaks
of what lies beneath the lists and chores
and layers of endless things.
So go on, put it all down, and take her hand
For she wants to show you a secret path,
that leads right back
to you.
Copyright (C) 2010. By Meg Lawton. All Rights Reserved.

Read here
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June 2, 2014

My 'To-Be-Read' pile is getting bigger and bigger. 
 My latest acquisition is a free copy of Comfy Shorts by L.K. Campbell.Thank you to the author!
I'll let you know what I think when I get a chance to read it.  

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May 20, 2014

I'm sharing a blog post from Sweet N Sexy Divas by Tina Donahue.

Sweet N Sexy Divas: When I tell people I’m a writer, they shake their heads and tell me they’d never be able to create a world with fictional characters and paint a story with words. Or less eloquently put, they ask how I get story ideas.
Hair of the Dog, for example, was inspired by my former job. Once upon a time I worked at a fraternal organization. You know—one of those men’s clubs named after a majestic animal. The kind with secret handshakes, rituals and salutations. Sometimes they wear goofy hats or colorful vests adorned with regalia and call each other Brother. 
As a general rule, my mind does not operate paranormally, but I thought what if…what if the members of these benevolent societies were actually shifters of whatever fierce critter was their namesake? Wolves and Cougars and Bears, oh my. That’s a start, right? What’s next? Set the story in a sleepy little mountain town where shifters come to rejuvenate, relax and vacation. Throw in a magical hot spring in danger of drying up and an enchanted fairy prophesized to save the town and you’ve got the beginnings of a story. Sprinkle with romance, drizzle with sex and serve sizzling hot.  
Great idea for a series? What kind of shifter do you like to read about?  
Read more here

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March 30, 2014

 Maria Savva lives and works in London. She studied Law at Middlesex University and The College of Law. She is a lawyer, although not currently practising law. 
She writes novels and short stories in different genres, including drama, psychological thriller, and family saga. Many of her books and stories are inspired by her years working as a lawyer, although she has not written a courtroom drama to date. She has published five novels, the most recent of which is Haunted, a crime fiction/psychological thriller. Far Away In Time is her sixth collection of short stories. You can find out more about her work at her official website:

Our lives are a series of stories, and we are the characters with the starring roles. The memories, regrets, secrets, and struggles that fill these pages are at once unique and relatable. These stories belong to us all.
Eight unforgettable tales reaching out to a place Far Away In Time...

View the Book Trailer

Available on Amazon Kindle:Amazon US Amazon UK  Amazon FR Amazon DE Amazon IN Amazon AU Amazon BR  Amazon IT Amazon ES Amazon MX Amazon JP
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March 16, 2014

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” —Marcel Proust 

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March 1, 2014

All my books are 50% off during this week at Smashwords which makes two of them FREE.  Use Coupon Code: REW50.
To view my books visit:  or click on a book.
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Always FREE

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February 20, 2014

Luciana Cavallaro grew up in a small country town in Western Australia. She moved to Perth to study secondary teaching at university and taught in government and private schools.
Luciana is the first in her family to attain a university degree. She began writing as a cathartic exercise after a traumatic car accident. Since then she has attended writers’ workshops and is a member of various associations.
Luciana has always been interested in Mythology and Ancient History but her passion wasn’t realised until seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. From then on, her inspiration to write Historical Fantasy was borne.~ ~ ~

Five stories, five women, five legends.
Phaedra, a Minoan princess, marries out of duty and to safeguard her precious home. She falls in love with Hippolytos, her husband’s son and asks the Goddess Aphrodite for help. He spurns her affections.
The Trojan War, one of history’s greatest stories ever told. What if the legend as told is wrong? History is told by the victors, and facts changed to twist the truth. Is it possible Helen of Sparta never went to Troy?
Hera, Queen of the Gods, is the most powerful goddess on Mount Olympos. For the first time ever in a candid interview, Hera shares what it’s like to be a goddess and wife to Zeus, the King of the Gods.
Created by the gods as a gift to humanity, Pandora is the first woman on Earth. Did she know what Zeus intended when he presented an urn as a wedding dowry to her husband? Neither she nor Epimetheus knew what it contained, but they were told never to open it.
All Medousa wanted was a life of love and acceptance but one fateful night it changed. While she’s alone in the Temple of Athene tending to the sacred fire, Poseidon pays a visit. No human can stop an immortal from taking what they want.

Excerpt – Cursed by Treachery
Perseus ran on light feet, clambered the multitude of stairs and stopped dead in his tracks on the landing. His breathing quickened and he broke into a cold sweat. His heart beat so fast, it felt as if it may burst through his chest. He stared at the overcrowded courtyard, his mind screaming at him to turn and leave. He lifted a hand to his mouth and clamped his teeth on it. When the wave of hysteria passed, he released his hand. He glanced at it. The teeth marks etched into the skin were white, the surrounding area red. He took a deep breath and threaded his way through the stone statues. Men and women forever frozen in time, their faces were contorted in pain and horror, bodies stuck in perpetual flight. He stole into the darkened chamber and came to a halt. The sound of his breathing was ragged and loud.When his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he scanned the room. The hilt of the sword became slick and as Perseus tightened his grip, it almost slipped from his hand. He leant the sword against the wall beside him and wiped both hands on his khiton. He then pulled the shield over his head, strapped it to his arm and grabbed the sword. About to step further into the chamber, he hesitated. These women were formidable. The evidence of their powers stood outside in the courtyard. He frowned. There must be a way to outsmart them and avoid becoming another victim, he thought. He bit his lip. It was then that he saw her. Her hands rested on her swollen belly, fingers splayed, adding a protective layer. Perseus eyes narrowed, his lips drawn into a thin line.He reached up to make sure the helmet given to him by nymphs was still on his head and checked the winged shoes to make sure they weren’t damaged during his journey to seek out the Gorgones. They were crucial to his escape. His mind was blank, no ideas forthcoming as he stood there with the sleeping Gorgones only some feet away. At that moment, he became aware of another sound in the room. It made his blood turn cold and the hair on his body stand on end. It was like dry leaves rustling against each other and the occasional hiss. He then realised where it was coming from. He was told what they looked like but didn’t really believe the stories. Dark writhing masses cocooned the heads of the women. Right there and then, Perseus knew what to do.

Accursed Women available in paperback and as an eBook via website: Eternal Atlantis and on Createspace, Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and leading online book stores.
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