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I realize that a lot of people were looking forward to Chris' book and were surprised by how Chris turned out in the beginning of the book. That's understandable and I can appreciate that some of you were hoping for the same laid back kid that Chris was, but he couldn't stay like that. Too much had happened for him to stay that way. He grew into a man who took his responsibilities and family's safety seriously, maybe a little too seriously. That is until he found his mate.

Thanks to Izzy he's slowly coming back around. Without Regret was not the end for Chris. I promise you that. This is a continuing story line that is pulling together the Pyte series as well as the Sentinel series. Chris is in the 2nd Pyte book and is showing signs of the Chris that he once was.
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Published on January 31, 2012 05:58 • 486 views • Tags: paranormal-series, pyte, sentinel, without-regret