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Sometimes, things or people turn out to be more than we'd hoped for. I met Richard on Goodreads, initially reading his comments about the books he liked and the way he approached reviewing them. I liked his direct, honest approach - in effect, he said he only reviewed books he liked but authors shouldn't expect gratuitous five-star reviews unless they had written something truly spectacular. He also said he approached his task deliberately, wrote careful, detailed reviews, and generally took his time (he admitted to being a slow reader) so the author should not expect a quick response.

Richard agreed to read my novel, "Wednesday's Child," and review it (only if he liked it, of course). I'm not writing this because he gave my book a spectacular review - well, he did like it a lot - but that's not the point. I'm writing this because Richard is exactly what he says he is and more. His review appeared much more quickly than I'd expected and it told me that he had approached my book exactly as he said he would.

His comments were incisive and to the point, and from my point of view, he caught everything about the book that I thought was important. His final comment, that it was a book he wished he'd thought to write himself, was the best thing an author could wish to here, more so, because I knew he meant it.

So, I'm writing this not to thank Richard for praising my book, but for being exactly the sort of reviewer he promised to be, and to urge anyone looking for that kind of reviewer to contact him.
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It's About Time

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