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October 23, 2016

Gwenivere from Perth has sent me pictures of some of her fabulous artwork inspired by the Dragonkeeper series.

Here is a lovely drawing of Danzi and Kai from the first trilogy.

And this is a stunning sculpture of Sunila, the naga from the second trilogy.




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September 4, 2016

Atmospheric has won the Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature Award in the non-fiction category, and I am thrilled.

It was awarded yesterday, on the last day of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change was a book I felt I had to write.

I am sure that climate change is a huge threat to the planet and to us. I thought I had to do something other than shout at politicians on the TV. So I joined a climate action group. We’ve been lobbying governments and electricity generators for seven years to make the transition from coal and gas generated energy to renewable energy. They are only interested in making money.

Celebrating with my grandsonCelebrating with my grandson

As I’m a children’s author, I decided there was something else I could do — write a book that explains how climate change works.  If the people currently in power refuse to listen, then it’s up to the next generation to fix the mistakes we’ve made.

So I wrote a history of climate change, and also the history of the amazing scientists and thinkers who over a period of 200 years have figured out how it works, how humans have contributed to it, what will happen if we don’t fix it soon. I wanted to give young people the knowledge and the confidence, so that they can cut through the misinformation, work out what has to be done. And do it.

Congratulations to the other short-listees for the award, and the winners in other categories. And a big thank you to the Wilderness Society for sponsoring this award.


“Young people will be the ones grappling with climate change. Atmospheric reminds them they are key to the solution.” — Amanda McKenzie, CEO, Climate Council

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August 21, 2016

I don’t get a lot of artwork from readers these days, but this is one I got recently from Lara or Murray Bridge. Isn’t it lovely?

dragon picture by Lara

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February 15, 2016

I am out and about over the next few months, speaking at various events. If you would like to come and hear me take part in panel discussions, speak about my books, or ask me some questions, then this is your chance — I’ll be in Perth, Beaconsfield, Launceston and Sydney.

Perth Writers Festival

This is starting soon! I have some terrific panel sessions alongside such people as Andy Griffiths, Katherine Rundell and Lee Battersby. Should be a lot of fun.

Schools Day

18 Feb 9.45-10.30 Understanding our World

I talk about my book Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change, and Katherine Rundell talks about her fabulous book The Wolf Wilder. We share our views on nature, conservation and climate. For students aged 12+

18 Feb 12.45-1.30 Other Worlds

Lee Battersby and I talk about our fantasy stories. How we create fantasy worlds with a mixture of magic, imagination and reality.

For students 9+

Inspired Learning Teacher PD

19 Feb 2.45-3.45 Writing Matters

Andy Griffiths and I discuss the art and craft of writing, firing up the imaginations of young writers and working to create a writing culture in the classroom. This is part of a longer program for primary teachers and librarians.

Family Day

21 Feb 1pm-1.40 Dragonkeeper

Part of the great PWF Family Day. I will talk about the Dragonkeeper series and answer questions about anything! This is a free event, held at 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley in the Romeo Tent.


Tamar Valley Writers Festival

This jam-packed program is held at Beaconsfield, Tasmania between 18th and 20th March. All events I’m involved in are free.

Schools Day Program

Friday 18th March 12.15-1pm:  Marquee 2.

Marquee Program

Saturday 19th March 10-10.50 : History comes in all shapes and guises

I’ll be talking with Belinda Murrell.

Saturday 19th March 2-2.45 Marquee 3: Lost Voices: recreating historic characters

I’m on a panel with Posie Graeme-Evans, Margaretta Pos and Michael Cathcart.

Sunday 20th March 9-9.45 Marquee 3: Questions and Lessons from our history,

In Conversation with Patrick Lindsay and Dr Alison Alexander (moderator)

Sunday 20th March (pm): Precious Places: discussing the environment

With Peter Cundall, Michelle Crawford and Hilary Burden (Moderator)

Mon 21st March 4-5 pm

Launceston LINC, Civic Square, St John St.

A public event where I will be talking about my latest book Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change.

Full festival program


Children’s Book Council of Australia 12th National Conference, Sydney 19-21 May

Sat 21 May 9.45-10.30 am Has the Internet Killed Non-Fiction or Created Myriad Possibilities?

A panel discussion with myself, Dr Mark Norman and Claire Saxby.

Full conference program

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October 19, 2015

Next Sunday, I’ll be talking about my new book Atmospheric at the Eltham Library. There will be time for questions, a chat and signing.

Come along and say hello!

3-4 pm, Sun 25 Nov, 970 Main Rd Eltham

atmosbookphoto copy

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October 4, 2015


I am doing a series of guest blogs to celebrate the release of my new book Atmospheric.

Monday 5 October            Genie in a book

Tuesday 6 October            Inside My Worlds

Thursday 8 October          Literary Clutter

Thanks to Eugenie, Rochelle and George for allowing me to visit their sites.


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September 25, 2015

The publication of every book is an important time, but the release of my latest book is particularly significant for me. It’s called Atmospheric: the burning story of climate change and it aims to inform young people about how we’ve mistreated our atmosphere for centuries, why that puts our climate at risk and what they (and all of us) can do about it.

I’m having a book launch for Atmospheric (my first launch for five years) and everyone is invited. There will be wine and cupcakes with a renewable theme! My secret life as a climate activist (or children’s author, depending on how you know me) will be revealed. Come and help me celebrate.




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August 30, 2015

To celebrate the release of the paperback edition of Shadow Sister, I have written a new ‘story’ set in the Dragonkeeper world.

As Kai has gotten older, he has developed an interest in cooking and has become a sort of gourmet dragon. Kai’s Recipe Book is his first collection of favourite dishes. You can download it here. Check out the other stories while you’re there.

NB Not for human consumption! Vegetarians and bird-lovers are advised not to read this.


Shadow Sister Cover

Kai RecipesCover

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August 13, 2015

August is one of the busiest times for writers in Melbourne. It’s the time of year when the Melbourne Writers Festival is on, and it’s when we celebrate Book Week.

This year I have two sessions at the festival. I’m really looking forward to it. School groups and individuals can come along. It would be great to see lots of people there.

Wednesday 26 August

10 am ACMI Cinema 2

Something in the Air

Booking Code 2701

The Wilkinsons take on the environment! A rare sighting of me and my daughter Lili Wilkinson on the same stage.

The session is all about climate change and environmental sustainability. We both have books out on these topics. Lili’s is Green Valentine, a teen novel about love, lettuce and a girl dressed in a lobster suit.  Mine is a non-fiction book called Atmospheric that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about our atmosphere and what humans have done to it.

12.30 pm ACMI The Cube

Inspired by Asia

Booking Code 4703

This time I’m with Deryn Mansell, author of Tiger Stone, set in 14th-century Java. I’ll be contemplating my Dragonkeeper series set in China 2000 years ago. The lovely Heather Zubek will be quizzing us, trying to find out what inspired two non-Asia Australian women to transport their readers to different places and different times in Asia.

You can book here.

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June 17, 2015

Last week I received an email from Sekolah Ciputra in Indonesia. Three Year 6 classes have been reading Dragonkeeper and this has inspired the students to make 65 papier-mâché dragons. That’s right 65! They then created a lovely park setting for them.

Apparently it took them five weeks and they used 100s of newspapers, 25 litres of glue, 1000 sheets of paper and  around 70 metres of bubble wrap. What a fantastic effort. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sekolah Ciputra dragons 7                          


Sekolah Ciputra dragons 3

Sekolah Ciputra dragons 5









Sekolah Ciputra dragons 4 Sekolah Ciputra dragons 6

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