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July 1, 2014

PicturePlease welcome Sandi Beth Jones to the blog today. 

Sandi, I have so many questions for you about your book,  Byronic. I love the setting and the mystery. I really love that you've pulled in iconic Lord Byron. Talk to me about Gothic Romance.

What draws you to write Gothic Romance?

When I was younger, I gobbled up books by Edgar Allan Poe, Barbara Michaels, Virginia Hamilton, and Stephen King. I’ve always preferred ghost stories, mysteries, and tales about places with history. Add a complicated romance in the mix, and you have a wonderful recipe for excitement. For instance, I love trying to figure out what is causing the danger and wondering whether or not the couple will get out of the old haunted house alive.

How did you come up with the idea for BYRONIC and the Prometheus Order Series?
Byronic heroes are my absolute favorite. They’re so very complex that I feel for any lady who has lost her heart to one. When I was in high school, I did a research paper on Frankenstein, and became intrigued by Mary Shelley’s contemporaries, including Lord Byron. To me, the poet seemed liked the original emo—misunderstood socially and yet a creative genius. I wondered how his personality would be received today, maybe as a teenager. Then I wanted to explore the Frankenstein connection in a Lowcountry setting. I love the Gullah culture with its superstitions about haints and boo hags! What could be more Gothic than a ghost story in the Gullah Sea Islands?

What was the hardest scene to write in BYRONIC?
It’s really hard to answer that question without giving anything away. I’d have to say there’s one where some of Geoffrey’s past is revealed to Chelsea that made me very uncomfortable for them both.

Can you tell us a little bit about Geoffrey?
Geoff Ramsey is the younger son of a British author and his wealthy realtor wife. He’s had a life of privilege—a happy childhood—until one reckless moment stole everything away from him. Now mistreated by his parents, he disappears for days at a time. He’s aloof, mysterious, and unpredictable.  But he’s loyal to his friends and passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves.   

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Beyond those I mentioned earlier, I love Cassandra Clare, Rick Yancey, Kelly Creagh, and Carrie Ryan.

What are you working on next?
I’m writing the next book in the Prometheus Order series, PROMETHEUS UNBOUND, which will delve more into the strange circumstances that are happening in Geoff’s world of the Lowcountry Sea Islands.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
The best advice I ever had was: “the only writers who fail are the ones who quit writing.” This has been my mantra on this long writing journey! If you truly love writing, just keep on keeping on. There are no shortcuts. Write and let people read it and critique it. Use their feedback and write some more. You’ll never get better if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to write some bad books along the way.


When the creatures in her dark drawings come to life, Chelsea finds that the mysterious Geoff is the only person she can confide in. But she can't help wondering who she’s kissing: her tender confidant or the dangerous Byronic rebel bent on shocking his detached father.

Starting over in the South Carolina Lowcountry is just what sixteen-year-old Chelsea needs. Unfortunately, moving also means living with her mom's snobbish British novelist employer and his moody son Geoffrey. Knowing that her new home likely used to be a slave holding plantation doesn't make her feel any more at home.

Troubled and reckless after his brother's mysterious death, Geoff often mimics his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron, acting "mad, bad, and dangerous to know." She's determined to keep her distance and buries herself in her art, though the darkness of her drawings troubles her and others who see them. When people in the Gullah and Geechee community point out that she has been drawing Boo Hags and haints -powerful and terrifying creatures of local legend and superstition- she starts to wonder about her own heritage and her connection to the Sea Islands. She begins to question her own grasp on reality when it seems those creatures start making their way out of her drawings and into real life.

It's clear that Geoff has some secrets of his own, but he might be the only person she can confide in. Chelsea must decide who she can trust, when nothing in the Lowcountry is what it seems.




Sandi Beth Jones writes young adult novels, as well as historical romance for adults. A former librarian and bookseller, she’s currently an educator and publishes reviews of young adult books for library journals. When not writing, she loves spending time on the river and traveling to places off the beaten path. You can find out more at

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June 24, 2014

Picture Senior year should bring fun, friends, and happiness. Not portals, treachery, and murder. 

Seventeen-year-old Mia Taylor, gatekeeper to an interdimensional portal, wants nothing more than to heal from her romance gone wrong. Illegally falling for her co-worker Regulus had been a huge mistake. But when Regulus goes rogue to hunt down a murderer, Mia must forget her broken heart and use her unique abilities to save him. Traveling across dimensions, she enters a strange and hostile world where a rebel faction holds the key to their escape. Her gift of synesthesia is in high demand, and a secret organization of the otherworldly kind has her in their sights. But sabotage and murder may be the least of her worries. Her ex-boyfriend wants a relationship. Her dad wants her to act normal. Her friends want her to stop moping. Who knew faking happy would be the easiest part of senior year?
AMAZON    /    B & N     /     KOBO     /     iTunes 
Starting Over A few days ago, Watcher of Worlds (Whispering Woods 3) went back out into the world with a new cover. The original release was in December 2013 by Renegade YA. Since then, many changes have taken place and I have my full publishing rights back on this book.

Years ago, I wasn't interested in self-publishing. Today, the publishing climate has changed. I've also learned a lot about the publishing business. In 2014 I took the leap in the self-publishing waters. I'm not sorry that I did. I've enjoyed the challenge. As a hybrid author, I'll still pursue traditional publishing with certain projects.

Watcher of Worlds has the same content that it did a few months ago when released from a small press. I won't go into the details of what happened there, but let's just say I'm happy to have this book back in my hands.

I lost ALL of my good reviews on this book with the change to a different publisher (my own company). That's probably the only disadvantage. If you reviewed Watcher of Worlds on Amazon or another retailer, please consider helping me out by going to the site and leaving a quick review. It helps so much.

Do you like the new cover? I am IN LOVE with it. My son Jake is a computer programmer/graphic artist. He offered to do the cover, and I thought I'd see what he could offer me. I love the girl's face and the colors. I think it complements the first two books in the series.

If you are an indie author and looking for choices with a book cover, please check out Jake's premade covers at  He's also interested in doing custom covers like the one he did for me.

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June 13, 2014

Picture Love a good scavenger hunt and want to win prizes?  

Play the game at

2014 - Summer Fun Booklovers Scavenger Hunt
STARTING JUN 15, 2014 - ENDING AUG 31, 2014

PictureYou must be 18 years old to play. You go to the link above, fill in the registration page, and print out the page for notes. The screenshot at the left is a sample of what you'll see.

You'll have a fill in the blank for author prizes.  Some are required in order to play. All you have to do is check out the book blurb from the author to grab the correct answer! Night Owl Reviews gives you the exact location (a hyperlink) to find the answer.

There are some amazing prizes. I'm giving away a gift basket with a signed print copy of Chasing Luck, $10 iTunes gift card, Chasing Luck necklace, and a digital copy of Chasing Luck.  Mailing list signup:

I love readers! I'm doing a little housekeeping this month on the blog. I know that some of you are interested in my new releases and contests. So, I started a mailing list that I'll send only for that purpose. I'm trimming down the blog subscriber list to the folks who are opening the emails. The last thing I want to do is clutter inboxes.

In this new mailing, you'll find book news and special giveaways. There won't be a lot of mailings, but each will be filled with goodies. I'm inserting the signup below. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. */ Subscribe to Brinda Berry's Book and Contest News: * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

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June 9, 2014

Picture I admit I'm a diehard romantic. I love to read fantasy, horror, and suspense. I sometimes read literary fiction, steampunk, and nonfiction. But when it comes right down to it, a good romance captures my heart every single time. 

That's probably why I blend romance into everything I write. I can't help it. There's nothing more alluring to me than the love connection (sorry for using the cheesy phrase) between two people who aren't expecting it. 

CHASING LUCK released a little over a month ago. I'm thrilled with the reviews so far. This book is the first of the Serendipity series, New Adult Romantic Suspense.

My hero from CHASING LUCK is Ace. During the beta and critique process, I got quite a bit of feedback on him. Comments from readers let me know that he was a major contender for a book boyfriend. He's charming and sarcastic. Fearless and caring. Sexy and devoted.  Sort of a bad boy who thinks he doesn't need anyone. He's exactly the right match for Malerie, the heroine of the story. And that's why they work together.

Sparks flew while they were on the page.

The second Serendipity book is coming along nicely, and I'm excited every time I open Scrivener (writing software program) to add more words or polish a scene. This is how it should be for a writer. If you aren't having a love affair with your book, you need to reevaluate what's going on with it.

In my current manuscript, I have no problem with the suspense plot. The aspect that takes more time is the new chemistry that must be created. I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes my characters tick and why these two are even attracted to each other. It's easy to imagine physical attraction. But what beyond that makes two people work as a couple? What makes their relationship  qualify as a heart-wrenching, soul match? Yes, I went all cheesy on you again.

A while back, I discovered a video and it's one of my favorites. Tom Fletcher, singer from McFly, is a romantic sort. He's a little on the goofy side, but has the Robert Pattinson messy hair thing going on. And he obviously is so in love with his bride. Since this video (and he posts plenty), he's documented his wife's pregnancy in a monumentally sweet video.  I thought I'd share the wedding one today. I hope it gives you something to smile about on a Monday. 

CHASING LUCK is on sale on Amazon for under a buck this week. Click here to grab your copy.

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June 1, 2014

Book Info Title: 2B Or Not 2B? Series: Roomies #1 Author: Stephanie Witter Category: New Adult Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: AG Publishing Cover Artist: Cover it Designs Full length novel. BLURB: London Reed is on the hunt for a place to live before the start of her second year in college. Either she is successful and can enjoy her student life without the pressure of her parents breathing down her neck, or she goes back home and clashes with her parents. Because London doesn’t have a filter. ''You’re a weird one, aren’t you?'' She basically tells it as she sees it. So when she meets the hunky and scarred guy who lives in apartment 2B, the last apartment on her exhausting list, she’s sure to bring some crazy in his life. But he’s determined to not take a girl for a roommate. "I have nothing against you, but I don't see this working for me." London doesn’t give up that easily and makes a deal with him. If she makes it for two months, she’s in for the whole year. If not, then she leaves to never contact him again. Easy, right? Not so much. "You should have told me that you wanted me to be all over you." When a guy and a girl live under the same roof, it’s bound to complicate things. Between banters, heady games of seduction, innuendos and insecurities revealed, the life in apartment 2B isn’t simple, and a few slips in their relationship doesn’t help the matter. "You're driving me completely nuts. That's my fucking problem." Add it to goodreads: Ebooks and paperbacks will be available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes and Smashwords late June 2014. Stay tuned! About the Author: Stephanie Witter is a French dreamer. She started learning English at three, and fell in love with the language. Always with a book, or two close by, she started reading in English when she couldn’t wait any longer for Harry Potter to be translated in French. After a while, reading wasn’t enough. She soon started writing Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary novels filled with angst, love, hope, drama and a touch of fun. PATCH UP is her first New Adult Contemporary novel. Goodreads / Twitter / Facebook / Blog / Amazon Page Website / Newsletter GIVEAWAY: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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May 28, 2014

Summer has arrived! I'm sure we were supposed to have spring somewhere in the calendar, but my home state usually skips that particular season. It's really okay with me. I enjoy the sunshine and heat.
Picture I attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in NOLA this month and had a blast. I have an album of photos from a Scrapbooking event we hosted at  I'll share my photos on another day. I love being able to take pics with my phone. 

I was able to room with a talented author I've known for years only online, Ciara Knight. That was very cool because we discovered that we are so alike in many ways. 

I have a cover reveal to share with you from the lovely Annalisa Crawford. Check out her upcoming release. Our Beautiful Child by Annalisa Crawford Picture Title: Our Beautiful Child
Author: Annalisa Crawford
Release date: 10th
Publisher: Battered Suitcase Press
June 2014

“The Boathouse collects misfits. Strange solitary creatures that yearn for contact with the outside world, but not too much. They sit, glass in hand, either staring at the table in front of them, or at some distant point on the horizon.”… so says the narrator of Our Beautiful Child. And he’s been around long enough to know.

People end up in this town almost by accident. Ella is running away from her nightmares, Sally is running away from the memories of previous boyfriends and Rona is running away from university. Each of them seek sanctuary in the 18th century pub, The Boathouse; but in fact, that’s where their troubles begin.

Ella finds love, a moment too late; Rona discovers a beautiful ability which needs refining before she gets hurt; and Sally meets the captivating Murray, who threatens to ruin everything.

Three women. Three stories. One pub.

I live in Cornwall UK, with a good supply of beaches and moorland right on my doorstep to keep me inspired. I live with my husband, two sons, a dog and a cat.

Despite my location, I neither surf nor sail, and have never had any inclination to try. I much prefer walking along a deserted beach and listening to the waves crashing over rocks. For this reason, I really love the beach in the winter!

Website // Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest // Add to Goodreads

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May 23, 2014

Laura Howard's series, The Danaan Trilogy, is burning up the charts on Amazon. Her second book in the series has a 4.9 out of 5  star rating at the moment. Readers love it!
"This author makes this world come alive and you feel as you are there with characters living their life."    ~ Amazon reader
Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy Book 2)  by Laura Howard
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Picture Allison thought it was crazy enough when she found out her father, Liam, wasn't entirely human. But now she has to join his magical allies to unravel his former mistress's plans. Aoife wants to keep Allison's parents apart forever.

Despite Allison's efforts to keep Ethan, the only guy she's ever cared about, out of this supernatural mess, fate keeps throwing him back into the mix. 

Will Allison be able to find the amulet that holds the enchantment Aoife placed on Liam and destroy it? Are Ethan' s feelings for Allison strong enough to endure the magic of the Tuatha De Danaan?

Amazon  /   Barnes & Noble   /   Kobo   /   iTunes

Picture Picture

The Forgotten Ones

Book One in The Danaan Trilogy

Picture About Laura:

Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known.

Connect with Laura:

Blog | Twitter | Facebook |

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May 19, 2014

Please welcome Jessica Aspen today. Jessica and I have swapped blogs today to share our thoughts on chemistry in our novels. Read her thoughts, check out her new release and excerpt. Then hop over to visit my post at her blog
It's All About the Chemistry- Jessica Aspen

Chemistry is science to us, but in the middle ages it was alchemy, the search for turning base metals into gold. In the Tales of the Black Court magic is the science and the magic of herbs and potions becomes a potent chemistry that affects Bryanna and Kian in very basic ways. Kian is unable to use his own magic and is forced to use the near science of witch's magic, utilizing physical materials and spells to affect his world. Luckily he conjures the person in the universe most likely to affect him, his world, and his curse. 
PicturePrince by Blood and Bone, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court
A rebellious prince, a reluctant witch, and a mysterious prophecy,
twisted together in a tale of Beauty and the Beast
Trapped in an underground palace Prince Kian must remain a beast, or give in to the queen’s plan to strip him of his powers. But Kian refuses to submit to his mother's evil plan and is determined to escape both his prison and his curse—even if it means dabbling in witch's magic.
On the run for most of her life, Bryanna MacElvy has never learned to use her healing Gift. When she’s pulled by Kian’s spell into his prison, the prince sees the golden witch as his salvation. Refusing to let her, or to accept she is incapable of curing him, Kian offers her a terrible bargain—heal him, or give up her freedom forever.
Their lives entwined by fate, the prince must learn to love a human and Bryanna must learn to trust herself—or risk losing their freedom, his powers, and their passion, to the evil of the Black Queen.
Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in book two of her fairy tale trilogy: Tales of the Black Court

Prince Kian, only son of the Faery Queen of the Black Court, and her seemingly eternal prisoner, pawed at the book on the long wooden table. His talons cut deeply into the old vellum, shredding the page and digging into the binding.

“I don’t understand why it’s not working!” he growled, and yanked his claws out.

The book hit the floor hard, smacking down into a puddle of ash and liquid that was all that remained from Kian’s failed attempt at a witch’s retrieval spell. The crowd of rubbery white hobgoblins at his feet chittered their distress, fleeing into the shadows to bob and lurk amid the ruins of the wallpaper. Kian pushed away from the table, brushing past the hovering grey gnome at his side, and flipping off the hobgoblins with his middle claw.

Beezel flinched.

Kian breathed through his nose and struggled for control. He paced the perimeter of the chamber he’d designated his work space, the claws on his misshapen toes clicking on the marble floor.

Just because his ever-loving mother had forced him into this distorted shape did not mean he had to succumb to the animal instincts threatening to overwhelm him. Even if it would feel good, oh-so-good, to take out his frustrations on Beezel and the hobgoblins, he would resist.

“I followed the spell exactly. This should be easy for me. Not only am I a lord of the fae, I am a prince of the Tuathan, damn her!” He leaned in close and waggled his blade-like digits inches from Beezel’s cringing face. “I can’t bring light and fire—children’s magics learnt at my nurse’s knee. I can’t grip a sword, nor ride a horse, and I can’t free myself from this hell hole…yet.” He stood up as straight as his current shape would allow him. “But I am determined to make this stupid spell work and fetch someone here who can play chess!”

The shaking gnome leaned away from his caustic glare. “Maybe, the trouble is, you aren’t being specific enough.” Beezel’s voice was small and hesitant.

Kian turned away, his muscles straining from the effort of not beating the gnome senseless.

As far as gnomes went Beezel was a waste. He lacked the tall stature of the Galentian Gnomes and the book-smarts of the Scalian Gnomes. He was a whining, cringing, ignorant common cave gnome, with bulging eyes and grey scaly skin. And he was the queen’s spy.

He was all Kian had in the way of companionship. Or was likely to get, given how this particular experiment had failed. But maybe the gnome was onto something.

“Explain.” Inches from the gnome’s perspiring face Kian let his large, hairy jaws gape open, revealing his ivory fangs, and uttered a low growl.

“I m-m-mean, Sire, you’re asking for a chess companion, but that’s all you’ve asked for. There m…m…may be m-m-many to pick from.” The gnome quivered in front of him. “Be more narrow in your request, and maybe the spell will be able to ac-c-commodate you.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.” He backed up a little. “I thought if I left it open, the spell would have an easier time choosing. Maybe it cannot make up its mind.” He resumed his pacing. “It’s witch magic after all. Witches use spells and cantrips, maybe some visualization is what’s missing.”

“You’ve been able to work some of the witch spells, sir.”

Kian growled. “Yes. Small, pathetic things, like making glass glow.” He resumed his pacing, trying to get his bestial anger under control so he could think. He’d struggled to do anything in the witch’s book. Even small child’s magics like calling fire required verbal spells with the correct intonation, and something called centering that he didn’t understand. The fae didn’t need to center.

“Beezel, maybe the witches need more than the words, maybe they need focus. I’ve been treating these spells like things to recite—get the pronunciation right and it should work—but that’s not how fae magic works.” He swept the little gnome off his feet and spun him around in the air. Beezel clutched his spectacles, his face turning an even paler shade of grey.

“Yes, sir. Maybe, sir. I don’t know, sir. Gnomes don’t do magic.”

“Of course you don’t.” Kian stopped spinning. “Fae magic is like blood pumping, like moving a hand. I don’t have to think about it, it just happens. But things feed it, like food, sleep, and emotions. I’ve got the food.” He swung the gnome upside down to look at all the beakers and jars on the work table. “I’ve got the means.” He plunked the gnome down. “Maybe what I’ve lacked was the intention.” He scraped the book off the floor with his talons, dropping it on the table where its savaged pages splayed out from its broken spine.

If he had to be specific, he would ask for a woman. An, intelligent, attractive sort of woman. Someone curved and sexy and real. The idea of smelling, touching, tasting the soft, scented skin of a woman…

His mouth filled with saliva and his paw-like hands shook.

“Beezel!” The gnome jumped. Kian coughed and got his voice back under control. “Get it ready. We’ll try again.”

He hardly noticed Beezel’s sigh of relief as the gnome readied the powders and beakers and flipped to the right page in the shabby book. This time, Kian pictured exactly what he desired. A slender, shapely, blond maid with chess playing abilities. One who smelled good enough to eat.

And, though he hardly dared even think it, banishing the thought before it had time to appear, he asked for one with the ability to free him from his prison.

This time, the potion developed a rosy pink glow, which crept slowly out of the glass and became a small pink cloud. The mist coalesced and grew larger, filling the room with the rich scent of spun sugar.

Kian’s pulse beat hard in his throat. This was better than the last time. Much better.

The cloud expanded, tendrils of mist stretched out into the edges of the room. Goblins shrieked and screamed, climbing over each other and racing from the chamber.

Beezel squeezed into a corner. Kian himself moved back from the now sparkling puffy wisps. No sense in getting caught in his own spell—he didn’t want to accidentally turn into a woman. Especially in his current state.

He snorted, thinking about being stuck between a woman and this mashed version of man and animal his mother had stuck him with. If he’d been forced to deal with female hormones as well as his bestial rage for the last fifteen years, he likely would have given in to his mother’s demands.

The glow grew until it filled most of the large chamber, his tension growing along with it. This was the best spell he’d attempted since he’d been imprisoned and his hopes soared.

The puffy high pink cloud shivered. The mist retracted from the corners, speeding into the center of the room until the cloud was a globular, gelatinous mass about five feet around, crouching on the floor.

He waited. Nothing happened. The hobgoblins snuck closer.

He sagged. “Fuck me.”

It wasn’t going to work. He, Prince Kian, master of the hunt, superior swordsman, and wooer of women, was a failure at simple witch magic.

Kian peered into the mass, but it had a thick, spongy quality that defied examination. Beezel crept out of his corner and huddled next to him. Together, they waited for something to happen, afraid to disturb it.

“It’s worse than before. Nothing is happening, but we’re going to be stuck cleaning up this gunk.” Kian eyed the pile morosely and mourned his blond vision. “I’m going to bed.” He turned his back on the mess. Beezel and the hobgoblins would clean it up. He trudged toward the door.

He was never getting out of here. His mother would let him rot until he died.

Beezel grunted. “Sire!”

Kian spun around.

The mass quivered and shook. It began to emit a low whine, the pink gelatin texture reflecting the lantern light on its now shiny surface. The shaking increased. The floor vibrated. Beezel ducked under the table and hung onto a leg, but Kian couldn’t take his eyes off of his creation.

The whine increased in pitch. Kian covered his still pointed ears, crouching in pain as the pink glob exploded in a burst of light. Twinkling sludge spattered everywhere, on the table, on the book, in Kian’s face.

He wiped off the gunk and stared at the tangle of long limbs and golden hair.

Beezel’s mouth fell open. “Sire, what have you done?” 

Purchase Links:
AllRomance Ebooks
Barnes and Noble

Genre:  Fantasy Romance, Twisted Fairy Tales
Publisher: Abracadabra Publishing
Author Bio:
Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at
To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s new release email please go to:
Author web links:

Join the Jessica Aspen mailing list! Get the scoop on new releases, sales, plus the chance to win ARCs and participate in special giveaways.  When I send you an email, there’s always something in it for you!

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May 12, 2014

Picture My author friend M.W. Muse has a great YA series with a box set. Check it out.

***************$0.99 SALE now through May 18th!!!***************

Get the first FOUR books in the #1 Bestselling Teen Romance series for one incredibly low price! PLUS, a never before released bonus story as a special thank-you for all the readers who've expressed their love of this series! This limited time special includes the following:

Goddess Legacy : Legacy Kore believes she's just an average seventeen year old with your basic insane crush on the hottest guy in school, Adin Shepard, until she learns her mother is a Greek Goddess and that Legacy is changing into one, too! When Adin asks Legacy out on a date, she is thrilled her fantasy is becoming a reality, regardless of the Greek Goddess nonsense, but when she meets a new guy in town, River, she discovers everything isn't always as it seems, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.

Goddess Secret : Legacy only thought she had this goddess thing under control. Well, as much as any other chick could have given the crazy circumstances. But when she learns the truth about her abilities, she is forced to keep a secret so powerful that she and the people closest to her could get hurt if it falls into the wrong hands.

Goddess Sacrifice : Legacy wouldn't let a little thing like changing into a goddess distract her from the joys of her senior year in high school, hanging with her friends, or getting closer to Adin. She's ready to take their relationship to the next level, regardless of any bonds they have with other people. But the prophecy is still there, lurking in the background. And while Legacy is wrapped up with living her life in the now, forces are at work solidifying her future.

Goddess Revenge : Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned... at least that's the way Legacy sees it. Her dreams collide into a message she did not want to acknowledge, but the implication ignites within her hotter than the knowledge of the betrayal itself. The only thing to do to cure getting mad? Getting even. Legacy dives into a betrayal of her own making as she teaches her lesson. But can she deliver her punishment without loosing her true self in the process, or will the bitter feeling of keeping her enemy close backfire and propel her down a road she never dreamed she'd travel? One thing's for certain--revenge doesn't come without a price.

Goddess Dream  (Bonus Special): Legacy's sacrifice hasn't gone unnoticed by others of her kind. Morpheus visits her, allowing her to relive a specific day with another outcome. It isn't real, but the reunion is just as sweet.

***Continue reading Legacy's story with  Goddess Bared  and  Goddess Bound  out NOW!***


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May 7, 2014

Picture When Michael goes on a photographic assignment to Brazil and fails to return, Kristi and her son fly to Rio de Janeiro, desperate to find him. Instead she finds that during the cold New Jersey winter, her husband has spent his time in steamy chat rooms with Nara, a young woman desperate for attention and involved in the Rio drug world. 

As she searches for Michael in exotic but crime-ridden Rio, Kristy finds herself way out of her league. She turns to Italian-Brazilian Federal Agent Tony Lamazzo for help. As the harsh truth of her marriage brings a dose of reality to her life, she finds the temptation of getting closer to the strong, capable—and totally hot—Tony difficult to resist. She’s in Brazil on the Day of Dead, a day when Brazilians go wild. Why shouldn’t she go wild with Tony, for just one night, before returning home to start the new life alone she’ll have to learn to make for herself? 

But when her son vanishes too, Kristi doesn’t know where to turn. Michael’s affair with drug-dealing Nara has exposed them all to the murderous wrath of a ruthless drug lord, and while she longs to trust Tony, she can’t trust his powerful and politically corrupt family. But in the dangerous slums and rainforests of Brazil, the danger mounts for both Kristi and her son, and a cold-blooded enemy has an agenda of his own. If she trusts Tony, she might save her son. Or it might just get them all killed…
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