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April 9, 2012

Today's book trailer is for the upcoming SHADOW AND BONE which hits the shelves June 5th. I am super intrigued by this one! What do you think?

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April 6, 2012

Today's Author Mad Libs guest is Sarvenaz Tash, author of the upcoming THE MAPMAKER AND THE GHOST which hits the shelves April 24th. (My kids can't wait to read this one!) I sent Sarvenaz a parts of speech list. She sent back words. This is the result.

Goldenrod Moram loves nothing better than a good _mapmaker_. Intrepid, _stinky_, and full of a well-honed sense of _snowflake_, she decides to start her own exploring team fashioned after her _Doritos_, the explorers Lewis and Clark, and to map the _El Nino_ right behind her home. This task is complicated, however, by a series of _smarmy_ events—a chance encounter with a mysterious old _Great and Powerful Oz_ has her _canoodling_ for a legendary blue rose. Another encounter lands her in the middle of a _hairy_ gang of brilliant _zippers_. And when she stumbles upon none other than the ghost of Meriwether Lewis himself, Goldenrod knows this will be anything but an ordinary _forest_ . . . or an ordinary quest. Debut author Sarvenaz Tash combines an edge-of-your-seat _fig leaves_, a uniquely clever voice, and an unforgettable cast of _elephant tusks_ to prove that sometimes the best adventures of all are waiting right in your own _strand of DNA_.

Thank you, Sarvenaz, for playing along! To learn more about Sarvenaz, visit her site. To purchase your copy of THE MAPMAKER AND THE GHOST, go to Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, or Amazon.

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Published on April 06, 2012 09:00 • 22 views

April 5, 2012

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Johnny Depp. I'm also a huge fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton working together. So, when I saw this trailer, I was instantly smitten. What do you think?

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Published on April 05, 2012 22:30 • 29 views

April 4, 2012

Today's Mad Libs guest is Tom Ryan, author of the recently released WAY TO GO. I sent Tom a parts of speech list. He sent back words. This is the result.

Kierce has a _gorilla_ for everything, not to mention his _festering_ future planned out. Jay has _blue_ grades, no _jet skis_, and could care less. As for Danny, he's stuck somewhere in the _pepper-grinder_ and can't stop stressing out about it. His dad keeps _bouncing_ him about his post-high school plans, his _feathers_ won't stop bugging him about girls, and a run-in with the cops means he has to to get a summer_pomegranate_– about the last thing he had planned. Worst of all, the _feather bed_ he's been keeping for years is threatening to spill out into the _thumb_.

Just when he's beginning to wonder how he'll _shimmy_ through the summer, let alone survive another _crayon_ in Deep Cove, Danny meets Lisa Walsh. Lisa is dynamic, _ominous_, and different from any _rotary phone_ he's ever known. She's also from New York City, which is about as far from Deep Cove as the dark side of the _puppet_. For the first time in a while, _moon boots_ begin to look like they might turn out all right after all – that is, if friends, _food processors_, and reality don't get in the way.

WAY TO GO is Tom Ryan's first _border collie_.

Thank you, Tom, for playing along! To learn more about Tom, visit his site. To purchase your copy of WAY TO GO, visit Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

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Published on April 04, 2012 22:30 • 26 views

Today, I'm delighted to take part in a new feature dreamed up by the brilliant and conniving owner of YABooksCentral, M.G. Buehrlen. She is running an Author Appreciation Blog Tour every month or so where she lines up bloggers and other authors to surprise one special author with an avalanche of love one Wednesday morning.

This inaugural tour features Myra McEntire who, in addition to being one of my favorite authors (Seriously, folks. You thought HOURGLASS was good? Wait until you read TIMEPIECE. You will love it!) is also one of my closest friends.

So close, in fact, that she visited me in the hospital two years ago when I had emergency gall bladder surgery and faithfully tweeted all the things I said while I was flying high on pain killers and then brought me spaghetti the next night when I got home. Proof of true friendship, yo.

Here's proof of mine.

My Top 5 Reasons Why I Want Myra McEntire On My Side In An Apocalypse
1. Research : Let me tell you something you may not know about Myra. Girl does her RESEARCH. All caps. REEE-SEARCH. She buys non-fiction books for fun . And drools over them. And calls me to drool over them over the phone while I laugh and shake my head because if I bought a 500 page research book, I'd look at the pictures, read the captions, and then use it as a door stop.

But if an apocalypse happened, you can bet I'd want the girl with all the research on my side. She knows all kinds of weird stuff. And I do mean all kinds. I have no doubt that somewhere in that plethora of facts, she's got knowledge that would come in handy. And if none of it comes in handy, well ... her brain is probably bigger than mine. Zombies can tell.

 Not that I'd throw her to the zombies and run for it. No. Never that. *eyes Myra*
2. She's Funny: Really. She has an excellent sense of comedic timing and she produces the kind of slapstick physical comedy that would make Jim Carey weep with envy.

AND she often does it without meaning to, which is even better. She's the first person I've met who can match me in the "You did WHAT in public??" category. Which is handy. Because a) I appreciate that when I'm with her, nothing I do seems abnormal to her and b) laughter is a powerful defense mechanism. If I'm in the middle of an apocalypse, I'm going to want some comic relief. Myra will have my back. The fact that I'll be doing something even more ridiculous right behind her is proof that we're a good team.
3. Loyalty: Myra is loyal to her friends in the same way I am loyal to Captain Jack Sparrow and lemon bars. It doesn't matter what happens, she's got your back. If I'm in an apocalypse and it's fight time, I want Myra on my team. Heck, even if it isn't the apocalypse, I want Myra on my team. She'll go to bat for her friends with whatever she has handy. Frying pan. Blog post. Life-size Edward Cullen statue.
Which she totally DOES NOT own.
But which I would buy for her if I found one. After I slicked him down with Elmer's and dunked him in glitter.

4. Unconventional: Myra does thing her own way. It's one of her best qualities. The whole world can say "everyone should do life like THIS" and Myra will say "watch me do it like THAT." This is a valuable skill to have in an apocalypse because you can bet whatever nasty creature we're fighting will adapt to our usual strategies quickly. We need someone who can think outside the box. Myra is perfect for the job! Plus raising her two boys has given her a crash course in the whole "ANYTHING can be a weapon" life philosophy.

5. Dance Breaks: It's a well known fact that Myra takes dance breaks while she's writing. She says it helps kick start her brain and puts her in a better mood. She's also been known to say she's got a "stank face" she wears when she dances to hip hop. I can't help but think dance breaks would be an awesome component to any apocalyptic survival effort. For one, who doesn't love the idea of a bunch of armed apocalyptees breaking into choreographed hip hop dance moves? For another, I think we could all stand to learn how to wear a stank face. I bet Chuck Norris's stank face drops zombies before they even come out of the ground.
I bet Myra's does too.

So, there you have it! My top 5 reasons why I want Myra on my side in the event of an apocalypse. Want to see what other bloggers are saying about Myra today? Want to leave Myra some comments and show your love as well? There are links at the bottom of this post.
Want to participate on Twitter? Use the hashtag #authorlove
Want to get on board the awesome that is her Hourglass series?? Pre-order Timepiece now and grab your copy of Hourglass!

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April 2, 2012

Like many others, I was totally captivated by Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT. Now, the sequel INSURGENT hits the shelves May 1st, and I can't wait. Here's the trailer. What do you think?

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Published on April 02, 2012 22:30 • 18 views

April 1, 2012

Today, for your entertainment, I bring you a transcript of a chat I had last Thursday night with Jodi Meadows. I often tell her we should make some of our transcripts public, though we've both wondered if that might be social suicide.

So ... throwing caution to the wind and acknowledging that my deadline is fast approaching and my creative brain cells are all focused on my manuscript and so this is as close to a personally written blog post as you're likely to see from me for a bit, I give you what happens when I ask Jodi a very innocent grammar question.

C.J. Redwine: oh bugger me ... it's stupid question time!

C.J. Redwine: is it "gentler" or "more gentle"?

Jodi Meadows: gentler

C.J. Redwine: that's what I typed

C.J. Redwine: but now it all looks wrong

Jodi Meadows: hee

C.J. Redwine: gentle looks like the worst word every made

Jodi Meadows: yes

C.J. Redwine: it still isn't as bad as moist

C.J. Redwine: ugh

C.J. Redwine: I can't even type it without sneering

Jodi Meadows: nothing is as bad as moist

C.J. Redwine: nothing

C.J. Redwine: except maybe moister

C.J. Redwine: and moistest

Jodi Meadows: moistiest

Jodi Meadows: moisty

C.J. Redwine: ahahahahahahah

C.J. Redwine: MOISTY

Jodi Meadows: :D

C.J. Redwine: that could be profanity

C.J. Redwine: son of a moistier!

C.J. Redwine: what the moist?

Jodi Meadows: it should be profanity!

Jodi Meadows: go moist yourself


C.J. Redwine: *gags*

Jodi Meadows: *ded*

C.J. Redwine: moist off

Jodi Meadows: *laffs and laffs*

C.J. Redwine: ha!

Jodi Meadows: *laughs moistily*

C.J. Redwine: gags even more moistierly*

Jodi Meadows: MOISTIERLY

C.J. Redwine: you know, if we ever put transcripts of our chats up on our blogs, we'd either gain a ton of followers or lose them all

C.J. Redwine: they'd call us the Moist Sisters

Jodi Meadows: soooooo gross!

C.J. Redwine: and the movie would be Career Suicide: Go Moist Yourself

Jodi Meadows: who would play us?

Jodi Meadows: I hope they would get Hans Zimmer to do the original score

C.J. Redwine: Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams

C.J. Redwine: oh we'd insist

Jodi Meadows: oh niiiice

C.J. Redwine: he would tell his musicians to play moistly

C.J. Redwine: and the trombone players would be all "Um ... duh"

Jodi Meadows: spit flying out the ends of flutes

C.J. Redwine: spit flying everywhere

Jodi Meadows: and trumpet players would be all "yeah" *empties spit valve*

C.J. Redwine: and all the clarinets and oboes would have moist reeds

C.J. Redwine: it would all work

Jodi Meadows: yes

C.J. Redwine: I have to go puke up my dinner now.

Jodi Meadows: okay

Jodi Meadows: that should be moist


Jodi Meadows: you're welcome

C.J. Redwine: *literal gagging*

C.J. Redwine: *sigh*

C.J. Redwine: see what happens when I ask for one simple little word?

Jodi Meadows: chaos

Jodi Meadows: moist chaos!

C.J. Redwine: DESIST

Jodi Meadows: like a bog

C.J. Redwine: *GAGS*

Jodi Meadows: or a swamp

C.J. Redwine: I am going to call you in a minute

C.J. Redwine: and all I'm going to do is gag in your ear

Jodi Meadows: or a stagnant pond

Jodi Meadows: LOL

C.J. Redwine: I'm told it sounds remarkably like a pregnant moose

Jodi Meadows: if you do, I will probably go puke too

C.J. Redwine: JUSTICE

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Published on April 01, 2012 22:30 • 17 views

March 29, 2012

When I went to see the Hunger Games (for the second time) this past week, I saw a movie trailer for the book to movie adaptation of the incredible ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER book. Haven't read it yet? You really, really should. Here's the trailer. What do you think?

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Published on March 29, 2012 22:30 • 19 views

March 28, 2012

Today's Author Mad Libs guest is E.C. Myers whose book FAIR COIN (which has garnered some very stellar reviews!) hit the shelves this week. I sent E.C. a parts of speech list. He sent back words. This is the result.

Sixteen-year-old Ephraim Scott is _bounced_ when he comes home from school and finds his _sloth_ unconscious at the kitchen _ninja_, clutching a bottle of pills. The reason for her suicide _tricycle_ is even more dis­turbing: she thought she'd identified Ephraim's _waffle_ at the hospital that day.

Among his dead double's_clowns_, Ephraim finds a _woeful_ coin--a coin that grants wishes when he flips it. With a flick of his _dolphin_, he can turn his alcoholic mother into an _industrious_ parent and catch the eye of the _turducken_ he's liked since second grade. But the coin doesn't always change _chopsticks_ for the better. And a bad flip can destroy other people's _banshees_ as easily as it rebuilds his own.

The coin could _investigate_ Ephraim everything he's ever wanted--if he learns to _zoom_its power before his luck runs out.

Thank you, E.C., for joining in the fun! To learn more about E.C., go here. To purchase FAIR COIN head to Indie Bound, Books a Million, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.
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Published on March 28, 2012 22:30 • 19 views