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Angelika Mayer from the German Newspaper ''Spiegel'' has just interviewed me she asked me all of these questions in a mail and I don't know if this is going to be in the Spiegel, but I don't care, it was my first interview as a writer. Check it out!!!

Angelika: Well today I'm here with Daniel Díez Ginestar the writer of the story 'Shock' which won an award there in Spain. How did you come with the idea and how has the award influenced you?

Daniel: First of all, thank you very much for interviewing me today you've been very kind with your critic. I wrote 'Shock' in five minutes, my mother wanted me to write something and I really didn't know what to write. But the idea of a dark spiral came to my mind and I started writing it. Just five minutes, I didn't need more. I think it has given me strenght for continuning with my work, I'm very happy for the award because I think 'Shock' deserves it.

Angelika: Now talking about your upcoming projects, tell me something about them.

Daniel: I've just started writing two novels 'Dublin Love Story' and 'Nuclear Infection'. The first one if about boy-meets-girl in Dublin airport, and the second is a slasher with social criticism.

Angelika: The Spiegel nominated you to the 'Risen Star Writer of 2011 U18'' but you didn't qualify to the final votation. How do you feel about that?

Daniel: I'm fine I wasn't expecting to be nominated. Just to be nominated was something great for me. I can't believe it!

Angelika: What are you influences? In Goodreads you talk about Bram Stoker, Haruki Murakami and Henning Mankell.

Daniel: I don't really try to write like them, but I've read things of the three. I like the gothic styles Stoker gives to the Dracula story, Murakami is the perfect guy describing situations where two people meet randomly. And for me Henning Mankell is the master of making interesting novels with gruesome details.

Angelika: So you don't have preferences about genres? Because 'Dublin Love Story' is a romance and 'Nuclear Infection' an slasher.

Daniel: You're right, both are truly different. That's what I like about writing, you can create different atmospheres to your novels. I prefer to write things that impact the people so 'Dublin Love Story' is an exception. I wanted to relax a little bit.

Angelika: Thanks for your time and good luck for your upcoming projects.

Daniel: Thank you very much, you guys have very sympathetic with me. Thanks for the nomination!
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Published on October 06, 2011 14:21 • 153 views • Tags: daniel, diez, dublin, díez, escritor, ginestar, infection, love, nuclear, shock, spain, story, valencia, writer
Hey everyone! This is Daniel Diez Ginestar from Goodreads :=) I'm quite happy at the moment because a lot of good things happened.

1. 'Shock' has been very-well received in Germany, it's an honour for me! Life is so surprising you never know what's gonna happen next, with 'Shock' it happens the same things. I never expected it to be read by someone and It won an awards in the city of Valencia, it was such a joy to go to the Townhall. And after that it came the review of the Spiegel which was amazing and the nomination for 'Rising Star' Under 18 years author, which I didn't win but felt great.

2. About 'Dublin Love Story' I gotta admit that it's going into a brand-new direction, the characters are evolving and the story is changing too so I'm thinking about chaning the name because it sounds quite cheap don't you think? Nicholas is going to change as hell and Emma will show us that she's an absolutely fantastic person. I appreciate the 7 likes the previews of the book has here in this site, it's very exciting.

3. 'Nuclear Infection' is tough, very tough, I think the history is very original but not easy to work, I'm giving a time for thinking more about what should I do.

4. For concluding, Fawlty Towers is going to be re-opened very soon, at least for me! I'm writing 12 episodes the ones will give a closing to the series, all the character from Seasons 1,2, 3 will be back at the first episody but we're introducing much more, like the new Mr. Fawlty.

It's getting late and I should do other things see you very soon and thanks for being there.

Your 'crescendo guy'

Daniel Diez Ginestar

19:07 26/10/2011 Valencia, Spain.
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Published on October 26, 2011 10:07 • 162 views • Tags: daniel, diez, dublin, díez, escritor, ginestar, infection, love, nuclear, shock, spain, story, valencia, writer
Goodnight guys. This is Daniel Díez Ginestar from goodreads.com I hope you are all doing well. I have been thinking about writing this post time before but you never know if it is the right moment. I can't believe I'm on holiday, you know sometimes when you have so much time to do what you want and relax you just lose your time. Unfortunately, this has been happening to me lately. So I receive with fair attention my trip to Huesca in the autonomous community of Aragon tomorrow. I need a breath of fresh air and to get out from hometown Valencia a bit.

I am happy, really. When I put my head back to Cambridge, to what happened there it was the best experience ever in my life. It was splendid, truly magical, something unforgetable. I am kind to my parents and my family who have always supported me in the good and bad times. Thanks to them I can proudly say who I am, what my credentials are, and what I fight for. They are very special.

Nostalgia on the other side, I have to say that inspiration is a tough matter. I am not making up excuses it is simply the ugly truth, when it doesn't arrive to you the loneliness appears. However, when you feel it in your veins you feel as an obligation to tell the world your story.

And what's my next one? I have something exceptional cooked and I can't wait to show you. With you there I feel even more confident about my work and I promise not to fail you.

Take care, enjoy and respect the ones that gave their lifes for you.

Daniel Díez Ginestar
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Published on April 01, 2013 16:17 • 77 views • Tags: author, blog, daniel, diez, díez, escritor, ginestar, goodreads, shock
Hello guys,

This is Daniel Díez-Ginestar writing you directly from the capital of the North West of England: Manchester. Tomorrow it's the day I've been looking forward the most since the beggining of the First Year. Tomorrow final exams begin and I feel confident about my chances. 4 exams and we will have done it, we will have overcomed the difficulties that we have been finding on this difficult first year, it will be done. I really believe it is the time to prove why I deserve to be here and I am not gonna miss that occasion. Life in university is full of contrasts.

For instance, the beginning of the First Term seemed to be like a never-ending roller coaster full of parties and active social life. Nevertheless, while time follows its way you assume the fact that you are here to get the job done and that no mistakes will be allowed. I will have a reward if I pass this 4 exams.. I will be lucky to enjoy Summer both in Greece and Spain and spend as much time possible with my girl. There are moments when you feel destroyed and you start remembering all the mistakes you have commited over your life but still I am young and ready to forgive myself.

To my mind, this Summer is going to be the biggest and best of my life. I have no doubts that I will appreciate it as if it was the most precious gift of the world. So Semantics, French Phonetics, Sociolinguistics and Written French be prepared because I am going to give all my best in order to succeed. Remember, to give up is not an option!

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Published on May 21, 2014 08:30 • 26 views • Tags: daniel, diez, dublin, díez, escritor, ginestar, infection, love, nuclear, shock, spain, story, valencia, writer

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