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March 2, 2014

Whew! Now that that's over, I can begin to pick up the pieces and function like a human being again. I'm actually writing again, and it feels good. And I even managed to sneak some reading in during the move.

Moan for Bigfoot by Virginia Wade
"Needs More Salt" by Liz Schriftsteller
"The Next Generation" by Michael Adam Robson
"After the Trains Stopped" by J Kyle Turner
"Not an Ordinary Dog" by Sara Puls
"The Final Seam" by T. Callihan
"The Keepsake Box" by Alex Shvartsman
"The Dragon and the Bond" by Mari Ness
"21st Century Dragonslayer's Lament" by Susan E. Connolly
"And Silver Fountains, Mud" by Lisa Nohealani Morton
"Have You Seen My Girl?" by Brent C. Smith

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December 10, 2013

"The Bestowal of the Magician" by Tianyue Zhang
"The God of Rugs" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
"Cuddles" by A.L. Lowe
"Lost in Transit" by K.B. Sluss
"Just the Facts: A Zombie Story" by Cat Rambo
"The World Will End in Fire" by K. C. Norton
"Three is a Sacred Number" by Carrie L. Cadwallader
"Screwtape" by Helen E. Davis
"When The World Was Full of People" by Patricia Russo
"Book of Love" by Michael Haynes
"The Girl with Flowers for Hair" by Elizabeth Shack
"Remembrance In Stone" by Amanda C. Davis
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
"Wolf, or Faith in the Future" by Michelle Ann King
"Flying Matilda" by Gio Clairval & Cat Rambo
"Negative Space" by Antonia Harvey
"The Dollmaker's Grief" by Michelle M. Denham
"The Frenchman's Jihad" by JT Howard
"The Princess and Her Tale" by Mari Ness

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September 14, 2013

My short story, “Duval Street,” is now available for free at Smashwords in a variety of formats. If you’re feeling generous, you can also get a copy from Amazon for 99 cents. (Is that too high for something less than a couple thousand words? Will anyone bother when it’s free elsewhere? Will Amazon eventually match the price? Let’s find out!) If you do splurge on it, consider leaving a review — be honest! — and I’ll send you cookies and happy cat pictures.

Don’t forget, you can always find it in the third issue of Shock Totem alongside stories by Amanda C. Davis, Aaron Polson, John Skipp, and more. Support them. They’re good people.

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September 1, 2013

I swear I'll post something besides these lists soon. In the meantime ...

"In Dreams" by Jeremy Erman
"Seaweed" by Mari Ness
"Nova Verba, Mundus Novus" by Ken Liu
"Hiking in My Head" by Gareth D Jones
"Memories of Forgetting" by Kenneth S Kao
"Recognition" by Bill Glover
"An Impossible Matter" by Sylvia Anna Hiven
"Tomorrow Is Winter" by Callie Snow
"The Traveling Raven Problem" by Ian Watson
"For Long Days to Come" by K. Allen Wood
"And It'll Haunt Me (For Long Days to Come)" by K. Allen Wood
"Love Is Orange, Love Is Red" by Eric James Stone
"A Crown of Woven Nails" by Caroline M. Yoachim
"Flip Side" by Chip Houser
"Join Our Team of Time Travel Professionals" by Sarah Pinsker

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August 4, 2013

July was not a good month, for reading or for life. *slinks back into her hole*

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization by Alex Irvine
"Super-Parents Last All Childhood Long" by Erica L. Satifka
"Squeak" by Emma Osborne
"Theories of Pain" by Rose Lemberg
"The Flight Stone" by KJ Kabza
"Of Ash and Old Dreams" by Sarah Grey
"Scramble!" by Melissa Mead
"Bedtime Stories" by Jayson Sanders
"Portal Worlds and Your Child: A Parent's Guide (With Examples)" by Matt Mikalatos
"Remembrance" by David G. Uffelman

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June 19, 2013

This was a thing three years ago, but despite keeping a log of everyone I supposedly wrote like I never made a post about it. Now that it’s making the rounds again, I figured I’d share.

I plugged in fragments of all of my finished stories, including fanfics, as well as four chapters of The Novel and a couple of WIPs. Apparently, I write most like Stephen King (4), David Foster Wallace (4), Chuck Palahniuk (2), Oscar Wilde (2), Margaret Mitchell (2), and William Gibson (2).


There’s also some Asimov, Dickens, Anne Rice, Douglas Adams, Rudyard Kipling, Atwood, and Nabokov peppered in there.

I can dig that.

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Published on June 19, 2013 20:36 • 48 views • Tags: writing

June 1, 2013

This list makes me sad. Not because what I did manage to read was bad, but because I’ve had so little time to actually read. Anyway ...

"Rocket Dragons" by Larry Kincheloe
"The Sandman's Dreams" by Jess Hyslop
"Past Tense" by James Beamon
"Snake Sister" by Melissa Mead
"Daughter of Mettle" by Aaron DaMommio
"Legerdemain" by Gabriel Murray
Twenty-Four Hours of Fast Fiction by Lee 'Budgie' Barnett
"What Merfolk Must Know" by Kat Otis
"Shades of the Father" by M. Adrian Sellers

"Puppet Man" by Cate Gardner
"Forgiving Dead" by Jeff Stehman
"Puss" by Melissa Mead
"Swan Song" by Melissa Mead
"A Little Sleep" by Melissa Mead
"The Left Side of Your Lover's Broken Face" by Brynn MacNab
"Lyam" by Jez Patterson
"The Bargain" by Henry Szabranski
"Jumbo Gumdrop Serenade" by E. Catherine Tobler
"The Troll (A Tale Told Collectively)" by Marissa Lingen
"Persephone at Arm's Length" by Bridget A. Natale

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April 1, 2013

Apex Magazine #46
Apex Magazine #45
Are You Listening? (The Fathomless Abyss) by J.M. McDermott
"And He Built a Crooked House" by Robert A. Heinlin
"The Man and the River" by Therese Pieczynski
"Subject AT-171" by Melissa Mead
"Linger" by Ken Liu
"Doctor was Madman, Family Man" by Paul Blonsky
"Sweet Justice" by Melissa Mead
"Mirror, Mirror" by Davyne DeSye
"Heaven" by Janet Shell Anderson
"Soft" by Cat Rambo

I've also been reading Anti-Requiem: New Orleans Stories by Louis Maistros (fantastic) and the increasingly irritating (because it never ends!) Moby Dick.

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March 2, 2013

It's been a rough few weeks, so reading has had to take a backseat to sick kitties and work. Here's what I managed to squeeze in.

Guns by Stephen King
"Hungry" by Robert E. Stutts
"Wildness and Wet" by Lee Hallison
"The Time Travel Device" by James Van Pelt
"They're Made Out of Meat" by Terry Bisson
"A Hairy Predicament" by Melissa Mead
The Universe Doesn't Give a Flying Fuck About You by Johnny B. Truant
"The Mountain" by Andrew Kozma
"Coffee Pot" by Jez Patterson
"I Heard You Got a Cat, I Heard You Named Him Charles" by M. Bennardo
"Hazel Tree" by Melissa Mead
"The Princess of the Perfume River" by Aliette de Bodard
"White as Snow, Red as Blood" by Melissa Mead

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Published on March 02, 2013 11:54 • 57 views • Tags: books

February 5, 2013

A few days late, but here it is. A more comprehensive list of what I read last month, with links to everything available online. You’ll notice the majority come from Daily Science Fiction. That’s not likely to change, but I do hope to add more sources for flash and short stories going forward.

500 Ways to Be a Better Writer by Chuck Wendig
Life After Death by Damien Echols
Twelve Days of Fast Fiction by Lee "Budgie" Barnett
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
"Babycakes" by Neil Gaiman
"Unwanted" by Holly Jennings
"Fool's Gold" by Melissa Mead
"Casting Call" by Alexandra Grunberg
"Downsizing Pluto" by Shane Halbach
"The Wyrd for Water is Water" by Marie Croke
"What to Expect When You're Expecting an Alien Parasite" by Rebecca Adams Wright
"Little Red Robin Hood" by Melissa Mead
"Draconic Motivation" by Donald S. Crankshaw
"The Exterminator" by Erik B. Scott
"Experience" by Ephiny Gale
"Three Kisses: Defenders of the Crystal Casket" by Henry Szabranski
"Three Kisses: The Mirror of Reason" by Henry Szabranski
"Three Kisses: A Royal Breakfast" by Henry Szabranski

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Published on February 05, 2013 15:39 • 56 views • Tags: books