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May 23, 2014

Here’s a simple easy way to turn them into something you can use on a bulletin board or as fridge magnets.


This is a collection of buttons I picked up from various places during the conference.

Here’s what you need to create your pins or magnets:

Super glue

push pins (with a flat top) for pins

for magnets, these push magnets (I have a magnetic bulletin board, so I made all of mine into magnets)


Getting the supplies is probably the hardest part. The rest is easy!

Put a dot of super glue on the back of the button, in the middle top of the button.


Then place your magnet pin or push pin on it, hold down firmly, set it aside and let it dry.


The bigger, heavier pins may need two pins, especially if you’re using the magnet type, you may want to put one on top and bottom.

Once dry, stick them to your fridge, bulletin board or wherever else you want to use them!



(In case you’re wondering, I took two of those magnets down because I do have a 9 y/o in the house, lol!)

Reader buttons from

My other button’s a clitoris from

O’Kane button from

"You’re a nice girl…" from

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May 19, 2014

(personal note: I am not involved with this process, so please don’t query me about it as I’m simply passing this along since I know I have editors who follow my updates. All queries should be directed to the email address below)

Now Hiring: Freelance Proofreaders

 Harlequin is looking to expand the freelance proofreading team for our Harlequin E ( and Carina Press ( lines.

Please read the requirements below carefully. Only those applicants who meet the requirements and who provide the requested material will be contacted.


* Completion of a recognized publishing program or significant experience within a proofreading role

* Excellent eye for spelling and grammar, and ability to keep track of story details and characterization

* A good understanding of the Chicago Manual of Style

* Proficient in Microsoft Word 2007 or higher and its review functions, including track changes and comments

* Ability to communicate to editors and authors in a professional manner

* Genuine love of proofreading, reading and the craft of writing

* Ability to self-motivate, stay on task and meet deadlines consistently

* Ability to take direction and feedback

If you meet these requirements, are willing to work in a freelance capacity for a flat, per‑assignment fee, and would like to learn more about this freelance opportunity, please send your CV and a letter of interest detailing your qualifications to by May 20, 2014.

Please include “FREELANCE PROOFREADING” in the subject line.

Qualifying applicants will be asked to complete a proofreading test.

No phone calls, please. Only applicants who meet our qualifications will be contacted.

Permission to forward granted. 


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March 23, 2014

The next Before You Hit Send writing and self-editing workshop starts on Monday. If you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, I gathered a few reviews for you to read. Registration will remain open through next Wednesday, and you can easily catch up with the missed lessons, via the workshop forum.

Register here:

Reviews at:

From Fact to Fiction

"If you write, if you edit, this class is for you. It could be a semester long class at a college, and you could pay several hundred dollars for this class."

Jodi Ashland

"If you’ve never worked with an editor or publisher before, this workshop is extremely insightful. I enjoyed Angela’s humor throughout the course and she is honest when you post examples from your manuscript."

K.M. Jackson

"So far, just a few days in and though painful in the light of day, I’ve already learned so much and seen some of the errors of my ways (don’t let the poor punctuation of this post fool you)."

Lit Central O.C.

"Not only did I learn how to self-edit in a better, more effective way, I also came away with a brighter outlook on the state of traditional publishing. It’s thrilling to know there are people like James on the other side of the editorial wall who will fuss about the nuances of a word or the necessity of this or that comma. People who flat-out love language, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies. People who care deeply about all of it, but in the end, care most about telling strong, compelling stories.

Ultimately, James said, ‘it’s not about editing your book. It’s about loving your book.’ “

Kiera Soleore

"I took this workshop two years ago, and I loved it. I learned so much from it that I kept all my notes. Since then, I have noticed the workshop has only improved."

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February 20, 2014

I have too many credits at Audible and I haven’t been listening to enough audiobooks recently for there to be anything I HAVE to have. So I’m going to gift to three people your choice of any Carina Press audiobook from Audible. Unfortunately, because of our contract restrictions, this is for North America only. All you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below and I’ll choose three winners randomly tomorrow evening.

Note: You’ll receive a claim code from Audible to redeem for your specific title of choice.

A full listing of Carina Press titles at Audible is

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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February 13, 2014

I’ve been singing along to this song from Halestorm every day for weeks. It’s my current anthem. I kind of love it.

Here’s to Us

"Here’s to us
Here’s to love
All the times
That we messed up
Here’s to you
Fill the glass
Cause the last few nights
Have kicked my ass
If they give you hell
Tell em to go fuck themselves”

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December 10, 2013

Every year I edit several holiday anthologies for Carina Press. It’s the one special project I hold on to, even while needing to pull back from editing in general. I love the holiday anthologies. This year, I was fortunate to be able to do four very different anthologies, with incredibly talented authors who wrote seriously amazing stories. I’m giving away TWO sets of the four anthologies. That means two winners will each get four holiday anthologies.

If you’d like to see more about the holiday anthologies, as well as check out previous years’ anthologies, visit:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest is open internationally. Winners will be gifted their prize via their choice of Kobo, Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Prize must be claimed within one week of email or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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October 22, 2013

9 years ago today, Brianna was born and I thought the doctors had sucked the top of her head off because of a broken suction and blood splatter. Wow, did I feel like a bad mom right off, letting those hack doctors suck the top of her head off. Thankfully, her head was intact and she’s grown into quite the beautiful kid who’s smart, funny, sarcastic and just so much fun to be around. But you know, that feeling of being a bad mom is one that’s so persistent. Last night I was convinced I was awful because I couldn’t remember what time she was born and I went back in my blog archives to see if I’d written about the blessed event with that much detail (I did. Same post where I explain about thinking her head was gone.)

During that search, I also found another blog post, quoted below, that I wrote nearly 9 years ago, when B was about 3 months old. Reading this made me laugh kind of hard, it’s so totally me. In case anyone was wondering if I’ve changed in 9 years, this quoted post is proof I haven’t changed at all. Still parenting irreverently and talking about alcohol. Welcome to the bad mommy table! Pull up a seat if you feel you belong.

10. Keeping my daughter out past her bedtime so I can go shopping.

9. Drinking a margarita while holding my daughter.

8. Drinking a maragarita despite the fact that I’m breastfeeding (although not both at the same time)

7. The red mark on my daughter’s forehead from where she whacked herself on the margarita glass (see number 9) when she did a swan dive towards the pretty green color.

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October 21, 2013

"Being an artist is not a disability. Kick your own ass every day, get better every moment, dream hard!”

Damon Suede is an author of male/male romance. I recommend his book Hot Head. It has fantastic character development, very readable voice, great sexual tension and two wonderful heroes.

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Published on October 21, 2013 08:15 • 43 views

Available now. I loved editing this book! Features a smart, strong heroine who’s an archeology grad student, and a hero who’s a running back for a pro football team. Don’t worry if you don’t like sports, this one doesn’t feature sports as a key theme. And most of it takes place in Ireland!

Buy now:


Barnes & Noble:


Apple iBooks:

Carina Press:

Audio version!

Natalie Sullivan is on the verge of a breakthrough most archaeology grad students only dream of: discovering a lost city. Her research points to a farm in Ireland, but to excavate she needs permission from the new owner: the Michael O’Connor, popular NFL running back.

On TV Mike seems so charming and good-natured that Natalie figures getting his cooperation will be a breeze. So she’s not prepared to deal with the arrogant—and adamantly opposed—man she meets in person. Or the way one look from him sends shivers down her spine…

Determined to kick-start her career, Natalie travels across the Atlantic and finds herself sharing an inn with Mike, who has come to Ireland in search of his roots. She tells herself her interest is strictly professional, but the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to deny her personal attraction to the sexy sports star. And when Mike confides why he refuses to allow the dig, Natalie must decide if she can follow her heart without losing sight of her dreams.

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October 10, 2013

"Taking even a 5 minute break can positively effect your creativity. Hard work is important, but so is down time."

Today’s message is compliments of my beach vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from earlier this summer. But it’s so true, and I hope you’ll remember to take time away from your work for both your own mental health, but also the health of your relationships!

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