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I just finished writing a new book. Yesterday I sent it off to the printers, so I could get a few proof copies for editing purposes.

Here's some info about it:
176 pages. Ages 9 and up.

The Road to Jericho - About a boy from Arkansas, and his dog, who get wrapped up into dangerous circumstances. It's about their travels to Jericho, AR, a hubbub of wanton and reckless living, in the Summer of 1949. It's a book about charity, and gratitude, and greed and the choices that lead us there.

It should released with the next month or so.
Until then... "Like" the Facebook page Add it to your "to-read" list
And expect giveaways, when the time comes, and a book release party in Redlands, CA. TBD.

The Road to Jericho
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Published on July 17, 2012 23:45 • 117 views • Tags: jericho, middle-grade, new-book, steven-j-carroll