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I am not "around" much n GR because I am working on editing the sequel to When Love is Not Enough. It is "done" but not finished. I have that in quotes because I find that in looking this MS over for a final submission, I see way more flaws and I question myself. I am redundant. Therefore, I see the need to cut sentences. This can be good. Culling words was the hardest thing I ever learned. I used to cut things and save them to a separate document as to not "lose" my babies. (Babies=thoughts/words/ideas/sentences etc.) It is hard to simply delete things you write, but as you continue to write, an author (I assume arrogantly) finds that those words aren't really lost. Ideas that flow from a creative mind are always mutating and shifting around in the subconscious and conscious mind, The "babies" aren't lost when I hit the delete key. They are hidden from plain view for a time.

As I edit through this MS, I have seen places where I think, "Oh, this sentence should go here or there. But low and behold a line or two later that thought which popped into mind to be "added" was already in the MS to begin with. My mind already knew I needed it there the first time around and I see this happen time and time again. So... now that I am editing and trying to make the MS the "best it can be" for the dreamspinner editors, I cut lines without looking back. It they were so very important, I would not see the need to delete them now.

I also find it most helpful to edit with a complete MS to work with. Although it is good to edit as I go--which I do--I am glad to weed through the errors after the story is finished because I have a better picture of where things are headed and if events or dialogue is needed/necessary or not. Much of the time, I am adding little tidbits with the previous edit in mind. I remember how the editor suggested things before and I am trying to preclude those suggestions now. So for new authors (which I was and still am) edit with the whole picture in mind! I knowwhat is going to happen, but the reader does not. If I get the character to a place in the story (because I know where he is going) and the reader is going WHAT?!?!? then something is missing. One line of dialogue placed properly can easily fix this stumbling block many times.

Another example of my habitual redundancy comes with the need to remind the reader over and over of a particular event or happening or feeling... whatever... I see this because I guess I am trying to MAKE the reader remember that this happened but really it is unnecessary. THE READER KNOWS! Readers are the ones who on many occasions are reading the book in one sitting. (This is a boon for any writer and highly complimentary when a reader can't put the book down!) But remember author-if the reader is reading it all at once, then they remember what they read ten minutes prior! The need not repeat information is not needed. (So, to all of you who are reading this and think, "Well, Wade, I read items all the time that you reiterate!" I answer, "Forgive me. I am still new at this and I hope to get better with time. Bear with me. Don't stop loving me just because I keep repeating myself." If anything, remind me in a review! Say: HEY WADE, QUIT REPEATING YOURSELF! and give it 3 stars--I will remember it then! I read all my reviews!

So, this is all I have to say for now. The sequel is titled: The Cost of Loving. It is Matt's story in this trilogy. (hopefully not a boring one.) I was going to call it The Price of Loving but then I reconsidered because there is a book called The Price of Falling which seems to pop up on the side of my screen all the time in association with "people who viewed this item also viewed this one." So, because I don't want a title tooooo similar to Melanie's I chose to alter mine slightly. I will keep you informed on the process. I'll let you know (probably via facebook) about my submission and possible acceptance of the MS. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Published on October 18, 2011 03:48 • 241 views • Tags: culling, delete, editing, redundant, sequels
Hello all you people out there.

Again, I have nothing notable to say :p

I am, as always, watching what people think about When Love Is Not Enough I find it interesting to see into readers minds :) Although, I have to say many comments are consistent, which is helpful. I know the next installment (The Cost of Loving) of the Matt/Darian/Jamie saga isn't out there to ingest and tear apart, but I'm not convinced to alter it by any remarks I've read about the 1st one. I think I'm good with the path I've chosen to explore. However, the third book is still shaping in my head.THAT is the one that could be influenced by people's reactions and opinions. I don't want to totally turn people off or frustrate them away from my writing. :S Ya know?

(Still no word on TCOL, btw)

As far as the WIP, I have 55k written. I think I have enough plot points in mind to complete it, hopefully soon. The goal is the end of the month, and after that edits and consistency checks. This one IS NOT depressing. It could probably be seen as the "anti-WLINE" because it is more fun than anything. I love my characters--Cole and Ellis. (Although, I don't think anyone touches my heart like Darian.) I even have some cool side characters that I am interested in hearing what you (out there) think of them. The story description has to change as it is not exactly what I have on my website I am also searching my brain for a new name. Cole for Christmas is "cute", but there are already books out there with that title and I am not sure I want MY work to be lumped in with those. You know I like to be different! So, here are some examples of "working titles". I would like an opinion :) You could VOTE for the one you like or suggest others. This is more of a "fun" exercise and not necessarily a poll to find my title out of desperation. (I'm not desperate.)

1. How to Love a Cynical Fatalist, And Other Tall Tales.
2. How Not to Tell Your Roommate You're Gay
3. Anal Retention
4. Reid 101: Not for Beginners
5. When a Cynical Fatalist meets the Hedonistic Viking of His Dreams
6. Cynical Fatalism: Just Another Service I Provide
7. My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!
8. And I Thought College Would Be Easy
9. Equation For Love
10. Laws of Attraction and How Sarcasm Can Work for You.
11. Love and Cynicism
12. How Not to Control and Manipulate Your Lover

And I could go on with the silly suggestions, but what would YOU be tempted to read?

I am sure the right title will hit me when I have finished the book. By then I hope to right a more fitting description. This is a "college" love story. And although I think the Christmas season shall be included, it is not a "Christmas story" per se. (Hence another reason why Cole for Christmas doesn't really fit.)

I know that my website describes my books as NOT being light and easy to read. I may have to amend that. This book isn't an emotional rollercoaster but I do hope I captured some emotion. (It made ME laugh anyway.) I needed a break from heart-wrenching sadness. Hard to keep on that trail for long periods of time. I am going to think about calling this different style "Slices of Life" because I am thinking about some stories (Yes, I have at least one more in my head) that are hopefully realistic and could be seen as a snapshot of real life situations. Like College life. Cole and Ellis are college students, BEING college students, who happen to fall in love. Their friends and COLLEGE students.

My other books (even though only ONE is published ) is under the heading "Unconditional Love" series. I think those are the hard stories, the sad-ish ones. The emotional ones. Slices of Life, (or maybe "snapshots" of life) are more straight-forward romances. (M/M of course!)

Any thoughts? Feel free to comment. I love comments ;) I like to know I am not talking to myself on here.

I'll keep you informed of what is going on with future publications. And UNTIL then, I will just keep pressing forward and writing whatever comes into my imagination.

Side Note: I AM reading Bear, Otter, and the Kid. I am trying not to distract myself from MY characters, but I also need a break sometimes to refresh the synapses. :D Mr. Klune's book is good so far, but I'm reading it slower than normal because I am writing at the same time.

Over and Out,
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Published on March 12, 2012 04:47 • 378 views • Tags: reader-s-thoughts, sequels, t-j-klune, titles, when-love-is-not-enough
I am merely writing a note to let the "fans" know where I am on edits and writing. *My group of 71 fans :) and those of you who are always encouraging me and dropping me a message or note on my 'wall'.* It seriously DOES make a difference to know people care and WANT to read what I am writing. Thank you!

As far as TCOL... I have edited through it with one "beta reader". I am trying to work on her comments and fix some small things. (I ramble in a couple spots. Imagine that.) But over all it was received well and she liked the story. I made her laugh and made her cry. I feel good about the story as it is overall. I may cut a couple scenes as it is over 120k. IF I DO, I will make them available later on as free "deleted scenes" on my website.

I am still torn between self-pub and submitting to several more normal publishers. If you have thoughts on that, feel free to comment below. What I might do is wait until my latest WIP is finished and submitted. IF the new one is published, maybe that would be an incentive to publish something else by me. My thought anyway. Do you have any thoughts on that?

My WIP is 62k. Going well, but going slow. I had taken time off for my "day job" and I feel all angsty now 'cause I haven't written in a while. It really does make me tense and on a growly edge when I don't write. Like some people when they don't get a morning coffee. I NEED it! BUT, on the other hand, when I step back, I come at the story fresh and find new things to add and more to write about. It can be a good thing.

I think I really do like the title: "My Roommate's A Jock? Well, Crap!" I think it goes well with the story. I have to rewrite the synopsis so it makes more sense.

Only regret lately is no time to read. (Sorry TJ Klune.) I intended to be done Bear, Otter, and the Kid by now but I've been distracted by work, editing, and writing. I WILL finish it soon! I think I am 70% done.

So... Vio, Deeze, R.B., Candice, and all the gang who worry about me, I am fine. Positive thoughts! No depression here for a while now. Things are going well, only not as fast as I would like.

take care all,

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Published on March 31, 2012 08:56 • 245 views • Tags: sequels, t-j-klune, titles, when-love-is-not-enough

To reiterate and sum up my plans for the immediate future, I am in the process of editing and polishing for the submission of my currents projects.

The Cost of Loving is my first priority. I have the notes from my two "beta" readers and I plan on going back through that MS and editing out unnecessary information. TCOL is long, and therefore can stand to lose some stuff. I want to get it down under 120k, and it stands now it's 121k. I think I can do that! Since that MS is the closest to being ready to submit again I am looking at it next as my brain settles from writing MRJWC.

My Roommate's A Jock? Well, Crap! (MRJWC) is now a complete story. At 80,370 words I am happy with the way it turned out. The plan now is to let my brain rest from that story, and wait to see what my "beta" reader thinks of it. She already pointed out one huge flaw in the beginning and I altered that chapter. This IS basically the first draft (although I edit as I write) and I want to see if her assessment of the story (as is) is a positive one. After I polish TCOL, I will come back to MRJWC and tweak whatever needs it.

I DID however rewrite the synopsis:

It’s easy to become cynical when life never goes your way.

Cole Reid, a college senior, has been a social recluse since the age of fifteen. His obsessive/compulsive behavior, and controlling, sarcastic nature have driven half the population away, where as the other half of humanity hates him because he’s gay. As he sees it, he’s bound to drive any prospective friend away, let alone find a boyfriend, so why bother?

After Cole’s roommate of three years graduates, the housing department assigns Ellis Montgomery to his campus apartment. Ellis’ presence is problematic at best. He’s messy for one thing, but he’s also gorgeous, straight, and represents everything Cole has tried to avoid since the tenth grade—he’s a jock!

Amid the chaos of frat buddies, camping expeditions, and meddling parents, Cole and Ellis develop a fast and firm friendship that goes against Cole’s glass-half-empty attitude. Is there more brewing below the surface of Ellis’ amazing blue eyes, or is it simply Cole’s reawakened libido that drives him to look past the fact that his roommate’s a jock and see there’s something more between them than camaraderie?

How does that sound? Deeze, would that description sway you to check it out? (besides the fact I wrote it?)

Other news, I have an interview coming out this week as well as a review on Ms. Condit Reads Books Blog. HERE on thursday. More on that to come!

Also in my plate is to finish reading Bear, Otter, and The Kid!

I had thoughts most of yesterday about a new story about a good-looking "player" type falling for an introverted, self-denigrating recluse. (I like to pair up opposites :p ) I need names and a title. It will come to me when the story is ready.

Happy Monday!

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Published on April 23, 2012 04:40 • 192 views • Tags: editing, sequels
Anyone that follows me can tell I go through "phases." I write, I rest, I write some more, I doubt my abilities as a writer, I blog about my inabilities as a writer, I take hits from readers about being a dumb-ass for not believing in my abilities as a writer, I go back to writing, and somewhere in there I also READ. So, I am back to the "reading" stage. Reading is like a re-charge. Getting my mind off of MY characters, and MY stories helps to clear the cobwebs and straighten up the wrinkles. My brain gets weary and blurry and I can't always think enough to write complete sentences. So I take a break.

Right now, TCOL is with another publisher. (I seriously hope they take it because I don't want to go through the rigamarole of self-pub. I can, and I will, but I don't want to. I was looking into it and there is a LONG list of rules and stuff. I have an idea for a cover and an artist willing to work for me, but really it would be so much easier if a regular publisher just took a shot with me. One of the main reasons is cross-over characters. While My Roommate's a Jock is not a sequel by any means, it does have some of the same characters that are in TCOL. Namely, Darian & Matt but also Darian's friend Sara and her brother... oh what's his name?... oh yeah-ELLIS! I don't know why I did that but I like it when characters do guest appearances on other shows. (rough segue into sit-coms.) Also, when I was writing MRJWC I really thought TCOL was going to be published BEFORE it. Now I am not so sure. Technically TCOL comes chronologically first. There are references to events in TCOL and they are not a big deal if you never read TCOL, but now I second guess myself and wonder if I should take them out?

Side Note: TCOL is a REALLY GOOD BOOK! And seriously needs to be published. (I feel suddenly vain typing that.) My betas liked it. I had oodles of typos but I think they are all taken care of now. I cut two sex scenes, but if I self-pub they are going back in!

MRJWC is sitting for a little while. The beta is done reading it. She loves my characters! (Yay. Happy dance.) She is going to e-mail her thoughts on it soon and I will see what I may have to tweak. It has only been a first draft and I know I will add a bunch of detail when I go back through. I keep thinking about Ellis and Cole. I think they were fun!

I had another story brewing. I don't have names for my guys yet. One character is good looking, sleep around type. (maybe I use that type too much?) Works a dead-end job. He befriends no-name character #2. This guy is shy, plain/not perfect, virgin (*grin*), insecure, nerdy. I am still working on plot theme and what actually moves the plot forward. I can see some scenes in my head and they kind-of talk to teach other. When they really get going (in my head) is when I will know where to start writing. Name suggestions?

While I am taking a breather from editing MRJWC, I am going to read.

I finished Bear, Otter and the Kid. I am going to pick up Something Like Summer. (I have the paperback.) I also want to finish reading Zero at the Bone and Wicked. A lot of reading a head! If you don't hear from me, I fell asleep with my nose in a book.

ALSO... I mailed my book (paperback, WLINE) in to Lambda Literary Foundation. If you are the praying type, can we all pray they review it? The guy I e-mail said he did receive it and it is being considered for review. You know how people are reluctant and sometimes afraid to read When Love Is Not Enough... Those who take the plunge are often blown away. Pray they (Lambda Lit) are up for the challenge. :)


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Published on April 30, 2012 10:26 • 210 views • Tags: bear-otter-and-the-kid, lambda-literary, reading, sequels, when-love-is-not-enough