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September 13, 2011


Writer/Authors all know... Readers want places, scenes, characters to all come alive, if a writer/author.. writes about the ocean the reader wants to smell the sea, taste the salty water, they want to touch the waves, they need to feel the sand between their toes, a nice cool ocean breeze if its a tranquil setting).. If a writer/author rights about the sun the reader wants to see the color of the rays, they need to feel the heat of the sun's presence... if a writer/author writes about a mountain, the reader needs to see the top,…is there snow, is it green did an eagle fly past, what about the birds nest along the side of the cliff.. if a writer/author writes about the sky, was it just a blue sky or.. did thick gray clouds smother the sun, did the night sky swallow the daylight, did the clouds look so heavy that you lifted your arms high than held out your hands in fear that it falling, ..when an writer/author writes about a smiles, was it just a smile or did the smile cause wrinkles to pile, was it such a happy smile that it caused both ears to wiggle up high..
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September 12, 2011

I have been extremely busy, I am in process of my book launch,(Facets) being all of us hard at work authors, are experiencing a huge transition between the digital world and the paper and voice world, I have been attempting a bit of all three worlds, I fear new wave may be to soon, old wave may be late does anyone have the answer?
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September 2, 2011

A few days ago, I started this new piece of work, I started out with one idea but now not even through the first few pages my idea for the book has already changed. The first idea was a bit on the eery side but for some reason, the idea has changed into a happy enchanting wonderland. GO FIGURE ... Being a writer I have come to the conclusion that the subconscious is to mysterious to even attempt to begin to sort through .... anyway, I crave to write, so whatever path my mind takes, I will follow along, as usual!!
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September 1, 2011

I'm finding that by workings on more than one piece of work at a time tends to be less stressful. When I become blank or tired or what I consider to be the craze stage of writing episodes. I switch to a different piece of work. I can explain the results in one word ... BLASTOFF ... Idea's and thoughts begin to flow, the punch line here is they flow and make sense LOL Has anyone, anywhere experienced this great mental fix, if yes share your BLASTOFF experience!!!!
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Published on September 01, 2011 20:57 • 67 views