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My 7th Celtic/Romance, Queen of Kings, set in Bronze Age Ireland was released yesterday. If you like Celtic history and myths, you'll like my books, if you like Paranormal Romances with strong, female characters, shape shifters, druids, and ancient gods you'll like my books, if you like strong extremely accurate, fast moving historical adventures set in the dark ages and ancient times you'll like my books. If you like all three, you need to get my books.

Macha of the Red Braids exudes the essence of female power. Defying and fighting two kings, she takes her father's place on the throne. With one goal in mind, she uses magic, battles, disguises, and skills of seduction to take the crown as sole ruler, the only woman listed as a High King of Ireland. She builds the famed kingdom of Emain Macha, marking off the borders with the pin of her cloak brooch. Yet a Champion, from the wilds of Connaught, throws the powerful battle queen off-guard when he comes to claim her heart. Has Macha met her match with Nath of Connaught? Will he pass the three trails she has set before him.

“You may be his heir, but you are still only a woman.” Cimbaeth sneered. “Leave us, Macha of the Red Tresses. Dithorba and I rule Ulster now.”

“Who are you to order me about? Take heed, my kings, for once sworn to rule as a triad, you cannot cast your pledge aside. My father passed through the oaken door to the Otherworld, but I am here.” Grabbing the thick gold band around her neck, she tugged on it. “I wear his torque and claim his throne as my sacred right.” She pivoted toward them, her arm outstretched and the fingers of her hand curled back except for one long digit, its clawlike nail pointing at them. “You deny me the crown in my sire’s stead, but it is not in your power to do so. Fate deems I shall rule Erinn.” Her heart pounded. “You cannot stop me.” She flung her arms into the air in a stirring motion, brewing trouble. Anger pounded in her. She wanted to leave at once, and wings were faster than legs.

As Dithorba began to speak, a cold gust swirled inside the hill fort, blasting his hair across his face and rendering him silent.

Macha let out a cackle. “Crow goddess, my patron, great Morrigan, I summon flight from my foes.” She threw her head back. “I shall return to feed on them, as is my due.” Fiery heat blazed through her skin, tingling with magical energy. Twirling a bright auburn braid with her fingers, she transformed it to a midnight hue. All form and texture changed before her. She ruffled the soft feathers cresting her head; they were so dark and beautiful.

Macha watched Cimbaeth’s eyes grow wide in shock. Dithorba gasped.

A shivery thrill spiraled through her. Now that they knew of her magic, the kings would fear what else she might do. She let out a raspy cackle. Clenching her teeth, moaning, the prickling sensation grew to a piercing pain. Quivering, feathers sprouted out of her flesh. Skin and bones stretching, twisting, leaving her small, compressed. Her teeth and tongue vanished. Snapping her beak open, she cawed at the two kings,whose faces grew ashen.

Shaky, she flapped her large wings, fighting to gain balance on short, thin legs with claws where feet had been. Her heart hammered faster than any human’s. Beating her wings hard—more rapidly than arms could move—she bobbed up and down until she soared off the ground. She was free once again. Blessing the dark goddess, Macha swooped down at the two kings, who ducked. Circling them seven times, her croaks pierced the air. She throbbed with breathless pleasure, feeding off the fright glistening in their eyes. Cawing loudly and flapping with all her might, she—now a crow—flew away from the cowering kings.

“Cornelia Amiri combines all the elements of a great story in her latest Queen of Kings. It takes place in the wonderful location of Ireland; paranormal effects, and strong as well as engaging characters with a hint of romance thrown in the mix. Ever since I first discovered Cornelia and her druids, I have become a fan.” Reviewed by Cheryl -

Sign up for the GoodReads Giveaway for one paperback copy of Queen of Kings. You could win.

Author’s Note:

Dearest reader, it’s hard to believe this tale survived, passed down by oral tradition alone, for over a thousand years before it was ever put to paper. Then again, it’s an exciting story. I wanted to let the wonderful readers, who may not be familiar with this legend, know what I kept from the original tale, and what I chose to change and add, and why.

Listed as Milesian High Kings, Macha Mong Ruad, Cimbaeth, Dithorba, and Aed the Red remained constant from time out of mind. In spinning my version, I named the other characters. In the triumvirate of Aed the Red, Dithorba, and Cimbaeth each reigned for seven years in turn. Though usually referred to as brothers or cousins, I made them friends only. When Áed died, his daughter Macha came forward to claim his reign. Cimbaeth and Dithorba opposed her, so she went to war against them. It has been told, she slew Dithorba in that battle, but I thought it best he didn’t die by her hand. I also added a handsome, brawn charioteer, to drool over.

I endowed Macha with the power to shape shift to a crow, adding even more of a morrigan aspect to her. In all versions of the tale, she married Cimbaeth. Then, Dithorba's sons tried to overthrow Macha. Disguised as a leper, she seduced and enslaved them. I slipped a crone and a cauldron of plenty in there, again to emphasize Macha’s morrigan traits. With the pin from her brooch, she drew the boundaries of Emain Macha and then forced Dithorba’s sons to build it. The names and descriptions of the three halls also come from the legend. After Cimbaeth died, she ruled alone, the only female sovereign listed in the High Kings of Ireland.

The second part of Queen of Kings is all my doing. In Nath, I created the great love of Macha’s life, to flesh out her bigger than life character. Making her more approachable to the modern reader, while still remaining goddess like, especially like the goddess morrigan, whom I see as the essence of female power.

I can only hope to one day be as great a writer as the ancient story teller, who over two thousand years ago, sat crouched around a flickering amber peat fire and gazed into the eyes of their tribesman, who held their breath with awe, listening to the first telling of this story. How I envy them. May the legend of Macha Mong Ruad live on for a thousand times a thousand years more. I hope you enjoy my version.


Cornelia Amiri of Kings
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Published on July 08, 2009 14:58 • 163 views • Tags: age, amiri, bronze, celtic, cornelia, druids, fantasy, irish, iron, kings, paranormal, queen, romance, scottish, shape, shifters, welsh
Hi everyone,

My interview - on Celtic Vampiric fey - radio show - Vampires, Witches, and Geeks - online now. Please listen and post a comment. It really is a fun and entertaining show, Morwen is a great interviewer. I talk about the Celtic Vampiric fey, always a fun subject. And please post a comment on the link after you enjoy the radio broadcast.
Also I am actually now working on a series with the Celtic vampiric fey.


Cornelia Amiri
A Fine Cauldron Of Fish by Cornelia AmiriCornelia Amiri
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Published on July 10, 2009 14:00 • 104 views • Tags: celtic, geeks, lore, paranormal, radio, romance, show, vampires, witches
QUEEN OF KINGS is a - The Romance Studio Book-A-Day Giveaway - this Sunday 07/26/09
Be sure to sign up for a chance to win

Queen of Kings by Cornelia Amiri

The powerful battle queen has her pick of the men, but can the handsome stranger best her skills and win her heart?

It’s hard to believe this tale survived, passed down by oral tradition alone, for over a thousand years. Then again, it’s an exciting story.

Macha of the Red Braids exudes the essence of female power. Defying and fighting two kings, she takes her father’s place on the throne. With one goal in mind, she uses magic, battles, disguises, and skills of seduction to take the crown as sole ruler. She is the only woman listed as a High King of Ireland. She builds the famed kingdom of Emain Macha, marking off the borders with the pin of her treasured cloak brooch. Even still, a Champion from the wilds of Connaught throws the powerful battle queen off guard when he comes to claim her heart. Has Macha met her match in Nath of Connaught? Will he pass the three trials she has set before him?

PREHISTORIC IRISH GOLD – Discovery of the Month:
Scientist now think the Mountains of Mourne, fabled in song, were the source for most of Ireland’s prehistoric gold.

PREHISTORIC SCOTISH ARTIFACTS - Discovery of the Month: Flints from 12,000 B.C. found near Biggar, Scotland, suggest humans roamed the area 3,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Stone hammers found at twenty-six sites in Wales indicate the two main concentrations of copper mining activity lay at Parys Mountain and on the Great Orme in Llandudno, as well as in mid-Wales around Cwmystwyth and Nantyeira. The Great Orme was the largest of these mines and was worked for over 1,000 years. Great Orme Mines enter the Guiness Book of Records as the largest Bronze Age copper mines in the world.

Cornelia AmiriQueen of Kings Macha Mong Raud
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Published on July 24, 2009 22:45 • 77 views • Tags: celtic, eman, fantasy, high, ireland, irish, kings, macha, paranormal, romance
Hi everyone,

I had two new releases this Summer, Queen of Kings in July and the Romance of My Dreams Anthology in August. They along with my other 8 books are available at Amazon, Fictionwise, and Barnes & Nobles online as well as most online bookstores.

For September I'm giving away, a Romance of My Dreams poster, an a L & L Dreamspell book bag and T-shirt, along with winner's choice of two of my anthologies, in paperback. Choose from, A Death in Texas (mystery), Sleeping
With the Undead, (erotic vampire romance), or Romance of My Dreams (contemporary, historical, and fantasy romances). The winner will be selected
09/30/09. To enter, subscrbie to my yahoo newsletter at


Julie and Julia on Youtube
by Cornelia Amiri

Here are 10 fun Youtube videos on Julia Child, Julie Powell, and the movie Julie
& Julia.

1. The French Chef, Julia Child's Chicken

In this clip from a famous episode of The French Chef, Julia Child properly
introduces her audience to the chicken sisters: Miss Broiler, Miss Fryer, Miss
Roaster and Old Madam Hen.

2 Julia Child and Company

As Julia makes Steak Diane, she advices "a few drops of cognac never hurt
anything." The special treat on her menu is Julia Child's chocolate mouse desert
cake created from a pound of chocolate, she also adds 4 tablespoons of dark rum,
and bakes it in a water bath. Yummy.

3. Julia Child – Archive Interview Excerpts w/Kitchen Tour

Julia Child talks about the first time she had pressed duck, French oysters, and
the lovely French cakes and how after that she was hooked. She also speaks about
her first television show "The French Chef" created in 1962 and that it came
about due to her appearance on the Today Show.

4. Julia Child Making Omelet

In - The Omelet Show - clip from the French Chef, Julia makes a French omelet
with two to three eggs. She explains the best type of pan to use and the speed
with which you have to cook an omelet. Julia demonstrates how to flip it over
onto a plate and for presentation she spreads butter on the omelet for shine and
garnishes it with parsley. Dinner in half a minute. Bon Appetit!

5. Julie & Julia Official Trailer
Here is the official trailer for the film, Julie & Julia, released August 7,
2009. Staring Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams as Julie Powell, who
blogged about cooking all the recipes in Mastering The Art of French Cooking by
Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, Simone Beck, and Sidonie Coryn. Julie Powell's
blog was published as the book, Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 recipies, 1 Tiny
Apartment Kitchen

6. Julia Child – Archive Interview Part 1 of 6

Julia Childs, born in 1912, tells us of her early years, growing up in Pasadena
California before WW II. She mentions after college, she went to New York to
find her fortune, she wanted to be a great woman novelist. It's an interesting
interview not only on her life but on the time period as well.

7. Julie and Julia

A brief Video excerpt on extracting marrow from meat, without a cleaver, from
"Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell from Little, Brown & Company Her husband and
brother took a saw to it but that didn't work. Julie wormed her way into the
interior with a paring knife. After all was said and done, I love her comment on
the marrow, "What is really taste like is life well lived."

8. Julia Child's Kitchen

The camera spans Julia Child's actual kitchen, which is at the American History
Museum in Washington DC. She was the first television cooking chef.

9. Julie Powell

An interview with Julie Powell, author of "Julie & Julia". Its an interesting
interview and I can fully understand her view as a college student that compared
to Texans people in the northeast don't know how to eat, which is what prompted
her to first start cooking. She also says that part of the journey is not
depending on what other people think about you.

10. Julie Powell Cooks What She Has Around

Here is Julie, just off a press junket, she meets the challenge of cooking with
ingredients she finds around her apartment. She whips up some potato tortillas.
Yum, Yum!

Long Swords, Hot Heroes & Warrior Women
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Wed Sep 2, 2009 7:37 pm

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Cornelia AmiriRomance of My Dreams
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Published on September 07, 2009 18:44 • 149 views • Tags: amiri, celtic, childs, contest, cornelia, julia, julie, romance
Hi eveyone,

I participated in Earthdance last Saturday here in Houston, I hope some of you were able to go as well. There were world wide events for it so all around the word the prayer for peace was said at the same time. It was fantastic, I had a lot of fun. To keep everyone updated, I just signed two contracts. One for a Steam punk Erotica Romance novella with Lyrical Press, As Timeless as Stone. And one for a Celtic/Druid/Romance novel set in 1st century AD Scotland with Eternal Press, Druid Bride. They will both be out in either spring or summer of 2010. I’m working on a novella set in Woodstock and August of this year was the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, so that’s what this month’s column is, videos taken live at Woodstock 1969 of most of the lineup. I hope you enjoy it.

Peace & Love,

Cornelia Amiri

China's celtic mummies

Woodstock 1969

Here are youtube links to performances at the 1969 festival in their order of appearance. It’s bare boned, they are so many of them, it would take too long for you to look at them if I did a regular review. I have included tidbits, here and there.

Day one – Friday about 5 pm

1st act – Richie Havens

2nd act Country Joe McDonald

3rd act John Sebastian

4th act – Sweetwater
and the first band on the stage

5th act – Incredible String Band

6th act – Bert Sommer

7th act - Tim Hardin
here’s a still of him performing the song at Woodstock

8th act Ravi Shankar
No live footage but this audio was recorded at Woodstock It did rain during the five songs he played.
Here he is on the Dick Cavet show

9th act Melanie
I didn’t find a video of Melanie’s performance, but it rained and the crowd lit candles as she sung. She wrote Candles in the Rain later in tribute to Woodstock. This video includes stills from Woodstock. “Beautiful People" is one of the two songs she performed at Woodstock. She later recorded "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
here’s her singing Beautiful People – a song she did perform at Woodstock

10th act Arlo Guthrie
As you can see he played at night. I always thought he was so cute. Arlo played three songs at Woodstock, "Coming into Los Angeles," "Walking Down the Line," and "Amazing Grace." He continues to record, and he performs "City of New Orleans" at fund-raisers for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

11th act Joan Baez
The close of day one, at midnight, Báez performed 12 songs at Woodstock, including her hits "Joe Hill" and "Sweet Sir Galahad" and classics such as "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and "We Shall Overcome." Joe Hill -;_ylt=A...

Saturday – Day 2

12th act Quill
13th act Keef Hartley Band
I couldn’t find footage of either.

14th act . Santana

15th act . Canned Heat

16th act Moutain

17th act Janis Joplin

18th act Grateful Dead

19th act Creedence Clearwater Revival act The Who

Sunday – day 3

22st act Jefferson Airplane

23rd act Joe Cocker

24th act Country Joe and the Fish

25th act Ten Years After

26th act The Band

27th act Blood, Sweat & Tears
Earlier that year, they won the grammy for Album of the year. They had and still have a fantastic sound.

28th act Johnny Winter
Here are the vocals captured live at Woodstock, but no live video. He perfored 10 songs at the festival, including two with his brother Edgar.
Here are some visuals – no audio
In this interview with Edgar, he mentionsWoodstock and its influence on him.

29th act. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Helplessly hoping
Long time gone
Here they are singing the song Woodstock, after Woodstock, but the footage is of Woodstock.

30th act Paul Butterfield Blues Band

31st act. Sha Na Na

32nd Act - Monday Morning – the close of the Festival
Jimi Hendrix
The Star Spangled Banner

Please visit me (Cornelia Amiri) at
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My books are available in print and in downloads at Amazon
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Cornelia Amiri
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Published on October 03, 2009 10:28 • 99 views • Tags: amiri, celtic, cornelia, fantasy, history, music, paranormal, romance, videos, woodstock
Goodread Giveaway:
To win a trade size copy of The Wolf and The Druidess
enter here:

The Wolf and The Druidess was just released this month, in time for Christmas. This Paranormal/Erotica/Romance is my Celtic take on a Halloween werewolf tale. Mystical and magical the story’s set at Samhain rather than Halloween and instead of a werewolf the hero is the Celtic god Gwydion, a wolf is one of his shape shifting forms.

A god leaves the Otherworld and even risks his life … for love.

In days of old, deep in the dark woods, Druidess Seven discovers a wolf shape shifting into the bare, muscular body of God Gwydion. Her wicked thoughts turn from the Samhain feast to feasting on Gwydion’s yummy goodies. Can their new found love survive the ultimate long-distance relationship of a god in the otherworld and a woman on earth? Is the love Seren and Gwydion share strong enough to overcome the social barrier between an immortal god and a mortal woman? Will the warning of danger from beyond the grave destroy the sensual magic brewing between the wolf and the druidess?

They came to a stop at the top of the hill, standing before the roaring bonfire. As the onlookers gathered around, Gwydion slipped off the druid robe and yanked the blue tunic over his head then let them both fall to the ground. He blazed like the fire he stood before and his heart pounded. Sliding his long fingers to the gold clasp at his belt, he unfastened it, then climbed out of his braies and kicked them to the side. The crowd cheered, but he had no cares for what they thought, he saw nothing but the woman before him. Scrying her in the sacred salmon pond, he’d watched her from afar, and now he would have what he long desired. Seren. With his eyes locked on her, he waited for her to disrobe and bare her body to him.

His gaze devoured her as the gold-speckled druid garment swished around her bare legs as her lithe feet kicked to and fro in a fast pace around the fire. As she slipped off the robe, it hit the dirt. Moving to the rhythmic beat of the drum, she unraveled the knot of her hemp belt and her plaid skirt dropped to the ground. Seren hoisted her tunic over her head and threw it down.

Hurrahs rang out as they danced, circling the fire. Gwydion’s heart raced to the rhythmic beat of the bodhran as he jumped and kicked his feet in fast movements.

For more of The Wolf and the Druidess and all ten of my Celtic/Romances please visit my Website:

The Wolf and the Druidess
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Published on December 26, 2010 00:35 • 189 views • Tags: celtic, druid, erotica, pagan, paranormal, paranormal-romance, romance, samhain-mythology, shape-shifter, werewolf
Hi eveyone,

I wanted to share - Monday 01/16 to Friday 01/20 - my medieval/fantasy romance The Celtic Vixen is free on kindle at


Nesta’s family urges the fiery, middle-aged widow to get a new husband to protect the villa, but she can take care of the villa herself. So she picks up her deceased husband’s long sword and joins the15-year-old war leader, Arthur, to battle Saxons. There she meets the dark warrior, Ulfin, who, unknown to Nesta, is haunted by the matchmaker ghost of her deceased husband, but this spirit has his work cut out for him for Ulfin and Nesta care more about war than love.


"Caledvwch," Dubricius called out the name of the renowned blade.

"My people, I pledge to rid all of Britannia of the Saxon scourge." Arthur's voice rang out with clarity and strength. "I shall rule as one with the land as the Celtic kings of old."

Ulfin, Nesta, and everyone there raised their hand high in salute and yelled thrice, "Arthur map Uther, Arthur map Uther, Arthur map Uther."

A deep voice said, "I am glad to see this day."

Ulfin turned toward the speaker and gasped. "Gwynfael or Gwynfael's ghost, whichever, what are you doing here?"

The spirit grinned. "Watching the convocation with you."

Nesta flashed a puzzled half smile. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, I was not speaking to you."

"Then who were you speaking to?" Nesta’s brow crinkled.

"She cannot see me." The fuzzy ghost chuckled.

Ulfin blinked. "You were right, you do not glow as bright as you did last night."

"Did you say something?" Nesta asked Ulfin.

"You were drunk." Gwynfael nodded. "It is why I seemed to have glowed more."

"I think I need to get drunk again." Ulfin sighed.

"Oh, yes, they will pass around cups of ale at the feast. Come let us get a good place." Nesta reached for Ulfin's hand.

"What a woman. She has not changed. So beautiful, is she not?" Gwynfael’s eyes locked onto Nesta as he asked Ulfin, "Are you taking her to the feast?"

Not wanting to appear to be speaking to himself again, Ulfin remained silent and shrugged his shoulders as he stared at the pale, fuzzy figure.


Cornelia Amiri

The Celtic Vixen by Cornelia Amiri
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Published on January 15, 2012 16:20 • 163 views • Tags: celtic, cornelia-amiri, fantasy, free-read, ghost, historical, kindle, medieval, paranormal, romance
I'm announcing my new release, A Fine Cauldron of Fish. It's a funny vampire novella with a Celtic twist. If you love my Dancing Vampire series from Ellora's Cave about the Highland vampiric fey the Baobhan sith then you'll love this novella based on the vampiric fey on the Isle of Man, the lhiannan shee.

"A Fine Cauldron Of Fish is a very funny story of gods and sidhe on the Isle of Man. This is just a quick, fun read and one I highly recommend." Reviewed by Chere Gruver of Paranormal Romance

"What do you get when two clumsy people get together an outright laugh a minute comedy in A Fine Cauldron of Fish. A Fine Cauldron of Fish is the second book I have read by Ms. Amiri and I was happy to experience that Cornelia is such a universe writer from historical romance to now comedies but with still keeping her uniqueness that her fans love." Reviewed by Cheryl Koch of Cheryl's Book Nook

"A Fine Cauldron of Fish is hilarious. I laughed out loud several times through this story. Finding stories so creative and full of wit is a joy and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. If you like things a bit out of the ordinary and are in the mood for a fun light-heart read, then I recommend this." Reviewed by Vee at Night Owl Romance Book Reviews

Blurb: It's summer on the Isle of Man and Andrew is looking for hot girls and good times. So when he meets the dreamy and seductive Margaid, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect?
The heat level is three flames and it's available at Smashwords in a format of your choice

This week you can get it free, $0.00 with Coupon Code: UV56Y - enter the code prior to check out

If you like it please leave a review.

Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri
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Published on July 10, 2013 09:16 • 107 views • Tags: celtic, comedy, fantasy, funny, novella, paranormal, romance, romantic, vampire