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The Fat Lady Done Sung
“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Khadija screamed as she began to slam the pots and pan into the cabinet after clearing them from the dishwasher. She had time to really stew on what had not only went down at work but also with Orlando’s mother coming over and sharing the fact that she knew he was gay the whole time they were married but never said a word. She had been suspended from work for two weeks behind that bullshit with Aamir. And to make matters worse Mekhi acted like he didn’t want to give her the time of day. Usually he would be over in a flash and make everything ok but not this time. He must have someone else occupying his time. As a matter of fact he told her about her suspension over the phone. He even had the nerve to say that she would still be on probation once she returned. If she lost this job it would lessen her chances of getting full custody of Omar. She had already gone to the police station to file a report of what went down at work so she would have a paper trail. The more she thought about how everyone seemed to be laughing at her and her misfortune the angrier she became. The first week she was off she pretty much spent in a depression, crying every day, not answering the phone or door for anyone except the one visit from Orlando’s mom. Her mother kept Omar so she could try and get her head together. She teetered between deep sadness and complete rage. Whenever she thought about how Aamir had talked to her, the names he called her, and the fact that he said “our” family when referring to her son she wanted to blow his damn head off. As she swigged from the liter of Hennessy she had been nursing for the past few days she replayed the moment she caught he and Orlando in the act and how much pain she felt. She also remembered how big of a fool she felt after trying to everything under the sun to make herself desirable to her husband. Only to find out he had committed the ultimate betrayal. She had held off it for as long as she could it was time to take action. She had purchased a baby Glock 9mm for protection since she lived alone with her son. And it was about time it got some use. There was no way after her life had been ruined by this bullshit that someone wasn’t going to get a cap bust in their ass. She had tried to Kill Orlando and his lover once before but this time she wouldn’t fail. This time she would have the last laugh.

Did I Just See What I Thought I Saw?
“What an investment, well worth every penny.” “These new high tech cameras will allow me to see what’s going on in the locker rooms as well as the shower area.” As the women mingled about in the wet area little did they know that their every move was being not only watched but also serving as a playground for the ultimate voyeurism fantasy. Just as I was about to start stroking my manhood at the sight of all the non-suspecting panty clad women I caught the glimpse of something that turned my damn stomach. “What the hell is that in the second stall?” “Is that a dick?” His eyes popped when the tranny known as “Visa Gold” pulled his pants down to adjust his “tuck.” He grabbed his penis and pulled it tight between his legs then slid his undies back up. He then dabbed sweat from the front edges of his lace front wig and applied a bit more glue before leaving the stall.
“The nerve of some people!” “Those women don’t have a clue that there is a man amongst them.” “Some people just no morals.” “People will do anything nowadays.” “Damn! Done fucked up my whole vibe, let me move on down the line a grab a peep at this stall on the far end” He had his new toys/cameras situated perfectly. He could zoom in and out with ease as well as even remotely adjust the angle of the lens if need be. The woman in that stall appeared a bit anxious as she rushed in. “I wonder what’s up with her?” “Oh shit here we go, she’s dropping her pants.” The woman lowered her pants and lifted her shirt. The colostomy bag she was wearing was full and starting to feel uncomfortable and wanted to check on it before leaving the gym. “That’s it, I’m done.” “My dick has officially shriveled up for the day.” he said at the sight of the feces filled bag.
Just as he was about to walk away he caught a glimpse of Dottie counting a few of her stash bags in one of the stalls. “Well what do we have here?” “Business must be booming today.” He watched as she pulled out several tightly rolled up bags of marijuana out of her fanny pack as well as a wad of cash. She counted the money and the bags, changed her shirt so she wouldn’t seem suspicious then headed back out to the lobby. He had been watching her for several months. At first it was just at work however once he got wise to her side hustle he followed her out the parking lot one day and spotted her on one of her “picnics” as she liked to call them. It was then he knew that he wanted in on the action. He wanted to make sure he had plenty of evidence so he always made sure he hit record when he caught her in action. “Hmmm, I think it’s finally time I gave Miss Dottie a call.”

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Published on April 02, 2012 19:56 • 105 views • Tags: african-american-erotica, african-american-fiction, erotica, explicit-sex, midnite-love, urban-fiction
As if that night wasn't bad enough, to make matters worse I was tired as hell the rest of the week. We had been up half the night last night with Fallyn. Her ass was having contractions so Adrian rushed her to the hospital only for it to be a false alarm. Well I wasn't having that shit tonight. If that bitch breaks my rest tonight it better be the real deal. Her ass is always being extra. She could have waited that shit out a while longer but noooo she just had to have the attention on her. She was already on my shit list. I had a half of mind to cuss her ass out for that damn coyote remark she made the other night."Damn these contractions are kicking my ass!" Fallyn thought to herself as she rubbed her huge tight belly.

She had just finished eating and had stretched out in the family room to watch her afternoon lineup. She was trying her best to ignore the sharp pains that pulsated through her abdomen seeing as her OB GYN had sent her back home last night telling her that she hadn't dilated enough.


Fallyn winced in pain as she attempted to get up and go in her room lie in her own bed. As soon as she turned the corner in the hallway she caught another pain that caused her knees to buckle.

"Oh shit!"
She looked down to see gush of liquid that had flowed from between her legs and was now running down her thighs. Her water had broken. She used her hand to brace herself against the doorframe and called for help.
"Help me!" Fallyn called out.

I popped my eyes open from what was about to be a perfect afternoon nap to hear Fallyn moaning and squealing in the hallway.

"Whaaaatt? Damn!" I yelled from my room. I had just laid my ass down and I wasn't about to get up.

"Help me dammit! I'm in labor!"

"Aww shit here we go with this shit again." I jumped up mad as hell and stormed out of the bedroom and down the hall. I was just about to tell this bitch to get her life when I she scream out again.

"Hurry up! My water broke!" Fallyn cried.

I totally ignored that shit she was talking when I looked down and saw the huge pink wet spot on my damn white carpet. "I know you didn't just fuck up my carpet?"

"I'm having the baby dumb ass! Is that all you can worry about is your damn carpet?"
I was about to grab the cleaning solution for the rug and have that heffa spot clean it until I looked at her face. She was clearly in distress. "Maybe she is having the baby for real this time" I thought.

"So you for real this time?" I asked looking her writhing body up and down.

"I was for real the last time! AHH!! SHIT!!" Fallyn bent over and grasped her belly. What were sharp twinges had now turned into full-fledged contractions. "I need to get to the hospital before I have this baby right here, lemme call Adrian."

I had to think quickly. If she really was having the baby I didn't want her calling anyone. I'm the head bitch in charge and I would see that she got to the hospital.

"Ok Ok..... Lemme help you to the car." I attempted to put my arm around her but she started flailing her arms frantically.

"Noooo get your hands off of me! I want Adrian!"

"I know you do bitch" I thought to myself.

Fallyn made a final attempt to make it to her room to grab her cell phone but her knees failed her and started to buckle. Just as she was about to fall I threw my arms around her waist and stared dragging her towards the front door.

"Look at you, you can't even walk."

"Stop it! Somebody help me!" Fallyn swung and struck me cutting my top lip.

"You betta settle yo ass down! I'm trying to help you bitch; now stop fighting me and get yo ass in this car!" I sneered.

Fallyn wanted to continue to fight but it was useless, she was too weak. And the contractions were now five minutes apart.

"What about my bag? And we need to call Adrian!" she protested as I shoved her into the car.
"No time for that I'll come back for it."

There was time but I wasn't trying to hear that shit she was talking. Not only was I going to be the one to call Adrian. I didn't want her to have her bag till I got a chance to snoop through it first. Ain't no telling what her sneaky ass might be up to.

"Yo crazy ass betta take me straight to the hospital or I swear....."

"You swear what? All you need to be worrying about is not messing up my damn seats. Close yo damn legs!" I snapped as I tasted the blood from my top lip.

"Unbelievable! I'm having a..... baby and all you can think about is material shit, you shellfish bitch! That's how I know yo twisted ass.... don't need a child."

"Don't piss me off Fallyn! Shut yo ass up and ride! I love that baby, imma make a good momma" I said glancing at her belly.

"Please... you don't..... know the meaning...... of the word.... you selfish and hateful."

Fallyn had started breathing heavy, heaving and gasping between her words.

"That's.... why yo ass going crazy. I be hearing you...... in there talking to yo self, sound like a man. Who.... is it Peyton? I hope his ass...... don't come out while you driving. You done.... already pushed Adrian away.... crying like Barry White. Yo ass.... was howling like... you was on Twilight, scared... the shit outta me. I had to... make sure... Adrian was alright."

The bitch tried to laugh but instead she was hit with another pain.

I cut my eyes at that hoe. "That's what yo ass gets. Keep talking shit and yo ass gon end up in the trauma center when we get here instead of labor and delivery."My Ratchet Secret 3 My Ratchet Secret 3 by Midnite Love
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Published on October 29, 2013 12:26 • 45 views • Tags: midnite-love, ratchet, urban-fiction
An Urban Riches To Rags Story

Chapter 1 -True Colors
“Can you as least move over so my ass don’t have to lay in the damn wet spot?” Sonnet griped as she playfully rolled Kenterris’s limp sweaty body to the left side of her king sized Serta mattress.

“Damn, can a nigga get some rest before round two?”

“Fuck you roll over.”

The couple shared a quick peck before Kenterris fell comatose from the massive load he’d just released.

“I ain’t shit and I know it” Sonnet thought as she gazed upon the striking masculine frame that lay before her.

She knew that she was wrong as two left shoes for fucking her best friend’s man but as far as she was concerned she was entitled. Hell it wasn’t her fault that Cheron didn’t know what to do to keep a man faithful, especially one as fine as Kenterris.

He stood at an impressive 6feet 4inches tall, had smooth cocoa brown skin and a body that gave pro athletes a run for their money. The fact that he owned his own investment company didn’t hurt one bit either. In a slow year his company brought in six figures without batting an eye.

Despite Sonnet’s humble upbringing she had a taste for the finer things in life and Kenterris was just the man to give them to her. However aside from the Birkin bags and the red bottoms he threw in her direction on special occasions, she couldn’t seem to find a way to put the final nail in the coffin and have him to herself. Yeah he came through with a stack every so often, enough to cover her bills for a few months at a time, but she wanted more. She just needed to find a way to get him away from Cheron for good.

The corner of her mouth turned up in a sinister grin as she eased out of bed. After slipping on a beater and some boy shorts she tipped into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of iced tea. Kenterris had beat the pussy up so bad that she found herself easing down onto one of the pub chairs at the counter. She took a sip of the cold liquid and glanced at the clock on the microwave oven, which read 11:15.

“Lemme see if this bitch up” she thought as she made a grab for the phone and dialed Lexi, her friend of 20 years and counting.

“Hello,” Lexi answered.

“Girl, wassup?” Sonnet asked her.
“Shit, just got Quantez little ass down for the night. What you up too?”
“Just got off work,” Sonnet chirped sarcastically.

“Aww shit! Who you got over there hoe?”
“That ain’t none of yo damn business but just know that a bitch will have her car note and rent paid before his ass raise up outta here.”

The pair erupted in laughter before Sonnet went on to drop her knowledge on what needed to be done in her quest to digging for platinum, as well as how far along she was with her plan. The twenty seven year old beauty was so caught up in the conversation that she didn’t hear Kenterris arise to take a piss.
“Aye, where you at?” he asked as he staggered sleepily out of the bathroom.

“So, you put it on his ass like that?” Lexi asked.

“Hell yeah, knocked his ass out cold. I will admit the dick is good, but you know these niggas ain’t no match for what I’m putting down.”

“Is that so?” Kenterris thought as he lingered in the hallway after hearing Sonnet’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“I gotta hand it to yo ass. You do know how to work a muthafucka over! I ain’t even mad.”

“Seriously, I mean I have to laugh my damn self at how easy it is to work these dumb bastids. When I’m finished with ole boy he won’t know what hit him. This shit is just the tip of the iceberg for what I have in store for his punk ass. After I get this loot tonight imma send his black ass packin.”

“Yous a crazy hoe! You ain’t gon do the nigga like that is you girl?”

It took everything in Kenterris not to snatch this bitch up and choke the shit out of her greedy ass. “And who the fuck was she talking to?” he thought. “It’s probably that ghetto bitch Lexi.”

His heart raced as he continued to eavesdrop. He knew that Sonnet was a scandalous bitch but he had no idea to what extent. He knew they were both wrong for sneaking around behind Cheron’s back but he didn’t judge her too much on that subject, considering it takes two to tangle. He didn’t even mind tearing her sorry ass off every now and then since the pussy was good. And you know what they say; you got to pay to play, but this bitch was totally outta line.
“Trust me when I tell you, I got this nigga wrapped around my finger. I’m just going for the small shit right now. When it’s all said and done he’ll be handing over his black card and the keys to the Bugatti. It’s all about timing. Sonnet pondered briefly in thought as she imagined herself one day becoming Mrs. Kenterris Davis Clark.

“Work yo’ magic boo, just make sure I’m invited to the wedding.”
“Invite? Bitch you gon be a bridesmaid.”

They once again shared laughter before being interrupted by the second line beeping in.

“Who the hell calling me this damn late?” Sonnet snapped before glancing at the caller ID to see that it was her younger brother Aviare.

“Girl this is Aviare, lemme call you back tomorrow.”

“Go head girl, I’ll talk to you later.”

Kenterris was frozen in his tracks. Despite seething beneath the surface he was shocked at the boldness with which she proclaimed her plot against him. His mind danced with the thought of walking away before he was discovered, but his legs were stiff. As far as he was concerned there was no need for a confrontation he had something better in store for this bitch.

“What is it Aviare? I know you want something.”

“Damn, hello to you too” he responded with an annoyed tone.

“Wassup, I can’t talk. I got company.”
“Aintee Maven wanna know if you picking us up tomorrow?”

“I knew it, for what?”
“You said you would give us ride to the market, remember?”

“Ain’t the busses running? Tell her I guess…. y’all act like my Lexus got a fucking taxi sign on the roof. I hope y’all got some gas money.”

Kenterris had heard all that he could take. It was bad enough her leeching ass spent every waking hour trying to get over on niggas, but this hoe didn’t even give a damn about her own family.
“Why you gotta act like such a bitch all the time Sonny? It ain’t like we wanna ask you for shit.”

“Boy you betta watch yo damn mouth. I don’t know who the hell you think you talking to. I’ll be over there early tomorrow morning. Have y’all asses’ ready cause I ain’t waiting, bye.” With that she hung up before he could get another word in edgewise.
“Damn can I just live my life for once without these begging mutha fuckas wanting some kind of damn handout?” She gulped down the rest of her drink then switched her focus back to Kenterris. “Lemme see if this nigga ready for me to put it on his ass again.”

After making sure that her Yorkie, Gucci had enough water in her dish she found her way back to the room. She saw that Kenterris was still knocked out or so she thought. Once she slid between the sheets she climbed on top of his flaccid dick and began grinding. In an attempt to get him back up she began kissing his neck before working her way down to his chest.

“Get off me” he grunted as he pushed her head away from his body mid-kiss.
“Come on baby wake up” she whispered while sliding down in a failed attempt to take him in her mouth. Instead he pushed her off and rolled over, leaving his ass in her face.
“Damn I wish I had to fart right about now” he thought.

Sonnet smacked her lips and rolled her eyes, “the nerve of this nigga!”

“So, it’s like that?” she groaned while popping her head from under the covers.

“I gotta get my rest.”

“Aww momma done wore you out huh? Alright then, night boo.”

Once Sonnet dozed off Kenterris got up and proceeded to get dressed.

“You leaving already?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

“Yea I’m out,” he responded dryly.
“So, was you gon still give me what we agreed on?”

He shook his head and laughed to himself. “This bitch wake up with the quickness for that loot.”

“I don’t have any cash on me right now.”
“But you promised. My rent is due tomorrow.” By now she was sitting up in the bed with her brows knitted in a frown.

“Get at me tomorrow, we’ll take care of it.” With that he slipped on his jacket and headed to the front door. “You don’t have to get up. I’ll see myself out.”

The next thing Sonnet knew she was sitting in the bed alone, and not a dime richer than before she let Kenterris drop by.

“I can’t believe I let this nigga tip his outta here without cashing me out. I gotta step my game up for real!”
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Started From the Top Now I'm Here(An Urban Tale from Riches to Rags) by Lady Onyxx
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Published on October 29, 2013 13:42 • 74 views • Tags: midnite-love, ratchet, urban-fiction, urban-lit
New Release By Author Midnite Love
Petty To The Bone Petty To The Bone by Midnite Love


Do you know someone who is petty to the bone? Someone who has to have the last say in every situation? The most trivial offense warrants them to unleash their petty wrath? Are you that person?
Meet Halo Daniels, a twenty-eight-year-old Uber Driver and aspiring actress. Halo dreams of seeing herself on the big screen but first she must get next to one of the top movie producers in Hollywood. To do so she must succumb to some rather shady tactics as she works her way through the industry. She’s finally able to reel him in with her feminine wiles and charismatic personality, however, that’s only the beginning. Halo soon finds herself submerged in a web of lies and deceit, willing to do anything to make it to the top.
Meanwhile her personal life is as chaotic as some of the roles she auditions for. Her biggest challenge will be overcoming her petty ways before she completely alienates those closest to her.
How far will she be willing to go to become successful? Will the sacrifices she makes be worth the price of fame?
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Published on August 17, 2016 04:12 • 34 views • Tags: indie-authors, midnite-love, series, urban-fiction

Midnite Madness

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