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October 30, 2013

Why not spend this Halloween in one of the most historic places in the world; a city that caters to the holiday: Salem, Massachusetts! Read the Award winning SALEM SERIES (Bewitched in Time and Purity)Time-Travel Romantic Fantasy with plenty of action for the guys as well! Available at: AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE (in e-book and paperback), Smashwords, All Romance e-books, and more!
PSST! IF YOU'RE A MEMBER OF ALL ROMANCE E-BOOKS OR IF YOU SIGN UP (it's free) you may just get a little surprise at check out! They are giving away 10 e.Vamps and 10 Bewitched in Time at random!
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September 22, 2013

NEW COVER REVEAL AND SALE ON ALL SCARLET BLACK BOOKS THROUGH THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER! .99 cents each! http://scarletblack-author.blogspot.c...
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Published on September 22, 2013 07:58 • 66 views • Tags: bdsm, contemporary-romance, erotica, fantasy, new-adult, suspense, thriller, vampires, women-s-fiction

July 16, 2013

THE WISDOM OF EVIL" is now available at Amazon under new publisher "Little Black Books!" Get this Supernatural Thriller with the heart of a love story for only $1.99!
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Published on July 16, 2013 17:35 • 79 views • Tags: drama, grim-reaper, love-story, occult, pararnormal, supernatural

June 7, 2013

The Salem Moon Series Book 1 & 2 have been retitled, revised and reformatted due to new publishing company.

They are STILL the same series.
PURITY (Salem Moon #2)

Same Time-Travel Historical Romances with plenty of action, adventure, fallen and pure angels, witchcraft and of course, a love that defies all odds!
Put your worries aside and take a magickal journey with Gabriel & Lily in Salem, Massachusetts, past and present!

-Covers and desciptions will be changed shortly by Goodreads, already at Amazon!
-Best always,
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Published on June 07, 2013 20:13 • 96 views

May 27, 2013

e.Vampirecom NOW at DIESEL's NEW Erotic e-book store SALE.99 cents!
For Android, I-PAD/PHONE ,Desktop and ALL E-Readers!
Click link and you'll see all the icons, click icon you want for type of book and they'll do the rest!!! … …
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May 25, 2013

Wheee... First review at Barnes and Noble: Nook book!
5.0 out of 5 A riveting romance. I'm totally in love with Dorian Taylor! He's

A riveting romance. I'm totally in love with Dorian Taylor! He's sooo sexy, british and classy. Jennifer Reese is quirky, naive, but learning fast. The two of them together creat mothing less than magic! (Didn't leave a name.) Hmm. But, that's okay! Great review!

Debra Savignano
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April 26, 2013

Hi all,
I see alot of you are comparing to 50 shades and twilight. While, that is nice. I would like to clarify a few things about this book.
First off, I've never read Twilight, so I don't know if it's similar. To say Christian Grey would be Dorian Taylor if he were a vamp is simply NOT true. I only read the first 50 Shades and didn't care for it because of the abusive nature of the guy.

Secondly, as I understand it, 50 Shades is fan fiction of Twilight?
I had a contract over 2 years ago for and Dorian Taylor is NOT like Christian Grey as a vamp, Edward Cullen is!
In other words, when this was written, I had no idea 50 shades even existed! I have proof of such in the contract.
Of course, because of the subject matter, I can see why it is being compared, but Dorian Taylor is MY creation, not anyone elses. As a psychologist, all of my books deal with a psychological issue. The Wisdom of Evil deals with phobias, The Salem series with group think and the horrors which caused the Salem Witch Trials. The Last Gift deals with Adoption issues and with deviant sexual behaviors.
Just wanted to set the record straight!
-Best regards,
Scarlet Black
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Published on April 26, 2013 10:00 • 83 views

April 21, 2013

Happy Sample Sunday. Enjoy! A short read for fun! He-he!
Happy Sample Sunday! New excerpt from: "THE DUNGEON SCENE,"! A quick and easy read...he-he!
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April 18, 2013

New review on Amazon!
New review at Amazon for: Thank you reader!

4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing love story!, April 17, 2013
By Lisa Zetouna� - See all my reviewsThis review is from: (Kindle Edition)
If you love hopeless romantics mixed with vampires, you'll love this book! Jennifer is a young woman who left her simple farm life for the fast city life. Dorian, a vampire who is holding on desperately to what's left of his humanity. They both feel lost in the world until they meet at a masked ball. Can they find the love they so desperately need?
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March 27, 2013

A review for from "Across the Pond." I can't even begin to thank the UK for their response to this book. This one took me over a year to complete, but it was totally worth it!!
5.0 out of 5 stars 50 Shades of Vampire and I loved it 27 Mar 2013
By nina loves paranormal
Format:Kindle EditionDorian's a billionaire and a vampire. He's grown heartless over his past 100 years of living but his business partners also vampires are through and through killers. They have a gaming company and also run a BDSM club. Dorian's love of computers keep him busy and the BDSM club is mainly used by his business partners who like to play and kill.
Jen is just a normal girl trying to make a life for herself. She seems quite naive but willing to give anything a go so when a chance comes up to get in the club her and her friend give it a go.
Dorian's going with flow at the club and meets Jen and she makes him feel thing's he's never felt before.
He's in love and he needs to protect Jen from his business partners. The sex was intense and loving. The plot of the story was well thought out and a brilliant read. Let's have some more.
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