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May 21, 2013

Picture Calla faces an avalanche of grief and confusion when she finds out her husband, Owen, is dying. Owen’s last wish is that she and his brother, Ash, be together when he’s gone. The only problem is that Ash is not happy about the idea, but that doesn’t stop Owen from bringing them on one last sentimental camping trip, where Owen intends to teach Ash how to be intimate with his wife. Grief, strong wills and insecurities clash out in the forest, where hardcore sexual encounters take place and Calla must find a way to bring the two brothers together, and find resolution to her own doubts about the future.

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April 12, 2013

Picture The newest erotic anthology from Rachel Kramer Bussel, featuring my story, Look At Yourself...

What happens when you bring together 69 authors sharing their hottest orgasm stories? If you have a top notch erotica editor like Rachel Kramer Bussel, you get The Big Book of Orgasms!This climactic collection captures top erotica writers serving up steamy scenarios all focused on The Big O. Whether getting off from exhibitionism, voyeurism, or a very special pair of blue jeans, the characters in The Big Book of Orgasms explore all sorts of ways they can come, with lovers who range from sweet to sweetly sadistic. Go "Under The Table" with Elizabeth Coldwell and cheer for "The Pink Team" by Kelly Rand. Discover the thrill of hot wax and even hotter sex; the 69 short stories collected here bring the heat on every page! From Orgasmic editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, with a foreword by Ecstasy is Necessary author Barbara Carrellas, these are climaxes you'll want to relive again and again.

Dr. Ruth once said about Rachel Kramer Bussel, "she is only satisfied if you come and come again." Let The Big Book of Orgasms count the ways, all 69 of them focussed on all the wonderful ways women get off. This arousing read is inspirational as well as aspirational, a celebration of women's sexuality that reaches new heights of excellence. Each of the 69 nine stories about "the big O" is a peak experience in and of itself.

Out October, 2013. Go HERE to preorder at Amazon!

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March 22, 2013

Out in the forest, where past and present collide, where far off noises and active imaginations chill the spine, Owen intends to teach his brother how to be intimate with his wife...
Pre-order Passing The Torch at Total-E-Bound!
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February 27, 2013

PictureComing Together: Triumphantly is a collection of erotica that deals with reclaiming the body and sexuality after the trauma; stories of triumph, of healing, and of appreciating the body and its abilities after (and in spite of) the changes brought about by illness/injury. This collection will benefit the National Women's Health Network.
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January 19, 2013

Picture Passing the Torch is a new erotic BDSM novella, out from Total-E-Bound! I've just got the new cover! It's available for pre-order on March 25th!

Here's the blurb:

Wet your toes in this chilling erotic tale of a love triangle created by one man’s dying wish...

Calla faces an avalanche of grief and confusion when she finds out her husband Owen is dying. Owen’s last wish is that she and his brother, Ash, be together when he’s gone. The only problem is that Ash is not happy about the idea, but that doesn’t stop Owen from bringing them on one last sentimental camping trip, one that is immediately filled with intense longing, fear and denial.

Out in the forest, where past and present collide, where far off noises and active imaginations chill the spine, Owen intends to teach Ash how to be intimate with his wife.

Grief, strong wills and insecurities clash in the forest, where Ash learns just how deep the sexual connection between Owen and Calla is, and just how much he can relate. Throughout it all, Calla must find a way to bring the two brothers together to find resolution about their past, and to find resolution to her own doubts about the future.

Sneak Peek: Chapter One

About a week before we went to his doctor’s appointment, I dreamed that Owen tried to kill me. We were at our favourite camping spot in the woods, a place that no one else seemed to know about. In my dream, the towering brown trees of the forest were even denser than in reality. They were so huge I thought maybe they were real giants, giants in slumber, in hibernation, and we were only the fleas at their feet. The ground wasn’t brown and leaf-covered as it normally was—instead, bright green moss grew everywhere, full and fuzzy, a living, spongy mass. I realised that I was barefoot. The moss seemed to grow fuller and fuller, creeping in all directions before my eyes.

Owen walked by my side, quiet, looking down at the ground, too. His skin was so pale, paler than in reality, where normally he had a golden tinge to him. But in my dream he was as pale as a ghost, and I thought I could see through his skin, see his veins running erratically here and there, turquoise lines chug-chug-chugging the blood through his body. I somehow knew that the green veins I observed were clogged with slime, passing through his body, making him sluggish and sappy in his movements.

We came to the stream. It was really too big to call a stream, but I preferred the word to ‘creek’, which I found creepy, and it was too small to call a river. The clear, icy water ran past, flowing steadily over the smoothed stones that populated the riverbed and bank. In the summer time you could see the colour in the stones when the sunlight hit them, but I must have been dreaming it was wintertime or early spring, because the stones were simply grey, round bits of grey that reflected no light, making the stream seem much deeper than it actually was. Making it seem dangerous. I stood with my toes against the flow until it felt like icy little needles were pricking at them.

Owen stood behind me. I felt his hands come around my waist then move up to my breasts. I was naked, too, I realised. His touch was frigid instead of warm like it normally was. His fingers found my nipples. I gasped and my body shuddered. His pale fingertips pinched them until biting slivers of pain shot into my body. I gasped again. He slowly opened and closed the space between his forefinger and thumb, squeezing then releasing the tips, and the waves of delicious pangs in my pussy undulated accordingly with each contraction. He seemed to be ignoring the whimpers of pain I let out each time he pinched my flesh, or, rather, maybe the pathetic noises spurred him on. Soon my nipples were burning and reddened. Still he continued.

I grew afraid of him. I had never been afraid of him, never in all our playing, in all the nights we’d spent hours pushing each other further and further towards our weaknesses, even as he had held every ounce of my sanity in his hands, I had never doubted my safety with him, never doubted his intentions. But now I felt a ghoul had invaded his body, and it was the ghoul who now stood behind me, relentlessly tormenting my sensitive flesh. My strength gave out and I fell to my knees.

Before I could fully understand or maybe even admit to myself that this wasn’t my husband but an embodiment of something wrong, a manifestation of something terrible and indefinable, I found myself submerged. Suddenly I was holding my breath as the icy currents pulled my hair over my face, the roar of white noise and rocks moving against one another, bubbles escaping my nostrils—I was deafened. The ghoul had a hand in my hair and was holding my head in the stream.

I squealed when it put its cock into me, and more of the precious air I still had in my lungs escaped. I tried to think of some way to break free as the length of its hardness penetrated me up to the hilt, its hips pressing hard and cold against my ass. All my thoughts ceased then, and a burning, conspicuous in the surrounding chill, almost took me so far from my panic I could have drowned happily. My knees crushed into the stones beneath them, and the ghoul withdrew then plunged into my body again. As its cock invaded me I was filled with a blissful sort of insanity. I felt lost to myself. My body gave in to the thing, burned around it, desiring it more than it wanted another breath.

I woke up with a gasp, as though I had finally pulled my head out of the stream. The juices of my desperation seeped from between my legs. I flung my arms out into the darkness before I totally regained my senses.

Owen turned me towards him, held me firmly and shushed me. “It’s okay, Cal. You’re all right.”

Even as I found the little glints of his eyes in the darkness of our bedroom, I could still feel the water over my face. I panicked, sure I still couldn’t take a breath. My hands went up to my cheeks and felt the wetness, and I gulped in a ragged, desperate breath and realised I was crying.

“Oh, baby.” Owen ran his fingertips over my cheeks.

I relaxed a little, glad for breath but feeling an emptiness inside my gut I couldn’t explain. I put a hand in my panties. They were soaked.

Owen’s hand joined mine against my pussy. “Scary wet dream?” He chuckled against my shoulder.

“Make me come,” I whispered.

He nuzzled his face into my neck and worked a couple of fingers into me. His kisses against my throat were lazy with sleepiness, but his fingers found a steady rhythm moving in and out of me, his thumb circling over my clit. I ground my pelvis towards his hand and put my face in his hair. It took no time at all. My orgasm was strong but quiet and I released around his fingers, soaking them and my panties even more. He pushed them down and helped me get them off.

His hard cock pressed against my leg and I went to grasp it but he kissed my neck and said, “In the morning.” His arm fell over me and he passed back out.

I lay on my back, my pulse calming, feeling Owen’s warm breath against my neck, and thought about the ghastly Owen from my dream. I held onto the image, my gut heavy with a dread I couldn’t define.

But, like I said, that was before the appointment.

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January 13, 2013

My 10 Favorite Erotic Reads of 2012

Here's a list of recommended reads that I completed this past year, although many were published in previous years. They all have wonderful writing, originality, sexiness and thoughtfulness in common! Here they are,  in no particular order:

1.  Bran's Story, by Maticulategiraffe (mostly M/M)

When I started this book, which is available for FREE (just go download it, 'k?), I wasn't expecting to be gripped by the heart strings and kept enthralled for the extent of the story. Bran is a young slave in an alternate universe in which slavery is legal and commonplace. He is rescued from a terrible owner by Holden, a slave rehabilitator and truly kind master who were once a slave himself. This is truly a love story and truly erotic.  Get The Book Here at Goodreads.

2. The Splinter, by Remittance Girl (m/f/religion)

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. A master of erotica, Remittance Girl takes us down an unlikely path to sensuality through examination of exactly what it is that gets people off. Her heroine is obsessed with self-harm, believing it will win her a direct path to experiencing God. When she collides with the well-meaning priest who is recovering from the same disorder, all hell breaks loose. Very little sex, very much an erotic book. Get The Book Here at Amazon.

3. Tentacle Dreams, edited by Nobilis Reed (tentacle goodness)

It's no secret that I love tentacle erotica, in all its glorious forms. These stories are truly original, truly fascinating and truly sexy. The book is out of print since Republica went under, but hopefully it will be available soon, because it's superb. Read About the Book Here at Goodreads.

4. A Study in Shame, by Lucy Salisbury (BDSM, f/f, m/f, teddy bear)

Published by Mischief Books, the new erotic imprint of HarperCollins, this one is a keeper. The protagonist, Lucy, is adorably naïve and lusty and ashamed and loopy and all in the opening chapter! You can't help but love her forays into pleasure and shame, all of which will leave you grabbing for you vibrator, or partner, whichever is closer. Salisbury has two more books out now, S is for Spanking and My Secret Life in Paris, both of which I can't wait to read. Get The Book Here At Amazon.

5. Raw Silk, by Lisabet Sarai

I'm not sure why it took me so long to read this classic, but I'm sure glad I did. A woman leaves her normal life, and boyfriend, to take a job in Thailand. There she meets two men, one who makes her body sizzle and introduces her to the exotic ways of his people, and another who introduces her to BDSM and pulls no punches making her his personal submissive in record time. Just when you thought it couldn't get more hot—enter the boyfriend, determined to get her back. If only we all had such problems! Sarai's writing is great and alive and honestly sexy. This will be at the top of my list of all time erotic romance novels! Get The Book Here At Amazon.

6.  Red Grow The Roses, by Janine Ashbless (Vampires in all their nasty glory)

Also out from Mischief Books (really, their books are cream of the crop erotica and erotic romance, and their anthologies are fabulous, too.) is RGTR, erotic literature at its finest. Take a journey into the lives of the Vampires of London and their hellish, erotic and sometimes painful-to-read existences. Journey with them as they take victims and lovers, often both, to the edge of their sanity before an epic face off at the end of the book that will keep you up to the wee hours of the night. Ashbless is one of the best in the business and doesn't fall short with this full-length novel. Get The Book Here At Amazon.

7. Crash, by JG Ballard (m/f, m/m, m/f/car)

A dark and edgy commentary on humanity losing its mind to modern technology, Ballard creates a long novel that's really just one prolonged multicar pileup...and you can't look away. Only a true literary master could have pulled off the massive feat of equating the contours of a motor vehicle with human sexuality, and demonstrating the the completely intertwined nature of both. I was left with an undeniable impression of the irreparable and scarring damage with which modern technology curses us. Get The Book Here At Amazon.

8. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, by Anne Rice/A.N. Roquelaure (all combos)

Cue another classic, one I read at far too young an age and just bothered to pick up and read over again this year. The story is really nothing short of remarkable, a classic for sure, the tale details the waking of Beauty by her prince, who swiftly brings her into sexual slavedom at his mother's kingdom, where multitudes of young princes and princesses come of age under the ministrations of the BDSM-obsessed. Spanking, whipping, paddling, pony-training, public humiliation, screwing, screwing and more screwing. And all in the simplistic yet beautiful writing of Anne Rice. Get The Book Here At Amazon.

9. Like A Corset Undone, edited by J. Blackmore

Steampunk erotica is growing in popularity, and Circlet Press is way ahead of the curve. These stories are amusing and extremely well-written without the usual erotic anthology frills. My kind of steampunk. Get The Book Here at Amazon.

10. Nightmares and Visions, by Monocle

This one may not sit well with all who venture into this tornado of short, flash non-consent erotic situations. There was something so raw and unrelenting about the "visions" that one cannot help but become aroused. Unseen tormentors, forced breeding, friends pitted against one another, machines bent on delicious sexual torment—it was disturbing and I couldn't stop reading. The books is out of print right now but hopefully will be available again soon. Update: Now published under the name Raziel Moore, this book has been rereleased by Burning Books Press.

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December 25, 2012

Picture Free for 5 days on Amazon - sexify your Kindle - HERE!

Merry Christmas :)
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December 18, 2012

November 7, 2012

Picture D&D, my newest erotic novella, is available for at Total E Bound, and available everywhere on November 5th! It is a steampunk erotic romance novel, with tons of sexy devices for our main character to explore.

Here's the blurb:

A headstrong woman unsure of her own desires. A charming playboy with a mind for pleasure who's set on getting her into his newest contraption...Welcome to Fairford.

In order to absolve a debt, recently widowed social pariah Tessa Darlington leaves London to travel to Fairford, where she meets charming inventor Briscoe Blackwell, and gets caught up in his world of sordid inventions. Unsure of her future, grieving for her late husband, and conflicted by the nature of her desires, she rebuffs Briscoe's attempts to charm her and sets about exploring his sordid resort and all the wonders it has to offer.

Briscoe Blackwell, however, has his own ambition-to get Tessa into his latest and greatest invention yet.

Get it HERE at Total E Bound!
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October 30, 2012

Picture The new Dead Sexy anthology is out from Xcite, featuring my story "Distraction". Sexy werewolves, why not? Get it from Amazon for only $2.99! Here's the Blurb:

Twenty stories of paranormal pleasures. Dead Sexy puts the vamp into vampires and the fantasy into femmes fatales.

The heroes and heroines of these stories may be cold-blooded but their antics are hot as hell!

From gorgeous ghosts and dirty demons to amorous apparitions and phantoms with a fetish, these ghoulish lovers are guaranteed to light up the darkest night.
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