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April 5, 2014

THE RUSTY TOQUE'S 2014 FICTION CHAPBOOK CONTEST We’re pleased to announce The Rusty Toque’s first annual chapbook competition.

June 1, 2014

Lee Henderson


$800 + chapbook publication (e-book and print) + a fiction prize pack

Up to 2 finalists will receive $50 + a fiction prize pack + an excerpt or story from their chapbook published online in Issue 7 or 8 of The Rusty Toque.

Other notable entries will receive an honorable mention on our website.

$15 per fiction chapbook submission (you may submit multiple times but must include the fee for each submission)

25 to 40 pages (can be stories, micro-fictions, or a longer short story)

This contest is open to all writers except Western University students, faculty, and staff. International submissions welcome.

Select stories may be previously published; however, the collection as a whole must be unpublished.

Please submit and pay the $15.00 (Canadian dollars) reading fee through our online submission form. We do not accept hard copies.Submissions are blind, so please ensure that your name does not appear on your document.Indicate in your cover letter if any stories have been previously published and where and include a short bio.
The Rusty Toque’s 2014 Fiction Chapbook Competition is sponsored by The Canada Council, Western University with fiction prize packs from House of Anansi Press, Anvil Press, BookThug, Coach House Books, and Pedlar Press.
Lee Henderson has published two award-winning books with Penguin Canada—the story collection The Broken Record Technique and the novel The Man Game, which won the BC Book Prize and the Vancouver Book Prize in 2009. His essay on language extinction and corporate English was published in the anthology Finding the Words, edited by Jared Bland. Lee's fiction and art writing is regularly published in The Walrus and Border Crossings magazine, and other short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and journals. He has curated exhibitions of contemporary art and experimental music and is an Associate Professor in Creative Writing at The University of Victoria. SPONSORS

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Published on April 05, 2014 10:07

March 11, 2014

January 24, 2014

Puritan Authors Discuss Their Craft // Kathryn Mockler

dog1Start As You Will Go On, David Poolman (2004-5)Past Puritan author (and Rusty Toque and Joyland editor) 

Kathryn Mockler discusses her poems (from way back in Issue 9: Winter 2010!) and the digital drawings and political unrest that inspired them.

“Global Warming” and “Gun Shots” are early versions of poems from my second poetry book, The Saddest Place on Earth (DC Books, 2012).

I started writing these poems in 2004, and the initial inspiration came from a series of digital drawings that my husband, David Poolman, was working on called Start As You Will Go On (2004-5).

After September 11th, I realized I wasn’t as informed as I should be about world events, so I made it my mission to know what was going on outside of my bubble. By 2004, I became particularly obsessed with the absurdity of the Iraq War and the media’s portrayal of it. The problem with being more informed is that it can lead to deep feelings of helplessness and despair, which I think set the tone for many of the poems in this collection.

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Published on January 24, 2014 12:31 • 7 views

January 7, 2014

January 5, 2014

No Madonna and Child could touch
Her tenderness for a son
She soon would have to forget. . . .
The air was heavy with odours of diarrhea,
Of unwashed children with washed-out ribs
And dried-up bottoms waddling in labored steps
Behind blown-empty bellies. Other mothers there

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Published on January 05, 2014 10:58 • 8 views

January 4, 2014

January 2, 2014

#95booksRyan Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Ball started what they call "'the 95 books challenge' with a goal of reading at least 95 books per year (with the larger goal to become more well-read than George W. Bush)."

Along with Nikki Reimer, Marita Daschel, and others, I've decided to try the challenge too.

I know that I will fail miserably and not even come close. However I'm using it as an excuse to get out of the habit of starting and not finishing books. If I read more complete books than I did last year then it will be worth it for me.

The rules as I understand them is that the books must be 48+ pages, no comics or children's books but art, poetry, and graphic novels are okay. If you want to include chapbooks bulk them together until they make 48 pages and that counts as one book.

I'll be posting with the hashtag #95books on Twitter and Goodreads.
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Published on January 02, 2014 20:49 • 3 views

December 15, 2013

December 5, 2013

Thanks to Gary Barwin for posting this great how-to guide for making your own chapbooks!

CREATE IF WRITHING : Class 11: On chapbooks, broadsides, ephemera: cover to one of bpNichol's many chapbook publications (image from the great site bpNichol.ca) "I like narrow-casting, if by t...
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Published on December 05, 2013 09:39 • 10 views