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July 23, 2015

Knowing ourselves will greatly assist us in our journey of existence. Knowing is always half the battle!
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Published on July 23, 2015 12:04

July 16, 2015

I should buy a cape, since I assisted in saving a birdie. Go me!
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Published on July 16, 2015 12:20

July 9, 2015

Life is about enjoying the simple things. Like getting tipsy.
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Published on July 09, 2015 12:49

July 2, 2015

Mourning Doves are cool.
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Published on July 02, 2015 09:55

June 25, 2015

I'm sky bound, forget living on the ground.
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Published on June 25, 2015 09:40

June 18, 2015

Back in my day, mainstream music was respectable...mostly.
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Published on June 18, 2015 03:02

June 11, 2015

EverythingsGonnaBeAlright I’ve weathered another storm, now I’m kissing the sky.

After nine months of the unemployed life (again), I’m back to full-time work with a reputable agency. Thought it’s not the position I aimed for, I’m grateful to be among the working class again.

The last time I went through a long stretch of unemployment, was between February 2011 and June 2012. That’s right: damn near sixteen months of no solid income coming in.

This time around, my unemployment benefits were exhausted mid-April, but luckily, I had enough in my savings to get me through. I worried long and hard about how I was going to fulfill my duties as the head of my household, how I’d be able to continue to thrive as a single mother of two without a steady stream of scratch.

As I’d mentioned in a recent blog post, my spirit had been renewed after suffering from borderline-depression. I’m truly convinced that as my psyche refresh button activated, the job I have now was waiting for me to receive it, waiting for me to free myself of the burden I built within. Good energy attracts more good energy. By harvesting bad vibes, I was unknowingly preventing my own universal gifts from being delivered, acting as a hindrance to my prayer of getting a fruitful job. I became my own worst enemy!

The outlook we have on our times of suffering can truly make or break us. Our minds are more powerful than we think!

I should’ve never doubted God’s plan for me, because through all of the other struggles I had, I made it through, even when all seemed impossible.

I’ll always be alright, that I believe, because my spirit guide(s) are always one step ahead of me.

Though it’ll take me some time to readjust to working full-time, I dare not complain about having to wake up at 6am and spending half an hour on the road. Two months ago, I begged God to bless me with a job. Now I have it, and have made out better than I thought. I haven’t had a job with benefits since 2008–that streak has been broken!

It may not be my ideal occupation, but I still intend to moonlight as a writer, in order to achieve my dream of becoming a professional wordsmith. I’ll continue to attempt to make that fantasy a reality. I’ll bite the dust trying.

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Published on June 11, 2015 03:04

June 4, 2015


Have you ever met someone that generated bad vibes? Are you aware that the energy of others has an impact on your psyche?

As I continue my path to obtaining inner peace, I’ve become more aware through valid sources like Forever Conscious, that energy, positive and negative, have an impact on our spirit.

Everyone we come in contact with harbors energy. Energy is transferable. If you desire more favorable energy in your life, you must evaluate your circle of friends and/or constant contacts. Those who make you feel light of spirit when in their presence, should be kept close. The energy you form with these individuals will produce more positive vibes. As for the negative energy harbormasters…love them from a distance.

The following is a list of human types that I consider good vibe killers. Please note, that all of these types are gender neutral, since anyone is capable of taking on these characteristics.

The Kiss of Death: Bad fortune always follows this person. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. They broke their leg last week while grocery shopping (slipped on some melted butter), then sprained their neck yesterday from rubbernecking too hard. Hang around this cursed soul long enough, and their bad luck will becomes yours to share.
The Proud Whore: He/she brags about their high volume sex life, including how they’ve “stolen” someone’s mate a time or two using the hypnotic vagina and/or penis they’ve been blessed with. The human body is a temple, and not to be overly used as a fun house. Those who get off on their own promiscuity have no limits when it comes to who they’d like to bed. What goes up, must come down–don’t be the one left standing holding the used common shared between your slutty comrad and ex.
The Soap Opera Star: His/her life is an award-winning daytime drama starring themselves. A lot of their problems are self-induced. Playing the victim on an open stage is how they navigate through life. Don’t play into their role, and avoid becoming a recurring character on their program.
The Wet Blanket: To this individual, there’s never a silver lining. Every glass is half empty. They’re so focused on the downsides of living, that they’re blind to the upswings. Being cynical is one thing, but being an avid party pooper? Not so much. Avoid these melancholy folks like the bubonic plague.
The Selfie Queen/King: Damn near every time you log into Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter, there’s a selfie fresh off the smartphone press of this person. Taking selfies is their hobby, and boy, do they take it seriously! Though this person knows that they’re super photogenic, their ego must be fed constantly, hence treating their social media accounts like a personal photo booth. Vain people tend to be superficial. Wouldn’t you much rather hang around someone that has pursuits outside of being an amateur model? Don’t allow yourself to swim in their shallow waters.
The Flaky Biscuit: You can’t count on them, since they’re always backing out of plans at the last minute. They have the inability to keep their word. Snow should be flaky, not people. Save yourself the trouble and put some distance between yourself and this human, unless you can handle their inconsistent behavior.

Beware of the company you keep. Don’t allow your positive energy to be compromised. Nix or reduce the contact you have with energy killers, before you become spiritually void. It’s hard to build back up once it’s lost.

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May 28, 2015


Rays of sunshine glow

from my crystal fervent soul

unleashing my love

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Published on May 28, 2015 05:08 • 2 views

May 21, 2015


Life is better outside of my comfort zone. Took me long enough to realize it!

I have a tendency to talk myself out of things that aren’t my usual cup of tea. If it’s a pending activity, I try to think of all the negatives, every excuse to get out of it. I’ve even hoped for bad weather or illness to befall me so that I could validate opting out of said activity.

Luckily I got over myself, and attended an exclusive annual business event that I volunteered for. Since I’m still between jobs, I opted to donate my time, in hopes of networking my way towards a new job opportunity. While I have managed to make some connections, it’s been less about the employment track, and more about my spiritual being.

Being around so many successful people bearing good vibes, people that are also dealing with the unemployed life, and those that are still traveling the path to career triumph, has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Though I’m not pleased with my current occupation status, I am blessed with other aspects (health, loved ones, my choice of shelter), and have the potential to reach my career goals.

It’s hard for me to see the silver lining when I’m hung up on the rain cloud. I allow the rain to blur my vision, to dampen my hope, to renege on basking in sunshine and rainbows.

I was this close to allowing that rain cloud to prevent me from attending the business event. Thoughts of doubt manifested.

What if I don’t get any job leads?

Shouldn’t I be home job hunting instead of volunteering?

Will it be worth my gas and time?

Am I cut out for volunteering at this particular venue, will I feel comfortable?

Then slowly but surely, the good stuff propelled me to iron my clothes for the event.

I need to get out of my apartment, need a change of scenery.

Networking isn’t all about job leads, it’s about connecting with people on a deeper level.

It’s a twenty-minute commute, and my lunch is covered, so money isn’t an issue.

There’s a reason why the event host asked me to volunteer at this event. Could be divine intervention.

For every excuse, I had a counter-argument. If the negative reasons don’t outweigh the positive, than why shouldn’t I step out of my comfort zone?

I had a great time, and I’m currently on day two of three of the event. Before the end of day one, I couldn’t wait to come back for more! The event I dreaded attending, I’m now looking forward to! I was hoping I could stay longer, but I had other commitments.

I’ve met so many beautiful people (not referring to looks, though a lot of folks were aesthetically pleasing) at this venue, and am looking forward to meeting a lot more. I also discovered that I enjoy volunteering, and would like to give my time and energy to others more often without monetary incentives.

Thus far, I feel spiritually refreshed, and ready to undergo more job hunting. Meeting and chatting with some of the event attendees has pushed me back on the good foot, restoring my faith in whatever the universe’s plan is for me. There’s a reason why I haven’t gotten a job yet, and I must trust in God’s plan for me. Worrying about tomorrow only takes away today’s joy.

When you don’t take a risk, you don’t get a reward. It’s almost like leaving money on the table.

Comfort zone be damned!

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Published on May 21, 2015 03:12 • 2 views