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From my pal Eddie Mah:

We don't need to eat Protein !!Yes, you heard right. We need Amino Acids so our bodies can turn into useful Protein. Animal products do not supply our bodies with the right amino acids which we can use. When we eat flesh, our body has to break down the improper Protein back to Amino Acids. Then it has to compose it to the Proteins which we can use. This is very inefficient. This process also helps develop high Cholesterol; leftover item from unprocessed flesh. We put so much extra pressure on our organs, like Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas. Pancreas failure causes diabetes. We also end up clogging up our arteries, resulting in heart attacks and strokes. We have long intestines like a cow or a horse. We can digest a simple food like a Piece of Lettuce and turn it into a complete protein; Similar to cow eating only grass. Go Vegan and thrive in good health!

And some additional info from another pal Philip Fullerton:

I had to respond because of the comments about getting iron. All those veggies high in iron mentioned are not usable sources of incorporate ascorbic acid (vitamin c) into it. Eat an orange, then eat spinach. Otherwise, you will still be anemic. I had this same problem when I kept trying to be vegetarian earlier in life. Also, blackstrap Molasses has a more absorbable form of iron. I had the same problem and this time I've been vegetarian 4 months and no problems.

I AM A TRUTH SEEKER AND A PUBLICIST FOR TRUTH...WHAT A GREAT CALLING, RIGHT? i started out as an accidental vegan...then a misguided society interrupted me! shame on ... society! seriously! the medical problems which developed among my immediate family can be directly tracked to misinformation from a corporate world...ain't in the genes...IS in the toxic and cruel menus foisted upon mankind. bless, eddie for persistence! that is key, NEVER GIVING UP!

the changes are interesting...and the feeling is a good one. speaks to the wisdom of naming animals and revering them rather than ever eating them...


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Join a great group of animal advocates Squawk Back: Helping animals when others can't ... Or won't
this video clip (view by clicking here) is a valuable four minutes, pointing out the need to include all living beings in our hearts and minds and give them room on our planet once they are born.

parenthood isn't just a human invention. life matters...and birth control matters as well. time to curb reproduction and make room for those already alive to continue living. a-men! ;D ♥!!!!!!

i was told by someone quite close to me that a young father loaded up calves to be turned into veal on mother's day...she watched the babies ride by her window as she talked on the phone. i shall never forget her words...started me on the road to veganism. that exact conversation. that very one.

and i have been a vegan for a year now...i always shall.

from that day ironically, I, and not she, began to speak up in no uncertain terms. sorry that such incidences occur...quite movng that she chose to share that moment with me. and i shall never stop advocating...not ever. no way.

not since that moment which she shared and which i have now witnessed several times myself via videos and documenataries...for anyone to dare refer to such brutality as LIVElihood is shameful and thoughtless and clueless and self-serving.

but think about how those very people treat human beings as well...a distinct correlation.


Wonderful radio interview with my friend Jim Robertson about his marvelous book "Exposing the Big Game."

Here is a description of the interview:

Jim Robertson is a wildlife photographer and self-taught naturalist who makes his home in a remote wilderness setting in the Pacific Northwest, beyond the reach of cable television and mercifully out of earshot of Sarah Palin's daily sound bites. Wild Time talked to Jim about his new book "Exposing The Big Game", which challenges the archaic, yet officially endorsed, viewpoint that the primary value of wildlife in America is to provide cheap entertainment for anyone with a gun and an unwholesome urge to kill.

You can listen to the show here.


Thought-provoking and heartfelt post(s) from my friend Edward Levine yesterday on the "Fans of Susie Duncan Sexton's 'Old Type Writer'" fan page - here are some excerpts...

Susie, I am sending you this in segments because I have lost it 4 times, I have sent it to other sites and gotten very positive feedback...I am posting on your page because so many people will see it....I hope there is some way you can put together...You will get it in 4 or 5 segments...

I just got off a site call Save Tony…I'm sure it can be googled....He was ripped away from his loving family because of a bogus "vicious dog" complaint......The petition said please Save Tony from being euthanized.....OK here we go again. After signing the petition, I wrote Tony is not being euthanized. Tony is a young, healthy dog being murdered in a Kill-Shelter, or as I prefer to call them a death camp for animals.

Would anyone call Auschwitz a "shelter"...I don't think so......12 million innocent men women and children were slaughtered because they made the mistake of or committed the crime of being born: Jewish, Gypsy, Black...

4.3 million dogs and cats are murdered every year in death camps for animals because they also committed the crime of being born....4.3 million, Holocaust like numbers.....

I wrote on save Tony's page what is being done should be illegal to rip him away from his loving family just as the Nazis ripped away children from their parents never to be seen again...Does anyone see the similarity here? I certainly do......

We must not use sugar-coated terms like "euthanize,” “put to sleep" or "shelter" when they do not apply. When what is happening is mass murder.

What is being done to Tony and his family is what happened to Lennox pretty much.....As far as a polar opposite can go from "euthanizing" like I did to my beloved dog on January 20th.....It is an insult to me. And should be to every animal lover who puts a pet to sleep with love and compassion and many, many tears falling....

Prisoners were put in a gas chamber or shot and buried in a mass grave after they were no longer productive.....Animals are put in a gas chamber, not shot, but instead have a stick poked in their heart.

I had the misfortune to watch a video with a camera placed inside by an undercover agent. To see these animals crowded in a corner, terrified, gasping for their last breaths brought me to serious crying. All the people on animal rescue sites and advocacy sites, I implore you never to use the word shelter, when that "facility" throws animals into a gas chamber. I implore you never to say these animals are being euthanized or "put to sleep."

We put our beloved pets to sleep when they are too old or too sick and life is no longer a joy for them. We hold them, kiss them, talk to them and pet them until the vet puts them "painlessly" to eternal sleep. ….We do not throw our beloved pets in a gas chamber.

Again using the real terms of what is happening I believe will also make more people aware of the atrocities that we animal lovers force ourselves to watch every day. In the long run that can only also help to save lives....So again I implore every person on these site who are passionate about saving as many lives as possible, to post and share pictures of animals that need rescuing.

Please forget the word "euthanize" or “put to sleep" or “shelter” where they do not apply. I love that 5% of these facilities will not kill under any circumstances....I volunteered in one, and only the sick and terminal were "euthanized" by a compassionate vet with all the wonderful employees and volunteers at the shelter all taking turns petting, kissing, hugging making sure this animal left us knowing love. Very, very different from a heart stick or a gas chamber.

I respect your opinion, Susie, so much…please help me get the message out how important the proper terminology is to help save more innocent, scared, terrified, little, beautiful furry creatures....Love, Ed


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Join a great group of animal advocates Squawk Back: Helping animals when others can't ... Or won't