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October 6, 2016

Hello, lovely readers. Thank you for stopping by for this special post from Brandon Witt, who is part of the "Dirt Dozen." Each year, the Dirty Dozen gears up for GRL with a blog tour. 12 authors, 12 days, 12 posts. This year the authors include: Brandon Witt, TM Smith, Jordan L. Hawk, Alexa Land, Jeff Adams, LE Franks, Morticia Knight, Jake C Wallace, K-lee Klein, Tempe O'Riley, AE Via, and myself. Each author can up with a question for this interview style post, and the author of the day answers the questions. It's fun! So let's get started.

I've met Brandon and I can tell you he is a warm and wonderful person.

Thank you, Brandon, for joining me. One for Brandon's novels is titled The the Stars Fall. I am currently listening to the audio and I think it's wonderful. It is a very warm and sweet romance. For those readers who like books without graphic sex, this one is for you! It's all about the relationships! I liked it so much, I have another of his audio books when I'm finished this one.

On with the questions....

Tams asked – If you could spend the day with one of your characters, which one would it be, and why?Donnie Durke, from The Shattered Door.  The idea of this book came to me on the way home from my cousin Gabe’s funeral.  He was twenty-five or twenty-six, I was twenty-four or twenty-five (I think, time does funny stuff to one’s memory).  Donnie was based off of my cousin Gabe—beautiful, kind, funny, charming, too good to be with us on earth for very long. I still miss him.

Jeff asked - What are you working on currently and what's its inspiration?I’m working on four novellas in a series called Mary’s Boys.  All four of them will be out in ebook by GRL 2017 (and will be combined in a paperback edition at the same time as the 4th one is published).  They are all set in Denver at Hamburger Mary’s, which is a gay restaurant chain.  This is my first time doing novellas, and they are a little more traditionally romance focuses than my normal.  If you read Under a Sky of Ash, and enjoyed the drag queen ManDonna, you’ll be thrilled to know she shows up in all four stories.
Wade asked - If the lead character in your current novel were to read your other books, which one would be his/her favorite and why?The first book of my Rocky Mountain Boys series will be on pre-order by GRL Kansas City.  One of the lead characters in that book is Luis Martinez who moves to Estes Park, Colorado from California in a spur of the moment leap in order to re-start his life.  I think he’d most appreciate The Imperfection of Swans, as Kevin does something similar.  He doesn’t move away from home, but abandons his high-paying corporate job to open his dream wedding dress shop.
Jake asked - If all of your MCs were thrown into a strange and dangerous world where survival relies on ingenuity, creativity, common sense who would come out on top?I think Brett Wright, from my Men of Myth series.  His combination of demon, mermaid, and human ancestry would aid him well.  Not to mention the fact that he’s immortal.  At least, as far as he knows….
Brandon asked (yes, I guess that means he's talking to himself. lol) - What musician or album do you think people should listen to as they read your work because it fits the soul of your words (either a specific title or your writing in general)?I have to go with Joy Williams’s Venus album if you’re reading The Imperfection of Swans.  It was on constant replay as I wrote the last of that book.  And the title came from her song, You Loved Me, even though it doesn’t mention anything about swans.  
In general, if you play Joy Williams, Amy Grant, The Civil Wars, Adele, Faith Hill, Natalie Cole, Erin McCarthy, Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, Mills Brothers, Pasty Cline, Leighton Meester, and Matt Alber, I think you’ll have a pretty perfect back drop for my contemporary novels.  My Men of Myth series would need a different playlist.
Morticia asked – If you could be one of your characters and live their life, who would it be and why?I can’t say I’d want to face all that Brett Wright had to face in my Men of Myth series, but I’d still like to be him.  To live under the ocean with the mermaids and mermen???  Yes, please!
Tempeste asked–  If you could be a fruit, any fruit, which would you be and why?I think a fig.  They always get put on charcuterie boards with all the best cheeses.  That would be heaven.
Jordan asked –  What is the thing you enjoy most about gatherings like GRL? Seeing friends that understand me in a way that no other people in my life can understand me.   We all have a shared, geeky bond of writing and/or reading.  It’s wonderful. And relaxing.
LE Franks asked –  What is the most vivid romantic moment from any film that has lingered the longest and meant the most to you…. and why?In The Last Unicorn, which you must see, the prince refused to be responsible for the Amalphia remaining human when she should be a unicorn.  He put his love for her above his desire.  As a result, she is the only unicorn in existence that can experience regret and truly know love.  It’s beautiful.  And yeah, I know, I’m fucked up.
K-Lee asked– If you could take any fictional couple or character (television, movies, real-life, books) and add them to one of your books, who would it be and why? The entire cast of Downton Abby.  I want them in every book I write and I want them in every room of the house.  And I want to have Maggie Smith simply sit there and pass judgment upon me.
AE asked– What kind of quirky habits do you have before or during the time you write?I have a very strict routine I follow.  From the food I eat, to the coffee I drink, to how long I write at a time.  I’m not one that can sit and write anywhere.  I’m a creature of habit.  And I have all of my My Little Pony characters assembled to the left side of my computer.  Whenever I start a new book, they get rearranged.
Alexa asked– When you write, do your characters hijack the story, or do you keep a tight grip on the reins?
I’m a huge planner and outliner.  We’re talking family trees, pages of characters notes, lists of questions and problems, etc.  That said, I may have to do multiple outlines, as the characters nearly always change what I think is going to happen.

This was great! Thanks for answering all those fun questions. For readers who wonder about some of his other books, I'll list a few.

Author Facebook Page
Dreamspinner Press
And we have a 12 ebook giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Rafflecopter direct link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/disp...?

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Published on October 06, 2016 04:18 • 8 views

August 25, 2016

Hello, lovely readers.

I had SOCCER JERSEYS made special for the soccer players of my jock series.

You can choose home or away colors for 8 different characters:
Jackson #1Garber #3Archer #7Montgomery #11Rafferty #14Harder #19McAvoy #00Reid #68
On the WEBSITE you will see Jackson and Montgomery listed as examples of the back of the shirt, however, there is a scroll menu when you choose the color of the shirt where you can pick the player, then another scroll to pick the size. The cost is $31.99 plus shipping. (There will also be tax for those sold in MD?? I never know.) There is an additional cost for larger sizes. $2 more for 2XL, $3 more for 3XL and $4 more for 4XL, but I still think they are reasonably priced for good quality soccer jerseys. I will take a pic of me wearing mine and upload it soon.

There was also a question of sizing. I measured the Med and Large shirts myself and the medium shirt was 40" across the chest under the arm pits. The large was 44". I normally wear a large at 42". The large I tried on was a tad big, but it is a sports jersey and I think they do that on purpose. Personally, I am going with a medium because it fits fine. That's just me. :) The printing company is working on a size chart for me to post. It's coming soon. Thanks. I hope you like them.
This initial store will run for about 4 weeks. Orders may be held until the end of this 4 week period, depending on the amount of sales. I will be made aware of sales and if they are higher than expected, then the wait for your shirt may be less than 4 weeks. This is JUST starting, so bear with me.

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Published on August 25, 2016 07:19 • 16 views

August 17, 2016

Hey there, good people. This summer has been the fastest summer of my life. Just crazy busy and weird things piling up.

So first, there was 5 weeks of tennis for my girls right after school let out. I have 2 daughters, 15 & 11. Tennis was 3 times a week for 5 weeks. I thought I'd have some time for myself, while they were playing, but somehow time flies. Those five weeks went by so darn fast between tennis and swimming at friends houses and me driving them to spend the night etc. And all of a sudden it was August and I didn't remember July.

Yet, also during the summer, and extending back to like April, I've also been worrying about my mom and brother. My mom has emphysema and my brother and I have been talking to doctors and stuff. A lifetime of smoking did this, but condescending doctors are not helpful. I'm taking it one doctor's appointment at a time and being there to take her wherever she needs to go. She lives with my brother an hour from me so doctor appointment days take most of the day.

THEN, because it's never simple for me, I fell in my driveway and scraped my knee. A small cut. It ripped my only jeans so I was mainly upset about that, but 5 days after cleaning it out the area swelled up and got freaking HOT. I went to the doctor and they said it was infected. I was on TWO rounds of antibiotics, but it is STILL swollen. I have another appointment today with my orthopedist.

August has been crazy and this is only week 3. Week 1 was a HUGE kids festival thing my church is involved in. My kids are in it and I volunteered to serve snacks. It was Aug 1st-5th and pretty much exhausted everyone. It was a good week. Fun. Exhausting. And I took drugs for my knee, but also had gone to get blood drawn three times. I had gotten it in my head that I needed to know that I was healthy because I need to be strong for my mom, my brother, and the rest of my family. All tests came back good except one. My liver and kidneys are good. My cholesterol is good. My heart is fine. My blood pressure etc. My thyroid, however, is not. Durning Kids Fest Week, the doctor called to tell me I needed to see an endocrinologist immediately. I asked, "Will I die tomorrow?" because she sounded worried. The Doc said no. I was glad because I was going on vacation August 8-14. I figured my thyroid had probably been off for a long time so another week wouldn't matter.

I had gone to the doctor in the last week of July because I wanted bloodwork done to know if there was anything else wrong. I'd been seeing a therapist since January and the anxiety and depression hadn't gone away. I rarely slept. My heart was always racing. My mind never shut down. So the doctor prescribed a low dose of Lexapro. I've been on that for 3 weeks and I haven't slept this good in a year. I thought most of my mental issues were over my sadness and troubles with my son. Our argument and his leaving last July rocked me to the core. The Lexapro has really helped!

Anyway... I was on Lexapro the first few weeks of August and now I'm on a medication for my thyroid. Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss my thyroid because the only Endocrinologist in town can't see me until October. I have Hyperthyroidism. My TSH # was undetectable, while T3 & T4 are elevated. In a perfect world, maybe they could straighten out my Thyroid and maybe I wouldn't need Lexapro. IDK.

What I do know is that Vacation was relaxing. I listened to several audiobooks while my kids swam. Sutphin Boulevard, The Starving Years, and Beneath the Stain. All were good! Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane was outstanding!

When I got back, I hit the ground running and took my mom to the pulmonary specialist at 9:30 in the morning Monday. (Which meant I had to leave my house at 7) Tuesday, I saw my doctor, and my daughter had a dr appointment for her 11 yr wellness visit. Today I have another dr appointment, and Thursday I see my therapist. GO. GO. GO. I never get a break.

The one thing that had troubled me and plagued me since January is the inability to write. I know my brain is a mess. I've been screwed up since July 2015. I thought seeing the therapist would help, and it has in many ways, but my creativity has disappeared. I have ideas, but no voice. I have words, but no passion. Not sleeping for months didn't help. I hope straightening out my body will fix my brain. I want to find my voice again.

One person who wrote a review for JOCK 3 on Goodreads said, "Wade Kelly has outdone herself with this one." I am so glad for that because I love this book so much. But I worry I won't find myself again. I want JOCK 4 to be incredible. I want people to weep with Rob because you know J4 is for him.

So this has been my life this year. I told the doctor I always have weird things going on. I plan to die from a satellite landing on my car while I'm on the Baltimore beltway. She laughed and said, "Oh, my. I hope not." But this is how my mind works.  Nothing is simple. Nothing is normal. Always weird. We had discussed my family history too and I said everyone died of weird things like drowning not any specific disease like heart attacks. My two grandmothers died in their 90's. The people who died younger all smoked. I don't smoke, so I hope that will help change history.

So this is all very candid. This is me. I'm not hiding, I'm not exaggerating, and I'm not saying I have the worse life ever. I know people have it way worse than me. I am just saying this is why I disappear sometimes. I live in the fast lane sometimes and it has to do with taking care of my family. I want to write. I will write. I live to write. Just lately weeks have flown by so fast I can't think.

JOCK 3 is coming up fast. August 26th! I hope you like it. Follow the interviews and comment to win.

I love you guys. My readers and fans mean so much to me you have no idea. Thank you for understanding and standing by me through everything.

I guess that's all I have to say.

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Published on August 17, 2016 07:40 • 13 views

July 27, 2016

Hello, lovely readers.

This is the blog tour for JOCK 3, Back Off! That's My Jock

The tour has 12 stops.

7-27 Caraway Carter
8-1 Jeff & Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast
8-17 2 Chicks Obsessed
8-19 Prism Alliance
8-22 Love Bytes Reviews
8-24 Ashely John's blog
8-26 RELEASE DAY Elisa Rolle & Dreamspinner's Blog (Yes, 2 posts)
8-29 Joyfully Jay
8-30 Long & Short Reviews
8-31 TTC Books and More
9-2 MM Good Book Reviews

Here are the rules for prizes:

…  I, Wade Kelly, will be giving away one GRAND PRIZE (items listed below) and three runners up prizes of a $10 gift card for Amazon. All you need to do is leave a comment. ALL comments are logged for a chance at the prizes. BUT, ONLY those who leave a comment on 10 out of 12 BLOG STOPS will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Last time I think there were 15 people in the Grand Prize drawing.
Note: If we’ve never chatted and you aren’t on Facebook, it is a good idea to leave an e-mail address because I need to know how to reach you. If I can’t, and I reply to your comment on the blog post that you’ve won but don’t hear from you, I have to give the prize to the next person on my list. Each comment gets you a chance in the drawing. If you leave one on each, that is eleven entries PLUS you are listed in the Grand Prize drawing. For a reminder if the rules, and where I’m stopping next, visit THIS BLOG POST! I will update the links as each post happens.
Grand Prize includes all of the following:1)   One of my famous spoons in the colors of your choice (If you already have one, I'll send something else.)2)   One signed paperback from my back list (Not counting JOCK 3)3)   An e-book copy of JOCK 4, when it comes out. (Not under contract yet)4)   An AUDIOBOOK of your choice. (Promo code)5)   And last, but not least, a soccer jersey for the player of your choice from the players in JOCK 3. AWAY OR HOME Jersey. (I’ll list them on my website along with pictures of the jerseys. They come in adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, & 4XL)
So there you go. If you have any questions, please let me know. Comment here or email me: writerwadekelly@gmail.com

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Published on July 27, 2016 06:32 • 12 views

July 7, 2016

Well, for anyone who knows me or has followed my blog for a while, you already know I'm inconsistent even if I WANT to be consistent. I guess what it comes down to is laziness and the lack of things to say. Maybe once I have more consistent publications, I'll have more to talk about. IDK.

News... JOCK 3 comes out August 26, 2016. I have a cover reveal set up on Caraway Carter's blog HERE. As well as a blog tour to talk about the book and me as an author. I hope you can join me. I'll be on the following blogs:

Caraway Carter
Ashley John
Jeff Adams
Elisa Rolle
2 Chicks Obsessed
Joyfully Jay
Prism Alliance
TM Smith
Love Bytes
Long & Short Book reviews
& MM Good Book reviews

Not in that order.

I'll have actual links in ONE blog post later on, which I'll update with each blog post on the tour so I can list all of them in one place for your convenience.

Currently, I'm writing JOCK 4. The title may change so we'll just call it JOCK 4, or J4. I've been having difficulty writing this for several reasons. I have some personal issues with my son, which have affected me deeply. Since I'm a highly emotional person, this past year has been difficult on me. I also see this as a book which NEEDS to be amazing. It is the last of a 4 book series and I don't want to let people down. It needs to rock and therefore I think I've been putting too much pressure on myself. I probably just need to write it and see if my beta readers think it's okay. Going is slow, but I'm sure I'll get there.

JOCK 3 blurb:

Defining his sexuality didn’t make sense until his best friend spelled it out.

Doug Archer did some pretty idiotic things in the first eight weeks of his junior year of college. First, he kissed his gay best friend, and second, he kissed a guy he’d mistaken for a girl. Not stellar moments for Doug. If he isn’t careful, he’ll lose his spot on the soccer team to the new freshman, or worse, he might misconstrue his new friend Rob’s overly affectionate tendencies for flirting. But if Doug isn’t bothered by another guy’s attention, and he normally dates girls, does that mean he’s gay or bisexual?
Sam Garber suppressed his same-sex attraction his entire life. His father told him it was immoral, and Sam did everything he could to bury his feelings. However, after meeting Doug at a party and kissing him, Sam can’t think of anything else. He decides dating girls is the best way to keep his secret hidden. With playoffs in sight, this is no time to think about guys in any other context than soccer. Only, neither boy anticipates the difficulty in suppressing his attraction for another jock!
Let me know what you think. I'll have prizes on my blog tour so please consider following it :D

That's all for now.


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Published on July 07, 2016 06:11 • 13 views

June 16, 2016

The following was a post I did on Facebook, but not everyone who follows me is on facebook. So, here ya go....
I saw my therapist today. Among other things, I expressed how hard it is for me not to be afraid to take a stand and speak my mind, especially in light of how I've been treated in the past. I said I wish I was brave. She told me she heard a quote somewhere that said bravery has nothing to do with not being scared. It has to do with being scared and still doing what you have the need to do. I've been trying to be more accretive for years. 2010 was a soul-crushing year in many ways, but I've changed since then. I have been getting stronger and braver over the years that followed. (There are people on FB who know this.) This past year has also been an emotional rollercoaster for personal reasons, which lead me to the therapist. However, the Orlando tragedy has changed me. I am a straight, white, woman, mother, wife, housewife, who is generally safe in my little house in the woods. No one is holding a gun in my direction. If I stopped writing, then there wouldn't even be a trail toward me after a period of time to even suggest I stood for anything. I am generally a quiet, non-confrontational person. I keep much of my opinions to myself. (Especially on FB. No drama from me.) But those people who died could have been someone I knew or loved and it makes me pause on a whole different level to look at myself and how I effect the world (Sorry if I should have said affect. hate those words) I can't sit quietly. Sure, I'm afraid about people who will reject me or hate me for being an advocate for human rights/ LGBT rights, but as I said no one is pointing a gun at me. The people the died we living their lives, being brave enough to go to a club where they felt safe. And some one took their breath from them. My therapist said she can see I have a passion for the gay community. She was happy that I changed my profile picture to my NOH8 photo. But changing a picture, is only a tiny step. I need to be more vocal to the people in my community and to my delegates and senators etc. The LGBT community is small compared to the rest of the population. They need advocates willing to be scared to take a stand with them. I've been to three gay clubs in my life. 2 of them I was there early with friends and was told nothing exciting happens until after 10. hahah. I go to bed at 8:30. But I did venture to watch a dancer I know in a club one time. (not sure if it was a gay club or not) If that hateful person had chose that club that night, then yes, I could have been among the victims simply because I wanted to a have fun with my friends. I can't live in fear. Those people went out that night not knowing they would die. They were trying to live. I want to live. I want my friends to live and have the same rights as me. To have the same security of going out in public and not feeling ashamed, scared, or marginalized because they love someone of the same gender. So if you are straight, and you care enough to take a stand, please do. We need to pull together! Love more, and hate less. Love is supposed to conquer hate, but it doesn't do it by itself without people who are willing to love.Hopefully I didn't say this all wrong. I'm just typing what I'm feeling. I'm tired of being scared because life is too short to worry about what others are going to think of me if I stand for gay rights.And remember: if you love someone, tell them. Have coffee with your friends. and spread love, not hate.

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Published on June 16, 2016 18:13 • 42 views

May 8, 2016

Dreamspinner Press has a sale all this week! 

If you've ever wanted to try my books or buy another of my books or grab a paperback to get signed at a conference, NOW IS THE TIME!!!! CLICK HERE!
35% off the following authors: Year 4 authors- Diane AdamsVictor J. Banis,  JP BarnabyAnne BarwellJessie Blackwood, Louise Blaydon, Selina Brody, Sue BrownScotty CadeTalia CarmichaelAllison CassattaAlan Chin, Elizabeth Coldwell, Shae Connor , R. Cooper, Charlie David, Jessica Skye Davies, Dawn Douglas, CJane ElliottPhoenix EmrysJeff Erno, Pepper Espinoza, Etienne , Feliz Faber, Jamie Fessenden, Rebecca Lynne Fullan, S.A. Garcia,  Ab Gayle, Michael Gouda, JM Gryffyn, Michael Halfhill, Lou Harper, Lori C. Hawkins, Valentina Heart, Morgan James, Hayley B. James, Kiernan Kelly, M. King, Christopher KoehlerTrina Lane, Maggie Lee, Rebecca Leigh, J.J. Levesque, (August) Gus Li, Pearl Love, J.R. Loveless, Ryan Loveless, Sui Lynn, Jake Mactire, Sarah Madison, Anna Marie May, Moria McCain, Rowan McallisterKate McMurray , T.C. Mill, Elizabeth Noble, Star Noble, J.L. O'Faolain, Stephen Osborne, Sjd Peterson , Amber Redd, Rick R. Reed , Tracy Rowan, Jaime Samms , Stefan Seabourne, Kate Sherwood, Ruth Sims, Joel Skelton, Amberly Smith, Shelter Somerset, JoAnne Soper-Cook, Andrea Speed , Caroline Stephens, Ethan Stone, Jan Suzukawa, B.g. ThomasTinnean , C.M. Torrens, Wynn Wagner, Felicia Watson, Cooper WestEden WintersLisa Worrall, Connor Wright, Sulayman X , Xara X. XanakasCari, C. Carol Zampa
Year 5 authors- Alex Alder, Perry Ambrose, Shira Anthony, Anna Birmingham, T.c. Blue, Ana Bosch, Lara Brukz,  Kc Burn, Rena Butler, Ellis Carrington, G N Chevalier, Nick Chivers Rebecca Cohen, David Connor, Michael G. Cornelius, Robert Cummings, Carole CummingsEon de BeaumontPoppy Dennison, Johnny Diaz, A. Soo Donim, E.S. Douglas, Jana Downs, Ryssa Edwards, Bell Ellis, Thursday EuclidTheo FenravenTia Fielding, Kim Fielding, Rhys Ford, Brandon Fox, Gene Gant, Elizabella Gold, John Goode, Elinor Gray, R.G. Green, Jeanette Grey, Liam Grey, M.d. Grimm, Ellee Hill, Ellen Holiday,  Jc HollyJohn Inman, Lee James, K.J. Johnson, Lissa Kasey, Chris T. Kat, Annie Kaye, G.P. Keith, Wade Kelly, Juan Kenobi, Zee Kensington, KevaD, Alex Kidwell, Evie Kiels, Tj KluneSusan LaineTara Larson, M. Lee, J.R. Lenk, Jamie Lowe, Malthea, Edmond Manning, Wayne Mansfield, Z.B. Marshall, Anna MartinSean Michael , C.L. Miles, E E Montgomery, April Moone, Clancy Nacht, Mj O'shea, Eve Ocotillo, Jeremy Pack,  Hb Pattskyn, Mal Peters, Charlotte Rahn-Lee, Eric Renner, Spencer Rook, Rodney Ross, Brian Rowe, Claire Russett, Ann T. Ryan, Cecilia Ryan, Jerry Sacher, Carly Safko, Robin Saxon, Riley Shane, Meredith Shayne, Pd Singerr, Sam Singer, Bee SnowAda Maria Soto, Christianna Spencer, Michael St. Anthony, Leora Stark, B.A. Stretke, Damon Suede, Cindy Sutherland, Lou SylvreAnne Tenino, Toki, Melanie Tushmore, Lorraine UlrichPiper Vaughn, Stuart Wakefield, DeShaun Walker, Alex Whitehall

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Published on May 08, 2016 10:15 • 29 views

May 7, 2016

Thárros by C. Kennedy is out!
ΘάρροςThárros. Greek. Meaning courageCourage. n. /ˈkərij/1. The ability to do something that frightens one.2. Strength in the face of fear, pain, or grief.~*~Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear,not the absence of fear. ~Mark Twain

High school senior Michael Sattler leads a charmed life. Almost. He has great friends, parents who love him just the way he is, and he was a champion hurdler until someone took out his knee when they kidnapped his boyfriend. Yet, Michael is determined to make the USATF tryouts in spite of his injuries.
Christy Castle is Michael’s entire world. Healing from years of abuse, his abduction by a predator has left him hiding a new secret as he tries to start his life again. Together, Michael and Christy work to recover from their wounds in time to make prom and graduate high school. To complicate matters, Christy is astonished to learn a fellow victim from his native Greece has survived. Christy will stop at nothing to bring him to the US to keep him safe.
But the prosecution of Christy’s kidnapper looms large in their futures and the struggle to return to normal only worsens. Christy's past continues to haunt them and, when the prosecution turns ugly and Christy’s new life is torn apart, only their unrelenting courage and determination can save them from the nightmare that threatens to destroy their future together.
Now available at Harmony Ink/Dreamspinner PressAmazon US,Amazon UKBarnes & NobleKobo, and Omni Lit/All Romance eBooks!
Add Thárros to your Goodreads and BookLikes Lists!Read Chapter One or Read en français

Thárros Book Tour and an Exclusive Excerpt Featuring Wade Kelly as Our Talk Show Host!
A very special thank you to Wade for hosting me today for the Thárros Blog Tour! It’s great to be here!
My newest book, Thárros, Book Two in the Elpída Series, is a continuation of Christy and Michael’s story. It picks up where Ómorphi left off. The boys work to heal after Christy’s abduction and Michael’s daring rescue of him, and this story centers on the trial to prosecute Christy’s abuser and kidnapper, Yosef Sanna. Writing works about the tough subject sexual abuse is hard. It must be done in such a manner as to reveal the cruelty of abuse without hitting you over the head with it. As such, I look to balance the story with laughter, joy, and hope.

For the release of Ómorphi, I created a character interview of Christy with Wade as our talk show host. That post was so popular with fans that it became part of Thárros, the novel. Lo and behold, Wade is now memorialized in print! Check out the exclusive excerpt, Wade’s interview of Christy, below.
Thank you for being our talk show host, Wade. You are the coolest dude I know!

They watched the show recording from the sidelines of the studio. Christy trembled with fear, and Michael did his best to comfort him by holding him close with an arm around his shoulders. “You’re going to do great,” he assured.“I do not like this,” Christy whispered.“We’re here. You’re not alone.”“Are you ready?” Nero asked.They nodded, and the show host announced them. They walked to the stage and took their seats as they’d been instructed ahead of time.Wade Kelly seemed to be a nice woman and welcomed Christy warmly.“Christy, you have actively worked to avoid the media since you came to the United States. Thank you for allowing me to be the first to interview you.”“You are welcome, Mrs. Kelly.”“Please call me Wade. Tell us how it feels to be popular for the first time in your life in a good way.”Christy seemed uncomfortable and looked to Michael for help. Michael squeezed his hand. “Say whatever you want, babe.”“I will not be in trouble for this?”“Nope.”“Okay. This is uncomfortable for me. I do not wish for people to know who I am. I wish to have a life free of people who stare and say bad things about me.”Wade smiled pleasantly. “That’s understandable. But what if people say nice things about you and stare because they admire you?Christy thought for a moment. “I do not like the staring. I would prefer people speak to me as if I am like them and did not have a terrible history.”“Each of us has a history, and we don’t always like what’s in it. You’re here with us today because we admire you.”Soft applause emanated from the audience, and Christy blushed. “This is perhaps a little untrue. You admire the story of me.”Wade laughed lightly, and Michael chuckled softly. “He’s kind of stubborn.”She smiled. “I see that.”“Only a little stubborn,” Christy defended.Wade pressed another question “How do you like living at Wellington Ranch?”“This is very nice for me. I have my own cabin. I am clean, I have food, and I am safe to sleep. It is a home for me. Not only a house. And I have Rob now. This is important for me.”She smiled kindly. “Dr. Villarreal is a very nice man.”“I wish to say one more thing,” Christy said.“Go ahead.”“Michael does not like the security cameras in the cabin. He does not feel we have the privacy. But they are necessary to see that I am not ill or hurt, and I am safe.”Wade smiled again, and Michael wondered if her face ever got tired.“What are your plans for the future?”“I will be with Michael and graduate from the high school.”“That sounds wonderful. How do you feel about the upcoming prosecution of Mr. Sanna?”“I am happy for this. I have learned that what he did to me is wrong. It is very nice of the president of Greece to remove the diplomatic immunity from Yosef, and I like the United States for doing this for me.”Soft applause emanated from the audience again.“We understand that you’re giving your testimony in the form of pictures you have painted. Tell us a little about that.”Dangerous ground. Michael looked across the stage at Nero, who nodded his okay.“The paintings are the statement for the police. They are not the testimony. I will have to say what happened to me as the testimony. It will be hard for me.”Wade offered the camera a sympathetic smile. “I bet it will be hard.”“Michael and Rob will help me with this. I will do it.”“Can you tell us a little about what you have painted?”Christy shifted uncomfortably in his seat and glanced at Michael. Michael whispered into his ear, “Say you don’t want to talk about it.”“I do not wish to say this.”“Fair enough. What plans do you have for fun in your new life?”Christy glanced at Michael again and Michael leaned in. “Tell her about prom.”Christy smiled for the first time in the interview. “We have a dance to attend. It is called the senior prom. Michael says I can wear the clothes I like. We did the shop for these. There are also flowers involved. I am to have the corsage, and Michael is to have the boutonnière. This is exciting for me.”Applause cascaded down the audience.“Rumor has it that you’re not going to wear a scarf to prom. Is that true?”Christy’s brow dipped in a frown. “As you say, this is a rumor. The people who make the rumor are to blame for this. However, it is the true rumor. I will not wear the scarf for the prom.”Wade laughed softly for the camera. “All right, Christy. Thank you for being so courageous and for spending time with us. We hope you’ll come back soon.”“Thank you, Wade.”Wade turned to face the camera squarely. “There you have it. You heard Christy talk for the first time live and candidly, and I hope not for the last time. He’s shy but seems to be growing more confident as time goes on, and I think Michael has played a great part in that. It goes to show us what true love can do for us.”Thunderous applause filled the audience.Michael kissed Christy’s cheek and whispered, “You did great, babe.”Christy blushed. “I did this.”“Yep, you did.”“She said I am courageous.”“Yep, you are.”“This is new for me. Okay. I wish to go now.”“Okay. We’ll go now.”Nero’s large hand descended on Christy’s shoulder and gave it a pat, nearly sending Christy to his knees. Only holding onto Michael’s arm kept him standing.“You did wonderfully!”Christy smiled up at Nero. “I did, Kýrios Santini. She said I am courageous.”Laughter rumbled low in Nero’s throat. “You’re the bravest soul I know, Christy.”

Now available at Harmony Ink/Dreamspinner PressAmazon US,Amazon UKBarnes & NobleKobo, and Omni Lit/All Romance eBooks!
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About Cody
Cody is an award-winning author who lives, most of the time, on the West Coast of the United States. Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Cody doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Cody contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Cody can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much-maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary. Among many other awards, Omorphi was a runner-up in the 2014 Rainbow Awards, and Slaying Isidore's Dragons was a finalist in the 2015 Rainbow Awards. Cody does respond to blog comments and emails because, after all, it is all about you, the reader.
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May 4, 2016

Howdy. I'm here today to pass along a little advice on things I've learned from my therapist, and from my editor. (Or in the editing process.) So if you are a writer, or a human, (or both,) maybe something I say can help you.

1. Be kind. Going through life being an ass is probably easier, but it doesn't pay off. I think we need to love more and hate less.

2. Focus on yourself. -worry less about what others think. I have learned the hard way that I can't control other people's emotions or reactions. *Not that I was trying to "control" anything. But sometimes, no matter what you do, someone is always going to treat you poorly or hurt you or hate you. I've tried to be a good person, a good mom, a good writer, and a good Christian, but someone will always think I've fallen short of being anything good. So, what do you do with that? You work on yourself.

I'm trying to just LOVE ME. I'm trying to realize MY strengths, MY talents, MY positive influences no matter what other people say about me. This is not easy, especially for an author. We are surrounded by criticism all the time! Bad reviews hurt because they cause doubt. I doubt. I doubt myself all the time. What I need to is SIMPLY WRITE because writing is what I love and what I am passionate about. I have to trust that my stories WILL make a difference in the world, no matter what people say to the contrary. I have to take a stand on what I believe in, even if people hate me for it.

3. Put forth your BEST effort! (Editorially speaking, but it translates into most things.) The very hardest edits I ever received, even worse than a rejection letter, was on a book I did NOT give my best to edit. I wrote it and hastily submitted it. Yes, it was accepted, but it was not an easy thing to get edits that tore me up emotionally. With the next book, I TOOK GREAT CARE in editing the manuscript before submission and my life is SOOO MUCH smoother because of it. This type of care should be given to everything in life. Do your best no matter what you are doing.

Personally, I'm trying to balance a LOT of things. I am trying to be the best mother I could be, the best author I can be, and the best wife I can be. Sometimes, one aspect gets more attention than another, but I really AM trying to do it all.

My advice to people is to put forth the best effort you can in all things.

4. Let go of bitterness and anger. THIS is something I haven't been able to do yet, but I'm trying. Bitterness and anger has a habit of swirling around the subconscious and festering. Take my word for it. Bitterness can take over your life and steal your joy.

I'm on a quest to spread love and encourage people. I challenge you all to do the same! Pick a few people off your Facebook friends list and post an encouraging pic like this:

(*sent to my sweet Kayla)
It may surprise you how often those posts are sent at JUST THE RIGHT TIME when the person needed a smile.
5. Writers write! Novels don't really write themselves. Sometimes the story flow so easily it feels like it writes itself, but it doesn't. It takes typing, and editing, and proofreading to make a story come to life where others can read it. There are MANY authors who write a book, publish it, and then they are sort of done. Maybe they ran out of stories, maybe they thought the one was all they had to say, but I think the authors who have stories in their veins, write more than one novel. Prove to the naysayers around you YOU ARE an author. Go Write! You can't just say you are writing a novel. You need to back up the claim. I've been on a hiatus as my doubts have grown so big I don't know how to get rid of them. But the cure for doubt is succeeding. I WILL WRITE THE NEXT BOOK! I AM AN AUTHOR! Writing is what I do. Writing is what I love.

That's all for now! I need to go edit!
hugs and kisses

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Published on May 04, 2016 06:33 • 8 views

April 29, 2016

Hello, my people. I am here today with guest Matthew J. Metzger.

Matthew's book is about a transgender fifteen-yr-old. But, that's only the beginning of what seems to be an in-depth explanation in story form of how to "pick apart the aggressive, hostile questions from the simply-curious, sometimes foot-in-mouth moments," for which many of us need education. I know I would like to know who to tactfully talk to a transgender person without coming off like an ass. I don't intend to be like that to anyone, but as Matthew points out, in email or PM there is no "body language or voice tones or facial expressions to help you out." And that's can be applied to any conversation, really. I prefer face to face. A good old fashioned talk. (Or phone or Skype if not close by)

Talking to people is the best way to know anything. I think a lot of people fear that which they don't know or understand and therefore come up with some crazy shit about bathrooms.

I intend to have Matthew back for an author interview, maybe next Friday, but for now let's just listen to what Matthew has to say about his characters.

Take it away Matthew......

For purchase at JMS Books click HERE.
On Choices
Spy Stuff is about the balance between being open-minded, and asking questions.
Anton, a transgender fifteen-year-old, has heard all the abuse before, but he's so unused to honest questions that he often confuses the two. His new boyfriend, Jude, has never met a transgender person before and really has no idea what to do or what to expect from this development. And being a fifteen-year-old boy with all the social graces of a badly-trained dog, Jude's not great at not just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.
When I was in the final editing phase for this book, a new girl started in my office. She was immediately fascinated by my gender identity, having -- like Jude -- never met a transgender person before. And the questions began.
This is where the internet sucks -- it's hard to judge how someone means something by type. There's no body language or voice tones or facial expressions to help you out. "Do you have a dick?" can be an insanely rude and aggressive question, or a polite whisper from a well-meaning but curious person.
This new girl is the latter. Because she's very sunny, very bubbly, and constantly exuding this happy positivity, she comes across as harmlessly curious and you can have a laugh with her about things. In six weeks, I've taught her about the FtM transition process, the effect of testosterone on females, and even the wide range of sexualities out there. Just the other night, she texted me 'what's a non-binary queer pansexual?'
And it clicked for me that while Anton is the character whose experience I am focusing on, it's actually his cisgender boyfriend, Jude, to whom I most relate. Like Jude, I don't have many boundaries. Like Jude, I want to discuss things that others find off-limits or rude fairly frequently. And like Jude, I'm not fond of the idea that you shouldn't or can't ask.
Jude is the personification of the idea that being open-minded isn't just something you are, it's something you choose to be and work at. He's got no frame of reference for transgender issues, much less dating a transgender person, and because of Anton's need for secrecy, doesn't know how to get that information but from Anton himself. And as the book rolls on, Anton re-learns how to pick apart the aggressive, hostile questions from the simply-curious, sometimes foot-in-mouth moments that Jude is a little prone to.
But most importantly, Jude chooses to give Anton that time to explain, and chooses to take the time to understand.
And that's key, for both allies and transgender people themselves to understand. It's big news. It does affect our partners, especially a partner who -- like Jude -- believed they were only attracted to the thing we turn out we're not. The Jude on the first page of Spy Stuff is firmly heterosexual. The Jude on the last page isn't so sure anymore. He has to behave differently to his new boyfriend than other people will to theirs, and sexual experimentation is a whole new ball game with this thrown into the mix.
And Jude chooses to ride those waves. He chooses to try and understand this guy who isn't quite what Jude thought he was. And in doing so, he finally learns not only who Anton is and why that person is still someone Jude is totally into, but he also learns some valuable things about himself.

But he had to make the choice to do it. And Anton had to make the choice to let him.

Title: Spy Stuff
Author: Matthew J. Metzger
Blurb:Anton never thought anyone would ever want to date him. Everyone knows nobody wants a transgender boyfriend, right? So he's as shocked as anyone when seemingly-straight Jude Kalinowski asks him out, and doesn't appear to be joking.

The only problem is ... well, Jude doesn't actually know.

Anton can see how this will play out: Jude is a nice guy, and nice guys finish last. And Anton is transgender, and transgender people don't get happy endings. If he tells Jude, it might destroy everything.

And if Jude tells anyone else ... it will.
Buy Links: ebook and print
Word Count: 67,000 words
Publisher: JMS Books (Queerteen Press)
Publication Date: 1 May 2016
Excerpt:Anton slowly relaxed as Jude started to brighten up and just ... talk. Jude chattering, Anton was starting to realise, was a sign that everything was alright. And Anton desperately wanted it to be, so he simply clung on to Jude's hand -- even though it was raining outside, and really too cold to not be wearing gloves -- and let the noise wash over him all the way home.

Which meant, when he let them into the house and the smell of Aunt Kerry's drunk spag bol invaded their clothes, Anton was ... actually in kind of a good mood. Maybe he could do this. Maybe Jude would listen, even if in the end he still decided dating a trans guy wasn't for him? There was a chance, right?

So when Lily appeared in the doorway, took one look at Jude, and screamed, Anton laughed.

"What the hell!" Jude yelped as she tore back into the kitchen.

"She's --"

"Mummy, Anton's friend's on fire in the hall!"

"-- kinda weird."

"No shi -- er, hell?"

"Just ignore her," Anton advised, hanging up their coats. A nervous swoop made itself known when Jude grinned and kissed his ear, but he laughed it off and pushed him in the direction of the kitchen. "Go get us drinks or something."

"It's your house," Jude said, but wandered off obediently. Anton took a moment to simply breathe before following him.

Lily had firmly decided -- despite having seen Jude before and not having really clocked his hair -- that Jude was on fire, and Anton had to wrestle a cup of water away from her before it ended up on Jude's head.

"Nooo, give it back!" she wailed, stretching up to grab his belt as he put the cup in the sink and rummaged in the fridge for Cokes.

"Yeah, Anton, give it back. I might start melting the counter," Jude said, sliding onto one of the stools at the island counters. Aunt Kerry, busy with dinner, simply chuckled at the both of them.

"You're being mean!" Lily yelled, stamping her foot, then turned on Jude, skidding across the tiles to grab at his trousers. "You need a fireman!"

"It's always that colour," Jude said in a serious voice, but he was wearing an ear-splitting grin, and Anton's heart clenched hard at the sheer beauty of him, despite the battered face.

"No, it's on fire!"

"No it's not," Jude said. "It's ginger."

"That's not ginger, ginger biscuits are ginger!"

"They're brown."

"If they're brown," Lily said seriously, "then why are they called ginger biscuits, huh?"

"Because they have ginger in them."

"Which makes them ginger and that's not ginger and you're on fire!"

"Lily, leave Jude alone," Aunt Kerry interjected.


Jude dropped his head onto the counter with a muffled cackle into both hands, and Anton couldn't help but laugh at sight of him. "Oh God," he said. "Come on, let's go into the living room, and --"

"Noooo, you can't, he'll put the living room on fire!"

"Lily, seriously, stop it with the fire, he's not on fire."

"Jew!" she screeched, and Jude did a full body twitch like he was trying not to curl in on himself. "Jew!"

"Jude!" Anton corrected.

"Jude," she echoed scornfully, throwing Anton a fabulously dirty look for a kid who wasn't even six yet. "Jude!"

"What?" Jude managed, coughing and rubbing at his eyes, still grinning.

"Tell Tasha to stop it!"

Anton froze. Like a bucket of ice water being dumped on his head, every muscle seized up, and the Coke in the cans started rattling in his shaking hands. "Lily! Stop it!" Aunt Kerry barked, but Jude -- oh God, Jude, totally oblivious Jude --

"Okay," he said. "Who's Tasha?"

Lily blinked, then flung her arm out, and pointed right at Anton. "Anton's Tasha," she said, like it was so obvious.

"Lily, that's eno --"

"Anton was Natasha only then she became Anton and Mummy says I have to say he but I forget sometimes," Lily continued in a loud, inescapable voice. It bounced off the walls and tiles, and one of the cans slipped through Anton's hands and burst open on the floor. Coke was flung everywhere in long, fizzy bursts, soaking his socks and trousers, and through Lily's indignant shriek and Aunt Kerry's yell, all he could see was -- was --


The wide-eyed, confused stare that Jude was giving him. And the single word, that word, the word Anton hated.


Anton opened his mouth, found nothing coming up to save him, and did the only thing possible.

He bolted.

Author Biography:Matthew is an asexual, transgender author dragged up in the wet and windy British Isles. He currently lives and works in West Yorkshire, and has a special fondness for writing the rough-edged British working class society in which he grew up -- warts and all.
Author Contact: Matthew roams mainly on Twitter and Facebook, has a free fiction page, runs a blog chronicling his own transition from female to male, and has a website. His young adult backlist can be found on his JMS Books author page. And as a last resort, he can also be contacted at mattmetzger@hotmail.co.uk.


If you've got questions: ASK. I (WADE) find myself asking with less and less hesitance. Maybe because I'm more confident than I've been in years past. Maybe because I'm too old to play games anymore. We ALL make choices. I want to make good choices, and ones to help bring people together, not tear them apart.

If only I could translate that into some of my "real life" crap.

As an aside....  I want to address some things I read today on Facebook.... As an aside.... What is it about Target and it's stand for equality and the controversy over bathrooms? Really? Bathrooms? Argh. Well, I think it's all stupid because people are people and if you have to use the bathroom, no one I know is peeking through the door cracks to see who is in there. And that is in the woman's bathroom. As far as I know, men look around the bathroom even less. I say, just let people pee. If you don't want to share a bathroom with transgender people, then pee at home.


Come back another time for an author interview with Matthew J. Metzger.


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Published on April 29, 2016 11:29 • 7 views