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Anthropologist Steven Atticus found more than a preserved Viking corpse in that cold Canadian lake. He found the progenitor of the vampyre race. And now he and a special task force, including the FBI, race to prevent the unthinkable from happening in a city by the sea - because vampyres are real, genetically-altered predators. Harrison Van Gilter is one of those predators, and now Panama City, Florida is his for the taking!

From the Canadian savannah to the Netherlands, and from Florida to Suriname, the hunt is on. A hunt for victims, a serial killer, and a global race of predators. Predators whose prey is the dominant species on earth!

Ascent of Evil won first place in the horror/dark fantasy category at the 2010 Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Awards.

For mature readers, "Ascent" begins an adventure filled with horror, crime investigation, mystery, thrills, suspense, romance, and...yes, a bit of sex! If you read the first book, I believe you'll read the second and the third. Best wishes, and keep the lights turned on. MG
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Published on June 12, 2012 09:46 • 104 views • Tags: crime-investigation, horror, love, mystery, romance, science-fiction, sex, suspense, thriller

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