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As some of you may know I recently signed with AmazonEncore, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. The official announcement was made about a week ago on the site Let’s Get Digital.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally be able to share the news. But what was even more overwhelming was the outpouring of messages of support and congratulations. Among those, many fellow writers as well as fans had questions about my journey and what I think ultimately got my novel, In Search of Lucy, noticed. So, I thought this was a good time to provide a brief overview of my adventure in self-publishing.

I’m not here to tell you how to sell a million ebooks, because honestly, In Search of Lucy hasn’t come close to that number. But, it has had a nice steady sales record since it was released in February 2011. And, I’m not going to say that I think what worked for me will work for you. I’ve learned from trial and error that what works for one author may not necessarily work for another.

So, here it is. In Search of Lucy was my first novel and when I hit that publish button on KDP, I had no idea what I was in for. One advantage I did have was ten years of experience in marketing and public relations. The first thing I did was reach out in social media. I was already on Facebook but joined several reading and writing groups. Then I joined Twitter. I wanted to learn as much as I could as fast as I could. Looking back, I realized that this was all stuff I should have done before my book was finished. You don’t want the feeling of having to play catch up. Luckily there were some very nice people more than happy to answer my millions of questions.

Once I sort of got my bearings, I began seeking reviews and interviews. At present, Lucy has 27 reviews with a 4.5 average. Most of the feedback I receive are people talking about how they can relate to the characters and the emotions they’re going through. All of us have felt lost or hurt at some point in life, or maybe wanted to reach out to someone that was hurting. I’ve also been told the characters were very real and endearing.

As time passed, I had a steady stream of features and interviews showing up online which I could promote and share with Twitter and Facebook fans. This is what got my book into some of the Top 100 lists. At various times it was in the top 100 of: Hot New Releases, Bargain Books Kindle Drama, Bargain Books Kindle Romance, Kindle Store eBooks Drama, and the Bargain Bookstore.

Being on these lists was great for sales, but in the end it was the reviews that got my book noticed by Amazon. I guess you could say it was a combination of the two as I probably would not have had as many great reviews without all of the sales and the visibility of the features.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a big THANK YOU. If you are a reader, author or both and you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance we’ve connected somewhere in the Twitterverse or on Facebook. I greatly appreciate the support and advice I’ve received over the last eight months and can honestly say that writers are the most caring and generous group of people!

Now, here’s some more on In Search of Lucy:

For fans of Nicholas Sparks, King of read em and weep, this emotional tale will appeal to anyone that has ever experienced love, loss, and friendship.

Thirty-year-old Lucy Lang’s in freefall. Unfulfilled at work and abandoned by both her alcoholic mother and the sister she helped to raise, she’s become cynical and depressed. Then, just as romance strikes, she finds out her sister needs a kidney transplant and only Lucy can help. Bolstered by new found friends, Lucy sets out on a road trip to save her sister’s life and in the process, makes discoveries about the kind of person she truly is.

This romantic drama will pull you into the world of its heroine and inspire you to see the true power of human relationships.

Some editorial reviews:

“I knew from the very first page of In Search of Lucy that I would enjoy reading this book immensely and I was right.” Tanya –All Things Books

“I really enjoyed this novel. I loved following Lucy on her journey. I thought Ms. Fairchild did an excellent job adding realism to this novel. Lucy was the perfect balance of hope and despair.” –Alice, Girls Just Read

“In her debut novel, Lia Fairchild shares a compelling tale with carefully drawn well-defined characters.” –Lynnette, Avid Book Reviews


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Amazon UK

For a list of all my works: UK
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Published on October 30, 2011 11:14 • 58 views • Tags: amazon, books, contract, deals, in-search-of-lucy, signing
On February 28, In Search of Lucy was re-released by AmazonEncore. A new paperback version is now available with a beautifully designed new cover.

The Kindle version has already made it's way to the top of the charts. It's #1 in Kindle Store Drama and has remained in the Top 100 overall Kindle list for more than a week.

The paperback version is currently on the rise as well, and has been in the Top 10 category of Women's Fiction: Sisters.

Here's more on In Search of Lucy:
Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret as she struggles to find her own purpose in life. But when her sister needs a kidney transplant, Lucy is the only one who can save her life.

With the help of new friends and a man who won't give up on her, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and find the answers she so desperately needs. Can she get past her emotions and have a chance at happiness? With its colorful and endearing cast of characters, In Search of Lucy takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness and heartache to happiness and hope.

In Search of Lucy by Lia Fairchild
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Published on March 07, 2012 13:54 • 295 views • Tags: amazon, contemporary-literature, drama, fiction, kindle, paperback, top-100, women-s-fiction
A Hint of Murder: The Series, which includes all three stories plus a bonus mystery, will be free on June 4 and 5 along with seven other highly rated novels from bestselling indie authors. Check out the participating books at

Please pass the word onto your friends about these great reads for free.

Thank you, Goodreads Friends!

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Published on June 03, 2012 18:38 • 74 views • Tags: amazon, free, kindle, lia-fairchild, mystery, series
A Hint of Murder is free for two days: 9/2 and 9/3

One 5 star review said, "The clues are all there, and there's an AHA! moment when the outcome is revealed. Even I couldn't figure out who the killer was in two of the stories until the ending. This, in my humble opinion, is the sign of a great mystery writer: someone who can lay all the cards on the table yet keep the reader guessing and - most importantly - reading."

Amazon US
Amazon UK
A Hint of Murder The Series by Lia Fairchild
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Published on September 02, 2012 09:45 • 97 views • Tags: amazon, kindle, murder, mystery, suspense