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The War WidowsThe War Widows by Leah Fleming

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The War Widows is an enjoyable story about women's friendships and familial relationships. The driver of the plot arrives in Grimbledown in the form of two refugee women with their illegitimate offspring in tow. The story is set just after the Second World War when many women had lost the men in their lives. So much had been lost, in fact, that almost everything needed rebuilding - lives, towns, relationships, as well as the social and cultural structures that hold them all together. So this was a time of marked transition and people were questioning long standing beliefs and notions about many things, immigration, class, the role of women and their place in the world, as well as weighing up the social mores that determined what was and wasn't acceptable and nice...did it really matter anymore what the neighbours thought? Leah Fleming captures in The War Widows many of the forces compelling change at this time. She has a special talent for describing the dynamics of women's relationships with other women and how outwardly they might appear antagonistic at times but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of life, and especially for the sake of their children, they are often able to bury the hatchet and pull together. The War Widows is an easy to read book with nothing too ghastly to get one's head round. It is enjoyable and fun and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a light and entertaining read.

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