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September 26, 2013

Long time no update! The garden of my life started sprouting weeds and it has taken a lot of time to get rid of them. On the plus side, that time has given me so much to think about, writing and school wise. (^_^).

Now that the stress is about to disappear, I can focus on more important things and get back to being happy. (And yes, this happiness is book-related.) Two of my titles will be free to download until midnight on Sunday, September 29th via Smashwords. This freebie may or may not extend to other online retailers--it all depends on how fast Smashwords can relay the price change to them.

The books that will be free are Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl, my magical girl tribute to Sailor Moon, and my poetry collection, Daylight Dreams .

Here are the books on GoodReads:

Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl


Daylight Dreams

And here is the Smashwords Link to download your copies:



And as for the other book news I mentioned earlier? I've got one in the works, the tentative release date is set for October 31st. I'll have a cover reveal and summary coming in a few weeks. Thanks so much for your support!
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August 31, 2013

Yay! SOPHIA'S HIGH, is now available on Smashwords as a free download. I wasn't aiming for an accurate portrayal--this was written for fun. Here is a summary and a link to download the story:

Sophia's a former drug addict whose been undergoing 4 years of rehab in a laboratory in downtown Avalon, also known as Hell. At least, that's what she was told when Dr. D.K. picked her up then. When she finds out the lethal truth about her treatment, it's time for her to leave. But can she truly escape the lab after being too-far gone in her body and mind?

This is a short story of approximately 2277 words. Contains some drug use. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

Smashwords Download Link

Amazon Download Link

As the story gets distributed to other ebook retailers, I'll update this post. Much better than 5 more posts, isn't it? Thank you so much for supporting me!

Sophia's High
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Published on August 31, 2013 23:24 • 159 views • Tags: addiction, blog, drugs, short-story, sophia-s-high, writing

August 28, 2013

I wrote a quick photography scene that I titled Idol Design. It's very short, so I put it up under my pen name. That's right, Sakura Reyna has been writing scenes again. :D

I'm so glad I'm getting a great response from them.

This is a short scene that I just had to get out of my head. Marissa Kirkland has been hired as a model for Aria Audio Visual Studios, the country's largest multimedia conglomerate. This is a short introduction of her as she takes her first few photos.

Here's the link to read this scene. It's 479 words.
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Published on August 28, 2013 09:46 • 230 views • Tags: bloh, fictionpress, flash-fiction, sakura-reyna, scenes, writing

August 23, 2013

Smashwords has recently introduced Author Interviews to its platform for their writers. I took advantage of this and gave four questions a test run. I will be answering more questions some time after Sophia's High comes out in October.

To view the interview, click the link below:

My Interview on Smashwords

Don't forget to tell your friends about my books if you've read them and show them this interview, please! Thanks for your support, everyone.
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Published on August 23, 2013 06:34 • 148 views • Tags: interview, writing

August 21, 2013

I have a new short story coming out on September 1st! Yay!!! I'm still working on the summary and edits (the first draft is finished). So far, it's a little over 1000 words. I didn't think I'd be able to write anything THAT short, but I did it. And it was awesome! Here's the cover and tag line. I'll add the story's summary and information on GoodReads at a later date once it's ready.

Sophia's High
TagLine: Sophia is addicted to her medicine-too far gone, but something's wrong with this dose she's been given.

[image error]
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Published on August 21, 2013 09:33 • 293 views • Tags: addiction, blog, book-cover, cover-reveal, drugs, editing, short-story, social-issues, writing

August 19, 2013

I published Fleeting Fame: Scenes on FictionPress today. It's just a few scenes that I really wanted to use in some way, as they've been in my head forever. It's not a complete story, and this is what my pen name is for. Somehow, people seem to like my scenes anyway. Plus, writing the scenes helps develop ideas for novellas and short stories in the future.

This is a little over 1000 words.

Short Summary on Fiction Press and Cover Reveal:

Carina has been admiring the famous Egyptian actor Amir Massri for two years. She's secretly obsessed with him. When he comes to her school, will she be able to keep her cool? First few scenes only...Written for fun.

[image error]

To Read Fleeting Fame: Scenes, click here:

Fleeting Fame: Scenes FictionPress Link

Enjoy! Love you guys!

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Published on August 19, 2013 05:52 • 212 views • Tags: fictionpress, pen-name, sakura-reyna, scenes, writing

August 16, 2013

A few of you already know about this, but I'm going to discuss this again in case you're a new fan of mine. I also write under a pen name of Sakura Reyna at I have been writing under this name since 2004 and I still do occasionally. I have also published some unedited versions of my earlier works there, if you'd like to view them. Basically, FictionPress is my answer to Wattpad. I sound like an old woman, don't I? I just don't warm up to new things online as soon as they pop up. LOL. I have a big following at FictionPress and I don't like to forget them, so I'll write short scenes or whatever suits my fancy at the moment and post them there.

Here's the link to check my work out:

FictionPress Pen Name: Sakura Reyna

There's a reason I'm mentioning this now. I'll have some short scenes for you to check out in a few days. (^_^)

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Published on August 16, 2013 16:56 • 140 views • Tags: fictionpress-com, pen-name, shorter-works, writing

August 8, 2013

I know this is kind of sudden, but I've had a very unexpected and wonderful blessing come into my life. As a result of that, my Muse was peeking into the archives of old writing that she suggests could use a dusting off and revamp. I happen to agree with her for once, so I decided to give this one-act short screenplay of mine a makeover.

Divine Jester by Tiffany Fulton

Click the image for a summary. Right now, it's only available on Smashwords as a free download. It'll be free until it gets sent to the other online distributors like Barnes and Noble and Diesel, unless I forget about it ;).

This was another short catharsis that I wrote for fun. I loathe clowns so I wrote a one-shot about a ghost clown because I felt like it. I'll often write and publish freebies like this so I don't get stuck again. :D
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Published on August 08, 2013 19:36 • 213 views • Tags: blog, one-act-screenplay, paranormal-fantasy, screenplay, writing

August 7, 2013

Here's a gift for fans of

Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl by Tiffany Fulton

[image error]

This is a sketch I drew of the first scene in Chapter 4: Minions from Hell. Bunny wakes up here...Thought it was super-cute!

And I had fun drawing her.

Thanks so much for your support!
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Published on August 07, 2013 11:39 • 120 views • Tags: author-art, blog, magical-girls, novella

July 29, 2013

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH the moon and back again to everyone who has read, purchased, and downloaded my novel, MAYBE YOU'RE IN LOVE. I am infinity times grateful to all of you for your support (voiced or not). I finally got around to checking reviews for it...

Smashwords: 1 Four Star
Amazon: (BLEH) Mostly 2-stars and 1 stars and one 5-star
Barnes and Noble: 2 5-Star Reviews

The star ratings don't bother me as much as I thought they would, but the scathingly honest comments on the lower ratings get to me. I was in a big rush of excitement to get this particular book out that I overlooked a lot of things in editing it....(See the Amazon Reviews for more).

I understand and fully support what everyone is saying. This is the first book that actually needs an editor...and I agree. (See my pride crumbling there? (^_~)). At least I'm not in a fetal position. I'm not giving up that easily. Writers have flops and not everyone will like what I write. I can deal.

This is why I like writing shorter things. I don't have the patience or time to write and edit another full length book. I'm not out to write anything epic. I just write. After I finished MAYBE YOU'RE IN LOVE, I thought I could start on another novel...So far, I haven't written anything that's spoken to me and given me hope.

In order to refill this void and my creative well, I'm planning on publishing a few one-shot short stories under my pen name Sakura Reyna on Fictionpress. I can get away with writing certain things on there that I can't get away with anywhere else. My fanbase is growing over there, too.

I'll let you know when I publish on the other retailers. It'll be a while, though.

Thank you again for sticking with me. I love being a writer because it's a non-stop learning process.
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Published on July 29, 2013 08:28 • 351 views • Tags: apology, lessons, novels, thoughts, writing

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