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Malicious Delicious gathers from Scott Ferry's current series of artwork leading the viewer down a road into the liminal space where life and death mix and a hallucinatory other world opens up. This in-between space and the gateways that lead to and from it have always permeated his work in many ways. The shade of what happens after death, the separation and the loss of things held dear, the entities that live between this world and that and the possibility of metamorphosing into a more flexible nature. Cute and visually dangerous his work travels the subtle line where deeper investigation leads to deep meanings behind each piece.

Over 32 artworks from the series Malicious Delcious and full detail images. This book also includes texts by Scott Ferry detailing his introspection on each artwork and interesting incites from contributors around the world on his unique approach and its effects on them. Text contributors : Eric Bolduc (Montreal), Jesse Peper (Denver, CO), Eric Braun (Montreal), & Mark John Hunt (Scotland).

Malicious Delicious by Scott Ferry

Scott grew up on the border of Orange County and Los Angeles. He now lives and creates in Montreal, Canada.

"Since I was a kid i have been interested in haunted places, spirits, magick, alternate realities, and childhood wonders. Each of these marks my artwork and life in various ways."

ISBN 978-0-9811860-7-8
Paperback, 100 pages

ISBN 978-0-9811860-8-5
Hardcover,100 pages

Published by Les Éditions FrI

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